Punishing an Angel (mon)

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“The first thing I’m gonna do is what I should have done at the party.” With that, he simply pulls that little 5 foot beauty over his lap and starts smacking away with this bare hand. “OW…STOP…OWWY, EH, ITS HUUURTS”

“If you think this hurts, I don’t know how your gonna hold up the rest of the week. You have a lot of things coming to you…” Mikey continues blush Matty’s back side, paying extra attention to the red lines of the rule when she didn’t knock. His had would bounce from one part of her flesh to another: the element of surprise.

“NO…It hurts too much…” Matty was now in tears, begging for mercy. She was sorry for what she did and couldn’t believe there would be a whole week of torture. If she thought this was torture, she had a lot coming, because this was just the beginning. Mikey picks back up the ruler, and first pats it on her sore bottom, which causes her to flinch. The wood is cool to the touch, based on the fact her ass was red hot. WACK WACK “Owwww” WACK “OWWY” WACK WACK “SHIT!!”

“What was that?” Almost in a calm voice, Mikey stops, lifts her up, and holds her wrist so she doesn’t hope around.

“It hurts, PLEASE…I’ll do anything you want.”

“Alight. You said it, not me. But I want you to understand something. No swearing in my house, unless its me. I want to teach you something about respect, and that wasn’t it. Now, go stand in the corner like a good little cunt.” When Matty turns to walk to the corner he was pointing to, a surprise WACK lands right at the bottom of her butt, the most sensitive part of her body, she though then. At the corner, WACK. “I said legs always apart. Keep your hand to your sides. Stand up straight. Closer to the corner.” WACK

A few minutes have passed, illegal bahis and she was too cautious to turn her head to check on Mikey. That shapely ass had taken enough, all she was concerned. “Come here, bitch. Let me see that wanting pussy of yours” Mikey was holding a standard dog leash and choker. The leash of dark brown leather, and the chain choker intended for Matty’s control, is something Mike enjoyed greatly. He was loving his power trip, and this only dominated her even more. “On your knees, wench.”

He slips the cold metal around her neck, and then unzips his baggy jeans. “Snack time, bitch. Time to show your respect to your kindly Master.” With that, six inches of rock traveled to the back of her mouth. Mikey, pumping as much as he can, while trying to attach the leash to her choke chain. “That’s it, keep your hands at your sides. Enjoying this? I sure am. I thought you’d be better at this, being the slut that you are. i heard about you at the movie theatre.”

After completing the attachment of the leash, Mikey’s stride speeds up. “Hmmmmmm…” “Oh..Oh…ahhh.” After a slight pause for Mikey to get a grip and reality, himself put away, and the feeling back to his knees, he continues to exploit his little slave. “Look at the mess you have made. Tisk…tisk. And its about to drip down your chin. You better fix yourself before getting any on the carpet. I know you don’t want to be messing up our Master’s home.” As she was wiping the liquid off of her face, she was pulled horizontally, gripping the breath out of her throat. forced on all fours, she was being practically dragged down a long hallway, and up wooden stairs, something very painful to her bare knees.

Finally reaching a bathroom, she was able to breath again. illegal bahis siteleri “Lets see what we can do with that nasty bush of yours. Get in” At that, Mikey was pointing to a bathtub, half filled with water. As she crawled the few feet to the tube, WACK WACK again with the ruler. She was now familiar with that implement. The hot water brings the pain back. She sees his place the ruler back on the counter across the bathroom, next to shaving cream and a razor.

“Spread a little wider. I don’t want to miss any. Knees to you, face me. Lets get a good look at the well used clit. Wider.” Mikey takes off his shirt to reveal the male body any teen would want. “I don’t want to get my shirt wet now, do I?” He spreads cream on his hands and then knees down besides the tube for maximum reach. Matty closes her eyes, trying not to cry out of embarrassment. Soon the razor is doings its work, and she is afraid to breath. “Can you raise this fat fuck-hole you call an ass for me, my Fatty-Matty? I’m almost done”

Soon after, she was being rinsed, and told to get up and out. SLAP “Faster please.” SLAP “Bend over the counter. No, not all the way. That’s good.” Mikey adjusts her body so its where he imagined it to be. WACK “Ow, oooh.”

“Spread a little more. That’s a good little fuck whore.” The sight Mikey saw was a brilliantly pink stretch of flesh surrounding a juice opening, all glistening with water. His hands caress and squeeze. After a while of light touch came something a little more rough. SLAP PINCH. Soon, he was holding Matty’s sore cheeks apart, not only showing her shit hole, but deep into her privates on display. “Let me dry you off a bit.” After he dries her, he snaps the towel for a whole new experience. SNAP “I like that canlı bahis siteleri should of that.” SNAP Matty jumps up to grab herself. “To the bedroom? Lets go” Mikey attaches the leash again, and pulls her down the upstairs hall a bit and into a bedroom. Blue. “Doggy style, on the bed, now bitch.” She swiftly walks over to the bed, but is stopped, by the hold on her neck. The breath is pulled out of her. “Oops, sorry.” Mikey drops the leash, and lets her climb the bed. After removing the remainder of his clothes, he kneels behind her. SLAP

“How do you like that slut?” SMACK “Today is only the beginning.” SLAP “We gonna do lots of new stuff tomorrow.” SMACK “Be here at what time?”


“Four what?” SLAP

“More of my punishment.” Mikey has her whipped and he knows it. SLAP SMACK SMACK

“No, not for what. What do you call me?”

“MASTER, sorry Mikey-ah, Master.” SLAP, good fuck toy, you learn fast.” After that, Mikey pulls Matty’s ass cheeks as far apart as they will allow, and then some. He jams her has hard as he can, using only what was left from her ‘respect making’ in the living room.

“OWWW OWWWWY OWWW SHIT, that hurts.” SMACK “Don’t swear…I’m not going to tell you again. By the way, I love the feeling your little ass hole has on my cock. Stop crying. I’ve hear this isn’t your first time.”

The last thing Matty remembered was the pain and then falling asleep. WACK WACK WACK “Wake up.” She is pulled off the bed by her leash, and pulled down the stairs to the door. “You are starting to bore me. See you in school, cunt.” With that, Mikey drops the leash and walks away. Soon she hears the TV turn on in the other room; a familiar song. Shit, a 6 o’clock show. She’s suppose to be home. Seeing the pile of clothes, she dresses, and opens the door. “Leave the chain and leash here.” She takes them off and hangs them up, and continues to run out the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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