Professional Woman Pt. 01

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Life had gotten boring for me. It had come down to work and home life, which wasn’t bad. I have a good job working in the clothing industry. I was married to a good man for twelve years. But now reaching into my late thirties things were beginning to get routine.

It was not anybody’s fault that I was starting to feel bored with my life. Mark did all he could. We tried to excite things in the bedroom many times. Role Play, Videos, New Toys for both of us. He was satisfied with how things had come around, and I had agreed with him, but deep down I was bored.

“See you tonight,” Mark said as he kissed me on the forehead.

“I am working late this evening,” I said as I sipped on my coffee. “I have to plan the fashion show for tomorrow.”

“Okay,” he said as he picked up his briefcase and walked out to the garage.

I heard the garage door open, then his car left. I sighed this was the routine. He would leave, either one of us would be late getting back home. One of us would order something to eat and leave the rest in the oven for the other. I knew already that he would order Baked Ziti with Italian Sausage and Garlic rolls.

The commute to work was the same, I looked over at the car beside me and nodded. I had seen the man driving his luxury car many times. The lady on the other side of me was doing her makeup. Walking into my office the same faces greeted me.

My two assistants had their desks in my large office. They sat across from each other. Lucy handled most of my personal business, while Ginger handled most of the professional.

“Morning Stephanie,” one of my assistants greeted me as I sat down at my desk.

“Morning,” I replied. Lucy was always bright and chipper. It was one of the reasons I hired her. The other was she kept up with me, if I was at work, I was on the move all day. Except for office days like this one.

“Did you cancel all my appointments?” I asked as I looked at my schedule.

“Yes, but you do have the interviews for the new limo driver today,” she smiled as she looked at me with those bright blue eyes and dark brown hair with highlights. She could be one of the models that floated around here. Slim build, tall, and very attractive.

“Today?” I looked up at her. Sitting back in my chair, I looked out of my office through the glass. A large group of men was seated there, each with a portfolio in their hand. “Bring up the lingerie models for the new ad campaign,” I smiled.

“You’re so mean,” Lucy smiled. She picked up her phone, and within a few moments, the elevator chimed. Forty models dressed in different makes of lingerie began to come out.

“I want to talk to the ones that don’t gawk and stare,” I said as I went back to working.

It was a while before my second assistant Ginger came in. Her name suited her well. She had ginger hair. She was taller than Lucy. She wore glasses over her green eyes. “Four made the cut,” she said.

“Out of?” I asked not looking away from my monitor.

“Fourteen,” she answered.

I looked out into the hall through the glass wall that separated my office from the rest of the floor. The ladies were still there. The four men did nothing to make it seem like they were looking. “Lucy and I think they may be gay or married.”

“Married,” I smiled looking at them. “The closest one to us is using his phone to look. He can go.”

“Okay,” Ginger smiled as she leaned against my desk. “The others?”

I sighed, I had to hire a new limousine driver. I was tired of paying for the models to take other means of transportation. “Send them in,” I caved.

One by one they came in they told their stories. None of them interested me enough for me to take a second thought, so I sent them all home. I still had the event to be fully planned out for tomorrow.

I saw someone that I hadn’t seen before. He gave Lucy a package. Then walked back to the elevator.

“The new color schemes have arrived,” Lucy said as she came in.

“Who was that?” I asked.

“Jefferey,” she smiled looking back at him. “He’s a beefcake, isn’t he?”

We watched as Jefferey got into the elevator. Ginger came into the room. “Okay ladies, pick your jaws off the floor,” she said.

“I am happily married,” I said shaking my head. “I was just…”

“Undressing the new courier with your eyes,” she quickly said.

“You were only undressing?” Lucy said. “I had already…”

“We know what you were thinking,” Ginger said.

Lucy was known to be very open about her sexual encounters. I sometimes got jealous about things she had done.

I got back to work. The day went by quickly. Most of the other interruptions were minor. The fashion show plans were going ahead full steam, which was beyond my wildest expectations.

“Yes Kenneth, for the fortieth time, you will not be seated by Gordon,” I said to one of my photographers. He had broken up with his longtime boyfriend Gordon who had gone to work with another company.

Kenneth was a whiner, he whined about everything. He was never happy; I would have fired him months ago if he didn’t take the erotik film izle best pictures in the city. Everyone wanted him, and he knew it. He made the models come to life.

“Yes, you will be the nearest to the stage. You’re beginning to push that button,” I stated. There was silence on the phone. He knew better to press the subject any further. I hung up the phone.

Jefferey was back. He was delivering another box to Ginger. She lightly smiled as she took it from him. I got a good look at him. He was a young man I would guess in his late twenties or early thirties. A fit body, probably worked out a few times a week. Bald head, clean shaven and brown eyes.

“You’re doing it again,” Ginger said. I hadn’t even noticed that she had come back into the office.

“I can look,” I said taking the box away from her.

“That wasn’t looking that was salivating,” she smiled.

“Shut it,” I smiled. Ginger was right I had been more than looking. I hardly ever got attracted to the male figure anymore.

“I bet he his hung,” Lucy said, entering the office.

“Now that is speculation. We have seen many models of all races. Just because he is black doesn’t mean he is hung,” Ginger said.

I nodded my agreement. I had seen many males in the nude of all races. None of them were any bigger than the rest. It was pure genetics on who was big and who was small.

“I just guess,” Lucy said.

I shook my head. The day got late, and most of the staff had gone. I stayed behind to look over some last pictures for the show.

“Leaving,” Lucy said as she picked up her coat.

“Will be leaving soon,” I nodded.

Soon turned to three hours. When I got through a few pictures, there was more to look at, which turned to looking up more.

“Stephanie?” a voice said. I looked up to see Mark staring at me.

“Is it that late?” I asked looking at the time. It read 9:00 pm. “Shit!”

“I called four times,” Mark said.

“Sorry, I got carried away,” I said. I got my stuff ready and walked with Mark to the elevator. I could tell he was mad. “Sorry,” I said.

“You said that already,” he said folding his arms. That was his way of ending the conversation. It wasn’t the first time he had come to my office late in the night to come and get me. I shook my head. I followed him home, he slammed the bathroom door closed as I sat on the bed.

My phone rang it was the security at the office. “Hello?”

“Sorry, Mrs. Conner, but we have a situation downstairs,” the guard said.

“What is it?” I asked as I began to undress.

“There is a courier here. He says he has an important package.”

I heard some commotion in the background. “Put the courier on,” I said as I slipped out of my dress. Mark came into the room.

“That better not be work. They can handle things without you,” Mark said staring at me.

I shook my head and disappeared into the bathroom. I had enough of him for the night.

“Hi,” a voice said.

“This is a bad time,” I replied standing in front of the sink in my bra and panties.

“I know, but we got this package late, and it has urgent in bold red letters all over it,” the voice said.

“Who is it from?” I asked picking up my toothbrush.

“Jennifer Collins,” the male voice replied.

I stopped in my tracks. “Does it have neon graphics?”


“Shit!” I replied. Jennifer was the lead designer for tomorrow’s fashion show. I had hoped that she wouldn’t change her format, but she was notorious for changing things last moment. “Open it.”

“We are told not to…”

“Hand, it to one of the guards,” I barked.

“Yes Ma’am,” the guard said.

“Open the damn package,” I said.

There was silence then he read the note. It was worse than I had expected Jennifer had changed the order of the dresses. She also wanted the models to get there an hour earlier than anticipated.

“Fucking bitch!” I yelled. I hated designers.

“Okay,” I sighed. I needed the color scheme to change the lighting. The models weren’t a problem. Ginger had all their phone numbers. The problem was I needed the order as early as possible. “Put the courier back on.”

“Yes,” he snapped.

“Sorry for yelling at you,” I apologized. He didn’t work for me, so he didn’t know that I yelled for the sake of it.

“No problem, stress is a mother,” he replied.

“Can you meet me tomorrow with the package? The guards will give you the address and time,” I said.

“You paying for the time?”

“Of course,” I replied.


“Thank you,” I took a deep breath. After giving the guards the right time and the address. Everything was back to normal.

When I got into the bedroom Mark was gone. I went down the hall and saw him sleeping in the guest room. “Fuck him,” I said to myself as I went back to bed.

The morning wasn’t good at all. Mark left without saying anything. He was getting jealous of my job. It was getting evident that he couldn’t take my success.

I had started as an intern at a no name design studio and worked myself film izle up to be the head of one of the leading modeling agencies on the east coast. I managed most of the models for many of the largest cities. On the other hand, Mark was still trying to make partner at his law firm.

I left a nasty note on the dinner table then left the house. Traffic was the same; I saw the same people I usually saw they were doing the same thing that they always did. I turned towards the entertainment center. My phone rang it was Ginger. “Please say you got ahold of all the models?”

“Of course,” Ginger replied. “They will all be there on time, we just need the order, and Jennifer isn’t here.”

“The courier should be there soon,” I replied turning into the parking lot.

“Jefferey?” she asked.

“I think,” I replied not knowing the name of the person I spoke to last night.

“Lucy will be excited,” Ginger replied.

“I bet she will,” I said as I pulled into the large parking lot. “I am here, I will see you inside.”

As I walked inside I saw the usual people, some of them were doing a final walkthrough. They saw me and a smile went across their faces. I had worked hard for those smiles. They knew that I would make sure the show went exactly as planned.

“There you are,” Jennifer’s assistant smiled.

“Henry,” I nodded.

“Jennifer wanted to know if you got the changes,” he said as he tried to keep up with me. I had a lot to do and not enough time.

“Yes. And tell your boss the next time she wants to make such drastic changes there is something called a phone call. Use it,” I snapped at him. He was a tall, thin man. He wore thin wire glasses and had spiked blonde hair.

“Here you go,” Ginger said as she handed me a Bluetooth ear bud. I put it in my ear.

“Hi everybody,” I said. To which I got a chorus of greetings. “We are going to have a great show if everyone does what they are supposed to do.”

I looked over at the assistant and waved him off. “I am expecting a courier. Security as soon as he gets here send him right on in.”

Everything was going to plan except for the lineup. I was growing anxious as Jennifer was not answering her phone. No doubt her assistant had told her what I had said. “He is here, where should I send him?” a voice said.

“I am in the back dressing room,” I replied.

Lucy came charging into the chamber. “How do I look?” she asked.

“So, it is Jefferey,” Ginger smiled. I winked back at her.

“You two knew?” Lucy looked at us. We both shrugged.

“Sorry, I am late,” Jefferey said as he entered the room.

He stared right at me even though there were many other women scantily dressed all around him. “Thanks,” I replied as I took the envelope. I looked inside and shook my head. The order was the same except for two of the dresses switched places.

“Here,” I said handing the letter over to Ginger.

“Bitch,” Ginger said under her breath. She raced off with a trail of models behind her.

Jefferey didn’t even flinch or move his eyes from staring at me. “Is that all?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you,” I replied with a smile. “Do I owe you anything?”

“No, everything is in order,” he smiled. It was the first time I had seen him smile. I had to admit to myself he had a great smile. He began to walk away.

Lucy nudged me. “Hey. Jefferey?” I asked.

He came walking back. “This is Lucy, one of my assistants. She wanted to know if you would like to stick around for the show?”

“A fashion show?” he said with a puzzled look on his face. “I wouldn’t know what I would be looking for, or at.”

“Lucy will be glad to explain the whole thing to you,” I smiled as I left the two of them to talk.

Jennifer finally showed up thirty minutes before the show started. We had a few choice words to say to each other before she stepped through the curtains and introduced herself.

My part in the show was done. Ginger’s had just begun this was her chance to prove to me she could handle the models as well as the pressure of making sure they wore the right design at the right time.

I took a seat and listened to Jennifer talk about herself and her designs. Like most of the other designers, Jennifer had the same problem they didn’t know when to stop talking and just show their product.

“Does this always happen?” a voice said from behind me.

I looked around to see Jefferey. “No, usually they don’t talk about themselves as much,” I whispered back with a smile.

Finally, she stopped talking, and the lights dimmed. The first model stepped out from the curtains and began walking down the runway. Jennifer explained the design and the concept of the outfit. Three other models came and went.

“What do you think?” I whispered back to Jefferey.

“None of them is my type, and the dresses look too high end for me,” he shook his head.

“Really,” I said turning around. He had caught my interest. It wasn’t often I found a man not fascinated by the models, even though some stated that they were a bit too thin. The moment they started seks filmi izle walking down the runway and strutting their stuff that argument usually went out the window.

“Yeah. I like a woman with some shape and curves. If you know what I mean?” he smiled.

“Curves huh?” I smiled. “Ginger?” I said as I pressed the button on my Bluetooth.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked worriedly.

“No, you are doing great. The seventh outfit is the long flowing orange dress right?” I asked looking back at Jefferey.

“Yes, the model is about to put it on now,” Ginger replied.

“Is that going to be Karla?” I asked.

“Yes, Why?” Ginger asked.

“Put Tiffany in it,” I said.

“Tiffany?” Ginger replied puzzled.

“Trust me,” I said as I turned it off.

“Let’s see how curvy you like them,” I smiled.

The models kept walking then Tiffany came out in the orange outfit. I looked back at him, and he still shook his head. Tiffany was still thin, but she had hips.

“Really?” I asked.

“I don’t my kind of curvy woman could be a model unless we are talking plus sized models,” He shrugged.

“Ah, got you now,” I nodded. “You like some junk in the trunk as they would say.”

“Yes,” he said. I could tell he was holding something back.

“But?” I asked.

“More of a boob guy really,” He admitted. Which I knew must have been hard as he was trying not to look at me.

“Just like my husband,” I nodded. “Got to say I love a boob guy.”

Jennifer came back to the front of the stage as she announced that was all of her concepts. “That’s it?” Jefferey asked.

“For my models and me. Yes, it is, there are another group and another designer afterward. If you want to stay for them?” I answered.

“No,” Jefferey said as he quickly got out of his seat.

“It was nice to talk with you finally,” I said shaking his hand.

“You too,” he replied.

I joined the rest of my team in the back room. I congratulated all of the people on a job well done. Most of them left leaving me alone with Ginger and Lucy.

“Why did you change the lineup?” Ginger asked.

I smiled and explained. “Well that leaves me out,” Lucy said as she crossed her arms. “Damn, boob guys.”

I shook my head. My phone rang looking down at it; I knew I had to answer it. “It’s Mark,” I said to the girls. “I will see you both tomorrow.”

“Are you done?” Mark asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“I got home early,” he said. There were too many times that his bosses had told him he could leave early. I knew his company was getting ready to let him go. “I found your note,” he said with anger in his voice.

“Good,” I replied as I got into my car. “Next time don’t act like everything is my fault.”

“I never…” he said before stopping himself. “Are you coming home?”

“Yes, I am on my way.”

“We will talk when you get here,” he said then he hung up.

We didn’t do much talking. We yelled a lot. He was angry that I was paying too much attention to my job and not to him and his problems. Lack of support he mentioned many times. I yelled back that he had never supported me throughout my career.

“This is getting us nowhere,” I retreated.

“I should turn in my resignation,” he shook his head.

“No,” I shook my head as I held his hand. “That is what they want you to do. So that they don’t have to give you a payout option.”

Mark pulled me close as he looked into my eyes. “You always know what to do. So what do I do?”

“First you go in there like you always do. Don’t let on that you know they want you gone,” I said as I unbuttoned his shirt.

“Then,” he said as he squeezed my ass.

“Then you wait,” I shrugged. “Do your job the best you can, and you wait until the right time to pounce. Get them in the position to either let you go or give you an alternative.”

“They might demote me,” he said as I pulled his shirt down his arms.

“Then you can ask to be let go,” I smiled up at him, kissing his chest.

“Will you stick with a man that has no job?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I said as I turned around on the kitchen table and bent over. “Depends on how good that man can fuck me.”

“Oh really?” he said as he pulled my skirt up and over my ass. Exposing my panties to him, with one yank he had them down to my ankles.

“Come on big boy,” I flirted as I looked back over my shoulder.

I felt his stiff seven-inch dick at the entrance of my ass. He loved fucking me in the ass when he was angry with me. He thought it made me submissive to him. The truth was since the first time he did it. I was hooked. I loved it. I wouldn’t tell him that of course. If he wanted to believe it hurt me, or that it made me bend to his will, then so be it.

“Not there,” I whimpered.

“You wrote this nasty letter,” he said as he grabbed the paper and shoved it in my face. “You deserve this,” he growled as he pushed forward pushing his dick inside my ass.

“I’m sorry,” I teased as I pretended to try slip away from his grip.

“No!” Mark yelled as he slapped my ass hard. “Never write anything like that to me again.”

“I promise,” I lied. I loved how he was fucking me hard. He reached for my hair and pulled it back. Mark looked me in the face as his dick was deep inside me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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