Pretty Panties

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A big thanks to slipperywhenwet_ and ParadiseTales and all the other editors who gave me feedback!


James was in the kitchen when he heard his dog barking in the front yard. It was a faint sound compared to the pouring rain that pelted the roof and the wind that whipped the windows. According to the forecast, it was supposed to be a warm and sunny day but by noon, storm clouds had blanketed the sky and unleashed a wild torrent of thunder, lightning and freezing cold rain.

“Daddy! Open the freaking door! I’m getting soaked!” James’ 18-year-old daughter, Dawn yelled from the front porch. “Hurry up! I forgot my key!”

James rushed to the door and in his haste; he flung it open with more force than necessary. It banged against the side of the house and before he could reel it back in, their Saint Bernard, Max, bounded into the kitchen.

“Dad!” Dawn shrieked in annoyance as she ran inside after the rain-soaked dog.

“Shit! Sorry, I didn’t mean to let him in.”

Dawn dropped her book bag on the floor and lunged for Max. He darted past her and into the living room tracking large, muddy paw prints all over the beige carpet.

James tried to assist in the capture of the rambunctious mutt but the dog was sneaky, as if he’d been planning his revenge for being left in the rain all day.

He made several rounds around the house before Dawn cornered him in the den.

She curled her fingers around his slippery collar and gave it a yank, but Max reared back his head, causing Dawn to fall to her knees and collide with his wet, massive body. If that wasn’t bad enough he picked that moment to shake his thick fur coat, drenching her with mud and rain water.


James leaned back against the doorframe and couldn’t stop laughing when he saw his daughter sitting on the ground wearing nothing but a grumpy face and muddy school clothes.

“Here, I’ll put the dog out back.” He grinned, reaching for Max. “He can sleep in his dog house and think about what an evil beast he’s been.”

After he let the dog out, James walked back into the den.

“Honey, do you…” His voice trailed off as if it was his final breath and he froze in place.

Dawn had stood up and was wringing water out of her long, blond hair. Little droplets of water rolled down her slender neck and seeped into the fabric of her shirt.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her ample chest.

Her cotton top clung to her perky breasts and her small nipples were erect. He sucked in a sharp breath and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed his growing lust.

“Ugh! I’m all wet!”

“I don’t see what the big deal is. You’re on the swim team, you should be used to it by now.” James teased with a grin on his face.

“I’m covered in muddy, dirty water! It’s not the same as being in the pool!” She huffed, before a wicked smile crossed her lips.

Running forward, she gave him a big hug, deliberately soaking his shirt in return. The cold water hit his skin but he didn’t mind her playful nature. Goosebumps covered her bare skin and she was shivering in his arms but all he could focus on were the two puckered buds poking into his chest.

“Next time, you get the dog!”

He released her and when he looked down at her, her aqua-colored eyes sparkled in the light.

“Hey, I’m going to get out of these wet clothes and take a hot shower.”

“Yeah, thanks for sharing the wealth, I have to change my shirt now.” He tugged a strand of her hair before she headed for the bathroom.


James could hear the shower running upstairs and his thoughts drifted to his daughter while he cooked dinner.

Dawn was gorgeous and he wasn’t just saying that because he was her father. Her beauty rivaled Aphrodite herself. Her porcelain complexion was flawless. Her smile was dazzling white and her pale pink lips were always shiny with cherry lip gloss. She had a cute button nose and her aqua-colored eyes could penetrate the soul. She was graceful, like a rippling stream, and her body was nicely toned, sculpted by years of swimming. If she had a tail and a shell bodice, she’d make a sexy mermaid.

Not only was she beautiful but she radiated with light. She was kind-hearted and had a good head on her shoulders. She got good grades and wanted to become a pediatrician so that she could help kids.

If his wife hadn’t have passed away from cancer last year, she would have cheered her on all the way. She would have been so proud of their daughter.


An hour later, James placed a hot plate of bacon, macadamia nut pancakes and two large glasses of orange juice on the table.

Dawn loved breakfast food for dinner, and since he had the night off from his landscaping job, he’d wanted to surprise her with her favorite dish.

The distinct sound of Dawn running downstairs made him cross his arms. He only heard such rapid succession of footsteps pounding the stairs when she was excited to do something that he disapproved of.

When she hurtled into the kitchen, pendik escort he looked her over with a critical eye.

She wasn’t wearing her fleece pajamas or fuzzy bunny slippers like he’d expected.

Instead, she dressed up, and her lilac shampoo filled the kitchen. She was wearing makeup; what she had called “smoldering smoky” eye shadow and “fire red” lipstick. Her hair was a sleek golden veil that hung down her back and her attire consisted of a sheer halter top, a pair of sparkly high heels and a red mini skirt that kept crawling up her thighs.

Dawn was beaming; her cheeks flushed with color.

“Why in the world are you dressed like that?” James asked as his eyes wandered over her ripe, young body.

“I have to eat and run. Candice won two free tickets to see the band “Evermore” tonight. She invited me, which is so awesome because they’re sold out! I’m so excited!” She clapped her hands before readjusting her see-thru top. “You don’t have to wait up. I’m going to spend the night at Candice’s house. I already packed a bag.”

“A concert?” He was still downloading the image of her half naked body in his mind. Shit. He needed to focus. “It’s a school night.” He frowned, leaning against the counter and crossing his arms.

“I know.”

“So, then you know that you’re not going anywhere.”

“Daddy! Tomorrow is Friday and a half day. Classes will be dead.” She anxiously tugged on the silver locket that he’d bought her last Christmas.

“No. I don’t want you to waste your education.”

“Please, let me go! It’s one night! I love that band.”

“Dawn.” His voice was stern. It was the tone he used when he meant business. His blue eyes reflected off hers as they stared each other down.

She broke her gaze first but quickly struck back.

“I can’t believe this! I wish Mom was still alive! SHE would have let me go to the concert!”

Her words cut deep and raw pain ripped through his chest.

“Hey! Don’t use that line on me! It’s not fair and it’s not a joke! I-I should ground you!” He half growled, half choked.

Dawn must have seen the haunted look on his face because she bit her bottom lip stopping the snide remark that almost slipped off her tongue.

She sighed, the sound drawn out and dramatic. “I’m sorry. I just really want to go…”

James hadn’t realized it but his body was shaking. Dawn was right. If his wife hadn’t passed away she would have let their daughter attend the concert. She probably would have gone with her.

“Daddy, please.” She begged in a voice that only whining teenagers could master.

James ran a hand through his short blond hair in a calming manner, then his shoulders sagged in defeat. He didn’t tolerate manipulation but he always gave into her. She was his kryptonite.

“Fine, but-“

“Yes! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

He cleared his throat and raised his voice.

“LISTEN! You can go but No drinking! No drugs! No boys!”

As she fluttered around the room like a vibrant butterfly, his eyes zeroed in on her breasts like a tracking device. “Oh, and put on a sweater!”

“Okay!” Dawn shouted, her hair nothing more than a flash of gold as she flew upstairs.

Had he made the right decision? He wasn’t sure.

Before he could blink, Dawn was back in the kitchen wearing a blue sweater and raincoat.

She picked up a hot piece of bacon and scarfed it down.

She was either excited or afraid he’d change his mind, or maybe both.

“You better ace your math test on Monday, young lady.”

Dawn took a swig of orange juice.

“I will! I promise!”

She grabbed her overnight bag and swung it over her shoulder. “You’re the best dad in the world!” She gave him a peck on the cheek before running outside into the rain.

The house was suddenly dead silent, as if she’d carried the life right out the door with her.

“So much for having a nice family dinner…” He mumbled, rubbing the stubble on his jaw.

After cleaning the kitchen, he cracked open a beer and walked into the living room.

Since he was alone and didn’t feel like going upstairs to change, he stripped down to his boxers and threw his clothes on the couch.

The cold air bit his skin but he didn’t care.

He plopped down in his leather recliner and once he was comfortable, he turned on the television.

He impatiently ran the channels and didn’t stop until a naked woman with large tits popped up on the 50 inch flat screen. He didn’t want to admit that he’d been hard since he saw Dawn’s nipples straining against her shirt earlier in the day.

He knew he’d never be sexually intimate with his daughter. Hell, it wasn’t even until a few months ago that he realized she was truly developing into a beautiful young woman. It was as if all the baggy clothes she wore had shrunk in the dryer overnight and her round curves were suddenly on display to torment him.

He felt guilty whenever his eyes lingered on her luscious body. Even her sensual lips drove him crazy. He maltepe escort especially felt like a deviant bastard at night. That was when he’d lie in bed and fantasized about undressing her. That was when he ached to run his hands over her deliciously young body and feel it pressed against his. The perfect union of strong corded muscles and soft delicate curves.

However, after he’d cum, remorse would set in. No, it would stab him. She was his daughter. His precious angel. He was supposed to protect her, not dream about fucking her. His wife was probably begging God to spear him with a lightning bolt and turn him into a pile of ash.

He needed to get back in the game. He knew he could get a date. Plenty of women found him attractive. He was in his late 30’s, tall and muscular and his job always kept him active. He had a golden tan from working out in the sun and dark blond hair. His strong jaw was usually dusted with stubble and his eyes were the color of the crisp blue sky.

Plus, he had quite an impressive cock. He wasn’t trying to brag, he was just stating the facts. It was a solid 10 inches when erect and so thick that even when it was flaccid it hid his heavy ball sack. Most women couldn’t get their mouth around it but he always applauded their effort.

The sound of a woman orgasming brought his focus back to the raunchy porno. It was chock full of lesbian action, masturbation scenes and slobbery blowjobs.

James freed his throbbing dick from his shorts and gave it a loving stroke. He wished he had a warm, wet mouth sliding up and down his cock instead of his hand.

Since he hadn’t dated anyone in a year, his mind was a never-ending reel of sex scenes, erotic stories and naughty fantasies. It was surprising that he could function like a normal human being.

However, his fantasies were growing stale. He was bored and his cock was suffering because of it. He needed a new source of stimulation.

The length of his dick was slowly shrinking in size and he gave it a tender squeeze before dropping his hand in defeat. He should just call it a night… Another lonely, sexless, depressing night.

After turning off the tv, he let the dog in and headed upstairs. He was walking towards his room when saw Dawn’s wet clothes lying in a heap in the middle of the hallway.

She did her own laundry so she usually threw her clothes in the basket after he washed his but sometimes she was lazy and they all got jumbled together.

He picked up her shirt and pants and carried them into the bathroom. He turned on the light and tossed them into the hamper.

On his way out, he saw her panties lying on the ground beside her shoes. Sighing, he bent down and picked them up. As he headed back into the bathroom, his fingers slid against the silky material and instantly grabbed his attention. He was jolted to a stop and looked down at his hand.

The panties were wine red, bikini style and made out of fine silk. He could tell they were expensive.

Was that what she spent his hard earned money on? At least she had good taste.

Curiosity overruled common sense and gripping the elastic band between his fingers, he peeked down at the crotch. He immediately knew he’d crossed the line.

He needed to look away, walk away, but he was frozen in place as if cursed by Medusa. Maybe this was the beginning of the end.

His jaw twitched and he swiped his tongue across his upper lip breaking the spell but he still didn’t discard the garment. He obscenely stretched the hem until the fine material threatened to shred. The crotch of her panties glistened with wetness. They were soaked. He rationalized it was from the rain until he realized the fabric was stained with milky white discharge.

The sexual frustration that had coiled around his neck like a barbwire noose snapped like a twig and he gave into the devil that lurked in his mind.

James brought them to his face. He was carefully studying the silky piece of lingerie when he had the urge to smell them.

He pressed them against his nose and inhaled. The aroma was overpowering and intoxicating. They smelled tangy yet sweet with a hint of soap. It was so unique, so her. Just how he imagined she’d smell if such a thing were possible.

He sniffed the crotch trying to memorize the scent like a dog. He was a dog. He was a disgusting bastard who was horny as fuck.

He buried his face deeper into the material. The feel, the smell, the wetness of them was overwhelming and he felt compelled to lick the creamy center. This was a life and death moment for him and he’d die happily for one taste.

Pressing the crotch of her red panties against his lips, he flicked out his tongue.

The damp piece of fabric was cool on his tongue and he licked it like an ice cream cone. His beautiful daughter tasted so sweet. He’d already gone this far so who cared if he racked up another sin. He yanked down his boxers and his erect cock bobbed in the air.

With trembling hands he wrapped the expensive lingerie around his kartal escort throbbing dick. Gripping it in his fist, he stroked the drenched material up and down his pulsing shaft before slipping it over the swollen mushroom head. He’d always shaved below the belt so every inch of the fine silk slid over every inch of his bare skin.

“Fuck…” James groaned and closed his eyes as he caressed the sensitive crown with the palm of his hand. He imagined the wet silk was his daughter’s tongue gliding over his dick. With his free hand, he reached down and massaged his balls, working his way to an intense orgasm.

It only took a few fevered strokes to send him over the edge and when the sleek material slipped down the entire length of his shaft and licked his tight balls, he emitted an animalistic growl that shook the room. His hand shot out to brace himself against the wall as he erupted. Furiously pumping his cock, he drenched her soiled panties with his seed.

It felt incredible.

He hadn’t had an orgasm that powerful in a very, very long time. He sat on lip of the tub to catch his breath and it wasn’t until his cock was lying limp between his thighs that reality punched him in the gut.

What the fuck had he just done?! He was suddenly drowning in a dirty ocean of shame, guilt and regret.

Wiping off his dick with shaky hands, he pulled up his shorts.

James quickly walked over to the sink and turned on the faucet. He didn’t care that the scalding hot water burned his hands. It helped him focus. He poured a glob of soap on his daughter’s panties and began scrubbing them clean, trying to cleanse his filthy mind.

Never again. It was an accident, one he would never repeat. Ever.


The next day, James felt like a walking pile of shit. He couldn’t believe what he’d done and wished it had all been a bad dream. It wasn’t.

When the front door opened, jarring him from his thoughts, he jumped in surprise, as if he’d been caught with his pants down.

“Daddy! Are you up?” Dawn’s voice was just as chipper now as it had been when she’d left last night.

“Yes. I’m in the kitchen.” He said, taking a steadying breath to calm his nerves.

When she strolled into the room, he was afraid to make eye contact so he grabbed his cellphone and stared at the blank screen like a fool. From underneath his eyelashes he watched her set down her backpack and walk towards him. He wondered if she could sniff out his guilt because he reeked of it.

Sniff… Oh God. He groaned inwardly, and set down his phone so he could quickly adjust his pants and hide his growing erection.

“The concert was spectacular! It was really amazing!”

“Good. I’m glad-“

He didn’t have time to brace himself for the impact of her body colliding with his.

“Thank you so much for letting me go!” She sighed, happily, tightening her arms around his neck and holding him close.

He closed his eyes. Hadn’t those lips kissed his cock last night? No, no. They hadn’t.

Fuck. He needed to get a grip. He needed to get out of the house and clear his head.

“I’m glad you had fun, sweetie.” He untangled himself from her long arms.

“Listen, Dawn, I have to run an errand. You should study for your math test while I’m gone.”

Without waiting for a response, James grabbed his wallet and car keys, and hurried out the door.

Once he was in his car, he glanced down at his hard dick. If he hadn’t have gone so long without sex, this never would have happened! What was he going to do?


He’d been driving around town for an hour, praying to God for help when he was struck with a wonderful idea.

Taking a right turn at the light, he stopped at a cafe by his house. He’d been there many times and he was on a first name basis with one of the servers, Paula.

She was pretty, with kind, mocha-colored eyes, a cute upturned nose and curly brown hair that couldn’t be tamed. She had an olive complexion and was very voluptuous.

He knew she had a crush on him. She always wore a shy smile on her lips and her cheeks would turn pink whenever they spoke. Half the time his coffee was “on the house.” So he wasn’t surprised when she agreed to go out for drinks the following night.

It was the perfect plan. Paula would be the magical cure for the darkness that lurked in his mind. She could take care of his needs.

Dawn wouldn’t be happy about him dating again. She didn’t want someone new to take her mother’s place. No one ever would but this was necessary.


The next day, time flew by and ten minutes before he had to leave he worked up the courage to tell Dawn.

“Hey. I’m going out for drinks tonight, princess.” His tone was nonchalant but the uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach was real.

“Oh, with Greg? He’s such a bad influence,” she joked, walking into the living room, and tying her hair back in a ponytail.

“No… I’m going out with Paula.” He inched his way to the door.

“Paula?” The sweet smile that curved her lips vanished and she dropped her hands, letting her hair tumble down her back.

“Yeah, you know, the woman who works at the cafe down the road.”

“So… you’re like, what, going on a date?” Her aqua-colored eyes narrowed, making him squirm.

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