Pocket Money Pt. 02

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Naturally Jim was looking forward to Jess’ next visit. He did not doubt she would come, even if she had regrets, she had always been in and out of his house, and her desire for money to pay for a new mobile phone seemed very real.

The important question was how much to contribute to her fund – he did not really quite like the idea of paying the eighteen year old for sex. The idea of a contribution to her buying the phone was much easier to his mind. Fifty pounds, though, had been a sizeable contribution and was not the sort of money he could just throw around at a whim on ‘luxuries.’ After all he had a perfectly good hand which could achieve much the same effect for free!

Much the same? Well… a bit better really to have a chestnut haired, naked teen working his penis and making the semen come. Very much better really!

Jess did not appear the next day or the one after but the early evening following, just as he got home from work, saw her jogging up the road clearly back from a run. He watched the girl coming closer. Not, alas, in white cotton running shorts perhaps showing a ‘camel toe’ due to lack of panties, perspiration and thin cotton, but cropped Lycra leggings, figure hugging but not as sexy, together with a rounded neck Lycra top. All dark blue and black.

Jim thought it looked an outfit quite unsuited to the task. He thought it would be awfully hot to run in and she would really have got sweaty inside. The idea of the running clothes being peeled off to leave a naked sweaty and very slippery naked Jess was, however, pleasing even if he would have preferred the white cotton running shorts without panties. Jim erected there and then as he watched the girl turn towards his front door. He was quick to answer the bell.


“Hallo Jess, you look a trifle warm!”

Lovely to see her the flash of her teeth and then she was telling Jim just how hot she was. It had been a long run, miles and miles around the streets, across the park and down along the towpath of the canal.


A ‘yes’ and a request for a glass of water. Once again they sat on the bar stools. Jess perspiring freely, the more as she had just stopped running. Perspiration appeared in drops on her forehead and dripped onto her nose. Jess had what Jim thought of as a jolly face. Round cheeks, nicely reddened by the exercise, sparkling brown eyes under half-moon eyebrows and a high forehead, made the more so by her chestnut hair being pulled hard back into a pony tail for running. Her nose was a little small and rather squashed with a wide, mobile and quick to smile mouth beneath. Small chin and quite big but neat ears.

She talked and talked mostly about the run and what she had seen.

Jess put down her mug, the tea gone and the water gone. “Well, I’d better be off. I desperately need a shower – am I hot and sticky or not! Probably smelly too.”


“It’ll be good to get these things off and get into the shower so I’ll head home… unless…”

Jim swallowed. What was Jess going to suggest and, importantly, how much would it cost him?

“…unless you want to watch me shower… or wash me?”

“Shower with you?”

“Efficient use of hot water.”

Not actually, thought Jim, given how long he would want to be in the shower with her!

“I’ve just got back from work so a shower would not come amiss. I’ve plenty of towels.”

“Fifty quid.”

“Less the use of my shower!”

“Hmmm, forty?”

Jim sighed. “Can’t afford it Jess, I really can’t. Perhaps next week but even then really I could only go to twenty-five, perhaps thirty. I know you want that phone but I’m not well off, not with the maintenance and all. Really it’s a tenner today. I’ll pay for that phone but it’s going to take time. You’re not seeing other men are you?”

“Might be.”

“Oh, Jess!” He really did not like the idea – did not like the idea of her getting hurt. He would rather vet the men or perhaps suggest her services to friends he could trust.

“Not really, just kidding. It’s not that easy to offer. I thought of Mr Tewson…”

“Probably bump him off with a heart attack, Jess, he’s a bit old.”

“Fifteen then.”

Jim sighed. “Fifteen then.” It was more than he wanted to spend but the prospect was rather too exciting.

“Come on then, show me your bathroom.”

Jim followed Jess up the stairs, his eyes on the rising and falling Lycra clad bottom cheeks. Within minutes he was going to be feeling, indeed soaping those cheeks!

It was not a bad bathroom. He had rather gone to town on the kitchen and the bathroom just before the break up. A waste of money and a debt still not fully paid off. He should not have done it but it had made the marriage happier – well for a time.

There was no longer actually a bath in the bathroom but one of those door less walk in showers with plenty of room for two. There had not been two in that shower ever but there was going to be now!

“I’ll be glad to get these off. Urgh, all damp and sticky.”

“You’ll have to put them on to go home. You can hardly go eryamandaki escortlar home with a towel wrapped around you! Um, shall I help you get them off?”

“Would you like to?”

Would he! Peeling damp Lycra from an eighteen year girl… it is nice work if you can get it.

Jim took that as a ‘yes.’ His hands moved to pull the girl’s top upwards. It rather clung to her as he pulled at the bottom edge, but he overcame the resistance. Just feeling the girl’s damp skin as he removed the top was quite something. The other day he had not touched more than her fingertips. This was going to be very different. His fingertips caught the soft skin of her breasts as he eased the top upwards. The breasts bounced a little as they were released, the areolae as puffy and brown as he remembered.

Peeling the leggings was no different – they clung just as much to her skin, his fingers touched her hips as he tugged. The material was damp, damp with the girl’s perspiration. It was strangely erotic. Underneath a pair of white panties looking wringing wet.

“That feels better.”

“Looks better, Jess!”

She laughed. “You going to take my panties off or should I?”

Jim reached, of course, and down they came leaving a damp scrap of material in his hand.

Once again the beauty of Jess naked.

“I’d love to see you running naked.”

“Really? Why?”

“The beauty of the human form seen naked. You have a natural grace, to see your running…”

“Poppycock! You’d like to see my boobs bouncing and my bottom cheeks rising and falling.”

“Well and that, of course!”

“I expect you imagine running after me and catching and having your wicked way with me.”

“Frankly Jess, it is difficult to think of anything nicer than a summer’s day up in the hills, us alone and naked in the sunshine, the smell and sight of the flowers in a hay meadow and you run off, your lithe beauty – I mean it – so enticing. I run after you knowing when I catch you I can indeed have you. We roll naked in the meadow, our sweaty bodies close and I enter you and, as you say, have my wicked way with you.”

“I’d like that really!”

“Is it a date then?”

“I’m not dating you Jim. Come off it. I’ve my eyes set on Luke Sparrow and he’s nineteen not forty something!”

“You can date two men at once you know!”

“This is business but perhaps the meadow can be free. Only you’ve got to pay for my virginity first.”

“Can’t afford it, Jess, whatever price you set. Shall we get back to the fifteen quid?”

“Well, here I am ready to be washed. You’re not ready for the shower though.”

Jim stripped, remembering again to take his socks off before his jeans. Men in just short socks look silly, women in just thigh length socks look fantastic.

Nice to catch himself in the big bathroom mirror. It was different seeing himself as a third person. There was Jess reflected all pink and damp from her running but, there too, him naked and with his curving erection almost touching the girl.

Jess smiled seeing what he was doing and posed beside him as if readying herself for a photograph. They were not touching just standing side by side and smiling for the non-existent camera. Jim thought it a lovely pose, something marvellously erotic about the man being erect but nothing yet happening – just the potential shown by the erection. He turned slightly towards Jess. If he had had the remote control in his hand he would have clicked again.

Jess reached and there was another perfect image. Naked teen, glistening with perspiration and pink from exercise, well-endowed breasts with big brown puffy areolae, a fine white body and such a lovely mounding over her pubic bone, chestnut brown hair damp, slicked back and radiating out from the vertical slit like the branches of a tree and, importantly, grasped in her hand the erection of a mature taller man beside her. It would have been marvellous as a picture blown up to poster size for his wall though not exactly what his mother or sister should see on a visit! Would it be better if Jess was not just holding but had exercised his penis enough and the freeze frame of the camera had caught it spurting? A difficult choice of picture. Jim thought it would be rather fun to do a photo shoot with Jess.

“How much for a photo shoot, Jess?”

She giggled again. “Um, nice idea but who is going to take the pictures. The photographer would cost as well.”

“I was thinking of taking them ourselves with a remote.”

“Best with a photographer I expect.”

“Not sure I could perform with some bloke watching and taking photographs.”

“But you think I could? You could get one of your friends to photograph us and then you photograph him and me. I get twice the fee and you don’t pay a photographer!”

“Mercenary little girl aren’t you?”

“I want that phone!”

Jim took a last look at the two of them in the mirror and then walked into the shower to turn the water on and make it the right temperature. A cold shower was not what was needed!

“Come on, Jess.”

The girl he etimesgut bayan escort had befriended for years and he had watched grow and mature undid her pony tail and followed him in. At eighteen really a woman and she looked it with her lovely full breasts. Simply amazing seeing her stepping towards him and into the falling water: stepping towards his naked self with his erection at full height.

“Mmmmm that’s better, I felt so urgh after my run.”

Jim reached for the soap. He had not touched Jess before. As he rubbed the bar of soap in his hands preparatory to touching, he was sure his cock was vibrating in excitement. He was about to touch and soap the young girl’s body – a prospect really worth more than fifteen quid! Jim put down the soap and reached straight for her breasts. Simply wonderful to have them, full and smooth in his hands. Soft and pliable and so young. He rubbed the soap in circular motions with his hands, anti-clockwise to the right, clockwise to the left.

“I think my boobs are washed enough really!”

Jess lifted her arms and he soaped under them. To be fair given the exercise that was somewhere much more in need of washing than breasts. Jess turned around in the shower and Jim lathered down her back, enjoying running his fingers over the corrugations of her backbone. He did her arms next, soaping the smooth skin. Looking down he could hardly miss the close proximity of bottom cheeks – indeed bottom crack – and penis.

It had to be done! Just a little leaning forward and there was his knob nosing in between her bottom cheeks – fantastic to see.

“Is that the soap, Jim?”

“Of course, the hard block of soap.”

And seconds later it was the hard block of soap held in his hand but rubbing up and down the crack of her bottom. He knew Jess was not fooled one little bit! Nice to then use his fingers, slipping them up and down her bottom crack and rubbing and massaging her little rubbery anus – washing it really.

Jim crouched and washed her legs and, as she lifted them one by one, her feet. She giggled and wriggled as his fingers sought between her toes. Crouching was best as it brought him to eye level with her sex. Wonderful to soap her mons, seeing his fingers making a lather in her chestnut hairs and then the ultimate part of the washing – her inner thighs and sex. Soapy hands and wriggling, exploring fingers. No doubt her moving thighs, the tight confines of her panties and the Lycra had meant she had got extra sweaty between her thighs and particularly at their junction: leastways that was Jim’s ‘assumption’ and he paid special attention to the washing. Sensitive skin and sensitive parts necessitated careful washing with finger tips.

Wonderful to be crouching there – and with his erection so strong.

“Mmmm,” Jess sighed, “that is nice. Let me wash you.”

Feminine hands all over his body – yes, his anus too – and leaving his cock until last. Jess seemed to find it really amusing creating a lather and a half all over it. Making sure he was not directly under the falling shower so the soap would not be washed away she rubbed and rubbed building up the lather. Unsurprisingly running her closed hand up and down his soapy shaft produced plentiful lather. It was a fantastic feeling as his genitalia gradually disappeared inside a cloud of lather.

Jess giggled, “perhaps we should have a bubble bath together. That would be rather fun.”

“I haven’t a bath.”

“We have. When Mum and Dad are out. How much should I charge?”

“Not free then?”

“Course not. You going to wash my hair as well?”

“If you like.” It was perhaps a good time for Jess to stop lathering his penis. He was very close to coming and adding a little to the lather. The shampoo was to hand. “Kneel then.”

It had been a fantasy. Something his wife had refused to do in their old small shower or even at an hotel. Kneel and have her hair washed whilst sucking his cock. It seemed the perfect combination to Jim but she had not seen it that way.

Yet Jess simply knelt and all of a sudden as he turned and the lather was washed away from his erection there was her head – and mouth – inches from his once more visible knob. She was looking up at him.

“Eyes closed Jess, you don’t want shampoo in your eyes.” But, he thought, you do want a cock in your mouth. Her hair was getting wet and Jim squeezed on the shampoo and massaged it into her hair. He was slightly pulling and pushing her head as he did so, her closed lips getting closer and then further from his knob. He was willing her to open and suck.

Jim washed the first shampoo away and then applied a second squirt. He rubbed a bit more enthusiastically this time, moving her head a little more until her lips touched – the feel of soft lips against his knob.

“Fifty pounds, Jim.”

He caught her with her lips apart and almost went in. She leant back away from him.

“Jim – that’s not in the fifteen pounds!”

Frustrating, particularly when you are that worked up: but even that worked up Jim ankara escort was not spending fifty pounds. Instead he finished shampooing and washed her ears, neck and face for good measure.

“All done?” Jess stood. “That was all very nice. You know, I think you’ve got me as worked up as you seem. Would you like to make me come? You know, play with me with your fingers?”

Would he! Jess just leant against him as his fingers roamed across breasts and down into her sex. Without soap it was very obvious the slipperiness twixt her thighs was not simply shower water. He played, a finger inside her, fingers stroking, fingers searching and finding her little button, doing his very best to make her come. Jess for her part was being more careful. A hand grasped around his straining penis, squeezing its hardness and occasionally moving the skin up and down. To Jim it was bliss, a young nubile and very wet girl in his arms to play with plus the self-same girl fondling his cock. Two naked bodies together in the warm falling water. It was possible, whilst he was only paying Jess, fifteen pounds he was spending another fifteen on the hot water! Lovely to feel her shudder and come. He had not made a woman come for years and not such a young one since… a long time before.

“Mmmm,” sighed Jess, “that was really nice. Time to dry and go I suppose.”

She was out of the shower and towelling herself before Jim had quite realised what had happened.

“Aren’t you going to…”

Jess raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“… finish me off.”

She looked puzzled, “Why?”

“The fifteen quid.”

“That was for washing. There was no mention of masturbation or ejaculation.”

“But you did masturbate and I made you come.”

“Well, I was perhaps a little generous within the terms of our agreement but not that generous, I…”

“But I’ve got to come. I’m aching with need. I need you to empty my balls.”

“Twenty quid,” she giggled looking at him standing with his penis so hard.

The little tease! Jim was so worked up, “I need to come!” He came out of the shower and simply grabbed Jess, put her over his shoulder and marched to his bedroom, The girl kicked and wriggled but there was no way she could escape. Jim’s bed, his double bed, was a divan without tail board so there was nothing to prevent him tossing the naked, half dried girl onto the bed.

It was erotic – at least to Jim and, indeed, would have been to an observer. He had thought earlier of photography but it was all a little like an old film of Arab sheik tossing captive girl onto the bed ready to have his wicked way with her. In the old days it would never have been so graphic but, updated, what an erotic image! Helpless naked young girl, perhaps with a wisp of this and that added and perhaps gold bangles being tossed onto a bed strewn with fabrics by a tall naked olive skinned sheik or other handsome man. More muscular than Jim of course, taller and better endowed. The juxtaposition of the helpless girl and the sight of a magnificently erect penis: not just a workaday penis like Jim’s perfectly acceptable organ but a real first-rater. Big, long, perfectly formed, heavily buttressed and with big hanging balls – perhaps the man and penis oiled. The camera shots, moving from man to girl from erection to girl emphasising the power and the potency of the organ and what it would do.

Jim was breathing heavily as he stood over the bed, his erection looming over the girl just like the sheik. Her eyes were wide wondering what he was going to do. It must have crossed her mind she was about to be raped. Jim reached and she reacted. It was a fight, a real fight on the bed, limbs and bodies everywhere. The girl aiming for his manhood, he to subdue her. Jim won and there was Jess across his knee as he sat at the end of the bed, her pink bottom upwards. He had lost none of his erection and only suffered a partial jab to his balls. They hurt a bit but that only made his hand descend the harder.

Whether or not corporal punishment of children is a good thing, it is undoubtedly true that smacking the naked, unprotected bottoms of naughty eighteen year old girls is a good thing. Indeed mankind as opposed to womankind would probably be a lot happier if it was a regular occurrence. His hand descended thrice each time with a loud slap and it left red marks on Jess’ white and flawless behind.

Jim paused and sat there waiting feeling his erection pressing against the girl’s mons veneris. At each slap she had pulled downwards and away from his hand squashing his erection. He had almost come then and there! He waited.

“Sorry, Jim.”

“I should think so. That was a bit too much teasing. You almost got what was coming to you.”

“You wouldn’t would you, not really?”

“No, Jess, not without being asked but you are going to make me come aren’t you? It was implicit in the deal.”

“Yes, sorry.”

“Good. Now what you are going to do is get down on your hands and knees and kiss my balls and take each into your mouth in turn and tell them how sorry you are for kneeing them. You don’t need to suck my cock – I haven’t paid for that. Then you are going to lie on my bed, hips at the edge and open your thighs wide apart so I can see your sex and then you are going to make me come all over your tummy – and you’re going to tell me how much you want me to do that.”

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