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This was a requested story for a friend…


With deep breaths, she tried to steady her racing heart. Months of talking, chatting, laughing, and sharing had finally led to this.

She was about to meet him.

Something simple, and public to start with. Yet, they both hoped for more.

Meeting anyone from online the first time was nerve wracking and awkward, yet the situation was more intense and intimate in many ways.

The two had connected as friends…. alright, friends who enjoyed some naughty chat… yet friends nonetheless. Her acceptance. His appreciation. It was a subtle dance of balanced roles and need. Over time, they found a deeper connection and trust. Shared stories and laughter, struggles and tears are the building blocks from which relationships grow.

Her fingers moved over her phone, just silly apps, something to keep her mind busy and her anxiety down as she waited in the cafe. Anything to keep from allowing her mind to worry that he wouldn’t show, it was all a joke or a game.

Yet, as she caught sight of a wheelchair, her lips tugged into the beginnings of a smile. His face looked as uncertain as she felt as he looked around the room until he saw her. Two faces easily recognizable from hours spent in video chats, both washed in relief to finally see the other in the flesh.

They were truly both there. In real life. No longer behind screens and buttons. Face to face.

In that moment, the rest of the room disappeared. They didn’t care what kind of looks they received, other people’s thoughts, questions or concerns. They were two kindred spirits who found an honest connection and were engulfed in the warmth of finding one another.

The two smiled and laughed, tension thick in the air, a building heat of lust and desire. Yes, they were friends, but their reason to meet was far from just having coffee.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” He asked her point blank. Nervously, he waited to see if she flinched, hesitated or if her eyes betrayed her thoughts in anyway. He was surprised to find she looked straight into his eyes full of warm acceptance surrounded by blushing shyness.

“I told you before, you don’t bother me. I like the man you are. Its your mind and heart that matters, not anything that happened to you.”

He looked down at the form he felt encumbered by. Having been in a car accident, he hadn’t walked away unscathed. Hell, he hadn’t walked away at all. His legs removed only a few inches below his pelvis, his hands removed at the wrists. Few women looked at him as an equal the way she did. She never treated him differently. It was refreshing and intimidating at the same time. Yet, his obvious erection throbbing in his pants told him he couldn’t back down. He the chance. More importantly, he wanted her. He wanted her open honesty, her acceptance, her ability to make him feel wanted again.

As they made their way down the street toward her hotel room, she walked next to him with his wheelchair, happy to continue their conversations and laughter. She blushed once again as the elevator doors closed.

“You really are cute when you blush.” He commented. A deep chuckle echoed in the small box as he watched her skin flush an even darker shade of red. “I still can’t believe you blush so easy, but you have such a naughty mind.”

Hands flew over her face, hiding her embarrassment. “It goes away eventually.” Her mumbled words barely made it past the appendages held over her mouth. Hands he wanted to feel on him.

But it was as the door to her room finally closed, that the tension and awkwardness started to settle into a suffocating mantle. Setting her bag down and taking off her shoes, she took a deep breath. “Promise me.” She looked up. “Promise me you’ll tell me if I do something wrong. We talked about what you like, limits, all of that stuff. But çankaya escort my natural sub side is screaming at me to want to please you. I’m more than happy to let you take control at any time.”

A tender smile spread across his lips. “Right now, I just need you. I know how you think, what you like to do, and I want all of that. Don’t hold back, whether it’s the sub, the slut or the kinky sides.”

Dropping to her knees, she crawled toward his wheelchair, there, she placed her head into his lap and nuzzled in ever so softly.

He gasped and shuddered at the contact, at the sight of such a thing. There was no pause or hesitation. She came to him and submitted in such a gentle and honest way. Using his forearm, he brushed her hair out of her face and searched for her eyes… warm, tender, willing eyes. “You are beautiful.” He whispered and cherished the smile that spread across her lips.

There they stayed for a few moments, just letting the connection soak into their bones. Slowly she pulled away, looking up at him from where she sat on her knees. “Maybe we should start with getting you into the bed.” She smiled. Her eyes brighter, her skin not as rosy. She was finding her comfort and the more naughty sides had started to make an appearance.

He grinned. “Just give me a second to remove my clothes and climb out the seat”

“Yes, we don’t need you to make another mess in that chair.” She smirked.

Head back and roaring in laughter, he had to agree with her. He had in fact made too much of a mess in his chair far too often when he had been talking to her. And she knew it. It was one of the reasons he liked her. She wasn’t afraid to tease him and laugh with him, never insulting, just accepting. His chair was simply a part of him, the whole package of him.

With practiced moves and trained dexterity, he maneuvered his chair next to the bed where he climbed out and settled in the center of it all. Then, he worked at removing his clothes while she slowly started to remove hers… not a full strip tease routine, yet teasing nonetheless.

His eyes bored into every inch of her skin as it was exposed. She wasn’t a slender woman, or even athletic, she was plump and curvy. Yet, he had come to appreciate everything about her. Her mind, her heart, her sexy as hell way of wanting things. He didn’t care if she was a toothpick or twice her actual size… he relished everything she gave him. Because he knew who she was and where things were headed.

As she turned around, her eyes landed between what remained of his legs and she smiled. “Are you happy already?”

With a nod of his head, he pointed down at his erection. “This is all your fault.”

“Hmmm… well it isn’t nice to leave you in such obvious pain. Is it?”

“No, it’s not.” He chuckled at her cheesy banter. Her voice had taken on a different tone, she sounded younger, softer. A side he had come to know well through their video chats. She might be doing things without him telling her to, but she was fully submissive, doing what she thought he wanted. And he would let her. He knew she would stop if he said to. But it was their game. He could be dominant and give her commands. But he liked to see what she came up with on her own.

Crawling up onto the bed, she stared straight into his eyes. “Roll over please. Let’s start this right.”

He did as she asked and rolled onto his stomach, unsure of what she was going to do. But then he felt it, her hands as they pressed into his lower back and slid up toward his shoulders on either side of his spine. “Ohhhh god.” He moaned.

The journey up his back was only punctuated as she reached the top and slid over her shoulders enough to wrap her hands around the muscles and start to gently massage. From one end of his shoulders to the other, working over his neck and into his hair, then back down his ankara rus escort back again to add more and more pressure, her hands worked magic.

There was no telling how long he melted into the bed as her hands explored and kneaded at his exposed flesh, but as she slowed down, he barely registered her movements until he felt her lips on his heated skin. The massaging of her hands was gently replaced with a softer exploration, finding and touching, kissing and sometimes sucking at every one of his scars.

She worked her way over his back, his shoulders, down his arms, until she was kissing and licking at the scar tissue where his hands were once attached. The flesh was sensitive, making him hiss and moan in pleasure. Only then did he roll onto his back while she repeated the glorious worship of his flesh once again. Seeking, searching for every inch, every puckered scar, every ripple of warm anatomy.

Teeth grazed over his nipples and lightly bit at his hips.

Her hands and mouth never stopped, always paying as much attention as she could to him. Showing him through physical worship, just how much she accepted every part of him.

It was a heady mix that made his head spin and his heart thunder in his chest.

Yet, she was definitely a tease. She was careful, controlled, and precise to massage or pamper every inch, except where he needed her most.

He wiggled and moaned as she reached his amputated legs. Damn, she knew how to work her mouth over his sensitive flesh. It only made him want her to move to his throbbing cock even more. Yet he didn’t want her to stop what she was doing.

Looking up at him, she smiled as she rolled his hips upward and settled the two of them so that his erection bounced between her breasts, her mouth still slaving away at the pleasures on his leg stumps. Gods, what a sight!




She held nothing back, she was a true devotee to oral worship over whatever she could get her mouth to. The saltiness of skin excited her. The moans and sounds of her efforts enthralled her. She reveled in the joy of knowing she caused him such pleasure.

Tilting him just a little more, until his swollen cock fell forward and onto his stomach, she adjusted their position just enough she could spread what remained of his legs. And staring straight into his eyes, she lowered her mouth.

Warm, wet, and divine, her tongue slid over the puckered hole of his backside. One smooth stroke followed by a kiss to the ring as it clenched in pleasure. He hissed out a mumbled curse before she returned to pay more attention. Swirling and sliding, her tongue teased at the entrance, coaxing him to relax into the bliss. As he did, she prodded into the ring, her lips latched onto the muscles around it and sucked gently as she pushed deeper.

One thrust.



She swirled a little and sucked one more time before she left the one area of pleasure to slowly work her way from there to the smooth hardness behind his balls and between the two hanging sacks to slide in one long lick to the tip of his heated cock, as her fingers lifted it, offering it to her ritual of worship.

Then suddenly, she dropped down and engulfed as much of the hardness into her mouth as she could. Her nose rubbing into his coarse pubic hairs and her tongue sliding over the soft underside as she rode out his bucking reaction to such sensations.

“Holy shit.” He mumbled as she slowly slid up, never letting her tongue stop moving, allowing her lips to hold on a seal which created a suction as she pulled upward, finally letting his cock go with a pop.

She smiled at him. “We’re just getting started.” Oral worship of her partners truly was something she enjoyed. And it showed.

Letting her tongue slide over every ridge and ripple, she ankara yabancı escort licked up all of the salty pre-cum she could find and slathered his erection with her saliva. Her hand using the slickness to start stroking and teasing at the hardness while her mouth worked its way into his scrotum, licking and sucking at his previously neglected balls.

Suck and pop… suck and pop…

Each testicle was played with while her hand moved over his cock. She twisted her wrist to slide her hand in various twisting directions as it moved up and down on the shaft. Pausing only to let her thumb rub at the soft spot just under the head, then around the ridges and over the sensitive slit, only to return to stroking and then rub and play once again.

What remained of his legs and forearms pulled at her, holding her in place, pulling her closer, desperate for more as she continued her assault on his senses. Working her way back up to his begging cock, she swallowed it once again.

Sucking and swirling…

Up and down…

Adding her hand to continue twisting along the shaft as her mouth bobbed. Her other hand made its way to his balls to gently play, more sensations, layers upon layers of textures and pleasure.

Yet, she wouldn’t continue for too long. She wasn’t ready to let him cum yet. And his string of curses as she let go, let her know he enjoyed it all too.

Kissing and licking, she rolled his hips forward just a bit, reaching his puckered anus once again. There, she dove in without the teasing and preparation. Her tongue plunged into his hole. Thrust after thrust, she twisted slightly as she moved, swirling her tongue as best as she could.

She sucked at the ring around her tongue, teased it, before plunging again, her hand returned to his begging cock, soft gentle strokes.

He was getting close. She cold feel his scrotum tighten, pulling his balls closer. His back arched as he moaned.

Then she stopped again with one final suck to the sensitive flesh. Her hand stopped on his erection as she shifted slightly. Lubing one finger with her saliva, she slid the finger into his slick hole. Then the thumb of that hand gently stroked the tender area behind his balls while her other pulled his wanting cock back into her mouth.

It was only then that she fully embraced the chance to make him cum.

Fingers, hands, mouth, tongue… all working in different areas, moving in different ways.








His senses were assaulted in ways he hadn’t experienced in a very long time, if ever. He bucked as much as he could, wiggled and writhed under her. He bit at his forearms trying to hold on as long as possible. But the pleasure was too overwhelming, too deliciously satisfying.

She picked up speed as she felt him climb closer to his edge. And then she felt it before she heard his reaction. Warm, musky, salty, fluid filled her mouth in rope after rope of his release.

Her movements slowed until she stayed still, letting him ride the end of his climax without being too overly sensitive. The only movement was her mouth as she continued to swallow every drop he gave her until he sagged below her and his cock fell limp from her lips.

“Fuck.” He gasped as she giggled. Moving her way next to him, she curled up around him, his arm wrapped around her neck and shoulders to pull her closer, her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. “That was perfect.”

She smiled up to him. “Oh no… I’m not done yet Lover. You just rest until round two.”

His arm tightened around her, the other forearm brushed her hair from her face. She was truly beautiful like that, face mottled and swollen with lust. Her hair and skin a mess of tangles and bodily fluids as she dove in without hesitation. “I don’t think it will take too long to get there if you stay right here like this.”

And there they stayed, connected, embraced, cherished… relaxing and chatting, laughing and teasing as the close friends they had become… at least until he was hard again and ready for more.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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