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My breath catches quietly when I first glimpse you through the trees. The dappled sunlight shines through the forest canopy, casting patches of golden light across the forest floor as well as your body. Your long hair is pulled back and tied with a small piece of leather; its golden locks seem like sunlight to me as I crouch lower, taking care not to be noticed. For a moment it is all I can do to stare as you hum softly and pick the ripe berries, depositing them neatly into the basket you carry under your arm. Your back is turned to me, hiding the breasts I have admired so often. From underneath the loincloth around your waist I catch brief glimpses of your backside; the same glimpses that have teased me for weeks.

As I watch, I feel my pulse begin to quicken and the familiar feeling in my groin begins to urge me forward. I step from my hiding place and watch you turn to face me, enjoying the stunned look of surprise that passes across your face, replaced quickly by a look of subdued panic as you see the rock hard manhood that stands out between my legs. Your eyes dart past my shoulder down the path back to the village. In those eyes I see your thoughts: I’m too far away to scream; he’s too strong to fight.

The moments eryamanda yeni escortlar seem to pass into eternity as my gaze travels from your eyes across your long neck where the beating of your heart pulsates. Then to your chest, where your breasts rise and fall with your quickening breath. Down to the one part of you I crave more then any other. My eyes linger there as my imagination sees what the dark leather hides from me. In that moment, nothing exists to me but you. The forest blurs away to the edge of my vision and you fill my every thought.

When our eyes meet again, my gaze bores into you with the primal lust that drives me to you. The intensity of my gaze, the heavy breathes, the predatory stance: you know I have come to mate.

Casting aside your basket, you turn and dart away from me. I can only admire your trim legs carrying you quickly into brush as I let out an animal yell and bolt after you.

I fight my instinct to simply chase you down and take you. Instead, I let you run, taking care to always stay just out of sight behind you. I know you can hear me, my footsteps tearing through the brush reaching your ears over the increasing heavy breaths you are taking. Suddenly your loincloth gets caught sincan escort bayan on a thorny branch, nearly tripping you. You yelp as you try to break free, frantically pulling at the branch while casting furtive glances to see where I am. I yell again and you jump, giving up on saving your garment and letting it strip away from you as you start to run again.

My heart skips a beat as I see your now naked form sprinting through the trees ahead of me, sweat glistening off your skin. Ahead, I can see a clearing in the forest and I know the time for the chase to end has come.

As you break into the clearing I increase my speed, coming up quickly behind you. We reach the middle of the field and you turn your head just in time to see my reach out and grab you from behind. I encircle my arms around your waist and pull back, lifting you neatly from the ground.

Your arms and legs begin to flail wildly in the air as you start to scream, trying to break my grip. I pull you down into the soft green grass, still holding you from behind. The sweat mixing from our bodies makes it increasing difficult to hold on to you, but the struggle only strengthens my resolve.

Finally, I am able to pin your arms ankara escort and free one of my hands to reach in front of you and grab your breasts. You twist even harder now, trying to bite my hand while your feet still pound against my legs. But as my hand meets you tender nipples, still hard from your run, I feel your exertion begin to lessen. Another moment and you stop kicking. Another and the tension leaves your arms. Another and I finally feel your body push ever so slightly back into me, a small whimper escaping your lips.

I slowly loosen my grip, not giving you enough room to flee, but trying to make you feel more comfortable, more at ease. With both hands free, I now begin to rub both your breasts and nipples. The soft flesh, gleaming with sweat, feels slick in my hands and the feeling makes me want them even more. I know you can feel my pulsating manhood, pressed firmly between our bodies and I feel your backside sliding against it, driving my lust.

Overcome with my own passion, I lean my head forward and begin to kiss and gently bite at your neck and shoulders. I am rewarded when your head twists back and our lips meet for the first time. Your tongue reaches out into my mouth, parting my lips, and our tongues begin to dance.

We are both breathing heavy now as the warm sun beats down on our naked bodies, writhing together in the soft grass. The power of our lust, of our drive to join our bodies in the way we know we must, consumes all other thought and we are lost to passion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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