Power Play Pt. 06

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She was next on the floor, constantly moaning, her ass slightly up in the air, directly exposed to my wanting dick. Her legs were up in the air, feet behind her head. I stood up above her for a second or two, aware of the feral look that my eyes would’ve had. I seemed to be feeling blood coursing through my veins all over my body.

I crouched down above her, aiming the cock almost vertically down pushing inside her easily. The hot waves washed over me instantly, putting my hips instantly into rough instinctual thrusting. To sound of her “Oh my God!!” moans and shouts, I crammed it deep, my balls squashing against her pussy lips. Looking at her intently, my teeth gritted, while the merciless fuck went on, I had that feeling of getting my prey. Her hips shattered for a while and the connection broke for a few seconds before the rod moved in again into the wet hole. She just lay there, on the rug next to my bed, moaning, giving up; I pushed on her thighs spreading them wider, focusing now entirely on the fuck – the dick and the pussy only, pushing that pulsating flesh apart.

I wanted her in a different position though. On shaky legs, she got up and got pushed to stand facing the wall, instantly pushing back into her from her rear. My large hands found her tight, hard-nippled tits. Ramming into her with the slapping sounds of my balls, I grabbed her tits and made sure she obeyed, took that cock inside like a good girl. She was now yelling and drooling from her mouth. I turned her around, standing with my back myself against the wall and holding her by her arms on her back; she bent down, sprawling and stretching that body in front of me impaling herself on me.

I slapped her ass, the animal beginning to take over me again. In small steps, the dick always in, we moved towards the bed to get her to lean on the headboard. I wrapped my hands around her face and throat, pulling her head up – her back arched back pushing the tits to the front in a raunchy position. “Spread them!” I barked and her legs instantly obeyed. I grabbed her by the hair as she reached for her clit while getting fucked. I bloody loved the way her ass waved and twitched with every thrust of mine. “Oh my God!” she growled, making my hand instantly go around her throat. Held by her hair, fucked from behind, slapped, treated like a fuck-bitch, she was the epitome of my deepest fantasies. My hips seemed to be moving on their own, as if independent of the rest of my body, moving the cock past her slippery insides, coaxing pleasure out.

I needed deeper, though. Soon on the bed, reverse cowgirl. Whistling “fucks” through gritted teeth, she added friction with confident moves of her strong thighs. My tool met her insides dropping around it in what felt like perfect unity. The whistling went through a wheezing stage, quickly transforming itself into howling. I let my arms fall to the sides – not being able to see her face, I let my instincts move my hips and go wild and watched that hot insatiable body – her back and wide-spread legs with her feet ground deep into the mattress – just from the back. “Oh yeah!” she moaned and let her fingers massage her clit; I only knew from the rubbing of her fingers against my balls for just a second or two. She rose, slowed down, grinding hard against me – the furnace all around me; sweat on my forehead now visible. She tossed her head back and down towards me, her hair cascading down and breezing past my cheeks.

Geez! I grabbed her hips just as she was beginning to circle her hips against me – just as I had thought it couldn’t get any better. A long groan slipped out of my lips. She gave out a sigh of a laugh. “Am I a good slut, Professor?” she gasped out, clearly in relation to the text from before. Instead of responding, I pulled the perfect body towards me, whispering “Superb” in her ear. Pulled her towards me; dick moving and all the time inside her. Now against the headboard, moaning and puffing, she pulled herself up slightly with her left arm holding on to one of the headboard’s rungs. I wrapped my arm around her, with her heaving tit next to my face and her panting face a few inches up. She looked angelic; but not like in the morning. She has morphed into a bitch, eryamanda yeni escortlar an angel created for my pleasure, a body for screwing. Looking up at her moaning, gaping face, getting the cock to push into her dripping responsive, pulsating borehole, Hollie did not exist for me. What replaced her was the physical object of my desires and I was letting my floodgates open.

Thing was, there was little doubt, it was exactly the same for her. Moaning “Oh yeah-” hoarsely, she was running her slender fingers up and down my hard-on, squeezing my balls, getting that cock even rockier than it already was. Oh she did love being drilled! – she pulled herself up with another arm on the headboard, lifted her hips and then (oh bitch I loved that!) bending her body, pushing those hard-nippled tits up and taking the dick with it as she circled her hips again and again before pushing it down, pressing hard on it. I groaned loudly – kissed her breast. Couldn’t focus though and blackouts started washing through one after another as she began to fuck herself with my cock crushing it with harsh and rapid up-and-down movements of her butt. Fucking HELL! That familiar itching sensation in my balls started building up – and I started meeting her movements with my own – balls squashed against her, slapping. The tiger was waking up and rising, fast, and she was bringing it all on herself. I grunted and spat on her tit as the enormous wave of desire was overpowering me.

Bitch, you asked for it yourself. Not only did I think it, I said it out loud. In a few swift body shifts, she was put on her all fours, her ass grazing my cock and her arms resting on top of the headboard.

I wasted no time and rammed straight into her, like a knife through butter. This was even deeper and wetter, and her snatch was closing in against my fucktool rather aggressively. Her butt cheeks were swaying under each thrust. It was all getting too her – through my fogged-up mind, I could still appreciate that goosebumps all over her back were making her shiver, and her loud “oh my gawwwddd!” and “FUCK” were now tormented. And her nipples, she later told me, felt every touch the cool air of the room, as if touched by a blade of a knife just taken out of a freezer.

There was no mercy coming her way, though! Her hair was grabbed viciously in a powerful show of control, which only just increased the volume of her shouts and moans. As my dick kept on tearing ferociously through her, her right hand reached down to her clit again, working it so hard that it seemed like she was kneading herself there. Holding the bitch by the hair, at a good angle, I let my hips swing and deliver powerful butt-slapping thrusts into her. That animal was now out and in force; and watching that cock vanish in between her jiggling ass-cheeks, brutally pushing her apart inside to come back out collecting her and my cum on the way out, the veins of my member glistening – oh yes! Oh fucking YEAH! Her yelling, begging for mercy, being held by the hair like a proper bitch – that’s what being a man is!

Out of control, I landed the first slap on her butt, getting a shriek in response. “SHUT UP BITCH!” I yelled at her, landing another fierce spank. She didn’t listen and shrieked, albeit not as loud, again. The punishment was about to be delivered – her hips were grabbed and a series of high-frequency dogs-fucking-style thrusts were landed on her. She howled. Her body was now all one massive tremble, in complete submission. Her limbs all on fire and tits hard as cherries gracing a pie, I didn’t need to be her to know that all her sensations were focused entirely on her pussy being torn through.

I rose up and leaned over, right next to her face, against the headboard, too, for better angle and stability. My dick ravaged her with the ferocity of a shark after its prey. The bed was creaking, and the headboard was shaking. Trapped between me and the headboard, she, howling and sputtering, gasping and spluttering, tried to yell, but all she could do was utter guttural sounds, punctuated by the loud slaps of my balls against her as the demanding dick opened her fleshy insides.

But, fuck, occurred to me suddenly, why should I do the work? The slut needs to get sincan escort bayan to work. There was no Hollie whatsoever anymore – it was just her cunt and my throbbing dick. I needed to see more of the two. “Stay!” I ordered her, as if talking to a four-legged bitch. My infested mind conjured a wish to have leash, too, next time. For now, keeping inside her, I lied on my back on the bed, keeping my thighs spread. Into the view came the tight ass under her back rising towards the headboard. The cock, ensconced comfortably in her warm insides, throbbing and drenched in her juices – the sight was incredible; just above that, her tight ass spread with her dark gaping asshole, staring at me.

“Start moving.” My order was firm, calm and decisive. She obeyed, and her actions were immediately accompanied by moans. “No stopping until I tell you to!” I barked another order, just as she began to lift her ass higher and the action was getting properly going again. The view was divine – I licked my lips, watching her butthole open and close as her butt and thighs moved and seeing a blend of her juices and my cum spill out of her as she descended on the rod again and again. What a good bitch she was!

Louder moans followed again and so did wet, slurpy sounds of fucking, easier to hear now, with the bed creaking less. The pleasure was surging through her and she was overwhelmed, without a shred of a doubt, but she was a pro – she wasn’t just lifting her ass and meeting my cock; she was able to alternate between all sorts of movements of her hips, creating unbelievable friction – back and forth, sideways, small and larger circular, all the while jiggling that butt for me. A picture of the demure Hollie from the cafe flashed past me; that refined figure out purity was now a genuine whore, seemingly willing to do just about anything. I rose up to sit behind her now while she continued to grind her pussy against me. “No sounds,” I ordered before landing a third slap on her butt. She moaned, but not in response to this. “Yes, Professor.”

“Good girl,” I gasped. “Ok, you can stop,” I allowed. She let go of the headboard, collapsing onto the pillow, exhausted.

I let out a laugh. “You didn’t think this was it, did you, slut?” I pushed her, rolling her onto her back. She mouthed a quizzical ‘no’ as I spread her thighs wide – on her back now, her right leg stretched to the headboard, with toes wrapped around one of the rungs; the left leg stretched upwards. I kneeled above her – looking directly down at her into her wide-open, bloodshot eyes. On bent left leg and with my right leg stretched backwards on the bed, I stuck the dick back into her in a nonchalant manner. My fuckrod, a mushroom with its tight balls on the other end, went straight down into her delightfully exposed cunt. All it took to start was to just bend that left leg a bit. She was already rubbing her clit with her hand.

It is impossible not to get addicted to fucking Hollie. She is tight, just flowing with juices and she takes you in deep. Then there is the whole “I’ll be your bitch, thing”, meaning there are no inhibitions – meaning that the nature can come out and not worry of being judged in any, however miniscule way. She simply loves being screwed, tossed around, ordered about and humiliated. She is a woman – a slut – made for a man. So, treating her hole like a plug to be filled? – no problem, that’s what the bitch wants, and does it with this girly attitude all the while moaning and gasping like someone with an experience of a milf.

We were getting into our trance again, and fast. Cock ramming down into her, mattress now bouncing, cunt stretching, tits jiggling, and the beast in me coming out again. Moaning loud all the time now, she seemed to have tightened her thighs, getting me more wet friction. She grabbed her tits, squeezing hard, while my cock kept jamming into the wet hole, stretching the taut skin as it went. Her fingers were pleasing her clit again and she tossed her head back, shutting her eyes in delight. I pressed on her thighs, keeping them wide open. My rough, veiny shaft kept cramming in, but we wanted even more friction, beginning to sense, without any kind of talk, that we wanted the fucking ankara escort orgasms!

She wrapped her arms around her thighs under her knees, keeping the legs wide open, freeing my hands. Keeping screwing, I slapped her pussy and let a strand of spit drip down to her for additional lube (not that the wet slut needed any!). I bent my back slightly, changing the angle of my hips and thus cock, putting it into a minor arch, getting us more tension. Her wide-open gaping mouth looking up at me and “Oh my God! Yeah!” proved instantly this was a good move.

“Oh, fuck, this feels good!” I moaned.

“Oh yeah?” came back in a saucy, bird-like voice.

I grabbed her up into my arms, quite suddenly, on a whim and to her surprise. Sat on the edge of the bed now and sat her in my lap, keeping on fucking, but now in a superbly-close position, rubbing my chest against her tits and the cock, trapped under the weight of her body, giving us, but mostly her, a famously high amount of friction.

It was when I lied down on the bed and she rose to ride me that she started to cum. As she did, we almost, for a split second, reverted to the romance-like moments in the cafe – she looked at me, in control of the movements, getting her back rubbed one minute by my strong hands and her tits squeezed the next.

That split moment loving moment soon gave way to pure lust as the cock picked up speed, the balls were slapping and her tits got squeezed hard by my large, wanting palms. “Oh shit, I am cumming!” she wheezed. The first waved shattered through her and she instinctively grabbed her loins as in some feeble attempt to stop it.

The second wave – visibly devastating her with shaking and shivering – took her out; she pushed my hands off her tits, replacing them with her own, squeezing her nipples hard. I grabbed her thighs, holding her in place, pumping. She uttered something – an incomprehensible shout. I slapped her ass; with that, she collapsed onto me, yelling “FUUUCKK!!” into my ear, writhing and convulsing, flushed in her face and sweat washing across her body.

It was an incredible, powerful thing to see, this sexy, vixen of a girl suddenly reduced to a body heap in my arms, overpowered completely, now heaving, breathing erratically, completely vulnerable.

Vulnerable to me, that is. I would have appreciated the above if I wasn’t consumed – not so much by desire but by desire for this body to give me what I wanted. Fast. I’d watched her cum through a haze, holding her tight, hearing her yell and seeing her thrash about, but I still needed my satisfaction.

She wasn’t given long. The now incredibly wet dripping pussy was calling me already. I spread her legs wide open while she was still lying there, barely recovering. She shouted as if woken from a coma when the throbbing dick invaded her again. Like before, her ass tilting slightly upwards, pussy completely exposed and me poising the cock down on bent knees.

“Oh – holy FUCK!” I practically screamed. She was so wet now it was like getting warm bath with intense pressure against you. So, fucking tight that it tries to squeeze you out so you’d better push in hard – and so I did. She kept moaning, clutching the sheets tight.

I pressed hard – almost vertically, watching that twat getting plugged tight. I was losing control fast, feeling the surges of pleasure moving switfly along my cock, focusing on its top; I knew it wouldn’t be long now. All that remained now was to keep cramming it in, mercilessly.

She was now shouting, grabbing her tits again. Like an addict, I could not stop looking down at my hard cum-oozing cock brutally jamming into her, sending the ever-tightening balls banging against her ass cheeks. The growing “I am cumming” sensation demanded the thrusts becoming rhythmical and her cunt was now a means to an end: the dick has found an angle and spot in the juice-flowing insides to hit to get what it wanted. Wheezing through my teeth, I pressed my large hands against and squeezed her tits, now thrusting in regular intervals as in directed by a metronome. She was rubbing her pussy now, but I barely noticed – now the tingling in my balls became unbearable and the familiar convulsion began.

The stream of cold air wafted through me and then the hot spurts came inside her – alongside my loud rough grunts, followed by a release of a load after load of cum and “Oh baby!” shouts.

It was this time my time to collapse, shouting “Oh yes, oh YES!”, getting drenched in my own sweat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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