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Big Tits

It’s Saturday morning and I’m home alone. I hop in the shower and start thinking about how aroused I was seeing you in your tight workout pants before you left for bootcamp. I wanted to slide my hand down the back of your pants and feel the curves of your ass, thinking I could convince you to stay home with me in bed.

Instead, I’m in the shower, imagining the night before, you on all fours and the feeling of my fingers sliding across your wet pussy as I got ready to take you from behind. My dick is hard just thinking about the taste of your cunt and the feeling of my tongue on your clit. I can picture the moonlight and the flicker of the candle as I slid the head of my cock into you.

Now, I’m caressing myself in the shower, wishing it wasn’t my hand doing all the work but the feel of my body writhing against yours, reaching to grab your tits and gently finger you nipples. I cast my mind back to the thought of my dick slowly sliding back and forth, pumping harder and harder and my hands across your ass and back, reaching up to your shoulders to pull you closer.

I’m so turned on in the shower. I can feel myself getting ready to cum and çankaya escort I want to finish off in bed. I hop out of the shower, wrap a towel around me and enter the bedroom…but lo and behold you’re there. I hadn’t heard you come in the house and I’m startled and confused by your presence. I see you look down at my waist as I try to conceal my throbbing dick but you’re still in your workout gear and it’s everything I can do not to cum just looking at you.

You’ve taken your top off and are left in a tight, black lycra bra and pants. It feels like my fantasy is playing out in front of me and you’re none the wiser. Or are you. You ask me to come near you. You take my hand and slide it down the front of your pants. You’ve been busy, but you haven’t been to bootcamp. All I can feel is soft, smooth skin and the delicate lips of your pussy. You’re already wet; you take my hand out and raise it to your lips to taste the warm juices of your pussy. And then to mine so I can taste it too.

Your other hand has made its way inside my towel, caressing my balls and tugging away at the shaft. You drop my towel and take to your knees. You run your tongue ankara rus escort up the base to the head, flicking as your reach the top. I tell you to stop, we can do foreplay later. I’m ready to blow my load already and you give me a telling smile. You were watching me in the shower, fingering yourself as you spied on me.

I pull your pants down, leaving them at your knees and turn you away from me. I run my hands across your ass, around your thighs to your bald pussy. I can’t wait any longer and bend your forward, hands firmly on the bed. I step back to look at your cunt staring me in the face, ready to be fucked. You’re already letting out moans, whispering for me to take you hard. You need to cum. I guide the head of my throbbing dick inside you and we both let out groans. I hold onto your ass firmly, feeling myself getting more and more aroused by the sight of my dick going in you.

Every thought of my gym fantasy with you plays out in my mind. Two strangers in a gym locker room, fucking each other on a bench and then going for another round in the showers. Our rhythm intensifies. I know you’re ready to cum because ankara yabancı escort you’ve got a finger on your clit, furiously rubbing away, begging me to fuck you harder. I try to imagine the thoughts in your head. You fantasising that while I’m at one end, there’s a huge cock waiting for you at the other and you’re sucking it hard, trying to time your orgasm with his and my warm load of cum down your throat. Or better yet, both of us pulling out and finishing ourselves off on your tits.

I can’t take anymore. I feel myself losing control, going harder and harder, faster and faster. The feeling of cum running through me, ready to explode. I can hear myself breathe and I know it’s coming so I tell you, at first a whisper and then more intensely. We’re both ready, I know because you’re so wet now. You start to groan loudly and I need your tits. I grab them firmly to brace myself. With one, final forceful thrust, I shoot warm, sticky cum into you.

I think you’re done but you lie forward and roll over. You tell me to straddle your face and take my wet cock in your mouth. Your hands working hard on your pussy, pulling my fingers to your pussy hole. You push me back and close your eyes as you cum hard, and I watch as I imagine what sent you over the edge.

We lie together, now fully naked and basking in the glow, preparing ourselves for another round, knowing we’ll need foreplay to get us going.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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