Please Be Faithful Daddy!

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Jamie walked through the door and ran up the stairs. That bitch Hannah had better not call her tonight or she would be sorry. Jamie was suppose to sleep over Hannah’s tonight but Hannah ditched her for her boyfriend Mathew! Never again, Jamie thought to herself as she stripped off her clothes from her slim, perky body. Grabbing her nightdress she pulled it on and threw herself on her bed and tried to calm the anger that wanted to explode. Since she’d come home from college for Christmas break, nothing had gone as planned.

Suddenly she heard a strange noise. It sounded like bed springs. It sounded like bouncing, straining bed springs … and someone was moaning. Whoa! Wait a minute, Jamie thought, mom is suppose to be gone all weekend. Silently getting up and walking down the hall, Jamie crept to the end of the hall where her parents slept and peeked into the slightly ajar door. (No one ever thinks to shut and lock doors anymore!) Looking inside the room Jamie could not believe her eyes.

It was her father and sitting astride him, bouncing on his rather big cock was that little bitch Hannah! What the fuck! Jamie’s father had his big hands on Hannah’s small, pointy tits. “Oh yeah! You got the tightest wet cunt! Like a wet glove …ahh… yeah.” Hannah was driving herself down hard on Jamie’s father and groaning like a dog, panting and whimpering as her plump ass bounced up and down, gyrating like crazy. “Oh yeah, John, fuck me, fuck your slut!”.

At 19, Jamie was no virgin and had received quite an education from the young men at St. Catherins’s College, but nothing prepared her for her own reaction to her father’s actions. Jamie could feel her tiny hole getting wet and starting to ache. She reached down and putting her hands into her panties, ran her finger up her furry box, feeling the juice flooding her insides. Pinching and rubbing her hot clit, she tried not to make any noise as she looked around the hallway for something to stuff inside her cunt. Too late, Jamie was cumming and could feel herself losing control and almost fell to the floor.

Stumbling back to her room and praying her father and Hannah hadn’t heard her, she turned out her lights and tried to be as quiet as possible. She wanted to wait until Hannah had left before she confronted her father. She didn’t want that little slut anywhere near her father and would make her father stop seeing her if it was the last thing she ever did.

Hours later Jamie woke up and looking at the clock realized it was almost three in the morning. Getting up, Jamie brushed her long brown hair and checked the mirror to make sure she looked ok. Hoping that Hannah had left by now, she quietly walked down the hall again. Looking inside she saw that her father was sound asleep, probably worn out! Walking over to the bed, she called her father’s name. When there was no response, she got onto the bed and shook him until he finally opened his eyes. “What is it honey?”

Yawning and sleepy looking with stubble on his face that probably felt like heaven against a young girl’s thighs, her father never looked better to her. “Daddy, I need to talk to you.”

“Can’t it wait Baby, until morning? It’s … What time is it?” Her father asked as he squinted at the clock.”

“It doesn’t matter Daddy. I saw you tonight Daddy!”

“What?” Her father looked a little pale. “What do you mean honey?”

“I saw you fucking ataşehir escort Hannah? You know my best friend! My nineteen year old best friend!” Jamie yelled at her father, feeling sick to her stomach now.

“OK, Ok. Honey I know this looks bad, but I still love your mother… Honey, it’s ok.”

“What do you mean it’s ok! Daddy … How could you do this? How could you betray me and mommy?” crying and visibly upset John pulled his daughter into his arms and tried to comfort her even as he felt pissed off at her stupidity. Her young, soft body always made him harden at the worst possible times. Rubbing her arm and kissing her face, John tried to be understanding but Jamie seemed to get more and more upset.

“Ok, Honey. That’s it. Enough of this, you’re making yourself sick! I have never been faithful to your mother and I don’t plan to start now! So you will just have to get control of yourself!’ Shaking her slightly, her young titties bounced and danced against her young chest.

“What do you mean you’ve never been faithful? How can this be Daddy?” Jamie was clearly shocked that her father didn’t seem that remorseful or willing to stop his horny ways. “Does Mom know you cheat on her?”

Laughing, John got up and went to grab robe, covering his burgeoning erection. “Baby, I’m a man and maybe your mother hasn’t done the best job of explaining things to you but men need sex. Lots of it. Your mother has a good life and she’s perfectly happy. I give her lots of attention, but I like younger, more supple women. I like women that know their place, like your mother does and doesn’t bitch and complain and again, knows their place! So, please Jamie, don’t think because you’re my daughter you can come in here, into my home and tell me what to do!”

Bending down to eye level, her father stroked her hair and looking at her heaving breasts and velvety thighs. “Now Baby, I hope you get it, because if you don’t, you know where the door is. Now why don’t you tell me what really pissed you off baby.”

Quietly Jamie raised her head, “Why Hannah, Daddy? Why did you want to fuck her?”

“Besides the fact that I like her ass, tits and cunt? There really wasn’t any other reason. She was interested and I was horny,” John answered impatiently.

“Why haven’t you asked me Daddy? Why haven’t you tried to fuck me … why don’t you want me?”

Shocked, John looked at his daughter who seemed sad and fragile. “Baby, your mother would kill me if I touched you. She might be ok with my secretary, the ladies I meet online, or any little hussy off the street, but baby, I know you are off limits! She’d freak and I am NOT giving up half my assets, not for any piece of pussy, not even yours!”

Leaning onto her father, she touched his shoulder and then his stomach, “But Daddy, she’s not here … we could … play … and she wouldn’t know, would she? I wouldn’t tell! I promise.” Brushing her plump lips against her father’s, Jamie grabbed the tie holding together John’s robe and pulled, freeing his erection to her touch. “Please Daddy, I need you so much .. More than Hannah, more than all the ladies you fuck! Please…” Groaning, John licked and kissed Jamie’s lips pushing his tongue into her mouth and shoving his hands under her nightgown finding the leg band of her panties and pushing his fingers inside.

Feeling her dampness, John slid, first one and than kadıköy escort bayan two fingers up inside his daughter’s cunt, loving the sensation of her gripping and bucking against his fingers. The little 19 year old slut was flipping out over a little probing. He wondered how she’d feel when he got her spread and stuffed with his fuck meat.

Abruptly stopping, John shoved his daughter away from him.” Ok, Ok, Jamie, if we do this you have to agree to whatever I want. If we fuck, it’s not a one shot deal. I fuck you whenever I want and how I want. You got it? From this point on, you’re mine.”

“Anything Daddy, anything you want. Just please fuck me already,” Jamie pleaded pulling her nightgown off and revealing her sexy body. Looking at his daughter John knew he had never been this hard before.

He pushed his daughter until she lay flat on her back and then grabbed his wife’s pillow and pushed it under Jamie’s hips. That done he got off the bed and walked to the closet where he found the handcuffs he wanted. Fastening them on both wrist, his daughter giggled at her father’s kinkiness.

He reached under the bed and pulled out a long chain and hooked it to the front of the headboard and then grabbed his daughter’s wrists and linked the chain around the cuffs pulling until his daughter’s arms were perfectly straight above her head at an awkward angle. “Daddy, that hurts,” Jamie pouted.

Ignoring his daughter he pulled more and then pulled the chain in the opposite direction of the end of the bed and wound the chain around her left ankle. He then wound it around the left bedpost and pulled and looped it around once more and than pulled and walked to the other side and did the same to her right ankle and then the bedpost as well and then clamped the chain in place with a lock at the end of the chain.

“Daddy, I can’t move” Jamie complained.

Jamie might have been whining but her little pussy was clearing showing signs of arousal. “Well would you look at that,” John sneered, running his fingers through her nasty honey pot. “You like being daddy’s little whore, don’t you? Your pussy’s all wet and slimy. Guess you’re just a nasty little cumslut after all,” John sneered. “And you know what daddy does to little whores? I fuck them … until they beg and plead for me to stop and then I fuck them again,” John growled pinching her stiff clit.

“Daddy please ..,” groaning at the fire in cunt she pleaded with her father to fuck her. “Please daddy, I need it, I need you to fuck me,” Jamie begged pulling at the chains, wanting to close her legs around her naughty daddy’s hand. She liked how her father was making her feel like a dirty little slut to be used however he wanted.

Smirking, John crawled up onto the bed and dipped his head, running his tongue over the lips of her pussy, lightly licking and sucking, causing Jamie to pant like the bitch in heat she was. “Oh .. Oh, Daddy! What are you doing? You can’t do that Daddy,” Jamie objected, trying unsuccessfully to wiggle away. John just ignored her, licking the small nubbin between her legs, making her whimper and moan.

Deciding she’d had enough, John moved his tongue up her body, leaving a wet trail up to her navel and onward to her creamy tit flesh. Taking one her breasts in his mouth he grabbed his hard cock and positioned it between the little slut’s wet thighs. He escort maltepe could feel the heat and the wetness of her cunt.

“You’re never gonna forget this moment my little bitch. I’m gonna make you my whore in every way.”

Without another word he shoved his cock inside the cumslut’s slimy channel. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuuuuuuuck … daddy!!!!!!!” Jamie screamed. Her father was bigger than she’d imagined. Even as wet as she was, her father’s huge cock was causing Jamie some discomfort. Afraid her father wouldn’t love her as much as he did Hannah and his other sluts, Jamie decided to keep the knowledge of the pain to herself and tried to move her small hips.

“Oh yeah, Daddy likes that bitch, move your body, move it as much as you can,” John demanded, digging her fingers into her hips deeply, knowing his hands would leave bruises on the sexy slut’s body. He wanted her to remember this night forever.

Jamie’s body seemed to have a life of its own and her father’s fucking was making her slutty little body vibrate. Straining now against her chains, grounding her cunt onto her father’s cock as hard as she could, she could feel her orgasm approaching, she could almost taste it. “Yes .. Yes now daddy …. I’m cumming! Cummmmmmming! Fuuuuuuuuckkk .. Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she shrieked.

His little girl looked so good impaled on her daddy’s cock, chained to his bed. Her little cunt was really giving him a rush. He’d fucked a lot of sluts over the years and even fucked two cousins and his uncle’s third wife, but fucking his cumbucket of a daughter was probably the worst thing he’d ever done … and he loved it … a lot.

Watching her come down off her orgasm, John removed his prick from her cunt and positioned it at the entrance of her asshole. Leaning over to the nightstand he opened the draw and got out the k-y jelly he had used only hours ago on Jamie’s best-friend. “You’ll like this baby. Daddy’s gonna fill another hole,” John told her squeezing the ointment onto his dick and smearing a little on her anal opening.

“What are you doing Daddy?” Jamie asked nervously.

“Have you ever let anyone fuck you in the ass Jamie?” John asked quietly.

“No Daddy, never,” Jamie replied.

“Good … then your asshole’s mine and nobody else will ever fuck it!” John explained shoving into the virgin entrance roughly.

“OOOOhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddd,” Jamie cried as her father fucked her asshole violently. She’d never felt this kind of pain. Her orgasms seconds ago forgotten. Again, Jamie tried to get away, pulling at the constraints, crying and pleading with her father who only continued to thrust inside his beautiful daughter.

“God can’t help you baby, but don’t worry … ugggghhh … you’ll like it soon… you’ll have to get use to it,” John panted, thrusting without remorse.

“Oh yeah .. you grip daddy so nicely … a real tight fit!” John groaned. Jamie’s discomfort forgotten as the pressure of her father’s cock in her butthole began to cause a nice tingle in her cunt. She wanted so badly to touch her cunt, to grind it against her father. She needed so badly to cum, but her chains held her prisoner and so she moaned and thrashed on the bed.

Pumping into her faster, he could feel his cock swelling, getting ready to fill her up with his baby making juice. “You wanted Daddy and you got him!” John shouted, spewing his fuck juice inside Jamie’s battered asshole.

Feeling himself completely soften, he pulled his prick out and collapsed on top of Jamie. Sleepily he kissed his daughter’s stomach and told her, “Don’t worry, mommy won’t be home for a couple of days Baby. Daddy’s not finished playing with you yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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