Pool Party

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We were partying over at Lori and Dana’s because their mom wasn’t home again that weekend. She was divorced from their dad and spent most of her free time with her boyfriend, so this was nothing new. Lori and Dana were adults, anyway, so it wasn’t like their mom was neglecting them. They were both college graduates, so they were old enough to stay home by themselves and responsible enough to clean up after any parties they threw.

It was very late into the night (early into the morning, actually) and Lori and I were the only ones still conscious. Since neither of us was sleepy, Lori suggested we do something really naughty – take a dip in the complex swimming pool. This was considered naughty because getting caught swimming when the pool was closed would result in a MAJOR fine for the homeowner (usually the parent of the ones who got caught). Lori made me fully aware that we absolutely, under no circumstances, could get caught in the pool. She ran upstairs to change into her swimsuit and came down wearing a long t-shirt over it. I planned to swim in the shorts I was wearing.

We quietly made our way to the pool and over the short chain-link fence. We both hung our shirts on the fence and had left our shoes behind in the condo. Even in the dark, I could tell how hot Lori’s figure was in her bikini. As we slipped quietly into the water, I was beginning to wonder if this adventure might lead to something else. We had been swimming quietly for a little while, talking just a little bit in soft whispers, when Lori suddenly straightened up and looked past me. I turned to see what she was looking at just as she was saying that we had to go NOW!

We managed to get from the pool to the fence without leaving a blatantly obvious trail of water, but Lori was still in a panic as she pulled her shirt on. She said there was no way we could make it back to the condo without passing right by whoever was coming and there was no place to hide between the pool and the condo. With headlights heading rapidly toward the pool location at that hour, it was unlikely that it was anyone but complex security. We looked around and decided to try to hide behind the poolhouse in the shadows. We got back there and were standing flat against the wall as Lori peeked around to confirm that the vehicle was still coming.

“We can’t get caught back here, we can’t, oh, I am so dead, they’ll find us in our wet clothes and they’ll know,” Lori was babbling as I tried to think of something in my still half-drunk state. Suddenly, she stopped talking, turned to look at me then looked around us.

“I’ve got it,” she said, confidently, pulling me away from the building, “come here, drop your shorts.” I wasn’t about to argue when a hottie directed me to drop trou, so I pushed my soaking wet shorts and underwear to my ankles, my exposed cock starting to grow in the night air. She had reached under her long t-shirt and pushed her bikini bottoms down before kicking them aside. She told me to lie on the grass, which I quickly did, and she immediately straddled me, grabbing my cock, which quickly went rigid in her grasp. She guided my cock to her pussy, then sat down on it, moaning as her warmth engulfed me. She started to slowly ride up and down on my rigid cock while I tried to fully appreciate what was happening. I had just moved my hands to her ass, massaging her cheeks, when I heard the vehicle escort eryaman approach quickly and stop suddenly before a spotlight moved through the fenced-in pool area. The vehicle and the light moved slowly, eventually coming around the back of the poolhouse, where it searched the shadows while continuing to slowly move.

Lori didn’t even hesitate as the light moved across the lawn in our direction, just continued fucking me with her eyes closed while moaning softly. When the light finally reached us, it was on Lori’s back, so I couldn’t see the source but they could certainly see what we were doing. The light stayed there for a couple of minutes and when I was starting to wonder how long we were going to have an audience, it suddenly snapped off and I heard the vehicle take off as quickly as it had arrived. Lori gave no indication that she was aware that the security forces had departed, so I didn’t interrupt her to let her know. I could feel an orgasm building up and wanted to make sure I got to experience it before she decided we could stop what we were doing.

Lucky for me, Lori was really getting into riding me. She was moving faster and slamming down on me harder while trying to keep her noises under control. I went ahead and pulled her shirt up and off, feeling more confident that we would be completely playing this out, then pulled her bikini top off, too. Her tits swung above me until I took them in my hands, feeling her hard nipples against my palms. I raised my head to lick and suck her nipples while her warm, wet pussy slid up and down my rigid shaft. The longer and harder she rode me, the closer my impending orgasm got. I let my head fall back against the grass and started pushing my hips up, forcing my cock more deeply into her. She was moaning softly, her eyes still closed, while I watched her face and continued to fondle her tits.

Her ass was smacking against my upper thighs, the mugginess of the night causing our skin to briefly stick together. Finally, she slammed herself down and shuddered as she rode out an orgasm. I waited her out, then continued fucking her now even slicker pussy, my own orgasm looming. Before I got too much closer, though, she moved down toward my toes, my cock popping out of her pussy and causing me momentary distress. When she got down far enough to take my still rigid cock into her warm mouth, I felt an undeniable sense of relief. She gently pumped my shaft while sliding her lips up and down while I humped her face. She quickly brought me right back up to the brink again and it was only a short time before I was spewing into her mouth. She swallowed my load before letting my shrinking cock fall from her mouth and resting her head on my upper thigh.

After a couple of minutes of recovery, we got up and pulled on our wet clothes before heading back to the condo. No one had stirred in our absence, so we slipped upstairs and into the master bedroom, feeling the chill of the air conditioning combining with our wet clothes. We decided to remove our wet clothes and take a shower to warm up. We didn’t bother with soaping up or shampooing, just made out while embracing under the spray until we were no longer chilled. I hadn’t quite recovered by the time we finished up, but seeing her in the light of the bathroom and being able to fully appreciate her naked form, I was quickly on my way. In the meantime, once we were ankara escort dry, I dropped to my knees on the bathroom floor as she leaned against the counter. Her pussy was well groomed, topped with a trim bush of dark brown hair. She spread her legs and I started running my tongue up her slit, tasting the abundant fluids collecting there.

Lori held my head and pushed her hips toward my face as I licked her slit, eventually moving my attention to her clit. I started pumping a finger into her pussy as I licked and sucked her clit, feeling my tool continuing to recover. Since she had locked the bedroom door, Lori felt more freedom to express herself than she had out by the pool. She was moaning and breathing hard while running her fingers through my hair as I ate her pussy. I wanted to get her off, but I also wanted her to feel the maximum pleasure on her way, so I tried everything I knew how to do, figured out what she reacted to the most and focused on doing that. Lori definitely responded; she got louder and while she was trying to keep a steady rhythm humping my face, she occasionally seemed to lose control of herself. When she grabbed my head with both hands and held it in place against her pussy, I continued licking and sucking her clit as I felt her begin to tremble.

She cried out as she rode out her orgasm, slumping against the counter once she’d finished. My cock was almost fully erect as I stood and nestled it in her bush as I took her in my arms again. We headed to her mom’s bed and slipped under the covers, again protecting ourselves from the chill of the air conditioning. Lying beside her, I ran my hands over her tits, feeling the soft, smooth flesh and her hard nipples, and down to her trim bush, lightly stroking her clit and probing her slippery slit. She was gently stroking my tool before quietly asking me to stick it into her. I maneuvered myself on top of her and quickly obliged. I slipped my cock into her warm, wet pussy and lowered my mouth to hers as I started sliding it slowly in and out. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths and our bodies rubbed together while my engorged tool penetrated her snug, slippery pussy over and over.

I would have been more than content to fuck her all night long, though at this point there wasn’t much “night” left. With her hands on my ass, she was pulling me deeply into her pussy, her legs spread as wide as possible, and moaning softly in my ear. I relished every single stroke as I slid in and out of her, starting slowly and working up to a frenzied pace. As we fucked, we got warm enough that we kicked off the covers and a layer of sweat developed between us. The bed was squeaking and Lori was moaning, so if anyone woke up at this point, there would be no question what was going on behind the closed door of her mother’s bedroom. She had gone from passively lying there getting fucked to raising her hips up to meet my incoming thrusts while pulling me deeper into her.

My cock was swelling as my orgasm drew close and I was anticipating spewing into her, so I slowed down and enjoyed the slow build. Finally, I exploded in an intense orgasm, my cock throbbing deep inside her and filling her with goo. We held each other tightly as I came and for a few minutes afterward as I caught my breath. I pulled my shrinking cock from her and moved over next to her. She reached over to shut off the elvakent escort light and we were asleep in minutes.

Several hours later, I awoke to the call of nature and went into the bathroom to pee. Once I’d finished, I checked my shorts and found that they were still wet. I climbed back into bed with Lori, who was also awake, and told her that our clothes weren’t dry. She got up, pulled on a bathrobe, grabbed our stuff and went out of the room. The laundry facilities were in the upstairs hallway, so she threw our stuff in the dryer and turned it on. After relocking the door, she dropped the robe and crawled back into bed with me. My cock was already rigid from seeing her hot, naked body again.

“Hmmm,” she said as she stroked my rod, “I rode you, you rode me, I went down on you and you went down on me. What haven’t we tried yet?”

“Doggie style,” we said together. She got on all-fours with her face against a pillow while I moved around behind her on my knees. Her ass looked fantastic so I ran my hands over it before taking my cock in hand and rubbing it against her pussy. I placed the head between her lips and pushed until I slid into her, my hips pressing against her cheeks. Taking her by the hips, I held onto her as I started sliding in and out, my hips smacking against her ass and making her fleshy cheeks jiggle. I slid my hands up over her ribs to her dangling tits, noting that one of her hands was back between her legs stroking her clit.

I was pushing into her slowly and deeply, enjoying the snug, slick feel of her pussy as it engulfed my swollen rod. My hands roamed over the soft flesh of her tits, feeling her hard nipples against my palms and occasionally gently pulling them. I started to straighten up as my orgasm got closer, running my hands over Lori’s shoulders and back before running them over her ass again. Watching my cock disappearing and reappearing below her ass made me even more aroused and I knew I’d be cumming soon. Lori was getting louder with her moaning as she started pushing back against each of my incoming thrusts. Her pussy seemed to be getting even hotter and slicker than it already had been, so I sensed that her own orgasm was imminent. Grabbing her by the hips again, I started fucking her harder, my hips smacking against her ass again.

I continued to fuck her as I felt her orgasm passing through her, feeling my own orgasm coming on even more quickly. She moaned as she came, pushing back against me all the while. She started to relax a little as my cock was swelling and I just kept fucking her harder and harder until I finally exploded deep inside her. I forced a few more deep thrusts into her as I spurted, pulling out and collapsing beside her once I was spent. We lay together for a few minutes before she got up and pulled on her robe again to check on our clothes. She threw me my shorts, underwear and t-shirt as she came back into the room, but didn’t put anything else on, herself, under her robe. Slipping into my warm underwear I thought to myself that it was almost as nice as slipping into a warm pussy.

We headed downstairs and were surprised to find that almost everyone was gone. My buddy, Rob, was still hanging around as he had hooked up the previous night with Lori’s sister, Dana. He tossed me a fresh beer and we started the day the way we loved to – with cold beer and hot women. It was supposed to be another scorcher that day, so Dana suggested we might go over to the pool and swim. She started to tell us about it, since neither of us had ever been there, so far as she knew. Lori and I just exchanged a knowing look and kept our mouths shut.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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