Professor’s Pet

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It was a great pic. She was laying on the bed completely naked. She held the camera up above her head, aiming it down to snap a pic of herself, angling the camera to show a full neck-to-toe view of her nude body, her right knee bent up slightly. The lighting was soft, but her breasts were at the perfect angle to see how wonderful they were.

He was at work. He had texted her a rant about his difficult morning. He was normally pretty laid back, but occasionally stupid people would wear him down and he would get frustrated to the point where he couldn’t work. He would text her in hopes that she would cheer him up, distract him, say something amusing- she had a way about her. He was so fond of her that almost anything she did would help.

So as he was sitting in his cubicle and his phone buzzed, he nonchalantly opened the text. Needless to say, he was pleasantly surprised.

There was something about Lisa. She had a unique look- a power pack body with a baby face. She was curvy in all the right places- none of this boney, rail thin stuff- he appreciated her curves. Her face was one that looked better without makeup than it did with. Most of the time he had been around her, she was in her comfy clothes. He knew she could roll out of bed looking just as hot as any chic who spent an hour prepping. A natural 10 in his eyes. Her smile was seemingly omnipresent on her face, complete with dimples and a hint of mischief.

He stared intently, becoming aroused. There was no face in the pic, it was taken from the neck down, probably on purpose. No matter- the flower tattoo around her belly button told him it was indeed her. He was so entranced he forgot he was at work. He forgot he needed to be careful. He looked around and thankfully nobody was paying any attention.

He wanted to touch her. He wanted more.

She had never sent such a revealing photo, but she obviously knew what he liked. He had learned over their time as friends what she liked as well. He got up and went to the rest room. He closed the stall, put his phone on silent, and started unzipping his pants. Thinking about her, seeing her beautiful naked body, knowing that she wanted to cheer him up and knowing that she knew what he liked, what he needed- it was all part of the thrill. He was hard.

He took a pic of his boner bulging inside his boxer briefs. The first one was blurry, off kilter. The second was better. First, he replied by typing in a simple “Looking great. Thank you” and hit send. She replied with a kissing emoji. He replied with the pic. She replied with a “hey you too”.

He went back to his desk, worked for a few minutes and had to look at her again. He wondered how many takes she took to get this crisp clear image? She looked great. He was officially “cheered up.” Way up.

The next day he texted her. “Hi L. I dreamed about you. It was intense.” After a few, she replied “Haha. Yeah right.” Some banter back and forth ensued. She asked him “what was it about?” He replied “I was sucking you.” She replied with a blushing emoji.

After work he headed toward her place. It was a risk, but he wanted to touch her, feel her. She had a “boyfriend”- but he knew they weren’t serious. Many conversations over the months revealed the truth çankaya escort bayan behind her “relationship.” She was often without him and they were really casual. He had a good friendship with her so he knew they were not a couple that was up each other’s butt.

“I’m heading out for a drink on my way home if you wanna meet out just sayin.” Now he crossed his fingers and waited.

“Ok. Maybe, Where?”

“Molly’s.” He knew she went there from time to time. He met her there once for a friendly catch up. It was nearby, but not a place her man would likely be.


He waited. He was almost done with his second round and getting ready to leave when her text came in.

“Be there in 5”

“K- what you drink?”

“light beer ?”

He ordered 2 light drafts.

She came in. She was wearing her usual comfy clothes- a grey and pink hoodie, tight jeans and clean, brand new Nikes. It didn’t take much for her cuteness to shine through. She was bubbly and approached smiling with a “What’s up?”

“Hey not much. You look good. Tight. As usual” He always complemented her.

“Yeah right. So what’s new?”

Small talk ensured. She drank fast and had 2 before he was anywhere close to done with one. To him, this was a good sign. Apparently she was in the middle of a spat with the BF. Once he heard her story of talking too much the “fat bitch he used to date,” he guided the conversation his way.

“Maybe it’s something, maybe it isn’t. But…you’re not obligated to him. He’s obviously not obligated to you. If things happen, they happen. But you have to be you- have fun, enjoy being young. There’s plenty of time…”

“I know, P.” He was her professor so she took to calling him P and he, in turn, as a bit of a joke, called her L. She was going to night school and he was her adjunct professor. She had been attending off and on for years trying to hold down her job, raise her young son, and get her degree. She looked up to his more mature, professional advice. He respected her single Mom efforts to start her career. He also enjoyed her youthful exuberance.

So they had struck up a friendship. She would often stay after class and chat. They had met out a couple times. Until now it was just as friends, though he knew she flirted with him- probably to get favor in class, which worked. He would sometimes accept late work from her that he normally would not accept from other students. He enjoyed being friends and genuinely liked her.

Now he was trying to see if this friend had more benefits. So he offered his advice. “I mean guys freaking love you. You’re smart, funny, definitely not afraid. You need to have fun and relax and not let this stuff get to you so much.”

“I guess.”

“How about we change the subject.”


“So that pic was the bomb, holy smokes.”

She tried to be nonchalant, but he noticed she lit up. “Yeah I figured you needed it. That was pretty tame…”

“What do you mean?”

“You would really like some of these others (she was waving her phone). Ha!”

“Really!? Well next time I’m stressed out I know where to go for relief.”

“Nah. Well maybe if you’re really hard up. Hehe.”

“Oh, I am.”

“You’re hard up? Hmm.” Quietly she continued ankara rus escort “Well, let’s see…” She reached down and grabbed his crotch and held it. She maintained eye contact, a glint in her eye, a wry smile on her face. She held him for a moment, feeling him getting hard in her hand. She maintained eye contact and took a sip of her beer. Once he was fully erect, she sat back on her stool “I see…”

He smiled back. “Told ya.” He knew that this could get better. “Let’s get out of here.”

On the way out she kept smiling…he told her where to meet him as they headed off to their cars.

He paid cash for the room. As he opened the door, she went right in and plopped on the bed. He gave her a bottle from the 6 pack he picked up on the way and she opened it. He started undressing. Just as he got his pants off, she got down on her knees. She started rubbing his cock through his boxer briefs. “Hmm. I recognize this!” she whispered.

She took a gulp of her beer and set it on the nightstand. She pulled the elastic band down and his dick flopped up. She grabbed it firmly started sucking the tip- slow at first, increasing quickly. She was ready for some action. Her man pissed her off and she was out for some vengeance.

He took a sip from her bottle as she started sucking his cock. He stood drinking for a minute, smiling in delight at the notion of getting a blow job from his hottest student while drinking a beer. The moment did not last very long. She was so aggressive he had to set it down. It was an oral assault on his cock. She was going hard and fast. The sucking noise was evidence that she was on a mission and was not going easy on him at all. She bobbed up and down on his cock forcefully, with purpose. He had to pace himself or this wouldn’t last long.

He pulled back and she knew what to do next. She finished the bottle of Michelob light they were sharing and started peeling her clothes off as fast as she could. She laid back on the bed and positioned herself laying horizontally across the bed, knees up, feet on the edge. He knew she wanted him to have easy access to her.

He stood over her admiring the view. She rubbed her clean shaven pussy. It had just a little shaved hair at the top. Her body was on display. Her belly was nice. Usually her clothes hid her upper body- she liked to flaunt her lags and ass. He noticed her belly was soft and perfectly shaped. He loved a nice belly and her soft, smooth skin.

“C’mon, P I wanna see my professor lick my pussy.”

As he kneeled down, he put his arms under her thighs, rubbing her belly gently as he licked her wet clit. She was moaning instantly, now resting her feet on his shoulders. After she realized how skilled he really was, she put one hand on her breast, gently swirling her finger over her nipple. The other was on his head, gently rubbing him in approval. She kept moaning. He knew she wanted this, that she was in a mood to get spoiled.

After gently lapping pussy for a few minutes, she started to get inpatient. He was purposely holding back. She took back some control- she had both hands holding his head now as she gyrated her hips up and down. She was fucking his tongue.

He held steady as she worked ankara etlik escort him over, hard. He had to move with her or he might get hurt. He reached up and had a breast in each hand as she kept undulating under him. Her power pack body was thrusting, she needed to feel all she could. She pressed her pussy against his face to force all of his tongue inside her. Her hips moved rhythmically in circular motions. He sensed she was about to cum so he wrestled from her grasp.

He stood up. He was worked into such a frenzy he almost forgot about protection. He fumbled around his pants pocket and found the condom. She was playing with herself as he was slipping on the condom. He watched as she artfully ran her fingers- first her index, then her middle, then both together, in and out of her juicy little slit.

As much as he enjoyed watching her, he needed to feel her. He straddled over her on the bed and slid his cock inside her. He tried to watch as much as he could but she was adamant about fucking him. She wanted it now.

She was holding him tight. “Don’t fucking stop” she ordered. He was thrusting into her as hard as he could; the mattress was sliding more out of place with every thrust. It was sexual fury. She was on a mission and it was his pleasure to obey.

They somehow ended up on the floor. Her arms never left the embrace. He rolled on top of her. He kept at her. She was holding him as tight as she could- he could feel her ass come up off the floor as he lifted up and slammed her down forcefully with every thrust. He could feel his tip tap against her every time. It was unbridled passion.

She squeezed him so tight it hurt. As the frenzy continued, over and over, pounding her up and down, her moans grew louder. He knew she was there and she yelped. Suddenly. Loudly. She was panting out loud “Oh yes, oh yes. oh yes!” If there were people staying in the room next door, they heard her.

She stared in his eyes as she pressed into him and held her pelvis against his. Her arms were a vice, raising herself off the floor glued to him. His arms were burning as he tried to hold the position. She squeezed him hard and came. She held him as tight as she could, their bodies were frozen like statues, her head rolling back and forth as she howled in approval. Eventually she let up ever so slightly, and he let her go back to the floor. He arched back as he kept it inside her. He came, as he pressed his hips against her with all his force. She lay on the floor under him, his cock throbbing deep inside her.

As he rolled off her, he knew he would be hard for quite a while. He pulled the condom off and she grabbed his cock and began stroking it furiously as she laughed. The sensation made him ball up. He chuckled.

They laid on the floor in a mess, part entangled, part embraced. After several minutes of silence, she spoke, “I needed that P.”

He smiled “Sure.”

She smiled and slapped his dick. “What!? I did!” As it waved back and forth, she muttered “It was pretty good, too.”

“In-deed.” He tried to hide his smile.

She got dressed. They embraced, standing in front of the door in a tight hug. It was a great hug; a hug that said they were grateful of each other, for each other. They held it for several minutes. As they separated, her hands slid down from his shoulder and rested on his chest. They didn’t speak. She patted him twice before she turned away, grabbed a bottle and headed out the door smiling. He stood naked and erect as the door closed shut behind her.

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