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Hello everybody. My name is Jane and his is my true story. I am a 30 year old female. I am not very attractive; average to say the best! Average at everything; looks, wits, just about everything. Then in my early twenties I began to realise that I as time passed, my main preoccupation became with sex. This continued until it reached a monumental state which was started to affect my whole life.

I went to see a psychiatrist and was diagnosed with a very strange condition by the name of Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome, PSAS for short. My shrink told me that it would eventually get better but after it probably got worse!

It really bothered me for a while as I had no choice but to constantly think about sex. I then got so horny to a point where I had to masturbate for relief or else I couldn’t function. But then, and as the shrink had told me, it started reaching a point whereby as soon as I relived myself, I would start getting horny again.

Then one day, I started cumming with no stimulation. I was just sitting having lunch with my mother and I came! Then about twenty minutes later, I came again. Not violent orgasms, but orgasms just the same! And then, as a few months went by, it reached the point where I was cumming about three to five times an hour. This condition really exists! Look it up.

I started losing jobs everywhere I went. I would maintain the job for a few months but usually things started getting weird when I had to go to the bathroom every few minutes. But let’s not dwell on that too much — let’s jump in to where it starts becoming interesting!

About a year ago, I applied for a job as a secretary to a man in a large corporate firm that handles the business affairs of foreign corporations in the country. I went for the interview knowing that I would not be accepted as I was not qualified for this job. However, to my surprise, five minutes into the interview, he told me I was hired!

The first few days of the job he kept his distance. He would never say anything about my continued trips to the bathroom. However, he could see me through his glass office and I would usually see him smiling at me as I sat back at my desk. Then one day we both met at the coffee machine and as I tried to pick up my cup of coffee out of the vending machine I was hit by an orgasm that made me slightly spasm. I looked at him awkwardly as he was standing kızılay escort next to me waiting for his turn, when out of the blue he said:

“You know, I can smell you!”

“What?” I was a little shocked.

“I can smell you. I have a condition called Hyperosmia. My sense of smell is almost as powerful as that of a dog! It’s a one-in-a-ten-million-thing! ” he replied with a smile.

“Sorry, but why are you telling me this?” I asked in a very polite way.

“Because every time you cum I can smell your juices!” he said, matter of factly.

I was in shock. I came. This time it was a violent orgasm where by my cup fell out of my hand. I stumbled to find a place to rest and he held my arm until the orgasm subsided.

“Better?” he nicely asked.

“Do … do … you … know …” I mumbled trying to save face.

“PSAS, yes I do know about it. I knew you had it the moment you had your first orgasm a minute into the interview,” he replied picking up where I failed!

“And you hired me?” I asked.

“I wanted you then and there. You are the answer to my nightmare. I just hope you play along with me. If you don’t, I won’t really mind. I won’t fire you or anything, but it will make both our lives very easy.”

“What do you mean?” I asked feeling another orgasm about to hit me.

“Relax,” he said and held my arm softly. “Just go with it and enjoy it for once. I’ve seen how troubled you become.”

“I can’t enjoy it,” I said, “it drains me out of all my energy!” I said as I came again but this orgasm was a heightened tingle.

“Well, you asked me what I mean. I also have a condition; a chromosomal condition. I have an extra y chromosome. Usually it doesn’t make a difference in life but in my case it gave me an extra sex drive; also one-in-a-ten-million occurrence. I need help too but I can’t get it. I usually need … to … you know …” and he actually blushed.

“You can say the word,” I laughed, “after all I’ve just had a couple as we speak!”

He laughed, and then sweetly said, “Make love, a few extra times, myself” he chuckled, only I don’t peak as many times as you.”

“And what do you want from me?” I asked pretending to be naiive.

“We can fuck all night long and a few times during the day too,” he became courageously blunt.

I looked at the man that was standing in front of me. He was about six-foot-five ankara etlik escort and quite handsome. All of a sudden I noticed that he was very manly. Yes, I thought to myself, and why not? Instead of wasting orgasms away, why not have them for a good reason?

I went back to my desk and couldn’t stop thinking about what he had just told me. Then a few minutes later, he came by me to walk into his office. My orgasm was explosive. I spasmed and spasmed over and over and just as I was about to get vocal he stopped at my desk and leaned over and jokingly put his hand on my mouth as if to stop me from releasing any sounds of ecstasy. His touch triggered off a series of orgasms that continued for two minutes. He closed his eyes and appeared to be sniffing in the odors of my juices. I looked at his crotch and it was bulging beyond repair. As I came, I couldn’t help think about what this looked like to the other employees of the firm. However, from outside this office it would appear that he was leaning over my desk to read or sign something I had presented to him for signature. The danger of the situation and the excitement prolonged my series of orgasms. And without thinking, I pulled down his zipper and released what appeared to be a monstrous penis. It was thick and long and delicious looking. I reached for it and without warning, he came all over my desk. Squirt after squirt of thick semen flew out of the monster. He froze still as he very ungraciously came on my days paperwork. His body spasmed, too. And I was still cumming as the glass door to my office space opened and a female voice said:

“Sir, will you be …”

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” he interrupted rather aggressively. “Come to my office in about ten minutes.” He continued.

“Sorry sir,” the girl replied and quickly backed out of the office.

He opened his eyes, winked at me and said: “What’s the point of having power and not using it?”

I laughed, my orgasm subsiding. “No point whatsoever,” I replied while gasping for air.

“Please come to my house tonight,” he almost begged showing humility.

“When?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you what,” he began suggesting, “why don’t we leave together? We can leave an hour early and say we have a meeting outside.”

My pussy throbbed in anticipation, “why don’t we go now?” I suggested.

“OK, call in Kate (the demetevler escortlar girl that walked in on them) and let me finish her business and we can go.”

We meet at the elevator an hour later and he drove me to his home. On the way back he told me stories about the office and his smelling condition.

“Do you know that they all go to the bathroom and have a quick release session; men and women! I can smell them all!” he laughed.

“You’re kidding me,” I was amazed.

“That girl Kate that walked in on us does it at least once a day and the poor girl gets ten-day-long periods. I feel sorry for her.”

“Doesn’t that bother you that you know everyone is messing around in the office?” I asked.

“Sex is what pushes us. It drives our lives. I buy a nice suite hoping the girls love it so I can get laid. I buy a nice car to have a nice drive and hope that the girls notice it. I love my job because it gives me the power I need to get laid with the best pussy in town. But the girls can’t keep up with me.”

“Come on,” I objected, “not everything’s about sex!”

“I don’t believe it!” he exclaimed in mock horror, “that coming from you?”

I sheepishly grinned, “And what is that supposed to mean?”

He put his hand on my knee and said: “This is what I mean: Cum … now.”

I came instantly.

We reached his home. It was a big place. As we walked in he began literally ripping his clothes off. I joined him in the race and we both undressed. And since I was constantly wet, he did not wait to offer any foreplay and neither did I want it. He carried me into the bedroom and threw me on the bed and mounted me and inserted his giant dick and began pumping. I came, came again, then again and again until I felt like my soul was beginning to leave my body. Then he came and the gush of warmth I felt being released into my cunt made me cum then faint. I woke up to the sensation of having my nipples sucked softly. I came again. His dick rose to the occasion and we fucked again. And this kept going on till dawn whereby for every four or five of my orgasms, he would cum once.

“Please don’t ever leave me,” I begged, just before we fell asleep.

“Don’t you dare leave me,” he replied and I came again for good measure!

We’ve been together no for about five years. My condition has improved and instead of having four or five orgasms an hour, I only need one or maybe two, if he’s around. We both see shrink together, because although it may seem erotic, it is quite exhausting. The shrink told us that as time goes by, things will improve.

Have I mentioned that I came about five times writing this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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