Quarantine Relief

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Lockdown, quarantine, self-isolation. This virus thing is a pain in the ass. You know the drill. Only one of us goes out for food etc. The four of us are going nuts.

I’m Jim, forty-seven, decent shape. My wife is Molly, we do the gym thing but we’re not maniacs, you know? She’s average height, a nice handful up top. I’ve got an office job, same company as Molly. We’ve been furloughed, for now.

About our kids, now sent home from college, until who knows when. Sam, 21, a senior, tall lean, handsome, brown hair and eyes. Kelly, a freshman—are we still allowed to call them that? A female version of her brother, good looking young lady.

Well, we’ve been stuck in this rut for weeks. Sam broke up with his girlfriend, the distance thing, and Kelly caught her boyfriend in a lie and sent him packing.

Molly and I are kinda average. We’re not nudists, we’re not swingers. We don’t watch porn, well not much. But we do love to have sex. With the kids off we had gotten into the habit of going clothes-free in the house. No, that’s not nudism, not in your own house with your wife. That, of course, led to us having sex more often and all over the house. It was pretty exciting. I admit, we did explore swinging, but after chatting online we discovered that the reality doesn’t live up to the dream. A lot of taking one for the team because it’s so unlikely to find a perfect match.

With our kids home, that ended. Plus, it’s a small house so our usual lovemaking, which had evolved into some very vocal fucking, had to be suppressed to whispering and trying not to make the bed squeak. We’d love to sneak off during the day, but the kids would see right through it and probably hear us. Not good.

I slipped into bed with my wife, naked, as usual. We’ve been having some kind of sex every night. It’s not the same as our vocal, energetic fucking, but it’s something.

“I kinda invaded Kelly’s privacy today.”

Molly snuggled up to me, her pert breasts pressing into my side, her leg looped over mine, her untamed sex rubbing my thigh, “What do you mean?”

“Well, this morning, when I got up, it was earlier than I usually do, I went to go downstairs, and I heard her.”

“Heard her what? On the phone?”

“No, she was masturbating.”

“Really? How do you know this? Did you open her door?”

“No, absolutely not. But you know how cheap these doors are and I know the sound of a woman masturbating, you’ve done it for me a hundred times.”

Molly pressed herself against me, “I know, I love the look on your face when I cum. So, you walked away, right?”

“No, I stayed and listened, that was the invasion part. I’m sorry, it was wrong.”

Molly’s reaction surprised me. Her hand slid down and captured my cock, which like the traitor it is, had gotten hard as I remembered this morning.

“Your cock doesn’t seem to be sorry. Did you get hard standing outside or daughter’s door, listening to her rub her pussy?”

I thought I knew my wife very well. But I was very confused. Is this a trap? If I confess all, will she be disgusted, angry? I’ve always been honest with her. I wasn’t going to stop now.

“Yes, I did.”

Molly stroked and fondled my rock-hard cock, “Did our daughter say anything or did she just moan deeply?”

“She talked but I couldn’t make out what she was saying.”

“Was our daughter wet?”

“Very, I could hear it as she masturbated.”

“Did you hear her cum?” Molly’s breathing had gotten deeper. I thought I could smell her excitement.


“Were you picturing what our daughter looked like, naked, on her bed, rubbing her teen pussy?”


“Did you cum?”

“All over her door.”

My wife slid on top of me. Her small firm breasts pressed into my chest. Her pubic hair pressing my cock against my belly, her lips caressing my ear.

“You are a sick, sick man James. What sort of father strokes his hard cock listening to his teenage daughter fingering her pussy? I should be disgusted, angry, grossed out.”

Molly moved up and my cock popped up and nestled at her entrance, which was swamped.

“But I guess I’m as sick as you. Fuck me, James, I don’t care if they hear us.”

I’d like to say we fucked for an hour. More like five minutes. Molly came as soon as she settled on my cock and kept cumming. I grabbed her firm little ass, buried a finger in her butt and let her ride. She loves to rub her clit on my pubic hair. I mean, we fucked. Groaning, moaning, and all too soon I unloaded a ton of cum up her pussy as she flooded me. Best sex we’ve had since the lockdown.

We lay, a sweaty and satisfied mess, in the darkness.

“You don’t mind that I perved on our daughter?”

Molly rolled on top of me, “I should, but this lockdown crap is making me crazy. We wanted to do swinging but couldn’t find a match.”

“Are you suggesting…?”

Molly rested her face against my neck, “I don’t know what I’m suggesting. I think my attitudes are changing, evolving.”

“Towards incest?”

My wife shifted, her pubic hair rubbing my soft pendik escort cock, “I never told you this. I have a cousin, lives half-way across the country, didn’t used to. They lived in my hometown. Her father was my mom’s brother. Anyway, I was over at her house for a sleepover, we’re the same age. We’re lying in bed and she tells me she is having sex with her dad. Needless to say, I was shocked. She explained. It was her idea totally and it took a while, but she seduced him. I refused to believe her. She said fine, I’ll set it up so you can watch.

“So, one afternoon, I’m hiding in Janet’s closet. She just showered and is lying on her bed in just a tee and a thong, holding a textbook. I hear her dad come home. Her mom worked till eight, it was four. Janet looks at me, makes the shhhh sign, and smiles. As she moves, I can see she’s already soaked the crotch of her thong. Janet is very petite, looks at least ten years younger than she is.

“Her dad, who by the way is a very handsome man, walks in wrapped in a towel.

‘Studying hard, I see.’ He says.

‘Yes, daddy. But it’s soooo boring.’

Janet rolled over, spreading her legs and showing her father the big dark area of cloth over her pussy. Her dad smiled.

‘Maybe you should take a break.’

From my hiding place, I could see his cock growing behind that towel.

‘And do what, dad? Watch a show on my tablet?’ She said, smiling.

‘Well, you could help me out with a problem.’

I was getting hard again. Molly was squirming on top of me.

“I’m hiding in my cousin’s closet watching this. I grew up in this house. This was my Uncle. He read me stories, I sat on his lap. The whole thing was creepy, but also so fucking exciting. I was soaked already. I was getting off on the wrongness of it all. I shoved off my shorts, I had no panties on and began to masturbate. I watched as Janet got off the bed and kneeled in front of her dad.

‘Yeah dad, looks like you have a problem. Same one you had yesterday, right?’

‘Yes, baby girl. You were very helpful.’

Janet tugged the towel and let it fall. Her dad’s cock wasn’t huge, but it was big, and very hard, twitching.

‘If I put your daddy cock in my mouth, will that help?’

‘Yes, baby. Put daddy’s cock in your mouth.’

“I watched, rubbing my soaked pussy, as my cousin gave her father a blowjob. I’d never sucked a cock yet and it was hot to watch. Plus, I was getting off on the forbidden. Janet sucked him as he pulled her shirt off.

‘Dad wants to lick you, baby.’

Janet released his cock and jumped up on the bed. Raising her tiny ass, she helped her father take off her thong and his face was on her pussy in a second. I’d already cum once. Her dad was facing away from me. I pushed open the door so Janet could watch me masturbate. We’d never done anything before. She smiled and held her dad’s head against her pussy, cumming on his face.

‘Daddy, I need you to fuck me. Stick it in me, now.’

“I pulled the door closed, but still could see as Janet’s dad stood up, pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and slid his cock into her pussy.”

‘Ohhhh daddy, that feels so good.’

‘Me too baby. Your pussy is so tight.’

“I watched. I had a puddle on the floor under me. I bit my hand every time I came to be quiet. Her dad didn’t last long, maybe five minutes.”

‘Gonna cum baby girl. Rub your clit and cum with dad.’

“I slowed down, wanting to cum with them. Janet’s hand slipped between them and she rubbed her clit as her father hammered her young pussy.

‘Now daddy, I’m cumming.’

‘Yes, baby, here I cum.’

“He rammed her and held. I watched his firm ass cheeks clench as he jetted into his daughter who was squealing.

“He backed away and I could see the trail of cum on her pussy.”

‘Dad needs to clean up now, baby.’

“He left. What the fuck? Janet jumped up, shut and locked the door, then came over and dragged me out of the closet.”

‘Molly, you have to help me. I didn’t really cum. I do that to make dad feel better. Help me cum.’

“I was a virgin, in every way and I had never thought of doing it with another girl. I told Janet that. She reached out and touched my belly, letting her hand move down over my pussy hair and between my legs. I said nothing, it felt really good.”

‘Oh, Molly, you’re so fucking wet. Come on. I’ve never done this, and I want to try. Get on the bed.’

“I got on and laid back, spreading my legs, not having any idea what to expect. Janet got over me and suddenly I’m looking at her pussy with cum on it. I complained.”

‘Molly try it. It’s weird but I like it. Imagine you’re sucking my dad’s cock. I know he turned you on.’

“I was so horny. I reached up and pulled her tiny hips towards my face as I felt her face against my thigh. When Janet’s tongue started licking my pussy, I just pulled her in and gobbled up everything. We fucked for almost an hour. Finally, she said I had to get out before her mom got home. I got dressed and she snuck me into the basement. Just before I slipped maltepe escort out the back door, she hugged me and we shared a deep kiss.

‘So, wanna do this again? Maybe next time you can fuck my dad?’

“I told her yes and slipped out.”

My cock was like an iron bar, “Why didn’t you tell me this story?”

“Well, duh, it’s really kinky and a lot of people would think it was gross. I guess you don’t” Molly said as she stroked my cock.

“Never thought I’d say this but no I don’t. In fact, I found it incredibly exciting. So, what happened next time?”

“There was no next time. Somehow Janet’s mom found out that Janet and her dad were fucking. They moved and later got divorced. I haven’t seen Janet since. So, that’s why I’m casual about incest. Guess you’re okay too?”

“I’m okay when it’s somebody else’s incest. Not too sure about here. This is dynamite. It goes wrong and our very perfect family will be destroyed. It’s not a game.”

Molly moved down and put my cock to her lips, “You’re right, but is it okay if we sneak out and listen, and then role play back here?” She slipped her warm wet mouth on my cock.

“It’s crazy but if we’re careful, yes. Don’t know what you’ll say if Sam walks out though.”

Molly slipped my cock out of her mouth, a trail of saliva still connected,” He never gets up. He masturbates too, I’ve heard him.”

Molly slid her body over mine and positioned my cock at her entrance. She put her lips next to my ear and, as she slid me in whispered, “Stick it in my daddy, I want your cock.”

I can say, at that very instant, our family dynamic was poised for a change. Molly rode me, pretending to be Kelly, and I went right along, telling her how much daddy likes her wet pussy and how we can’t let mommy know. We tried to be quiet, I think we succeeded, but we had a collective orgasm that was better than any in a long time.

We lay in the dark, totally satiated. Molly whispered, “So, tomorrow night we listen?”

As I dropped off, I answered, “Yes.”

My wife is an evil person. The next night, she declared we were going to watch movies. We watched three, each more erotic than the last. No porn, just carefully chosen, well-made movies that just happened to have a sexual undertone. The last one was about a group of teens that end up having orgies in the one kid’s house. His parents were off on a world tour of some kind. It was French, dubbed in, but well. Of course, lots of naked people and sex, tastefully done, haha. In the end, they all get caught and some are pregnant, some have STD’s. I guess it was a morality play, but it didn’t work for us. Kelly was wearing just shorts and a tank and I could see those bullets poking out. Looked like Sam had a boner. Molly’s hand was on her thigh, wanting to be between her legs and I was hard. Talk about loaded guns.

We closed our door and Molly was in my arms, “Fuck me, right now.”

She bent over, hands on the wall, and pulled the leg of her shorts aside. I shoved the waistband of my shorts down and hooked it under my balls. I was in her in seconds.

“Did you see how hard her nipples were?” Molly panted, a little louder than I would like, “Yes, and Sam was hard too. You are an evil woman.”

I was in no hurry to cum and just enjoyed fucking my wife. After a few minutes, Molly gently disengaged, “Think she’s masturbating yet?”

We snuck out and tiptoed past Sam’s room to Kelly’s door. Our daughter was masturbating. My cock, still hard, pulsed as we listened to her moans and the very liquid sound of our daughter’s pussy being serviced. Molly put her lips to my ear, “Think she has a vibrator? Maybe a butt plug?” I put my hand up the leg of her shorts and between my wife’s legs and pinched her clit. She gasped and jammed her hand in her mouth to stifle a yell. Kelly was talking, but we couldn’t understand any words. After a few minutes, I couldn’t stand any more. If I stayed there, I was going to yank Molly’s shorts down and fuck her in the hall. As I dragged her past Sam’s door, she paused, “Him too. I can hear him panting.”

I heard him too. As we stood there, my hand on Molly’s pussy and her’s holding my cock we heard groaned, indistinguishable words and our son cumming.

“Oh, fuck that’s hot.” Molly gasped as we snuck back into our room.

Molly threw her clothes off and lay back, “Fuck me hard. I’m so fucking horny.”

For the next two days, we listened at their doors as they masturbated. We’d go back to our room and fuck. Molly would whisper, “Oh, daddy, I love your big cock, and I’d whisper, “Oh mommy your pussy feels so good.”

On the third night, we lay in bed, waiting. After a half-an-hour we got up, we were naked. Molly headed for the door.

“Um, babe, clothes?”

“Sam never comes out. Come on.”

Kelly was masturbating, again. Louder than last night. Molly tongued my ear as we listened.

“I like daddy hearing me cum.”

My hand cupped her firm ass.

“Daddy wants to see you cum Kelly.”

“I’ll show you my wet pussy daddy.”

Molly bent over, placing kartal escort her hands on the trim for Kelly’s door. I moved behind her, giving in to my lust. I slid in and we fucked, standing outside our daughter’s room. Then we heard her.

“Oh Sam, fuck me harder. Mom and dad are watching us. I’m so horny.”

That tripped Molly’s orgasm. She barely stifled a groan and I felt her pussy clamp on my cock and the torrent burst out between us. A few seconds later, I came, pulling out to spray my cum on my wife’s back and hot ass. We scrambled back to our room.

“Oh fuck that was so hot.” Molly moaned as she fell on our bed.

“Yeah, and so wrong. What if Sam walked out? Or Kelly heard you cumming?’

Molly fingered her soaked pussy, “I don’t care. She’s imagining fucking her brother. Now get over here and fuck me some more.”

I did, loudly.

Breakfast, the next morning. Molly and I were up early. Her, in just a light robe and me in boxers. Really pushing it. The kids still up in their rooms.

“They had to have heard us,” Molly said.

I smiled, “well, that’s your plan, right?”

My wife blushed, “Is that what you think?”

I reached over the small table and slipped my fingers in the top gap of her robe until I felt her rigid nipple. I pinched, she gasped, “I don’t think, I know.”

Molly moved my hand away as we heard the kids coming down. Her nipples made points in the light fabric of the robe.

Kelly and Sam walked in, Kelly in a long, loose tank top, maybe Sam’s and Sam in a tee and boxers.

The kids made breakfast and settled at the ends of the table. We had been talking about what to do today, again, in seclusion. There was a pause in the conversation.

“It’s not fair,” Kelly said. Sam’s mouth gaped open.

“What do you mean,” Molly replied.

Sam shook his head, “Kelly, no. You promised.”

Kelly continued, ignoring her brother.

“You guys get to fuck all the time, and in some very strange places.”

Sam’s face was crimson. We’d been caught.

Molly ignored the hint, “Well, we are husband and wife. You do know that’s how you two came into this world. You weren’t Fed-ex’d.”

Kelly ignored her mother’s barb, “Yes, but Sam and I have been talking…”

“Ohhh shit, Kellllyyyyyyy.” Sam groaned, “You SAID you’d keep it a secret!”

“I changed my mind. Look, mom, Sam had a girlfriend before this virus crap, and I had a guy. We had sex, a lot of sex, and now we have to listen to you two fuck your brains out while we masturbate in our rooms.”

Molly could not hide her surprise at the conversation. I was slammed but kept my mouth shut.

“Kelly, I understand that this is a hardship. I appreciate your candor, but it is a little surprising.”

Sam was trying to shrink into the furniture. Kelly smiled. Not good.

“Surprising? This from my mom who listens at my door as I fuck my pussy with a vibrator?”

Molly went totally red. So nailed. Kelly didn’t wait for a reply.

“But even better when my parents, naked, have sex at my door while listening to me masturbate.”

We both looked at Sam, “I’m sorry. I heard something and opened my door. Kinda tough to miss.”

Kelly pointed to her brother, “How long, brother?”

Sam gave his sister a mean look, “This was all supposed to be between us. This isn’t fair.”

Kelly laughed, “Yeah, it is bro. This needs to get out. So, how long? Just a peek and then you slipped back into your room?”

Sam was trapped. He looked at the table, “No, I watched the whole thing. Till you both…came.”

Kelly was triumphant. As she opened her mouth, Sam glared hard at her with that “don’t you dare say that” kinda look.

“And Sam, my brother, what were you doing while you watched mom and dad fuck outside my door?”

“I hate you, Kelly.”

She giggled, “No, you don’t. You’ll be glad this happened.”

Sam sighed, “I masturbated, jerked off. It was fucking exciting. I’d never watched real people have sex.”

Molly leveled a ‘mom gaze’ at her daughter, “Kelly, you’ve enjoyed making your brother, and your parents very uncomfortable. You violated a promise to your brother. This isn’t funny. What do you want?”

Kelly leaned back in her chair. She had a tank top on, and her nipples were rock hard. She shifted her shoulder’s back, no shame.

“Open doors.”

“What?” Molly said.

“Kelly, no!” Sam cried.

I said nothing.

“You heard me, open doors. If you two want to get off on my masturbating, it’s only fair. Go ahead and watch, but I get to watch you two.”

“Your brother okay with this?”

Sam spoke up, “No, her brother is NOT okay with this. I have no idea what she is talking about.”

Kelly forged on, “I just thought of it. It’s only fair. I think you two would like to watch me masturbate and Sam says you look great fucking.”

Sam groaned again, “Never should have said a word.”

“Kelly, I understand that home confinement has been stressful but you’re talking about incest.”

“Oh mom, really? Am I twelve? I’m eighteen, an adult, so there’s no law against me having sex, not that I was in any way deterred. As for incest? Well, my attitude is what happens here, stays here. Let’s be real. We know what we want. Sam steals your panties mom, did you know that?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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