Pleasure Cruise Day 01

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Journal Entry

4 – Pleasure Cruise, Day 1

Hi Journal,

I know it may seem normal for me, but I’m going to try to have the craziest Spring Break Ever!

Daddy arranged for the cruise over a year ago, figuring it would be a safer place to have Spring Break than any of the hotspots. Boy, did I prove him wrong. His plan was for me to go off with my friends and have the best time ever, but what he didn’t know was that he was sending me along with my best accomplices.

Sunday morning the limo brought Tammy, Alicia, Becca, and me down to the port. We waited in line waiting to board the ship, and we spent most of our time scoping out the other passengers, making our plans. Tammy wasn’t too interested in scoring on this trip, since she is pretty happy with her life as it is, and Alicia was looking for a guy to have a romance with and never see again. Becca was hoping to get laid, but her attitude always gets in her way. I had brought my notebook and several notepads so I could expand my lovely journal.

I was ready for anything.

When we boarded we went straight to our suite on the Empress Deck (aptly named) and changed right away into shorts and deck shoes with bikini tops. Just to match a little bit more we each put on baseball caps. Alicia had been on cruises before, so she warned us about the Lifeboat drill that was going to start shortly.

We unpacked, a funny thing to watch with four girls fighting for very limited closet and drawer space. There was a knock at the door and Tammy opened it and let in Tony, our Filipino room attendant. He was older, probably nearly forty, but cute as the dickens. He was very respectful and didn’t even sneak a peek at anyone’s ass or tits (that we caught, anyways).

Tony showed us where the life vests were stored and offered to show us how to put them on and I could have killed Alicia when she said she would do that. Tony didn’t seem too bothered when he left, but I was sure disappointed at the loss of a possible journal entry.

Just before four they called the Lifeboat drill and we went up to the lounge to wait. We sure got a lot of attention, especially from two older guys, so clean and stylish I thought they might be gay, except for their very obvious ogling.

We saw lots of kids and girls and guys around our age, but it was mostly older folks, couples with their families. Other than the two cute guys, the two that stood out were a Dad with his wife and two 18-year-old sons who kept looking at me and smiling. I wondered if he was just fantasizing or if there might be a journal entry there.

The other was a guy who looked about our age with his mom and dad. He had dark hair and was pretty cute, tall and thin, almost “lanky” I guess. He wore glasses and looked like a computer geek, but there was intensity in his eyes when he looked at me that was exciting. I think the fact that I only caught him looking at my face was pretty cool too.

The pursers went through their speeches and marched us out onto the deck, and as we stood there in crowded rows as the ship started to sail. The horn blew to tell us we were free, and we joined the crowd to head back to our suite.

Somebody bumped into me and I turned to see the glasses guy. He smiled and apologized, and I was sweet back because he didn’t grope or anything, he just bumped me. It was hard in the noisy crowd, but I introduced myself, and he said his name was Alex. We found ourselves walking the same direction, so I asked if it was his first cruise and he said it wasn’t, that he’d been on a few. He seemed really nervous, but I figured it was because he didn’t get the courage to talk to pretty girls all that often.

I got to the door to my suite and found the door open, Tammy and Becca inside. Alex touched my arm and I turned around to look up into his eyes. The deck was rumbling from the big engines moving us out of port, but as I looked up into his intense eyes he felt more powerful than the engines, and I got like totally turned on. He looked down, like he was going to look at the floor, but ended up staring at my tits for the first time.

“You want to have dinner tonight?” he asked, then looked eryamanda yeni escortlar back up at my eyes.

“Alex!” his Dad called from a few doors down. “Come on, get unpacked!” When Dad saw me though his eyes got wide and he ducked back into the room. Alex smiled, obviously so embarrassed, and I said I would meet him by the pool at eleven. I asked him if he liked to dance, and he stammered and said he didn’t dance, so I told him he was going to and then I popped into the suite and closed the door.

I was trying to decide on an outfit when Alicia came in and said she’d reserved a table for us in the David Lounge for dinner that night and all of the rest of the nights except the last two. We filled her in about Alex, and she seemed a bit pissed at first. We decided to put off everything else and go explore the ship.

Just to establish ourselves we decided to put on colorful tops, dark short skirts, and strappy heels. After approving the look with each other we headed out to explore.

We took the elevator down to the Promenade Deck and walked past the Starry Night Lounge and through the Casino, which was still closed and walked until we reached the Lobby. My God it was beautiful, all decorated in Renaissance style with an atrium that rose like seven levels and had a glass ceiling. It was crowded, with people ambling around aimlessly, and we were very overdressed, but then we were also very hot.

We wandered the decks for a long time, getting situated, but we found most of the clubs closed until later. The pool deck was nice, but a bit cramped, and we found a little stairway that had a chain across it and a sign saying it was adults only, because topless sunbathing was allowed. We all giggled, knowing where we would be spending at least some of our time.

The motion of the ship was relaxing to me, but Tammy had trouble walking on her heels and Becca looked positively green.

Our dinner reservations were for eight-thirty, so we headed up to the David Supper Club (excuse me), and almost had the most attentive cute waiter until a pretty Thai girl took over. She was good, but I usually get better service from guys. I wonder why? The food was excellent, but we couldn’t order wine, no matter how hard we tried.

After dinner we went to the casino and dropped a few hundred bucks, and when it got close to eleven I excused myself, Tammy engrossed in a blackjack game. I went up to the pool area and found it wasn’t too crowded. It was also damn cold and very dark. The bartender gave me a coke and I sat at a table and sipped it, shivering and wishing I had at least worn tights.

I didn’t see him approach, but Alex came up from behind me and asked if he could sit. I said yes and he did, and we talked about how it was his sixth cruise and he was usually totally bored, and how he was glad he met me. I said he probably picked up girls on cruises all the time, and he looked really embarrassed and said he never had before.

I asked him why he had talked to me, and he looked into my eyes with his beautiful brown, intense eyes and quietly told me that I was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. You know? No matter how many times you hear it, when it’s said so honestly you still get a thrill. He asked me to walk with him, and when he noticed how cold I was he put his arm around me. It felt really good.

We walked to the topless stairs and he led me up. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I didn’t mind at all, except for the cold wind getting worse as we climbed.

The sunbathing deck was really small and had high barriers to block the wind, so it felt warmer. Alex pulled two deck chairs together and when I laid out on one he went and got a couple of big towels. He gave them to me and I draped them over myself as blankets. He sat next to me, and the chairs didn’t have arms so we scooted close to each other. I tossed a bit of blanket over him even though he didn’t need it.

I asked him where he was from and he said his family moved all over the place, so he never spent much time in any one place. They had been living in Brentwood for the last month, in a hotel.

I moved close to him sincan escort bayan and enjoyed his warmth. Unable to stop myself I let my hand “innocently” rub across his lap and felt his hardness. Good, the boy was interested.

I craned my neck and looked into his eyes, and he leaned forward and kissed me. It was totally sweet and really wonderful, and it warmed me right up. His hand was hot when it caressed my thigh, and I enjoyed it a lot.

“I want to go dancing,” I said softly, and I saw an instant expression of pain and embarrassment cross his face. “Let me help you,” I whispered, and under the blankets I rubbed his dick through his slacks. I unzipped him and worked his rigid dick out of his pants and slowly stroked it with my hands, letting the head brush my thigh.

It was long enough that I could close both of my hands around it and still had room at the base and at the tip, but it wasn’t any thicker than normal. We kissed as I stroked him softly, feeling his heartbeat through his hot meat. He broke our kiss and turned away slightly, and I whispered for him to tell me when he was close. He started to nod vigorously right away, and I started stroking up at the head with one hand while I covered the tip with my other hand.

Only a few seconds passed before he moaned quietly and I felt his dick surge. My hand filled with his creamy come as it spurted quietly. When he was done I carefully took my hand out and licked his come off my hand, making sure to look into his wide eyes as I did.

I don’t know what that boy ate, but it was sweet with just a touch of salt. I actually liked it! When my hand was clean I lifted the blanket and ducked underneath. I took his slippery cock into my mouth and sucked it clean, feeling it jump and start to harden again.

Quickly, I put it in his pants and zipped him up before climbing out of my warm cocoon into the cold night again. Alex looked totally satisfied, but the intensity of his eyes told me he was a tiger and wanted to devour me. At the same time though, his manner said that he was embarrassed and unsure of what to do or say next.

“Take me dancing,” I said softly, and then I reached under the blankets and took his shaking hand and put it on my pussy and said, “Can you feel how excited you make me?”

He pressed his hand to my wet panties and I sighed as the electric shock of his touch turned up the heat. He nodded slowly, and I said, “Take me dancing.”

We got up and went down the stairs and into the ship. He led me to the dance club and we went down and across the crowded dance floor. The music was deafening, and I could see that all of the tables were taken, so I yanked him to a stop and started to dance. The DJ was playing “Mustang Sally” and Alex mostly stood there watching me as I rode him hard, giving him my best. The room was hot, and I knew the floor was crowded, but right then the only people on the floor were Alex and me. After several rocking songs the DJ put on a slow dance, and I buried myself in Alex and swayed, letting him lead me. When the song ended he led me to a vacant table in the back and we sat close.

“This is the greatest night of my life,” he shouted/whispered in my ear, and I nodded, smiling a big grin. He ordered a couple of cokes from the waitress and as we snuggled and watched the older folks crowding the floor and acting goofy I spotted a couple in the corner going at it hot and heavy. After a couple of seconds I smiled again, knowing that Becca too was having a good night.

Halfway through our drinks I dragged him back to the floor and danced around him, giving him my all. I was having a great time. Eventually the music died and the last few people started leaving, and I kissed him with all my heart.

“Can we go back to your place?” I asked, and he shook his head.

“My parents,” he said painfully.

“I have my roommates, but I don’t think we’re ready to take this that far yet,” I said, half joking. I was truly at a loss. I wanted to be with him so badly, but we didn’t have anywhere private to go.

Alex took my hand and led me from the club and outside, where the icy wind whipped ankara escort at me, tearing away any warmth I had gathered. He led me this way and that until we were on a tiny stretch of deck beneath some balconies. There was a stairway going up to another level, but it seemed very intimate. Lord knows it was dark.

Alex set two chairs together and got us some towels to drape over ourselves. I took off my heels and lay down, and he joined me immediately, kissing me passionately and sharing his warmth.

I unbuttoned his shirt and put my arms around him inside it, feeling his hot skin against mine. He rolled partly on top of me and I felt his hand slide up my thigh and cup my pussy. He rubbed me softly until I moaned, and then he slid his hand inside and touched my sensitive, wet pussy with his hot fingers. His hands went to his pants and as he undid them I slipped my panties down and off, tossing them on my shoes.

He rolled on top of me and after a couple of misses planted his cock firmly inside me, making me whine in spite of myself. His cock felt so soft and strong and hot, so hard and commanding. We kissed and he held the chair for support as he slid in and out of me, driving me crazy.

I had my hands inside his shirt again and I pushed down into his pants and grabbed his ass. My leg was cold, and I saw that I had stuck it straight out. When I saw how curled my foot and toes were I smiled, glad that my whole body was enjoying the show.

He kept the same pace, gently but firmly planting his long pole in me, hitting exactly the right spot about every third stroke. I thought he was going to lose it soon, so I started to roll my hips for him, hitting more “right spots” in the process and feeling pretty damn good. I felt flutters through my belly and knew I was coming soon.

I wrapped my legs around him and humped up at him hard, and he rewarded me by going faster and harder. I pressed my face into his chest and screamed through my orgasm, loving the feelings, hating the pain. When I collapsed back I felt like somebody had crumpled me up and then flattened me out like an old piece of paper.

It took me a few strokes to realize that he hadn’t slowed down because he came, he slowed down to enjoy watching me come. I was so sensitive it was almost painful, but in a really really nice way, and Alex fucked me slowly.

“Oh God” I moaned, “I love having your big cock in me,” I was loving the wonderful torture he was putting me through, and based on his face and his pretty eyes, he was enjoying himself too.

He put his lips to my ear and whispered, “I love your tight little pussy, feeling it stretched around my dick. I love the way you grab me and hold on to me when I slide in and out of you. Your pussy is so nice, I want to be inside you forever!”

From where I was that sounded like a pretty good idea. It was, I swear to God, at least twenty minutes later when I started to come again. This boy not only had staying power, but he learned fast and knew exactly how to move and how to move me, to make me come hard. When it passed I was totally worn out, and had no hope of keeping up with him. I felt my body relax and tried to catch up, but I couldn’t even lift my arm.

A look of panic wrenched Alex’s face and he said, “What should I do?” I held up my finger briefly, and then had him help me to turn over. I got onto my knees and collapsed with my ass resting on my heels. He got the idea and pounced on me, ramming his beautiful long dick into me. I purred and burbled but I was so overdone that I was his helpless fuck toy. He ran his hands over and around my ass, feeling every inch as he pounded into me fast and hard. I didn’t have any more big orgasms, but I sure did have a lot of tiny, happy little comes before he groaned down low in his throat and emptied his balls into me.

He left it in me until it popped out on its own, and then he laid down next to me and pulled me on top of him. We cuddled there very safe and warm for a while, and I think I drifted off because when I opened my eyes the sky was lighter. We got up and I put on my panties and Alex picked me up and carried me to the elevator. He brought me to my suite and put me down, then handed me my shoes and made sure I got inside safely.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned up before going in and collapsing on the bed, where I curled up with Tammy and fell asleep.

Goodbye for now.



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