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My wife Jane and I have been married for nineteen years. We have had a very satisfying sex life for most of it. When we first got together, we fucked at every possible moment. We fucked in public parks; we fucked in our backyard where neighbors would be able to watch us. We fucked at least once even twice a day. This went on for about the first seven years of our marriage and then it cooled down. The sex became more tame and more in bed before falling asleep.

For about the last four years the sex has dropped off to maybe once a month and then it is more of a let’s get it done and over with. I suck her tits while she strokes my cock. I then sometimes go down on her and she sometimes sucks my cock. She usually rolls over, I spoon behind her fucking her until I cum, and then it is over.

She says, “Honey it’s not you. I going through the change and my hormones are just a mess and the desire just is not there.”

Change or not I don’t know. I understand it can be traumatic on a women’s body. I had done some reading on it and knew that once the menopause period passed that sometimes, women will again get the old fire back.

After the other night, I tend to agree that the fire comes back.

Jane has always been a very sexy and desirable woman.

Last week I had to work late and got home about seven. I came into the house and there were candles lit and a trail of rose petals from the door heading down the hall. I followed them down the hall and through the door of our bedroom.

The room was lit only by candle light and Jane was lying on her side on the bed in a black sheer teddy. Her large tits clearly visible as well as her pussy.

I stood there looking at her and she seductively asked, “Will you do something for me please?”

“Sure, anything.” I choked out.

She rolled over on the bed reaching over the side I then could see that her teddy was also a thong and I had never seen her ass in a thong. My cock sprang to attention.

She came up with her hands full of ropes, leather straps, dildos and vibrators.

“Will you tie me up, tease me and fuck me until I beg you to stop?”

“For you Baby, anything” I replied as I began taking off my clothes.

Once naked and my hard cock bounding in front of me I climbed onto the bed. I crawled up next to her and we kissed.

I then looked through her assortment of toys and grabbed some leather bracelets with straps on them. I fastened them around her wrists and then tied them to the headboard.

I then sucked her hard nipples through the sheer fabric of her teddy.

She moaned as my saliva soaked through to her nipples and my tongue flicked back and forth across them. I kissed down her stomach until I got to her pussy.

I got between her legs and sucked hard on her pussy sucking the fabric into my mouth until her hard clit was rubbing against it and my tongue on the other side.

“Ohhh gawd yesss,” Jane moaned softly.

I then took the other set of leather straps, fastened them around her ankles, and tied them to the footboard.

I looked at my handy work as my sexy wife was now sprawled out in front of me and was at my mercy.

I looked over her assortment of new toys and decided on a vibrator that had a large bulb on the end of it. I climbed off the bed so I could plug it in. Once plugged in I switched it on and it began humming.

I looked at my wife who now had a glazed look of complete lust in her eyes.

I crawled onto the bed and began using the vibrator on her tits. Her hard nipples were still poking at the sheer fabric so I touched the vibrating bulb to her right nipple.

Her body jerked from the sensation of the vibrator against her nipple.

I moved escort eryaman it around her full breast and across her cleavage to her other nipple. She jerked again as it touched her sensitive nub.

I moved it from her tit and traced it along her stomach letting it vibrate all the way to her pussy. I bypassed her pussy because she had tensed her body in anticipation of it touching her clit. I wanted to tease her. I ran it along her thigh and down to her calf and then back up her thigh toward her pussy. She again tensed and I passed next to her pussy across her mons and to her other thigh. Down her leg and back up past her pussy again and to her mons.

She was squirming now wanting and anticipating the vibrating ball to send her into an orgasmic frenzy.

I moved the vibrator slowly closer to her clit, which was now visible peeking from between her pussy lips.

“Oh, please,” she softly begged.

Her body tensed as the vibrations began to intensify and then, “OOOOOOOO FUCK!” Jane screamed out as the vibrations shook her clit.

Her whole body was tensed up and she was pulling at the restraints around her wrists as I held the vibrator in place. She was not even breathing, still holding her breath as I moved it off her clit and to her thigh.

“OOOO my gawd,” she moaned as she gasped for a breath and her body relaxed slightly.

I let her catch a breath and then back onto her clit.

She did not say anything just a gasp of air rushing into her lungs and her body tensed again as she pulled against the restraints keeping her held into place. She wanted so badly to clamp her legs around the vibrator to hold it into place but again I slid it from her clit down her pussy lips and back to her thigh.

The sheer fabric covering her pussy was soaking wet. Some of it was from me sucking on her clit but the majority of it was from her pussy oozing her juices.

There were a couple of small snaps that held her teddy in place covering her pussy. I reached for them and unsnapped them. I pulled the flimsy fabric away from her pussy. She had trimmed up her pubic hair so that there was simply a small strip directly above her clit.

I took my finger and let it slid between her pussy lips. She was soaking wet so I slipped a finger inside her and to her g-spot. As soon as I began massaging it she began moaning and grinding her ass against the bed.

As I massaged her inside, I moved the vibrator to her clit.

“OOOOOOOOO FUCK!” She screamed out and her body jerked violently against her restraints.

She was humping her pussy against my hand and letting the vibrator massage her clit as she rolled her head from side to side in complete ecstasy.

Her whole body began to tremble and I knew she was going to orgasm and I was not ready for that. I wanted her to beg for relief.

I removed my finger and the vibrator at once.

“OH GAWD NO! PLEASE!” She moaned out as a shimmering sheen of perspiration now covered her body.

I decided to change things up a bit. I pulled her teddy up over her tits so they were completely revealed to me and I sucked her nipples briefly.

I then untied her ankles from the footboard.

I grabbed the rope that was there and ran it through the rings on the leather straps. I pulled her left leg up until it was vertical and sticking straight up in the air. I tied her leg in that position.

I then did the same with her other leg making sure that her legs were straight up and spread to allow me full access to her.

She did not say a word at the position I had put her in.

I then looked at her spread legs and her red swollen shimmering pussy. Her tight little asshole was also fully revealed.

I could not help ankara escort it. I had to suck her pussy. I love the taste and smell of her and she was flowing her sweet nectar.

I got between her legs and let my tongue slip along her pussy lips pooling her juices on my tongue. I then hit her now very sensitive and swollen clit.

“OH Yesssss please,” she mewed.

I slipped a finger inside her to moisten it and then slipped it down to her tight rectum and massaged her tight hole as I sucked her clit.

“Mmmmm…mmmmm…mmmmm,” she was moaning.

I pulled away from her pussy and looked at the other toys that were lying on the bed.

There was a small cylindrical vibrator so I got it. I turned it on, slipped it inside her wet pussy, and let it vibrate against her lips. I then pulled it out and placed it at her tight ass. It was so slick from her juices that I pushed slightly and it slipped into her ass.

“Oh GAWD!” She groaned.

I held it there while I reached for a dildo that she had purchased. This thing was at least ten to eleven inches long and as nearly as big around as a large flashlight handle. It had some rubber testicles hanging from it and actually looked very realistic.

She was still groaning from the vibrator in her ass as I touched her pussy with the head of this huge dildo. I thought there was no way this thing was going in her. I split her lips with the head of the cock and found the wide-open entrance to her vagina.

I pushed in slightly and the bulbous head of the cock slipped inside her, OOOOOOO FUCK YESSSSSSS!” She groaned.

I pushed a little more and watched in the flickering candle light as her pussy opened up to receive the cock. Her pussy lips were stretched tightly around the shaft and I pushed a little more. Now nearly half the huge cock was in her as she moaned and groaned pulling at her restraints.

I glanced over at her toys again. There was a pair of nipple clamps there. I had always known Jane liked her nipples twisted and pulled when she got horny. I figured she was well past the state of horny so I reached for them leaving the big cock halfway in her pussy and the small vibrator humming in her ass.

I reached between her wide-open stretched legs with the clamps. She saw me coming with them and moaned, “Oh yes please.”

I opened one of the clamps and then released it pinching her right nipple between the tight pinchers.

“OOOOOO FUCK,” She moaned.

Then the other nipple, “OOOO MY GAWD,” She nearly screamed.

Her eyes were filled with a wild lust as she looked down at her nipples pinched tightly in the clamps.

I then went back to the big dildo halfway in her pussy and again applied pressure letting it slid deeper inside her. She was continuously moaning and groaning now.


I pushed the big plastic cock all the way in until the rubber balls and the base of the cock were buried inside her.

I then pulled it out slowly watching in amazement as her pussy looked like it was going to be pulled inside out. It was as if her pussy did not want to let go of the monster inside her.

I pulled it out until only the head stayed inside her and then pushed it back in. It slid in easier this time, as it was slick and shiny from her juices.

I sunk it fully inside her and again pulled it out faster this time. She was trying to raise her ass off the bed to fuck the dildo but was not having much luck the way I had her tied up.

I then quickened the pace with the dildo and now it easily slipped in and out of her pussy. I was moving it in and out, as she moaned and groaned tossing her head side to side.

I watched elvakent escort her in complete ecstasy as I fucked her using the dildo and moving the vibrator in her ass in and out as well.

I pulled the dildo completely out of her pussy and looked inside her, as her pussy was agape from the dildo not being there. Her clit was red and swollen as well as her pussy lips.

I decided it was time for her to orgasm.

I put the big cock back inside her pussy. Letting it sink completely inside her. When it was in her like this it spread her lips so far apart that her swollen clit was completely uncovered.

I grabbed the vibrator with the bulb on the end of it and again turned it on. I ran it along her thighs and across her mons and then moved it to her clit.

Her entire body tensed and the perspiration was moistening her skin again. She was pulling tightly against her restraints and again not breathing.

When she did breath she screamed, “OOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK!”

He body convulsed and I could see her juices oozing from around the dildo buried in her pussy as her orgasm flushed her entire body a deep pink.

I removed the vibrator from her clit, her body slackened, and she was breathing fast.

Then I put it back on her clit, “OOOOO FUCK ME YESSSSSS!”

Her body jerked as if an electrical current was coursing through her and she rolled into another orgasm.

I removed the vibrator and she begged, “Paul, fuck me with your cock and fill my pussy, PLEASE”

I pulled the vibrator from her ass and then pulled the dildo from her pussy.

Looking at the gaping hole from the dildo, I wondered if she was even going to notice that I was fucking her.

I crawled between her legs with them resting against my shoulders. I reached up and untied the ropes holding her ankles and her legs fell against me.

I guided my cock to her pussy and sunk completely inside her, “OOOOO GAWD YESSSS!” We both moaned.

I was shocked that her pussy had shrunk back down and now was gripping my cock as I pumped in and out of her.

I watched her big tits bounding up and down on her chest with the clamps still on her nipples as I fucked her hard.

The intense sexuality of the whole night had me ready to cum so I fought to hang on as long as possible.

“Fuck I’m cumming,” I moaned.

I buried myself inside her, let my juices splash against the walls of her vagina, and overflow onto my balls.

When I had finished cumming, I pulled out of her pussy and let her legs slowly fall to the bed.

I rolled over in the bed next to her.

We both were breathing heavily attempting to catch our breath.

“Oh my gawd that was wonderful,” Jane softly moaned.

I rolled over and grabbed the clamp on her right nipple and squeezed to release her nipple, “OOO GAWD,” She groaned and jerked from I’m sure the pleasure and the pain of the release.

Then her left one and again she moaned and jerked. Her nipples were still hard and her areola was still puckered from the orgasms.

I then reached up and untied her wrists and she moved her arms around attempting to get them function again.

“I’m not complaining but what the hell caused this all of a sudden?” I asked.

“Not sure, just got so fucking horny today and could not get my mind off fucking you, so, I went shopping and intended to just buy this little teddy and saw the other items and got even worse. Could not wait for you to get home and then you had to be late tonight. It was all I could do to keep from trying the toys out before you got here.”

“I’m glad you waited,” I said smiling.

She rolled over and we kissed as we have not kissed in years.

She broke the kiss and unfastened the leather straps from her wrists and ankles.

“Ok, a short break, a shower and then it’s your turn,” She said with a big grin, jumped from the bed, and headed for the shower.

“Oh hell yes” my mind said as I followed her to the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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