Public Incest Ch. 04

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My sister Gina and I decided to have a little more public sex fun in the sun yesterday. We decided to make a video of her flashing everybody and post it online. I loved the idea as soon as I thought of it and Gina loved it as soon as I told her about it while she sucked me off at breakfast. She was under the table in the kitchen, gobbling up my rock hard rod, perfectly slobbering all over it. I told her my idea right as I came in her mouth. She quickly, but thoroughly gulped down my slimey seed and came up in my lap, crawling up to me, smiling a huge smile.

“I absolutely love it.”

Gina said, smiling. She kissed me, and I got in a little, big titty fondle at the same time.

We sat out on our flashing video journey about an hour later. Gina wore her favorite workout outfit. A blue with white and pink stripes on the sides spandex combo of pants and skimpy sports bra. Hot as fuck.

I drove us towards the mall. I reached over and felt up my beautiful sister while I drove. I hooked up the small camera on the dash so I could drive and titty fondle with no problems. Gina loved it, smiling and giggling, blowing me kisses as I squeezed away on her luscious jugs. She pulled ’em out for me, pulling her sports bra up over them. I pulled and shook her rock hard left nip, shaking it harder and harder. Her nipple was throbbing wildly as it did.

A couple of truckers slid by us, honking as Gina gladly shook her jiggly jugs for ’em. I laughed, pulling my cock out as I drove. I let it bounce and dance on it’s own. We got in a traffic jam, which this time was a blessing.

Gina blew me a sweet kiss, bent over and sucked me off again as we waited on the freeway. Her head bobbing in my lap. Her tongue dancing across my shaft and balls. Her spit rolling down my shaft, coating my balls. Her lips gently rippling up and down my constantly twitching shaft. God… all of it was amazing. We got some honks from the other drivers as they looked over and saw us. I kept grinning and laughing. Gina gave ’em a thumbs up as she beautifully gobbled me up, her head speeding up as it bounced continuously.

Gina drank my second load of jizz escort ataşehir while we were stuck in a bad traffic jam. God, my cum felt so good spurting out of my incessantly throbbing cock, blasting my sister’s mouth and throat. She did a beautiful, tongue deep dive into my piss slit as I came, foraging for as much sticky sperm as possible.

“Good grief… this traffic is awful.”

Gina stating the obvious. She decided to liven things up a bit as she got out of the car and got up on the hood. I was way ahead of her, grabbing the camera and filming her, as well as turning my radio on. She pulled her bra up and danced on my hood as all of those horny drivers honked relentlessly. She shook her big, bouncy tits, then turned towards me and bent over, slowly pulling down her pants to flash her ass and pussy to everyone. It was fucking awesome. She wiggled her wide ass and blew me kisses as I filmed it all. The horns and cheers were ridiculously loud and non stop. Fucking awesome.

Once traffic started moving, Gina got back in the car, leaving her bra up and her pants down below her ass. Sexy as fuck. She was laughing and grinning with such pride and naughty delight. We kissed and I rubbed her bushy brown pussy as I took off… watching the road out of the corner of my eye.

I’m so turned on by my sister, I ass fucked her as she set on my lap pushed up against the steering wheel in my car parked outside of the mall. She rode me like a cowgirl gone wild, bouncing hard, and grinding fast. Her warm, tight butt gripped my seven inches perfectly. My dick was smiling as it plunged deep up her bowels over and over as she bounced on it.

I groped her big tits and kissed her as she rode me. Gina screamed into my mouth the three times she came. Her milky delight shot out all over my steering wheel, dash, and floor… and it was beautiful! Sweet pussy jizz flying as I roughly manhandled those lush, perky and squishy breasts, loving every fucking second of it.

I came up her ass, kissing her deep. Gina moaned as the rush of my warm cum tickled her roughed up bowels. The sensations raving through me were so kadıköy escort intensely amazing, I stopped kissing Gina for a minute because I couldn’t move. My body was thumping with carnal euphoria. God, that’s an amazing feeling.

We finally made our way into the mall and grabbed some food in the food court. We sat at a table by ourselves, but we both were still feeling pretty naughty. I reached down and pulled Gina’s stretch pants down, flashing anyone who cared to look her gorgeous, bushy pussy. Very retro. I diddled it while I ate, sitting the camera on the table, facing us so it could film us fooling around.

I pinched, pulled and rubbed Gina’s pretty pink clit, making it throb and throb. She keeps moaning into her hamburger, smiling happily as she slowly ate. An old guy across from us kept leaning down to look under that table at us, but kept quickly picking his head up so no one would notice.

I fingered Gina, first sticking my finger in her mouth so she could suck it like she does my cock. The old guy enjoyed that, rubbing his dick through his pants as he watched. I smiled right at my sexy slut of a sister as she sucked softly on my finger, licking it all over as she sucked it, her spit lubing my finger just fine.

I pulled my finger out of her mouth then slid it up her pussy, fucking it as I smiled at her. Gina blew me a kiss, then leaned in and softly kissed my lips, smiling so sweet.

Her pussy gripped my finger tight, bathing it in all of her sweet juices as I fucked her pussy at an ever increasing pace. So warm. So wet. Mmmmmmmm.

The old guy across from us kept playing with himself as Gina came on my finger. I kept fingering her as she drenched my finger. It felt so fucking great. A tight, super wet pussy gripping and shooting sweet milky cream all over your finger. Awesome fucking feeling.

After lunch, we walked around the mall. Gina would pull her tits out and jiggle ’em for random strangers. They would take pics and thank her. I couldn’t stop smiling as I filmed it all. I love showing off my super sexy sis, and I love her showing off her slutty, public sex craving side.

Gina maltepe escort bayan flashed like eleven people. 8 dudes and three chicks. It was awesome. Tow of the chicks came up to her and felt her up, sucking her bare breasts and shaking ’em for themselves. I got their numbers. We’re gonna set up another filming session with them and us.

I fucked Gina in the Victoria’s Secret dressing room, her hands on the wall, me behind her drilling her pussy with brute force and blazing speed. We almost broke the mirror in there from the powerful force of my rough fucking. My thighs were red afterwards from the constant slapping up against Gina’s butt. I squeezed her jugs the whole time we fucked, slamming up her cunt for twenty minutes. A clerk checked on us, but Gina told her she was fine. We kept giggling, fucking slowly so the nosey clerk wouldn’t hear it.

I pulled out and turned Gina around. She hit her knees quick as I jerked off onto her big, bouncy breasts. 36D cones of perfection slathered with fat globs of semen. What a fucking beautiful sight. I covered her tits. My cum slowly ran down to her nipples, hanging obscenely off of them.

Gina blew me a sweet kiss and smiled, lifting her gorgeous jugs up to her mouth and slowly licking my gooey jizz from the nipples, twirling my cummy strands with her tongue, shaking it on her tongue, then leaning her head back and gulping them down, one after the other.

She licked every drop of sperm off of her tits too as I filmed it all, playing for the camera, blowing kisses and constantly licking her sperm glossed lips. She smacked them loudly, repeatedly, blowing me a big kiss each time. I captured every second on camera, slapping Gina’s lips with my still hard cock.

She lavishly licked the head and chewed on it, making me groan so loud the nosey clerk came back. Gina ran her off again though.

I bought Gina a hot pink, satin, push up bra. Her freaking tits look so damn amazing in it. We headed home to chill… watch a movie… have a few drinks… fuck, fuck and fuck… the usual. Gina wore the bra I bought her while we fucked. I filmed that too… and posted it all on a porn site. It’s gotten a ton of views since I uploaded it. Like I said, we’re making another one with the two chicks from the mall. My new career as a porn star/director. Ha. My sister and I keep having naughty fun in public. Who knows where it’ll take us next.

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