Princess Gets Her Punishment Ch. 01

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[Author notes: This is the first chapter in the story about Princess and her Daddy. There will be one or more chapters to follow. This is also my FIRST story. If you are offended by stories with an incest theme, this is not the story for you.]


Last night, Daddy goes to bed at his usual hour, but he is fretful and can’t surrender to the tranquility of slumber. Instead, his mind works overtime, as he ponders the implications of his discovery; his angel is a little slut. Daddy’s mind is all aflutter, at once, wracked with questions about how his little girl could afford to buy all those slutty clothes on her allowance, yet at the same time, aware of his body, unwittingly responding to the erotic tension he feels around his angel. Thinking about her as the hot slut he wants to fuck, his cock springs to instant attention and he can’t help but stroke himself. Despite the hardness of his cock, and the insistent desire coursing through his body, his mind keeps trickling, like a leaky faucet, to questions about how she funded her sexy acquisitions. For the moment at least, his curiosity wins out over his turgid member, and Daddy gets up, without getting dressed first, and heads into his home office to do some sleuthing.

Daddy turns on the computer, instinctively closing his eyes to adjust to the sharp contrast from dark to light. Immediately he gets online and pulls up his credit card statement to check it for recent activity. Just as he suspected, Daddy’s little angel has been using his credit card to fund her slutty purchases – -$400 at Victoria’s Secret, $500 at Bebe, $300 at Nordstrom, and another several hundred at Good Vibrations in the Mission. Daddy carefully inspects the online statement with the eagle eyes of a fine tax accountant studying a complicated spreadsheet. the date of Princess’s little spending spree jumps off the page at him. evidently Princess decided to honor her eagerly anticipated 18th birthday with an under the radar shopping blitzkrieg.

Daddy bristles at the discovery that his little Princess managed to rack up $1500 worth of slutty purchases on his credit card. Silently he mused, “What the fuck was she thinking, my little slut? Was she so presumptuous as to think I would miss her little fraudulent spending spree?” Daddy’s anger was boiling; he was so enraged that he decided he couldn’t even wait until morning to confront his little Princess.

Hastily, Daddy returns to his room to slip into a pair of plaid cotton boxers and a soft white t-shirt, before marching down to ‘s room to confront her. He opens the door, which is slightly ajar, and notices his Princess deeply asleep with the top sheet and blanket pulled off. Startled by her stillness and her beauty, he absorbs the image of his Princess lying there naked and exposed for his viewing pleasure. Momentarily, Daddy’s anger cools, and segues into lust as he stands still as a stagnant pond in the height of summer, just breathing in the luscious sight of his nubile Princess. His breathing quickens as he takes in her unimaginable youthful beauty – her perfectly formed, perky breasts heaving up and down ever so slightly with each of her even breaths, the milky whiteness of her perfectly taut, smooth skin. He’s close enough to inhale her, drinking in the headiness of her -the scent of girlish innocence fills him to the core, intoxicates his senses, once again stirring his aching cock. By now, his anger has dissolved and for the second time this evening, Daddy is overcome with his taboo lust for his luscious, but clearly naughty little Princess.

Distracted by his growing erection, Daddy decides to let sleeping beauty remain in repose until morning, noting that his own aching cock needs imminent release or he might do something he’d later regret. Retiring back to his room, Daddy peels off his clothes in a nanosecond, conjures up the image of his naked little sleeping beauty. He imagines her soft, warm, wet mouth enveloping his cock, licking the shaft up and down, like a little girl greedily going at a melting ice cream cone on a sultry summer day, letting her tongue glide slowly over the cock head, hungrily lapping up the dewy droplets of precum that already left a lustrous sheen on the tip of his engorged rod. He imagines her taking in the full length of him, swallowing him, his long cock snaking down into her throat, her mouth fastening around his stiffness, taking brief respites only to coat his balls with saliva dripping from her nimble tongue. Before long, Daddy convulses in an explosive orgasm, the strongest he had felt in quite some time; he is taken aback. The intensity of his orgasm blindsides him, but shortly after his volcanic eruption, Daddy lapses into a soporific state of slumber so deep that he oversleeps and once again misses the opportunity to confront his little angel about her devilish ways. Stumbling out of bed toward the coffee pot in the kitchen, Daddy accepts the missed opportunity, “This will have to wait until tonight when she comes home from school,” he thinks to himself, nearly uttering those words aloud.

With the effort of a Zen master, Daddy assiduously tries to focus on matters of importance during the day, yet pendik escort his thoughts remain scattered, his usually liner mind distracted by an array of buzzing questions about his angel’s delinquent acts, and his growing desire to possess her sexually, to make her his, to take her as he has never taken a woman before. He hates himself for harboring so many taboo and ambivalent carnal feelings, yet doesn’t obsess too much about this conflict as that might lead him in a direction he’d rather not yet contemplate; giving up what he craves most.

Late in the afternoon, Daddy hears his Princess come home. He waits for her in the Den, pretending to be busy with a pile of reading stacked beside him on mahogany desk. Daddy sees his little Princess saunter into the room, wearing a plaid micro-mini skirt that barely conceals whatever panties she’s got on underneath, a tight white button down shirt stretched tightly across her ample, pert breasts, revealing them in all their splendor, and some frilly white lace socks with black Mary Jane high-heeled pumps.

Daddy looks at his Princess with a disconcerting combination of consternation and lust, all the while wondering, “How in the hell do they let girls show up at school looking like little trollops Aren’t there DRESS CODES at school? If not, there ought to be. Surely those horny teenage boys will be walking around with perpetual hard-ons with girls walking around like teasing little tarts.”

Despite herculean efforts to remain in control of intense urges gnawing away at him, Daddy notices his cock twitching in response to the presence of his nubile nymphet. Painfully aware of the growing stiffness between his legs, Daddy gingerly moves about in effort to discreetly shift his swelling manhood to a more comfortable position, hopefully without catching the attention of his naughty little one.

Just then, Princess jumps on the couch like it’s a trampoline, landing practically on Daddy’s lap. Giggling like the schoolgirl she is, Princess plants a big, wet one on Daddy’s quivering lips, gushing “Hi Daddy, I missed you today!” Noticing his stern expression, she gazes at him quizzically asking, “Daddy, what’s wrong, aren’t you happy to see me? You look upset.”

Solemnly, Daddy replies, “Well, Princess, what do you think I might be upset about?” Haltingly, Princess retorts, “Gee Daddy, I don’t know, maybe you had a bad day at work, or couldn’t get it up for your girl, I don’t know?”

Inflamed by her insouciance, Daddy turns around, looks at her with a deadpan expression and neutral tone of voice, “well, Princess, let’s see, it seems you have been having a little extracurricular fun with Daddy’s credit card.”

Daddy then launches into a litany, detailing the amount of each of her expenditures at various shops: Victoria’s Secret, Bebe, Nordstrom’s and Good Vibrations. Daddy notices Princess smirking, when she should be contrite, inflaming Daddy even more. “Princess, explain yourself to me,” Daddy bellows at his hot little girl. She lowers her head, and appears to be biting her lip, to prevent any untoward giggles from making their way out of her tight little mouth.

Stammering, she utters, “ummmm, Daddy, I was going to tell you, really, really, I promise I was. I am so sorry. I didn’t mean for you to find out this way. I meant this to be a special surp…..” Cutting her off, Daddy demands that Princess go to her room immediately and fetch each and every one of her purchases, instructing her to bring them to him forthwith.

With obvious trepidation in her gait, Princess scampers off to her room to collect her bevy of purchases, as demanded, or risk who knows what kind of punishment. But just as quickly as she sashays down the hallway, the reality of what awaits Princess breaks through her reverie. As the bubble burst, Princess realizes that her naughty purchases are going to be on display for Daddy! Instantly, her face becomes streaked with crimson -shame and humiliation taking over, juxtaposed with something else, something darker, something furtive and hidden. Princess fetches her loot and sheepishly brings the treasure trove into the den where Daddy is sitting quietly, but she can tell his mind is racing. Exactly what is going through his mind, she wishes she knew. She feels knots growing in her stomach, and beads of perspiration collecting under her arms and between her legs.

Looking directly into her eyes, Daddy admonished her, “OK, Princess, you do the crime, you do the time. Now, one by one, you will model each of your purchases for me. I want you to pretend that you are a runway model. You will strut as you walk into the room, pausing slowly, and turning deliberately for me to inspect you. I want you to get close enough to me that I can clearly see, and nearly touch each garment.”

Horrified, Princess eeks out a shrill, “No, Daddy, please don’t make me do that -I promise I won’t ever do it again. I promise I will repay you all the money. I will get a job at the mall! I will do whatever you want Daddy, but please don’t make me do that.”

Unapologetically, Daddy responds, “Sorry Princess, but you should have thought about that before maltepe escort you racked up $1500 in unauthorized purchases on my credit card. You have a choice here. Tell me what punishment you choose. Would you rather me call the police and have you arrested and detained in a juvenile detention facility? Would that suit your fancy? You can commune with all the other juvenile delinquent whores and thieves while you pay your penance in juvenile hall OR you can do as I asked, and model for me, displaying each and every one of your purchases for my viewing pleasure.”

Like a deer in headlights, Princess stares ahead, her gaze, fixed and frozen, contemplating her fate. Hints of resignation in her voice, Princess relents, “OK Daddy, if you insist, I will model my purchases for you. But then what happens when I am done?”

With a hint of anger catching in his throat, creating an atypical raspiness, Daddy admonishes his little one, “Princess, do as instructed, NOW. When you have completed this task, you will find out what, if anything else, remains in store for you.”

Princess, as though summoned by the royal court, grabs her loot, and quickly scurries out. Frenzied, she begins rummaging through the piles of kinky lingerie, racy clothing, and thanks to her foray into the legendary Good Vibes, a stash of incendiary sex toys. Her mind is racing, trying to figure out how to deal with her impending fate. Silently she berates herself for her folly, but quickly recognizing her lack of options but to comply with Daddy’s demands for a little exhibitionistic display or risk spending time with real delinquents in juvy hall.

Faced with fruits of her folly, Princess strategically, sorts out her loot into several piles, classified according to the race factor: very racy, moderately racy, a little bit racy — and then there are the dreaded toys! For the moment, she puts those out of her mind, thinking that she might not have to MODEL them, as they are not garments. With hesitation, she proceeds to don the least objectionable of the clothing items, a short tight skirt and skin tight, low cut tank top that showcases her budding cleavage and perky breasts. To complement her long, lean legs bared by the short skirt, she fetches a new pair of black patent leather stilettos with a t-strap, and a pair white lace trimmed thigh highs that offset the white in the print skirt.

Unsteadily and without moxie, Princess stumbles her way toward Daddy, trying her best to model her wares. Daddy barks orders at her, “Stand tall and steady, hold your head high and proud, and walk slowly, casually. I want to see you sashay up the hallway, swaying that ass of yours.” Embarrassed but attempting to comply with Daddy’s wishes, Princess makes another attempt to please daddy with her performance. She hears Daddy say, “Much better, Princess, now try that again until you get it perfect.” Princess repeats the drill several times until Daddy is satisfied and he tells her, “Now go and model the rest of your purchases before I change my mind and call the cops anyway.”

To avoid his wrath, Princess swiftly returns with her next outfit, a pair of jeans that are so low cut, a draconian bikini wax is necessary to wear them, along with a cropped halter top that exposes her taut midsection, and perfectly formed breasts. Her breasts move ever so slightly as she sashays around, jiggling just enough so that it’s obvious she’s not wearing a bra, and clearly doesn’t need one. High-heeled red sandals, perfectly matched to the scarlet hued halter-top, adorn her tiny feet. Once she had completed modeling the clothing purchases, Princess begins to fret, realizing that her remaining stash consists solely of lingerie and sex toys. Mentally she visualizes herself modeling the skimpy items; as she does, she feels the trickle of sweat forming under her arms and above her brow. Princess can’t even begin to imagine having to model these incendiary items for Daddy. Her face burns with heat, the heat of shame juxtaposed with that of desire; slowly, she sorts through the pile of stolen goods, in search of the least objectionable items.

For the first item she must model for Daddy, Princess selects a sheer pink bra exposing her rose-colored, pert little nipples, with a matching sheer thong showcasing her tight, creamy white ass and pretty pussy. Pretending she’s a runway model showing off a conservative swimsuit, she dons a pair of pink high heels and struts out to model her wares for Daddy, who is surreptitiously trying to hide the fact that he’s got a raging erection and can’t stop fantasizing about ravishing his lovely lil’ angel –taking her in all of her holes, and making her his own personal slut, his cockwhore.

Successfully modeling the first Victoria’s Secret ensemble, Princess selects the next one. By now, she’s gained confidence and is even enjoying herself, discovering for the first time that she has an exhibitionistic streak she never knew existed within her. Princess muses about Daddy, contemplates what his reactions to her performance might be. Silently she wonders whether he’s turned on and titillated by her. Secretly, she fantasies that her little act kartal escort is extirpating Daddy’s lust and desire for her.

In this heady state of excitement, Princess dresses in a white hued merry widow with attached garters, white fishnet thigh highs with lace trim, and lacy white, skimpy panties. Her long lean legs glide effortlessly down the imagined runway; she is the look of whorish innocence in the contrasting lingerie, the white hues suggesting innocence, but the revealing style conveys a decidedly more provocative, seductively erotic tone. With her newfound moxie, Princess sashays out to model the merry widow for Daddy, aware of her power, cognizant of the fact that it is now she who holds some strings.

Princess’s gaze is transfixed on Daddy, who can’t take his eyes off his little angel. He is riveted by her energy, keenly aware of the shift from embarrassed little girl, to sultry minx. Between that hot little white little get-up she’s touting and her air of runway confidence, Daddy’s cock becomes so rock hard that he can barely contain himself. Without conscious thought, Daddy’s hand wanders over his erection; he slides his hand deliriously over his hardness, all the while imaging it was angel’s smooth hand, rather than his own, stroking his aching manhood.

Suddenly, Daddy is startled out of his reverie by the presence of his Princess in her next outfit, the piece de resistance. His little girl is wearing is a corselette with matching miniscule sheer thong panties, garters and stockings in his favorite hue, heather grey. She looks elegant and trashy, hot and sweet, sexy and girlish. Daddy’s eyes are bulging out of their sockets, his cock, straining tautly against the ever so tight fabric of his pants, aching desperately for release. Princess twirls around, makes her way in front of Daddy, turning around so that her precious, tight little ass is facing him. She bends over at the waist, like a stripper, giving Daddy full view of her tight pearly globes.

Daddy can barely restrain himself. He fantasizes about grabbing her scrumptious cheeks and sliding his fingers down her ass crack, letting them trail all the way down till his fingertips graze the top of her slippery slit. Instead he grabs Princess’s hips forcefully with both hands, yanking her across his lap in one fluid movement. Immediately he paddles her ass cheeks with his right hand, admonishing her for her errant ways with his credit card. Princess yelps at each slap on her butt: WHACK, WHACK, WHACK. “Princess each time I spank you, I want you to say, thank you Daddy, may I have another, until I tell you to stop. Do you understand me?”

Feebly, Princess whimpers, “Yes, Daddy, I understand.”

There is silence. Daddy pauses, gazes in her direction. Looking into her eyes, he yells, “now!!!”

Startled and afraid, Princess apologizes, “Oh, sorry, yes, Daddy, thank you, may I please have another?” Attentively, she hears Daddy softly whisper, “Very good Princess, you are learning. Now tell me why you are being punished.” Only guttural umm’s and uhhh’s fell from Princess’s pert lips and petulant pout. When she could formulate her words, Princess lamented, “Well Daddy, I am very very sorry for using your credit card without permission.”

Unsatisfied, Daddy replied, “and what else are you sorry for Princess?”

Sheepishly and with a long latency, Princess explained, “I am sorry for buying slutty little outfits that you don’t approve of, Daddy. I promise to be better behaved if only you give me another chance. I promise to do whatever you like, anything, you ask of me, anything at all.”

With that exhortation, Princess leans into Daddy to accept the next spank. She’s got it down now, uttering the requisite line after each SWACK to her fine, firm, white ass. The sheer, thin fabric of her thong presses against her lips, outlining their form, showcasing their swelling. Daddy can see the traces of glistening wetness adorning her bare cuntlips and he knows the spanking aroused his Princess. His cock already throbbing, Daddy firmly pushes Princess deeper into his lap, his bulging cock pressing deep into her tight belly. She can feel his stiffness pressing against her flesh, but she’s at once distracted from those feelings by the competing, exquisite sensations she feels from Daddy’s finger stroking her now sopping pussy. Daddy’s finger glides up and down her velvety folds, pausing to circle her hard little nub with his fingers. He teases and teases her relentlessly like this, until she begs, implores him to push his fingers into her deep into her gushing pussy. “Please Daddy, please, I need your fingers inside me. I can’t stand it anymore.” Daddy continues with his tease of his precious little pussy, enjoying the sight of her engorged lips, hardening clit, savoring the feel of her copious juices flowing all the way down her ass crack and onto her thighs. Daddy wiggles around pushing his erection even further against her belly, both are moaning in unison, soft cooing sounds of pleasure building, incipient desire not yet spent. Princess moans loudly this time, clearly enjoying the feeling of Daddy’s hard cock pressing up into her. Feeling his hardness against her only ratchets up her desire to have him penetrate her –with anything, she just wants to be filled with Daddy, his finger, his cock, any part of him. She wants him so badly it hurts, but he won’t penetrate her, not yet anyway.

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