Playing Doctor

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I am a 30 year old single woman. I moved to this city to take a new job, and part of the job required a physical exam for insurance purposes. My new job is with the Corporate Headquarters of a large company, and they have lots of rules and policies.

I did not have any health issues, and I was not interested in having an exam, but I have to be a good employee. Our personnel office contacted my Doctor in my old home town, and had my records transferred to the clinic they use here.

The personnel office made the appointment for me, and in the afternoon I went to the Doctors office for the exam. It was a nice day, and I wanted to enjoy it, so I decided to walk instead of driving.

It was a short walk down a few city blocks to the clinic. I was led into the examination room, and the Doctor and his nurse/assistant came in to begin the exam. I was asked to undress completely and put on one of the flimsy hospital gowns. The nurse smiled at me to let me know that she was there to “observe”.

The Doctor had an accent which I could not identify, but I believe he may have been from the mid-east somewhere. After the usual vital signs were taken, he had me lie on my back on the exam table with my knees up and my legs apart for the vaginal exam.

After the usual vaginal probing, to my great surprise he slowly pushed his middle finger up my asshole. I know that men over 40 always get this as part of their exam, to check their prostate, but I had never experienced it as part of a Doctor’s exam.

I do enjoy having a finger up my asshole as foreplay, and it turned me on. The Doctor immediately noticed that I was not uncomfortable with it, and in fact I adjusted my position slightly so his finger would slide in further. He began to slide his finger in and out of me, finger-fucking my asshole. I did not complain or object, I was enjoying it too much.

His eyes lit up as he realized I was a willing participant. He pulled his finger out and went to the desk and began to read my file. He went through it page-by-page. I realized he was checking to see if there was any STD problem, which there wasn’t.

I have never been promiscous, my relationships last for a while, and I am faithful to the guy while it ataşehir escort lasts. I would never have sex with some guy who picked me up in a bar. I guess that helped me dodge the STD bullet.

As he walked back to the exam table he unzipped his pants, and the largest penis I have ever seen came out. I have enjoyed anal sex with a couple of guys, and I have come to prefer it. As much as I like it, I was apprehensive about anal sex with this guy’s meat-pole.

The Doctor told the nurse to leave the room, but she refused, saying she still wanted to observe. He was annoyed with her disobedience, but he did not want to waste time arguing. He unbuckled his pants and let them slip to the floor, and pulled his underwear down to his ankles.

In addition to his magnificent cock, he had large testicles which were pulled up tight in their sack. I was now starting to quiver with anticipation.

I was still on my back with my legs up and spread. I felt the tip of his penis touch my anus, and he began to push it in. I was grateful for the lube he had used on his finger.

As he pushed harder, the big head went in, and it stretched me to the max. I took a deep breath and tried to relax. Slowly he pushed it in me, an inch at a time. From the corner of my eye, I saw that the nurse had her skirt hiked up and her panties pulled down, and she was furiously rubbing her pussy.

His technique was very good. Maybe he had taken some colonoscopy training, because he knew exactly how to ease his cock into me. It was not uncomfortable, in fact I enjoyed every inch of it.

Incredibly, his long cock slid all the way up my asshole, and his balls pressed up against my butt cheeks, and then he started to slowly, gently, slide it in and out. I could feel the head of his cock way up in my stomach, but it was not painful, it was exciting.

I looked down to enjoy the view, and I noticed that with each cock-thrust in, my belly swelled up in reaction to the size of the cock that was filling my insides. He fucked me with a steady, slow in and out stroke for what seemed like an hour, but it was probably only a few minutes.

I glanced over at the nurse, and her face was contorted as she finger-fucked herself. kadıköy escort Her pussy was so wet it made squishy sounds as her fingers slid in and out.

Then I noticed the Doctor’s breathing change, and he tensed up. He shoved his cock all the way up in me and held it there, and he started to grunt and groan.

I felt the biggest load of cum I have ever experienced squirt into me. There were at least six or seven big spurts, and more that gushed out between the spurts. I was in ecstasy, almost in a trance state, but I noticed over by the wall the nurse was shuddering with her own orgasm, with her fingers up her cunt.

The room then became silent, except for the three of us breathing heavily. After a few minutes of recovery, the Doctor slowly pulled his cock out of me, and when the head popped out some cum oozed out me and ran down the crack of my butt to the exam table. I was so full of cum I felt like I had just been given a warm semen enema.

The Doctor walked to the sink and began washing his cock with the medical disinfectant soap. The nurse came to my side and whispered that what she had witnessed was “amazing!”

“I thought he would never get that big thing all the way up your ass!”

She told me that the Doctor had been using his prescription writing privileges, and had been taking big doses of testosterone and other male hormone enhancing drugs. That explained the size of his cock, and also the amount of his ejaculation. I wish they would release those drugs to the public, it would make a lot of men and women happy.

She said it was not fair that I did not have an orgasm, and she moved down and started to lick my wet, hot pussy. She was obviously curious about the anal aspect of what she had witnessed, and she tentatively and cautiously pushed her middle finger up my asshole while she continued to lick my clit.

Her slender, feminine finger was much longer than the Doctors, but I was so stretched and lubricated with cum that her finger slid all the way in easily.

It took about 20 seconds for me to explode. Then to my amazement, she licked up the cum that had leaked out of my asshole and was in a puddle on the table, and swallowed it.

She kissed me fully bostancı escort bayan on the mouth, and I asked her if she ever had sex with the Doctor. She said yes, but then she blushed and said “but not like that!” I couldn’t understand why the Doctor did not make her take it up the ass.

She admitted that he fucked her sometimes, but it was uncomfortable in her pussy because he was so large. As a compromise she sucked him off when he wanted sex with her. I was imagining how many mouthfuls she had to swallow if he always came like he just did.

The Doctor had returned to his professional manner, and he instructed her to schedule me for regular monthly appointments due to a “condition” he wanted to keep track of. Obviously, he wanted to give me regular colon exams with his cock.

He gave her the necessary insurance information to make sure the appointments would be covered. When I got dressed, I did not put my panties on, I just tucked them into my purse, so I was naked under my skirt. As I left the office I was to be given the list of appointments, so I waited at the receptionist’s desk while she completed the schedule.

A barely audible wet noise came from my asshole, and some of the Doctors huge load of cum gushed out of me and trickled down the inside of my leg. I do not know if the receptionist heard anything, but she certainly noticed my red-faced embarrassment.

I could smell the fragrant aroma of cum, and I think she could too. She just smiled and completed her paperwork. As she handed me my appointment schedule, she said “I am sure the Doctor will help you with your condition” and gave me a knowing wink.

Obviously, she knew what went on in the examination room. I wonder if she also gets to enjoy being impaled by the Doctor. What a great place to work.

As I walked back to my new job I felt wonderful. The company will have to give me the time off for the appointments. And with the privacy laws, they will not know what the “condition” is that I am being treated for.

New job, new city, and a regular ass-fucking that I would receive during mandatory afternoons off with pay. As they say, it doesn’t get any better.

PostScript: I made a mental note to give up one of my sessions and convince the nurse to take my place while I did the observing. It would be worth it to see her have her first anal sex with the Doctor. I know that watching the Doctor fuck me up the ass had turned her on, and I bet she will be fantasizing about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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