Play Date

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Asa Akira

It is 2:30 on a Friday afternoon. You have just pulled in the driveway after dropping Susan off at work. I pull in right behind you. You are surprised because you weren’t expecting me until dinner time.

“You’re early,” you say smiling at me.

“I have planned a play date since Susan is working till close tonight and the time we have allotted after dinner isn’t enough for what I have in mind.” I explain.

“Really baby, just what did you have in mind?” you ask.

“You will see lover.” I reply while getting a small bag out of my truck. “But first we have to prepare you for the evening’s festivities.” I explain. “Let’s go in and give you a shower.”

You unlock the door and Hilde and Gretl your two Dachshunds give you their usual happy greeting. I follow you in and lock the door behind us, then move through the house closing the blinds.

“Ok, lover, time for your shower. Meet me in the bathroom naked.”

You go into the bedroom and hastily disrobe, getting a little excited because while we had taken a shower together many times, I had never given you a shower. Your mind wonders just what I have in mind.

I have the water temperature just right when you enter the bathroom. I pull the shower curtain back a little then motion for you to get in the shower with a wave of my hand.

I remove a soft sponge from my bag and hold it under the stream of water then I squirt on some body wash that I picked up at Bath and Body Works just for today. I stand behind you in the shower and slowly wash your back. The freckles from the Summer sun are fading but they are are still visible and I think of you laying in the sun next to the pool and dozing. What a beautiful thought, my little Sun Goddess….God how I love her.

I rub the body wash over you in slow circles, a clean, flowery smell fills the shower as the scent of the body wash mixes with the hot water. I wash down the small of your back and over the bubble of your nicely shaped ass, forcing the sponge into the crack. Then I wash down the back of your thighs and stop to tease the sensitive spot on the back of your knees, and then I was your calves.

I put my hand on your shoulders and turn your around so that I can wash your front. You kiss me as your turn to face me and I taste the water running off your face as our tongues meet and dance with each other.I lick your lips and the roof of your your mouth as you open it wider to get as much of my tongue inside you as you can. Your hard nipples brush against my chest and your hands reach for my nipples. You run your thumbs over my hard nipples then reach for my rock hard cock because you feel it pressing against your smooth belly.

“Not yet lover” I say. “You aren’t ready for my cock just yet, we have a lot of time.” I say as I push your hand erotik film izle away. “This is only to prepare you for what is to come yet today.”

I put the sponge with the body lotion down and reach into my bag for a clean, soft cloth. I wet the cloth with the water and then put some of your facial soap on it and I slowly and sensuously wash your face.

“Time to remove all your body hair, my love. I want to feel nothing but your satin skin today.”

I reach into my bag and remove a tube of woman’s shaving gel and a brand new razor. I start with your underarms then get out of the tub and have you place one leg on the toilet seat and I shave it. Then the other leg. My nipples and cock are getting even harder as I contemplate shaving your wonderfully sweet pussy. I pat you dry there with a towel then remove my trimmer from my bag. In a minute all the longer hairs are gone. I get the gel out again in in a few minutes your are as smooth and silky as the day you were born.

Going back to my bag I remove some moisturizer that has the same scent as the body wash and massage it into all of your satin skin.

“Can you put your makeup on while I feed the dogs lover? It’s just about 4 o’clock.” I ask.

“Of course baby” you reply.

You proceed to put your makeup on and I feed the dogs and then let them out.

“Don’t come you of the bathroom yet lover, we aren’t quite finished getting ready.” I tell you, while I am putting on the cologne you bought me. “Just call when you are finished with your makeup.”

You hear me moving around in the bedroom and you wonder what I am doing. You get a little more excited at the thoughts of what I am preparing in the bedroom.

“Ok baby, I am finished with my makeup.” You say. “Do you want me to come in the bedroom now?”

“No, lover, I have some more things for you in the bathroom.” I reply.

You look down at my bag and wonder what is in there still. I come into the bathroom and from my bag I remove padded box. I open it and you see that it contains jewelry. A diamond stud earring set and a set of ruby earrings set in sterling silver come out of the box first.

“Put these on my love, the diamond studs in the top and the rubies in the bottom.” I say.

A sterling silver necklace comes out next. It’s 36 inches long and I place it around your neck and admire how it drapes over your perfectly shaped breasts. A new silver anklet and a ruby ring complete the ensemble.

I take you by the hand and lead you into the bedroom. Your eyes get wide as you see the satin comforter and pillow shams and they sparkle in the candle light. I lead you to the bed and arrange the pillows so that you have a thin one under your head and a couple bigger ones under your bottom to raise it so that you are accessible film izle to me. I take your right wrist and pull it up to the headboard. You hadn’t noticed the satin scarves threaded through the wrought iron decoration on the headboard before. I quickly tie your right wrist to the headboard and then the left. I then reach under the pillow and bring out the blindfold. I secure it around your head, taking your sense of sight away. A couple seconds later and I have your ankles secured to the bed frame with two more scarves.

I reach over and hit play on your boom box and the make out CD that you made for us so long ago begins playing.

“I will be back to please you my love” I say as I slip out of the room.

Your mind wonders just what comes next. After what seems like an eternity but is only ten minutes because that’s all the longer I could wait I slip silently back into the bedroom. I am able to move very quietly on your new carpet and you aren’t sure that I am really there when you feel something soft and warm brush your cheek. Then your nipple. It feels different then anything you’ve felt before and you wonder what it is.

I am wearing a mink massage mitten. Soft, warn and relaxing, they are meant to be used to relax someone but used in the right way can be very stimulating. I slowly work it over your breasts and nipples, your stomach and sides and you laugh a little because it tickles your sides. I rub it across your legs and your soft feet and over your pubic mound being careful not to let it get wet with your hot juices that are beginning to leak out.

I lay next to you and kiss you while I rub the mink mitt over your body. We kiss long and deeply and you press your tongue into my mouth like you want to possess me. You are moving your hips, humping the air looking for some relief and I pull the mitt off and toss it on the floor and you suddenly feel my finger at the bottom of your swollen pussy lips, spreading them open and getting soaking wet. You kiss me harder as my finger moves to the top and makes a circle around your had clit. You moan as I touch the tip of your clit while I am licking your face and neck like it was an ice cream cone. My finger traces circles around your hard clit and I pay special attention to the upper left part where you are so very sensitive. My kisses and sucks and licks move my way down your satin skin to your clit. I put both thumbs into your sopping wet pussy and spreading the flushed lips wide open I put my tongue into the bottom and lick my way up to your clit, spreading you open farther with my chin and soaking my beard in your sweet juice. I purse my lips around your clit and suck it into my hot, waiting mouth. I cover my teeth with my lips and hold your throbbing clit between then and run my tongue back and forth over the tip of seks filmi izle your clit.

With my hand I am spreading your hot juices all over your thighs and down your crack. When I have you sopping wet down there I insert a fingertip into your hot, tight little ass and make a circle to spread it open.

My mouth is still working on your clit and I have a thumb hooked into the bottom of your pussy, pressing down and giving you that full feeling as if somehow you had my mouth on your clit and my cock in your pussy.

I work two fingers into your tight ass and you moan louder and take in a deep breath. Suddenly you feel the pressure of my fingers leave your ass and you feel a little empty, but a moment later you hear a buzzing and you feel the vibrator I bought especially for your ass pressing against you. I slide it in and you cry out just a bit because it surprises you.

I suck and lick on your clit until you are ready to come.

“Oh baby, that’s the spot, don’t stop!!” you gasp. “Oh Donnie, make me cum!!”

My tongue picks up speed and you are thrusting your hips into my face and every time you do the vibrator in your tight ass moves, giving you a new sensation.

“Oh Donnie, I’m cummmmmmming!!!” you cry out. You pull at the restraints because you want to hold my head between your legs. You cum hard in my face and I am pulling you into my face with my hands under your bottom.

I continue to suck at your clit until you are trying to push me away because of over stimulation. Then I lay next to you and start kissing you and you lick your cum off my face.

As soon as you are relaxed and breathing normally I slide down and untie your legs. Sliding between your legs I put the engorged head of my cock against your swollen pussy lips and slide into the silky, hot wetness that is your pussy. The place I belong.

I start slowly and begin pumping in and out. You are so we we are making a sloppy nose as I pick up the pace, pounding your wet pussy. You thrust up against me, timing your thrusts with mine.

“Oh Donnie, fuck me baby…pound me!!” you moan. It’s a new sensation with the vibrator still in your ass and I pound you until I am worn out and you are close to cumming again.

Our pubic areas are sopping wet from all of your juices as I pull out of you and reach down and take the vibrator out of your ass. I put my hands under your bottom and lift you up with your legs against my chest and I put the head of my cock against your ass and push in.

I am a bit bigger then the vibrator and it hurts for a minute but as you get used to me I start moving, slowly at first. You are so tight and I am so turned on that I cum in just a minute, my hot cum shooting into you.

I slide my cock out of you as it begins to go soft and put y head back between your legs and lick you to your second orgasm.

I remove the blindfold and untie you and we hold each other tight and I say;

“Let’s take a nap baby, we still have 3 hours before we have to pick up Susan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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