Plane Fun

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Big Tits

Within hours of Dane Zirko’s transfer to our division, my single, observant colleague, Sarah, had already noticed him.

“You know Dane who’s been transferred from finance. He is so attractive.” she commented as she spooned the white froth from her cappuccino into her painted mouth.

“But, Sarah, he’s not only married with kids, I can’t work him out. He’s either super conceited or just too quiet.” I replied. “You can find that out, he’s got the office next to you.” she giggled. I pushed the topic of our new colleague aside as we continued to talk about work projects.

I didn’t think about Dane Zirko again until the department managers each did a short presentation at the quarterly meeting. Just after my presentation, it was Dane’s turn at the podium. It quickly became obvious to me that he was not at all conceited. He was extremely nervous addressing his peers. I wondered what it was that Sarah saw in him. He was too quiet and lacked confidence. Not her type at all. And, certainly not my type!

Over the next few months, with Dane in the office next to mine, I slowly got to know him. Although he found it difficult to initiate conversation, he was comfortable to join in on our discussions. Soon, he looked for opportunities to come in my office to talk. Our conversation slowly explored aspects of our personal lives, like the ages of our children, our partners, our hobbies and where we lived. Beneath his shyness, I discovered warmth and sense of humour.

Then we were assigned to work on the new product project together. This resulted in more time together and we began to share stories of frustrations with the office politics and difficult people. I realised that when he smiled and winked at me, his attention made me feel quite special. I woke one morning to discover that I had just dreamed about initiating a delicious seduction of Dane. As a married professional, I tried to dismiss what was proving to be a physical attraction. I realised that I couldn’t ignore this chemistry when he found a place in my subconscious thoughts. I had to face that turning point in my feelings towards him.

Now, I could see what Sarah was talking about months ago. The day after my dream, he came in the office kitchen to make his coffee. Was he looking for excuses to be near me? Did he know what I was thinking? My heart was pounding. I had to think of something to say.

“Did you have a good weekend?” I asked him, almost breathless and flushed.

There was a pregnant pause in our conversation when our eyes met. At that point, I found the answer I was looking for. There was the same sexual energy in his eyes. I sensed that it was just a matter of time and opportunity.

His sex appeal was accentuated by his exotic, brooding looks that spoke of his mixed European background. The scent of his aftershave blended perfectly with the smell of cigarette smoke. His intoxicating, rare smile that I was witnessing more frequently distracted me from my work. His softly spoken voice and those beautifully shaped hands had already made their way into my nocturnal subconscious.

Here was a man with a personality I was least likely to fall for, tempting me to risk my marriage and family life for lust. But was he ready for the risk? His body language told me that he was interested. It was Friday afternoon and almost everyone had left work. He came into my office, smiling.

“You look happy.” I commented to initiate more conversation.

“Guess what I just found out.” he blurted, like an excited schoolboy with a secret.

Before I had to beg him for more information, he said, “The new product project we’re working on. In two weeks time, the supplier wants us to go to Vienna for five days of technical familiarisation. The project manager will tell us officially on Monday.”

I was almost speechless, but managed to ask, “How do you feel being away from your family for a few days? Does it bother you?” He delivered the response I wanted. “Sometimes, it’s good to get away.”

I had two weeks to prime myself for my potential new lover. I busily made appointments to have my legs waxed, a few hours eryamandaki escortlar in the solarium, time in the gym, and my hair pampered. I tormented myself with hundreds of seduction scenarios and plots. I agonised over what clothes and underwear to take. I mechanically went through the routine tasks of being wife, mother and product manager, whilst my mind was obsessed with my lust for a married colleague I didn’t even know existed one year ago.

Departure day finally arrived. In the airline’s club lounge talking over coffee, I was overwhelmed with anticipation. We were seated together in business class for up to 24 hours together in confined space. I was counting on the mixture of alcohol and altitude to relax him for some serious, uninterrupted flirtation. We were flying from Sydney to Singapore, then to Paris for our connection to Vienna. Our first sector was around eight hours, mostly flying through the night. I once worked as a flight attendant and knew that the effects of alcohol were more pronounced in the air because of flying altitude. I was careful to drink slowly and consume plenty of water while he drank wine and relaxed. After the dinner service concluded I got up to find pillows and blankets and told him that soon the cabin lights would go out so passengers could sleep.

“I don’t really feel like sleeping.” he said, with uninterrupted eye contact. His smile flirted more than his words.

“No, me neither. But you might get cold or…something.” I replied nervously.

I curled up in my window seat, put down the window cover to shut out any imaginary intrusions and leaned towards him to continue our conversation.

It wasn’t long before I felt the time was right. The cabin was in darkness. Most of the passengers appeared to be asleep.

“Dane, there’s something I need to tell you.” I started. “I’m telling you this because I’ve had a few drinks. I’m quite nervous disclosing this because we have to work closely together for the next few days and of course, when we get back to head office. But, I feel quite attracted to you, and I need to know if you feel the same.”

He smiled sheepishly, to say, “I think you know how I feel.”

I wished he was more specific, but this was a big step for someone so shy.

I was so close to him now that my lips almost touched his ear as I whispered, “Do you want to do something about it?”

His response was typical for someone so reticent. “Hmmm” as he nodded.

In the comfort of silence, blankets and darkness that surrounded us, I kissed his ear and nibbled on his earlobe. He turned to find my mouth with those lips that had tormented my fantasies for so many months. The taste of red wine in his mouth made me want to drink him with my desire. There was something erotically adolescent about necking in a place where we could never remove all our clothes.

He expertly slid his hand under my top and undid my bra. As he gently massaged my breast and found my welcome nipple, I was breathless at the touch of a new lover’s hand on my bare skin. I wanted more of him and continued to materialise my year long obsession as I pulled the shirt out of his jeans to explore the smoothness of his back and chest. Every few seconds I stopped kissing to look at him to make sure this was real. He took this opportunity to caress my neck with his hot, eager tongue. I decided to make the assertive move below his waist.

I rubbed his now impressive erection through the protective denim of his jeans. His excited, soft moans encouraged me to undo his button and zipper. For a few moments, I rubbed him through the noticeably thinner fabric of his underwear, before releasing his stiff cock from the constraints of clothing. He eased his jeans down a little to give me more space. My hand finally circled and stroked the object of my desire’s crown jewel.

For the first time since we kissed, he spoke. “I’m not going to last long, you know.”

I couldn’t disappoint him. I had to make him want me, again and again. Without the assistance of massage oil, my objective was to make this a dry hand job that he would remember. Although etimesgut bayan escort his pants continued to restrict our activity, I was able to move them a bit further down so I could hold his balls and massage that erotic spot men love between their balls and the anal passage with my left hand while my right hand continued to stroke him. I knew I was on the right track when I felt his balls tighten and contract. The clothes still proved to be restrictive, but somehow, they added to the sexual tension.

As his breathing became quicker and he nibbled my neck to quieten his moans, he spurted his warm love juice over my right hand and the thin, airline blanket. Luckily, I was able to retrieve some cocktail napkins from the seat pocket to absorb some of his emission. After what seemed like a few minutes of lying there almost comatose, he excused himself as he zipped his jeans and escaped to visit the aircraft toilet. I closed my eyes and relished the events that just took place.

He kissed me on the nose and announced, “I’m back.” as he retrieved the blanket to cover his next manoeuvre.

His hand once again found my breasts that were still free from my unhooked bra. Resuming our fondling reminded me that my crutch was in a state of warm, excited moisture. It was like he could read my mind. As his tongue navigated my neck, his hand travelled to my zipper. I thrusted my pelvis closer, hoping to quickly close that excruciating gap between his touch and my hungry snatch. Under the elastic of my underpants, he found the wet shrine that welcomed him. His fingers massaged my pleasure centre in a circular motion, as he tantalised me with the element of surprise when he changed directions. Alternating strong pressure with light, circular movement with strokes, probing my insides intermittently with eager fingers on my clit, he kept me riding on the wave of ecstasy for seconds longer than I could when pleasuring myself. It was at this point that I decided to sit completely still to relish the moment of truth that was about to conquer me. Perhaps my climax was too stifled by the need to remain silent in our public surroundings, because I had to gently stop his tireless hand to signal my complete satisfaction.

“That was sensational.” I gasped, marvelling at my innate management style that favours immediate verbal feedback.

“I can’t wait to see what you can do with your dick.” I continued, surprising myself with my sexual frankness.

He looked a bit concerned. “I’m not sure that I could do it in an aircraft toilet.” he said, obviously thinking of a typical mid-air sexual rite of passage.

“It’s okay, there’s other ways to join the mile high club.” I suggested cheekily.

“Oh, such as?” he asked curiously. “You just have to wait till the next sector; Singapore to Paris. I’ll show you after dinner.”

My post orgasmic sleep was interrupted by the harshness of the bright cabin lights, the clanging of food trolleys that announced the commencement of another in-flight service, and the smell of a cooked breakfast. I looked over at my new lover, stirring from his short nap and hoped that he looked forward to after dinner surprises on his next long flight sector.

Part Two We were in transit for just over an hour at Singapore airport. This gave me time to freshen up for the next sector. There was only one thing on my mind as I carefully cleaned my face and reapplied my make up. Whilst I cleaned my teeth I could only think of his hungry mouth on mine as his hand explored my femininity. As I applied my lipstick, I thought about how I wanted to take him in my mouth, just as I had him in my hand on the last flight sector. I promised him more on the next flight, and now I had to devise a way to have him discreetly on the aircraft.

He was waiting for me in the members’ lounge, to share a drink before our boarding call. This liaison was exciting, but dangerous. One married colleague intimate with another. We not only had our respective families to protect. We didn’t want to compromise our professional lives either. There was so much risk ankara escort for a physical attraction. I had already taken it this far and couldn’t turn back. We had to finish what we had commenced. The secrecy and danger added to the excitement.

We boarded our flight and took our same seats in business class. As the aircraft was taxi-ing out on to the runway, I noticed that the business class cabin was less than half full.

“Good stuff,” I thought to myself, “less people to worry about when the lights go out.”

Over our pre-dinner drink I contemplated our next moves. I found excuses to touch him to maintain the momentum of physical contact. After slipping off my shoes, I teased his leg under his trousers with my bare foot.

I leaned over to whisper for an excuse to have my mouth brush his face. “Dinner will be over soon.”

I had promised him that we could join the mile high club without escaping to the privacy of the aircraft toilet. How could I seduce Dane on these aircraft seats? If someone were to walk by, it couldn’t look as if we were obviously engaged “in the act’. I couldn’t sit on top of him and it would look too raunchy if he came on top of me.

He noticed that I was deep in thought, and asked, “You’re a million miles away, what are you thinking?”

“You’re right, I’m a few thousand miles from home. I’m thinking about what I should do after dinner.” I replied.

Looking perplexed, he quickly said, “But, you have plans for us after dinner, don’t you?”

“I haven’t forgotten my plans.” I said confidently and beaming with a smile, “And, could you please get me a couple of blankets just in case I feel cold.”

After the meal service, we reclined our seats and waited impatiently for the flight attendants to turn off the cabin lights. It was easy to slip back the small tray table that rested between us. I curled up towards him in my comfortable seat, ensuring the blanket gave us the privacy we needed. He reached over for me and found my hand under the blanket. I responded by stroking his inner thighs to find him sprouting an erection once again through the invasive fabric of his jeans. When the lights were extinguished, it was only a matter of moments and my bra was unhooked. Our surroundings were extremely frustrating.

All I wanted to do was rip off his jeans and take him in my mouth. I wanted to feel his hot tongue darting over my nipples and between my legs to explore the welcome folds of my pussy and drink my juice. In the meantime, our subtle encounter was passionate and took me one step closer to total abandon with Dane. For the second time, I had his erect cock in my hand. I stroked him and gently pulled back his foreskin to find the ridge where the head meets the shaft. His soft sounds and body tension told me that he enjoyed my exploration of his erection.

With urgency, he unzipped my pants. I squirmed my legs out of the jeans completely and hid them under the blanket to my side. I slipped both my legs across his lap as I continued to stroke him.

With his manhood so close to my leg, it was getting closer to its final destination. He slid his fingers into my dripping lips through the side of my underpants. As he worked them inside and then around near my hot button, I had to bite my lip to stay quiet. I tried to ward off my climax, to save myself for his entry. My attempts failed as his clever handwork drove me to my silent eruption.

I surprised myself with my speedy recovery as I guided his rock hard cock through the middle of my legs, to one side of my underwear crutch and where I had wanted him for months. I rubbed his resplendent erection along my pussy lips to gain full mileage from this closeness. This was probably the most discreet position we could indulge in. I was partly seated on his lap, and partly side on as he pounded me from behind. The angle of entry was fantastic stimulation for my G-spot.

I grabbed his hand to stimulate my clit from the front to give me the full on ecstasy that would quickly bring me to my peak. I continued to grind him as deeply as possible, and cupped his balls until his breathing and pace quickened just before he spurted his cum inside me. Even though I had been a flight attendant, this was my initiation into the mile high club. What a great way to do it! I smiled at my seduction, pleased that I had achieved this milestone before we even reached Vienna.

Plane naughty.

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