Playing with Fire Pt. 01

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Big Dicks

A few years ago I got married for the second time. My first marriage had been the dream, the perfect romance, but it all went sour and I was left pretty burned out and cynical. My second marriage was to a lady named Jocelyn, which happened a few years after my divorce and was more of an arrangement than a love story. It was hot at first but I would be lying if I said it didn’t die pretty quickly. We still cared for one another and I wasn’t pursuing outside relationships, but it was no happily-ever-after fairytale.

Jocelyn travelled for work continually so it fell to me to maintain the house and take care of the bills and things. On those infrequent occasions when she was home, Jocelyn and I would usually sleep together but we weren’t in love; I doubted we ever had been. I spent most of my time working, either from home or at my nearby office, and aside from various hobbies, there was one thing that occupied my mind and my time; Jocelyn’s daughter, Jenny.

When we all met, Jenny was just a little girl and we quickly became friends, although she was too old for me to ever become a true father figure. With her biological father long out of the picture, however, I was as close to the real thing as she was going to get. We became closer as time went on, but I was more of a big brother, lending her music, books and movies that I thought she’d like, rarely doing classic dad stuff. Jocelyn saw how close we’d become and understood that I could take care of her financial well-being and her education, so accepting this job which took her on the road became a reality for her. Jocelyn wasn’t a cold person, but she wanted this job and trusted me to look after her daughter.

The problem with my stepdaughter Jenny was that she soon became headstrong and wayward. She was extremely bright, which fueled her imagination, and her beauty fed her ego and confidence. As time went on, she believed she could do and get away with anything and she was usually vindicated. She became somewhat manipulative and with her mother away, it only got more extreme. I still adored her and thought she was an incredible girl, but could never be sure if she cared for me or just saw me as a means to an end. She was usually incredibly sweet with me, but even though I often sensed a motive behind her actions, we got along very well.

Jenny was now a high school senior and had developed into an extraordinary young woman. She was still cute as a button but had grown large perky tits, had wonderful long legs and a sensational slim physique. She had petite, model features, long eyelashes, gorgeous brown eyes and long, sensual dark hair. She had delicate, pale skin and a sweet smile which she used to get her way in every situation. She was athletic, and I would still drop her off at ballet classes and gymnastics every week. She always wanted me to stay and watch her which I happily did. I used to watch the other girls and the instructors, but these days I found myself watching her.

As Jenny blossomed into a sexually aware girl with incredible magnetism and power, she noticed that she was able to influence other people into doing whatever she wanted and soon realized the same was true for me. Her behavior towards me became more flirty, her body language more assertive and her charms more overt. She would dress provocatively, speak in a seductive tone and quietly try and control me, although to what end I was never certain. I had always given her an allowance and driven her places, and that hadn’t changed. I began to suspect she just got a kick out of messing with me and getting a rise out of me, sometimes literally.

When Jenny observed my uncomfortable reaction to her feminine wiles, I had to believe that she enjoyed it and continued to try and shock and arouse me with her sexual allure. And all this for no other reason than to simply do it, seeing as I already let her do pretty much whatever she wanted as long as she maintained her grades and didn’t get any tattoos. Those were her mother’s two conditions. The icing on the cake in all this was that Jenny had no respect for Jocelyn and when we were alone, which was often, insisted on calling me “Daddy,” though called me by my real name, John, when we were around anyone who knew me. I saw though her games but always ended up playing them anyway.

Jenny’s most recent way of torturing me was to wear insanely hot and revealing clothes and lounge about the house or stand over me while I was reading or listening to records. She was always popping off to gymnastics, swimming or skating and would kept her tight outfits on all day. Today, after coming back from ice skating, I sat down to relax in the living room with a book, but it wasn’t long before I heard her voice from across the house. “Daaaaaddy,” she called, and like a dutiful pet, I got up and went to her.

She was in her room, the door ajar. I watched her as she brushed her hair in the mirror, and she saw me watching. “Come in, Daddy,” she purred softly and I went in. She ataşehir escort turned to face me and gave me a sweet smile. She was still wearing the cute little skating outfit and she’d got it pulled up in her twat to give her the most insane camel toe. I had to believe that she’d positioned her outfit like this in the mirror to look her best before calling for me. I tried to avert my eyes, but the damage was done and I got hard. Damn, she was so cute.

“Daddy, could you unzip this for me? It’s stuck,” she said, referring to the zipper in the back of her outfit.

“Is it really stuck, sweetie?” I sighed.

“Yes it is, Daddy. Please come and help me.”

Fine. Whatever. I walked towards her as she turned around and I put my hand on her waist and felt her tummy. She was like heaven to touch. She stuck her ass out and put her arms above her head. “Don’t hurt me, Daddy,” she whispered. Hurt her? What was she saying? I fiddled with the zipper. It wasn’t stuck of course, but I made the moment last because it was so wonderful to be close to this beautiful young lady.

“I won’t hurt you, sweetie,” I told her. Oh Jesus. I couldn’t help it, and felt my dick get harder and my pulse quicken. She was completely calm and unfazed.

“Don’t catch my skin in the zipper, Daddy, please,” she asked.

I put my hand in between the zipper and her skin and as I unzipped, my hand brushed all the way along her spine, over her bra strap and down. “Oops,” I said as my finger got caught on her bra strap and she giggled. When the zipper reached just above her ass, I put my hand inside her outfit and on her bare waist. I ran my thumb along her spine.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she said softly. I could see the top of her panties and was tempted to give her a little slap, but I resisted. Holding her outfit by the shoulders, she turned around and looked up at me with big, brown eyes. She batted her eyelashes and smiled.

“I’m going to take this off now, Daddy,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Right. Gotta go!” I replied abruptly, shocked at her candid suggestion of undressing in front of me. I went to leave, but not before she had pulled one of the shoulder straps down revealing some of her bra to me. I could make out the shape of her bosom beneath the soft material and a hint of nipple poking through. She smiled at me as I turned to go, I was breathing hard and blushing bright red.


Jocelyn was home from work on one of her occasional weekends off and we decided to all go away together, in an attempt at being a normal family. The three of us drove out of the city, up to a rented cabin and the atmosphere was good. Jenny went back to calling me “John” and Jocelyn was at her charming best. I actually felt some love for her for the first time in a while and thought she looked attractive. The lingering memory of unzipping Jenny’s ice skating outfit filled me with regret and shame, but Jocelyn didn’t know and Jenny didn’t care.

We arrived at the cabin and Jocelyn jumped straight in the bath. I unpacked my things and wandered across the hall to Jenny’s room to drop off her suitcase. I knocked and she called “come in!” so I went in. She was in short shorts and a bra, apparently half way through changing her clothes, so I averted my eyes. It then occurred to me that she might have taken her top off when she heard me coming. She looked over at me and bent over, accentuating her supple, young body.

“OK, Jenny, I’ll see you later,” I said and got ready to leave.

“Hang on, Daddy,” she said cooly, turning to face me. She then pulled back her hair, looked off to the side and stretched out her tits. I sighed and felt a tingling sensation in my dick.

“Jenny, you’re wearing a bra, I…” I start to leave again.

“Wait a sec, Daddy,” she said without emotion, trying to get her suitcase on the bed. I moved in to do it for her and couldn’t help but notice her amazing cleavage, directly at my eye level as I bent down. “And anyway, it’s not a bra, it’s a top. See?” she said and pushed her tits together. I looked at her, taking the opportunity to rest my eyes on her swollen buds of blossoming womanhood. I began to sweat, overwhelmed by her sexual allure. I put her suitcase on the bed and moved away, trying to be cool.

“looks like a bra to me, sweetie,” I said and headed for the door.

“Seriously, Daddy. Wait up,” she said playfully. She then pulled out a tiny looking bit of lingerie from the suitcase and said, “THIS is a bra. See the difference? Need me to try it on and show you?” she said flirtatiously and smiled a sly smile.

“Um…no…thanks, Jenny,” I said, though of course I wanted to see. Thoughts ran through my mind of how I was supposed to be looking after this girl and was honor bound to take care of her and not screw around. Her mother Jocelyn was oblivious to Jenny’s behavior changes and I doubted it had even occurred to her that her daughter might be flirting with her husband. kadıköy escort bayan I just shook my head and ran my hand through my hair, totally flustered but trying to keep it together.

Jenny then turned her back to me and started fiddling with her bra strap. I turned to leave. “Daddy, please. could you help me with this?” she said and I just sighed. Was she serious?

“I think that would be highly inappropriate, Jenny.”

“What, why?” she replied innocently.

“I’m not helping you take your clothes off, you’re a big girl now.”

“But it’s stuck.”

“Is it?”

“Yes,” she said obstinately and made a face. She then put her hands on her hips and looked round at me. “Come on,” she said forcefully.

“Fine. As long as you don’t take it off with me in the room.” I walked over to her and felt the heat coming off her body as I got close. She smelled amazing and I closed my eyes, taking in the feeling of being close to her. I put my hands on her naked waist and gave her some blissfully gentle squeezes, my thumbs caressing her sweet skin. I then asked her where the clasp for the bra was, because it wasn’t in the back as I had expected.

“It’s in the front, Daddy,” she said, seemingly naive. Jesus. This was so wrong. I looked over her shoulder and down at her chest and her cleavage was magnificent. I could see a hint of a nipple in there too and I got hard, the bulge in my pants an inch from her ass. I felt an almost overwhelming urge to grab her breasts and press my hard cock against her, but I fought it and just stood there, sweating.

“And you want me to unfasten it?”

“Yes, Daddy. Please.”

“You’re crazy.”

“Am I?”

“How am I supposed to unfasten that without touching your…you…er…”

“I don’t care, I just want you to undo it for me,” she said, sounding annoyed. She put her arms above her head, gathering up her hair.

With my finger, I trace a line down the length of her arm from her elbow down to her armpit and side. I could hear her take a deep breath and she moved her body back so that her ass and back were against me. I had no doubt that she could feel my erection as she did. She rested her head against my shoulder and touched the back of my hair. I was intoxicated by her, and thought about touching her breasts again. She looked around at me and our eyes met, lingering in a long, dreamy moment. “Go on, Daddy,” she purred, almost imperceptibly.

I put my hand on her stomach, but then hearing a splash of water from across the cabin, I quickly removed it. Snapping back into reality, I turned to walk away. “I’m sure your mom could help. Or just keep it on. Whatever. I just can’t help you with this one, honey,” I mumbled, somewhat incoherently. She turned around and just stood there with her hands on her hips and a pouty look on her face as I left.

“OK, then Daddy. See you later,” she called to me as I closed her door behind me. On the other side, I breathed a sigh of relief and put my head in my hands. She was too much.


After dinner that night, Jocelyn and I went to bed and hung out. We had never really got into a groove with sex and only did it once in a while, even with the scarcity of her visits home. But after the encounter with her daughter, I was in need of a release. I leaned over to her, put my hand on her breast and kissed her. She smiled, raised an eyebrow and said, “Wanna screw?” I nodded and we both laughed. We turned the lights down a little and started fooling around. She still had a nice body and was fun to fuck.

As I penetrated her and started giving it to her, the lights went on in the hallway outside our door. Jocelyn was facing away but I was positioned so that I could see out. We had left the door to the bedroom half way open and I could see down the hall into the kitchen as I fucked her. I saw movement, and then the fridge door opened. I looked out and saw Jenny looking over at me. She stood there with a sly look on her face and a slight smile formed on her lips. She could see me fucking her mother and she just kept watching. I slowed down.

“Oh Johnny babe, don’t…stop…I’m close…kept…fucking me…” Jocelyn said, unaware that her daughter could see and hear everything. “Oh…yeah…I love your big cock…” she said loudly, then started to come. I felt the cum rise in my cock and looked up and over towards Jenny. She was in the same position, just standing there with an icy expression on her face. She wasn’t just watching us fuck, she was looking into my eyes, unblinkingly. I started to come and involuntarily let out a loud moan. I looked at Jenny and she smiled, as I exploded inside her mother’s cunt.

I closed my eyes, buried my head in Jocelyn’s bosom, then looked up again. Jenny wasn’t there anymore and the lights were out. I pulled out and lay down, exhausted. It had been a decent fuck, but having Jenny watch me had made it amazing. Then, after the demon sexual urges escort maltepe had left me, I felt worried and ashamed that I had let that happen. Then, further thoughts ran through my mind about whether Jenny was a virgin or not and why she had watched us. I just lay there for a minute, confused and agitated. Jocelyn gave me a little kiss then turned over and went to sleep.


The next morning, I got up and the ladies were fixing breakfast. I foolishly went into the kitchen in just my briefs and noticed Jenny eyeing me up. She walked past me and whispered, “I love your big cock,” and giggled, drawing a line with her finger over my bare chest. I jogged out of the room and put my pajamas and a shirt on, horrified. I knew she was just repeating what her mother had said to me in the heat of passion, but it still felt crazy. Crazy inappropriate and crazy hot. As usual, the encounter left me feeling somewhat dazed and aroused. Now fully clothed, I sat down and had some coffee.

The rest of the weekend was a little awkward for me, with Jenny teasing me and Jocelyn not paying attention. I looked forward to things getting back to normal, and just hid my head inside a book as usual. While Jocelyn took an afternoon nap, I walked through the cabin towards the kitchen. I was passing Jenny’s room and noticed her door was open and looked in. She didn’t see me and appeared to be in a state of undress. I couldn’t look away and hid myself from view.

Pulse quickening, I gazed upon her as she stood in her room, in nothing but a small t-shirt and panties. She lifted the shirt over her head and my heart skipped a beat. Luckily, she was wearing a bra underneath and I thought better about spying on her and made my way down the hall. In my state of agitation, I tripped on the carpet, making a loud noise. “Hello?” she called out.

“Oh, hey. It’s just me,” I replied, trying to stay cool.

“Daddy, come here,” she called out.

“I’m gonna go for a walk, Jen. See you later,” I said, trying to get out of there as quickly as possible.

“Wait up, Dad, I’ll come!” she replied and my heart raced.

As I was leaving the cabin and walking into the sweet sunshine, Jenny came bounding out after me, wearing the same t-shirt and some tiny jean shorts. The t-shirt was cut off and just hung off her bust, exposing her midriff deliciously. She had her hair in a ponytail and looked absolutely adorable. She skipped off down the path, looking fresh as a daisy and my heart swelled to see such a delightful girl. She looked back at me with a big smile and gestured for me to follow. I caught up with her and she held my hand as we walked down a path.

We got to a clearing and I gave her a ballerina twirl and she ended up in my arms, looking up at me. She was tall, but I still dominated her physically. As her legs and breasts brushed up against me, I felt a tingle in my cock. Jenny bit her lip and put her arm behind my head and played with my hair. “Oh Johnny, baby, fuck me, fuck me, uh uh uh,” she said with a laugh, imitating her mom. I tried to hold back a smile, but failed. We both laughed. I put my hand on her shoulder, then gently around her neck. She opened her mouth and stood on tiptoes and I think she wanted me to kiss her.

“Alright!” I said, in order to break the tension, pulled away, then continued on as if nothing had happened. Enjoying the summer stroll in peace, we walked on as I avoided looking at this perfect creature beside me, only making occasional conversation. After such a lovely time together, I actually wondered if her flirtatious behavior towards me was due to genuine affection rather some kind of sociopathic need to fuck with my head. She continued to be a frustrating and amazing riddle.


Life got back to normal when Jocelyn flew off to her job, Jenny went back to school and I returned to work as usual. Jenny and I had arranged for me to pick her up from school one day, in order to drop her off at swimming. As I pulled up outside, I saw Jenny waiting, standing by herself. I sat there in my car and watched her for a minute, hoping she might see me and walk over. When it became evident that she wasn’t going to notice me, I got out of my car and went towards her. Still 50 yards away, Jenny saw me at last, then turned and walked towards a group of boys.

They swarmed around her, keen to get attention from this stunning young girl. I slowed down so I could observe all this and I saw her put her finger against one of the boy’s chest, in a clear flirtatious gesture. It wasn’t the first time I’d seen her use her charms in a manipulative way, but I still found it amusing. Acknowledging me for the first time, Jenny gave me a little wave and skipped off towards me, giving me an over the top hug then holding my hand. This whole scene was played out to gather as much attention as possible and make all parties jealous. She was becoming an expert.

After swimming, I had promised to take Jenny to the mall to buy a new dress for a school dance and I was dreading it. When we got to the store, she immediately started trying on dresses and had narrowed it down to 2 or 3 options. Inevitably, one of them was sexier and more expensive than the others and I attempted to talk her out of it.

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