Point of No Return

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Chapter One

There are definite advantages to working at home. My daily commute is measured in feet, rather than miles, there are no bosses looking over my shoulder and I set my own hours. It’s a wonderful sense of freedom that I doubt I could live without, now. I finally got around to starting my own business creating small programs and designing and maintaining corporate websites back in the 90’s when the Internet became bigger than anyone had initially expected. Since I work alone my wife and I decided that having the traditional storefront business didn’t make since, and working from home would save money.

Barbara, on the other hand, does commute five days a week to a job twenty minutes from home where she is the executive secretary to a corporate executive. It isn’t necessary and I’ve told her this many times before, but she insists that she has to have time away from me or my life is in danger. Even though we don’t need the extra paycheck it is nice. Besides, it gives us a little more to save toward the day when we are both older and unable or unwilling to work any longer.

My wife and I met at college twenty-one years ago and dated for two years before we got married and started our family. Our ‘family’ isn’t as large as we had originally anticipated; we have a daughter who is now eighteen and freshly graduated from high school. When Niki was born, Barbara said hell no to any more children and five years later she insisted that I get a vasectomy. I didn’t want a vasectomy but my wife made it clear that there would be no more visits to the ‘well of love’ if I didn’t comply. Since Barbara is the de facto manager and overseer of that well of love, I gave in to her demand.

Barbara and I both grew up under strict parents and it was that background that guided the way we raised Niki. Long ago, when our daughter was still very young, my wife and I decided that we would pick our battles when it came to raising our daughter. That doesn’t mean she has the run of the house and can do pretty much what she wants; we do have rules and expectations and Niki understands this. She also understands that obedience and trust are proportionate and if she wants to keep our trust she has to keep our rules. Niki made excellent grades in school, she comes home from dates at or before the time she is expected back and she does her chores without giving us any trouble.

One of the battles we decided not to engage in – actually, it was Barbara who made that decision – was Niki’s choice of clothing. She prefers halter-tops that are a little more revealing than I’m comfortable with, and low-cut jeans. The tops are of different designs that, along with the jeans, reveal a good portion of her tummy. I might add that while her breasts are small, she doesn’t wear a bra and it’s seldom that her nipples aren’t somewhat enhanced for any male to see. She has a couple pair of low-cut jeans that have been turned into shorts and this really shows a good deal of her body.

Last summer Niki wanted a thong bathing suit. I put my foot down and Barbara took me into the bedroom for an ‘executive meeting.’ I hate those meetings because I seldom win and I didn’t win this argument, either. My wife’s reasoning for allowing Niki to wear a thong suit came down to trusting our daughter. My argument was that a thong suit – especially the bottom – bared her ass to anyone who wanted to see it. Then, without a pause, Barbara pointed out that Niki has been on birth control since she was sixteen and sexually active almost as long. Of course, since we have our own pool and it’s the only one that our daughter uses there would be no horny males staring at our little girl. Inevitably, I lost.

The net effect of my daughter’s choice of clothing is that Niki’s slender, suntanned body is nearly always on display, and that is the dilemma. I would be less than truthful if I didn’t admit that she has an effect on me. The fact is, my daughter is a very beautiful young woman and it’s difficult, even for me, not to notice her many attributes. That is why I was opposed to the clothes she wears: seeing my beautiful, young daughter in clothing that leaves little to the imagination summons images in my head that I didn’t need to see.

Not long ago, somewhere around the middle of June, I woke up around nine on a weekday morning. Barbara had left for work and wouldn’t be home until sometime after six. I grabbed a quick shower before heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Once the first cup cleared away the cobwebs of sleep, I poured a second, grabbed the latest issue of a programming magazine I subscribe to and slipped through the patio door.

I’m not a big health nut; my wife insists that I eat healthy foods that taste like old cardboard, or worse, but I try to swim several laps around the pool each day. I set the coffee and magazine on the patio table, then eased into the shallow end and spent the next several minutes swimming from one end to the other and back. Aside from the fact that swimming is relaxing to me, it’s probably the one thing that has kept my ataşehir escort bayan weight down to a respectable 175 pounds.

Forty-five minutes later I was on my third cup of coffee, which would have cheesed my wife if she had known, and reading an interesting article on C++ when I heard the sliding glass patio door open. Niki slipped through with a cup of coffee and sat down at the table in the chair facing me. The position of the chair wasn’t across the table from me but sitting so that I could see much of my daughter’s body as she sat down.

“Good morning, daddy,” she smiled.

“Hey, little one,” I said, returning her smile. She was dressed in one of the bathing suits with the thong bottoms that she likes to wear and I quickly returned my attention to the magazine. “You going for a swim?”

“I thought I’d get in a couple of laps, then tan a little before it gets too hot.”

“Good idea.”

“How many cups of coffee have you had, daddy?” she asked.

I saw the playful grin on her face when I raised my eyes from the magazine. “”Are you a doctor?”

“You know it pisses mom off when you drink more than two.”

“Well, your mom isn’t here.” I shook my head and chuckled, then returned my attention to the magazine.

The black thong she was wearing was so skimpy that it didn’t leave much to the imagination. Niki was sitting with her legs slightly spread, which wasn’t a conscious position on her part, but it allowed me to see more than I should. The thin scrap of material that covered her puffy little pussy mound barely did the job. I saw, for just a brief second or two, how the thin material hugged her mound and outlined her lips.

The thing is, I like looking at Niki, yet it’s not something I want to get caught doing. Over the past year, after I lost the Battle of the Dress Code to my wife, I had fought another battle within myself. For months I had dealt with the guilt I felt because my daughter aroused me. Then one day it dawned on me that it wasn’t totally my fault. After all, I’m just a man and a beautiful, sexy female body will naturally turn me on. I came to the conclusion that I should not beat myself over the head over something I obviously have no control over. And it wasn’t like I was going to seduce my daughter, and she wasn’t about to hit on a man who is not only her father, but one who is also twenty-three years her senior.

Once I came to terms with my problem I began masturbating while looking at pictures of Niki. I have several photos of her on my hard drive that I look at when I’m at home alone. Some of them I’ve recently taken surreptitiously with a telephoto lens while she tanned by the pool. I sit in front of my computer and slowly stroke my cock while I look at her sexy body displayed on my monitor. As I sat trying hard not to look at the slender band aide that barely covered her small breasts and the small thong I knew I would be in front of my pc later stroking and looking at pictures of her.

“Come swim with me, daddy,” Niki said, standing up.

“No thanks,” I said. “I’ve already taken a dip.”

“It’s your loss, then.”

“That’s the spirit.”

When she turned and started walking toward the steps that led down into the water, I raised my eyes and gazed at her ass. Sitting there with the magazine in my lap to cover the inevitable erection I was about to get, I was glad that Barbara had won the thong argument. Niki’s small ass, hard and firm and well rounded, was dark from hours spent in the sun and I stared hungrily at it.

She stopped at the edge of the pool and dipped a sleek, beautiful foot into the water. Then, she walked down the steps into the shallow end and pulled her black hair behind her head, letting the long strands flow down her nut-brown back. I watched as my daughter gracefully launched her slender body into a shallow dive and began to swim to the other end of the pool.

After several laps, Niki climbed the ladder at the deep end and walked back to the shallow end where she sat down at the edge of the pool and dangled her pretty feet in the water. I stared at her profile, noticing every delicious curve and angle of her body and pretty face. A good fifteen minutes went by before she stood and walked back to the table and grabbed the towel.

“That was good,” she said.

“I’m happy you enjoyed yourself.”

“You should have joined me.” She draped the towel over her head and began to pat her damp hair with it.

“Too much water is bad for you,” I said as I stole another quick peek at her scantily clad pussy mound.

“Oh, bull!” she laughed, then popped me with the towel. “I’m going to get some breakfast. You want some?”


“Oatmeal and toast?”

“If I must,” I sighed.

“You know what mom says.”

Niki took a couple of steps toward the patio door. As her left foot, still wet from the pool, touched a stone just in front of me and to the side, she slipped. I caught the slip from the corner of my left eye and reacted immediately, leaping to my feet escort kadıköy and catching her just as she was about to go down. She screamed as her arms flailed to keep her balance. My heart was beating harder and faster than Barbara would have liked and I sucked in a huge gulp of air.

I still have no idea how it happened and probably never will but I caught Niki in a very ‘awkward’ way. When she started to fall I quickly snaked an arm around her back and tried to catch one of her legs with my left hand. The end result is that my hand settled squarely between her thighs. We both looked down at the same time and I nearly choked. Somehow the skimpy patch of black material had slipped to one side and my middle finger rested between her exposed pussy lips.

I could see her shaved mound clearly, as well as her pink lips. I just froze, unable to move an inch as I stared at my daughter’s most intimate place, my finger fitting snuggly into the soft groove between her lips. It was so beautiful that I almost groaned aloud. Then Niki looked up at me, her lovely blue eyes wide and startled as I quickly came back to reality.

“I-I’m s-so sorry,” I stammered, helping her to her feet.

“That’s ok, daddy,” she said, her voice trembling a little from the panic of a near fall.

Once she regained her balance, Niki stepped back a little and sucked in a nervous breath. Then her eyes dropped to my trunks and I watched as her pretty mouth opened wide. I looked down and, to my horror, saw that my cock had become erect. The tight trunks fit snuggly around the fat shaft and a portion of the head poked above the waistband.

“I…I’ll get breakfast,” she said, then turned and quickly entered the house.

Chapter Two

Niki and I talked as usual over our oatmeal and wheat toast but there was an obvious strain to our normal banter. Both of us were aware of what had happened; yet neither of us said a word about it. It had been an embarrassing event that had us both a little on edge. The truth is, though, that Niki had done nothing to be embarrassed about. She had simply had a near accident. I, on the other hand, had become aroused looking at and feeling her young, sweet pussy, and she had seen it – at least, the head.

Finally we were through with breakfast and I helped Niki clean up, and then headed to my office. Once I shut the door I knew what was going to happen. After my pc booted I immediately opened the folder I had hidden deep on my hard drive and brought up pictures I had taken of my daughter. I shoved my trunks to the floor and grabbed my cock that had become hard again. While I went through the photos I pumped my cock hard and fast and recalled what her pussy had looked like earlier, how it had felt on my finger that had rested between her beautiful puffy lips. It didn’t take long before I came harder than any time in my life. Ropes of thick white seed exploded from my cock and fell onto the floor at my feet.

I stayed in my office for the rest of the day and didn’t come out until a little after seven. I ate dinner with Barbara and Niki and we chatted at the table about our day’s events. Of course, Niki and I refrained from mentioning the incident by the pool but she did tell her mother about nearly falling. But there still seemed to be a thin trace of nervous tension between my daughter and I that thankfully my wife didn’t notice.

The next morning I changed my usual routine and took my coffee into my study. I wasn’t trying to be difficult with my daughter but I still felt horrible about what had happened. I suppose I just needed a little time to get over the shame of her knowing that touching her pussy had aroused me. So I slipped into my office with a thermos of coffee, turned on the pc and sat staring at the wall for several minutes. I came to the conclusion after two cups of strong coffee that I needed to be a man – be a dad – about what had happened and talk it over with Niki. That was the right thing to do assuming I could find the words.

There is a hard fast rule around our house that no one comes in my office when the door is closed. The reason for that rule is that sometimes I’m on a deadline to get someone’s website updated and interruptions can cause me to make a mistake. Clients, I’ve found, don’t like mistakes. There is one exception to the rule: my daughter. I don’t even think Barbara knows but there have been a few times when Niki has sent me a personal message via our chat service. And, as I was about to get up and go hunt for my daughter, I heard the soft chime that indicated I had a message. I looked at the screen and saw the user id: sweet_lil_niki.

Niki: Hi, daddy.

Me: Hey, baby. You ok?

Niki: Yeah. I saw your door closed and wondered if you’re all right.

Me: I’m fine.

Niki: I guess you’re working.

Me: Just looking at some requests.

There was a sudden pause, which sometimes happens when Niki and I chat online. I stared at the monitor for a moment and was about to send a message asking if she was still there when a new maltepe escort message popped onto the screen.

Niki: I’m sorry about what happened yesterday, daddy.

I sighed. I could see her sitting at her desk in her room agonizing over yesterday’s events. The fact is I should have talked to her yesterday instead of feeling sorry for myself because I was embarrassed.

Me: You have nothing to be sorry for, baby. It wasn’t your fault you slipped.

Niki: I’m just a klutz lol.

Me: You are not a klutz.

Niki: I should have listened to you. If I had been wearing something more sensible then your finger wouldn’t have ended up where…well you know.

I started typing, and then reread my message. My finger hovered above the mouse as I debated sending it. Was it too much?

Me: Maybe, but you wouldn’t have looked as good in something sensible.

There was a slight pause, then:

Niki: Do you really like my swimsuits? I mean, I know there isn’t much to them but I thought you didn’t like thongs.

I decided to be truthful.

Me: The reason I didn’t want you wearing thongs was that you are a very beautiful young woman. What happened yesterday wasn’t your fault but you saw what it did to me lol.

Niki: Yeah. I saw. Can I tell you something?”

Me: Sure.

Niki: I know that seeing me, well, that way and touching me aroused you. I’m really flattered, daddy.

I stared at the screen for a long moment. Maybe I’m just naturally suspicious but I wondered if there was a meaning in what she said about being flattered.

Me: Really?

Niki: Yeah lol.

Me: I’m just glad you aren’t disappointed in me.

Niki: Why would I be disappointed in you? What happened yesterday could have happened to anybody.

Me: Well, it happened to me and I guess it kind of embarrassed me.

Niki: I was kind of shocked, too lol.

Me: Lol.

Niki: Can I ask another question?

Me: Yup.

Niki: How big is it?

I really do think my mouth fell open when she asked that question, and I knew what she meant. I had two choices at that moment: I could have told my daughter that this was not the kind of conversation fathers and daughters engage in. It would have been a prissy response but it would have been the responsible thing for me to do. The other response would be to tell my daughter the size of my cock and possibly start something we might regret.

I positioned my fingers over the keyboard. My hands trembled and my pulse raced as I thought about my answer. Masturbating and looking at pictures of Niki fully dressed had been wrong, but no one had gotten hurt. And, I reasoned, as long as there was no physical contact between us then a little cyber chat shouldn’t be a problem, assuming that was where this was leading.

Me: Eight-inches.

Niki: Wow! I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a cock that big.

Niki and I have always been upfront with each other. I don’t think the two of us have ever had any secrets but our chat dialogue was becoming very frank, more so than ever before. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say the word cock, or penis, for that matter. And we’ve never discussed sex; that’s always been Barbara’s department. Even though I knew that I was on very slippery and dangerous ground, I didn’t care. I decided to take it further.

Me: How many cocks have you had?

Niki: I don’t know. Maybe a four or five.

I could hardly breathe as I read her reply.

Me: Did you like them?

Niki: Yeah.

Me: Have you ever sucked a cock?

Niki: Oh, yeah! ((((Giggles)))).

I was hard by this time. The image of my beautiful daughter’s face with a cock crammed deep into her mouth came to mind and I groaned loudly. I quickly shrugged out of my tee shirt, then shoved my kaki shorts and boxers down to my feet and kicked them off.

Niki: And I swallow.


Niki: Are you hard, Daddy?

Me: Very hard. Are you wet?

Niki: Yesssss!

I had known it would happen. I was now out of control. I couldn’t believe I was having cyber sex with my eighteen-year-old daughter. I’ve had cyber sex a couple of times before but it had been with faceless women, who probably lived a thousand miles away from me. Yet, this was the hottest cyber sex I had experienced and I knew why. It was the taboo thing: It was my daughter that I was chatting dirty with while I masturbated.

Me: I’m jacking off, Niki.

Niki: I have two fingers in my pussy, daddy, and I’m rubbing my clit.

Me: Does it feel good?

Niki: Yesssss!

I brought up a close up of Niki’s face that filled the screen of my monitor and stared at her while I pumped my cock. In the back of my mind a voice told me that what I was doing was wrong but I didn’t care at that moment.

Niki: Do you shoot lots of cum, daddy?

Me: Yes, baby. It’s thick and white, too.

Niki: Oh, daddy!

Me: Are you naked?

Niki: Yes. Are you?

Me: Oh, yeah!

As I sat at my computer I could visualize my daughter sitting at her desk upstairs, her slender body naked and legs spread wide while she strummed her wet pussy with her slender, soft fingers. The image of her in my mind’s eye fueled the fires of lust in me and I realized I wouldn’t be able to hold off much longer.

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