Pins Ch. 02

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I’m reasonably sure that this can be read as a standalone, but I’m equally sure that it would read better if you hit Chapter I first.

As I look at my previous submissions I’d like to remind readers how much authors feed off your comments. I noticed that the three stories I’ve submitted which have garnered the best numerical voting record are ones which have never received a single comment, oh well, enjoy.


‘That was fun!’ I thought to myself as Pins headed into the shower. The perfect globes of her sweet ass twisted as she walked. I could see the stream of our cum leaking down her thighs. Her lovemaking showed a lot more enthusiasm than technical expertise but it was really nice.

As soon as I heard the noise of the shower running I grabbed my phone and called my boss, Harry Rucker. “Harry it’s me. Do any of the other guys have anything on the line that we could sell to Javier Medina?”

“What do you mean; I thought you said you’d scored one yesterday?” I could hear Harry was getting annoyed.

“Now calm down, I know I did. It’s just that this unit… I’ve got a red light blinking in the back of my head.”

“You and your fucking red lights! I know where this conversation is headed. Yesterday you thought she’d be perfect to sell to Medina but today you’ve decided you want to staff her instead.

Jeff when are you going to learn that staffing the talent almost never works! You’ve tried it three times and they all turn out to be a waste of your time and my money!

Call Medina, arrange for a pick-up and collect our twenty grand.”

“Harry I know I’m right! The concept will work! It’s just that I haven’t found the right girl yet. I think this might be the one. At the very least I’m sure that she can earn us more money as a recruiter than if we got paid a measly twenty for her to flatback for Medina in some New Jersey whorehouse!

She’s already reeled in two pieces of Prime Cut we’ll be shooting this afternoon.”

“Well if you’ve got two units in the bag it becomes simple! Sell one of them to Medina and we’ll warehouse the other. I’ve got a stack of unfilled requests for online porn queens.”

“I already thought about that but these two are joined at the hip. I’m sure this little blonde would make a great whore for Medina but as soon as she disappeared her little friend would set off the alarm.

Ask around for me, please? You won’t regret it.” I hung up the phone. I got out of bed and entered the bathroom feasting my eyes on the voluptuous morsel in the shower.

“You’ve been hogging the hot water long enough.” I stepped into the shower and began fondling Pins’ huge tits. She dropped to her knees and took my semi-hard cock into her mouth. Like I said earlier, she was fun.

I decided it would look better if Pins was driving the Jag when we met the two target girls. As we pulled up to them in the mall parking lot I thought ‘Okay girls, you wanted to be models, let’s show you how to be the best kind of models!’

I called, “Hey girls, why don’t you just follow us?” Annie yelled that she would and we drove the short way to the warehouse Ernie kept his photography studio in. Ernie and I handled the make-up and hair and we were ready to start shooting in relatively short order. What was funny was that Annie was the more ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to get ahead’ kind of girl and she chose to start shooting in this bright flowery summer dress she might wear to Easter Sunday service, while the much more conservative Bianca started out with tall black pumps, skin tight leather pants and a leather bolero top which laced up the middle holding her monstrous tits in place.

I would have used Annie to break the nudity barrier first letting Bianca get coaxed along by her best friend’s boldness but I always deferred to Ernie’s instincts. Those of us in the business always used an expression that if Ernie couldn’t separate a girl from her clothes it was because they were Krazy Glued on that morning.

Ernie seemed to be almost ignoring Annie while spending all his energy building Bianca’s confidence, gently encouraging her in the direction of dropping a single bra strap. He finally had Bianca take a break and started shooting Annie in a blue satin robe. Apparently the lack of attention finally got to her because after three or four shots she shrugged the robe off her shoulders and stood there under the lights with her legs spread, completely nude. Ernie removed the D3 from in front of his eye and stood there appraising Annie’s form for a full minute before asking her to turn to the right and show us her bottom. To my way of thinking Ernie’d just hit a solid ground-rule double off the right field fence. Not only was Annie proudly displaying her not inconsiderable assets for the world to see but I could see her friend intently watching the scene unfold and I felt sure was a lot closer to getting naked herself.

Then Ernie surprised us all. “That’s a good look for you Annie but for now why don’t eryamanda yeni escortlar you put the robe back on and just have it drop off your right shoulder… that’s it, now hold it closed with your left hand and extend your right leg out of the robe… turn a little toward me… okay, right hand under the robe on right hip, let the robe part a bit butdon’t let the crack of your bottom show… good, throw your head back, good…”

For the next ten minutes Ernie shot the pretty blonde in many poses but never allowed her to undress completely. I noticed Pins trying to get my attention so I separated myself from the shoot and followed her back to the dressing room.

She shut the door behind me and said, “Ernie’s good! He’ll have Bianca naked and playing with herself on her next turn under the lights!”

I was a little taken aback. “I’d have been shooting Annie doing that all this time. I would have thought that seeing her friend’s assertiveness would be the fastest way to bring Bianca along.”

“No, I think Ernie’s working Bianca right now very nicely but I called you back for another reason. I’ve got an idea how to help Ernie out. Will you let me run with it?”

“Sure! We’ve all got the same objectives here. If you think you can help our cause along, then you go for it!”

“Are you up for a little boy/ girl onscreen action?”

“Pins, like I said, you run with your idea and I’ll do whatever I can to help.”

We left the dressing room and as I returned to my chair Pins called over to Ernie. “While you’re shooting I’ll take Bianca back to help her change for the next part of the shoot, okay?”

Ernie nodded to her and kept shooting as the two girls headed back to the dressing room. I immediately left the set and circled around to Ernie’s private office which was behind the dressing room. The dressing room was wired for sound and the 4×6 foot mirror was actually one-way glass so I could see everything transpiring in the next room.

Pins was saying, “…seems to be going really well, don’t you think?”

“Oh, Annie’s shots are going to be awesome! Ernie’s really a great photographer, isn’t he? And I love the fact that he’s always composing the next shot as he goes along. It’s like his brain’s always one step ahead of his camera! And when Annie first dropped her robe her face was really hard like but when he had her put the robe back on you could see her face start to…soften. And when he had her drop the one shoulder so that the robe fell almost, but not quite, to her…nipple, well if you looked at her face she looked hotter than ever!

God, I only hope my pictures come outhalf as pretty as hers!”

“Trust me Bianca, they’ll be great! I think you just started out a little more nervous, that’s all. When I was doing my second shoot yesterday… wait a minute. Hold on, let me get something.”

Pins ran out of the dressing room too fast for me to get out unseen so I stayed put. I could hear her ask Ernie, “Hey Ernie! Did you make any prints of yesterday’s portraits of me? You know, the ones with the scoop necked top?”

“On my desk. In the black binder with your name on it.”


Next thing I knew the door to the office flew open and she bounded in. She saw me sitting before the window into the dressing room but raised her finger to her lips, reminding me to keep quiet. She grabbed her binder and ran out. I went to the window and watched her reenter the dressing room.

“Check these out, B. They’re pictures of my shoot yesterday.” Pins was only showing the girl the portrait and head shots. “You talk about how good Ernie is! I’venever been shot like this before!”

Bianca was staring open mouthed at the shots. “Wow! Pins I know you’re a beautiful woman but these are soraw!”

“Beautiful? I’m normally notthat beautiful! Ernie had told me to just trust him and I did. He put me in that throne and told me he was only going to be shooting portraits, head shots, and that I should be naked from the waist down with my legs spread as wide as I could get them. I did. I didn’t know why, I couldn’t imagine what my totally exposed pussy had to do with my portrait, but I trusted Ernie! Then I found that posing me that way I stopped thinking about what I was doing, I justfelt. I felt embarrassed, I felt turned on, in fact I could almost see myself through Jeff and Ernie’s eyes, sitting with my legs spread… with my pussy lips parted and soaking wet. All that heat I was feeling wound up on my face. It’s in these pictures. From that point on for the rest of the day I just did whatever Ernie directed! I didn’t think, I justfelt.”

Pins held Bianca’s face with both her hands and looked the target right in the eye. “If you trust Ernie, your pictures will not only be as good as Annie’s, they’ll be better because you’ve got better features and equipment.” Pins lowered her hands and stood up. “You’re one sultry looking wench!

Now let’s find you something hot to wear!”

They sincan escort bayan settled on a purple lace teddy with matching thong and push up bra. The bra made B’s already big tits look enormous! I decided I’d better get back to the set and let Pins run the show from then on.

I resumed my seat and Annie was now fully nude standing in a demure pose with one hand covering her pussy and the other her breasts , surrounded by fans blowing faux flames upward. The pose was reminiscent of Botticelli’sThe Birth of Venus. To my right I heard the tentative click clack steps of someone unused to walking in very tall heeled pumps. I turned and could see why. Bianca had found a pair of purple 5″Fuck-Me Pumps and looked completely hot. Her lips were parted and she was staring, apparently impressed by Annie’s pose.

“Okay Annie, let’s take a break, I’m thirsty!” He put the camera down and held a robe for the girl to step into. I stayed parked in my director’s chair and watched the scene unfold before me. Annie ran over and hugged Bianca and the two girls gushed and complimented each other on how great they looked. Pins walked over and whispered something in Ernie’s ear. He grabbed the camera and the two of them started walking back toward the office. Ernie called out over his shoulder, “I’m just going to transfer these disks. I’ll be right back.”

I walked over to the two targets to distract them from the fact that Ernie and Pins had been gone for a lot longer than a simple file download should take. “Bianca I take it that Pins showed you some of her shots from yesterday?”

“Omygod, yeah, Annie they were awesome. Ernie’s absolutelyamazing!” the bubbly unit turned to me. “Would it be okay if I showed Annie?”

“I’m sure that would be alright, she left the book over there!” I pointed to where Pins had left it and Bianca ran over and got it. The two units gushed over each and every photo as Pins ran back into the room and over to the girls.

“Sorry I took so long but are you ready for this? Now don’t get your hopes up too high but there’s achance, just a chance… well Ernie was so blown away by your pictures, Annie that he e-mailed a few to an agent and… Well the guy was impressed and he’s going to show them to a client of his and if things all come together… Well they’re looking for a model to do a shoot which revolves around the Paris Fashion Show! If you get if you’d be going to all the different designer’s parties with your own camera crew following you around and shooting you all overParis!”

I didn’t have a fucking clue what Pins was doing. This was all completeBullshit! I kept my mouth closed, however, and let Pins direct the afternoon. Ernie came out of his office and as he was walking toward the set he could see the girls jumping up and down.

Ernie sounded pissed. “Pins, I told you not to get her hopes up, God Damn it!

I’m sorry Annie, she shouldn’t have told you ’cause nothing’s definite yet. Sure, you’ve got a shot, that’s why I sent your pictures, but there are no guarantees in this world.”

He could have been talking to a wall. The two units were hugging each other and giggling like children… well, I guess that’s because theyare children. Well they’ll be growing up soon enough! Finally Ernie called out, “Okay everybody, can wePlease get back to work? Bianca, you’re up! Would you stand over there in front of the dark grey backdrop? That’s it now turn a little toward me… now keep your feet planted and twist a little toward me from your hips up… smile honey, chin up… that’s my girl. You look reallyhot! now put your right hand on your knee… lean forward, turn a little toward me and keep that chin up…

Okay now Bianca turn more toward me… a little more… now cross your arms and pull the teddy up a little co it comes to just below your bra… no. that doesn’t work, drop it back down… I know, move over to the bed and keep your heels on but kneel on the bed… pout a little and lean forward… Oh yeah… that’s hot… now try crossing your arms again… no, no, no that’s not working either!”

Pins spoke up. “Ernie, may I make a suggestion?”

“Sure, Darling, I always hope I can listen to ideas!”

She walked over to the bed. “B, is it okay if I position you?”

Bianca smiled. “Sure.”

“Jeff, come here and stand behind B. B, kneel right here on the edge of the bed. Now lean back a little, against Jeff’s chest and raise your arms, palms out. Hold your elbows out a little, Honey, that’s it. Now imagine that you’re caressing the sides of his face, only with the backs of your hands.

Jeff, look down at her lush body and gently move your hands up and down the sides of B’s body, pausing each time just under her breasts. Ernie, see how when his hands pause under her bra it outlines and adds emphasis to the way her breasts bulge out to the sides… see?”

I did as I was directed and rubbed the sides of the sexy unit pushing her ass against my cock. ankara escort I could hear the shutter of Ernie’s camera clicking away.

Finally, without direction, I let my hands travel up Bianca’s sides yet again, but this time under the teddy. As they came to rest in her armpits the garment was bunched up just above the purple lace bra. Ever mindful of the camera’s perspective I nestled my lips at the base of her neck, partly kissing, partly just gently rubbing them across her velvety skin. I pulled my head back for the instant it took me to pull the teddy up her arms and off her completely. My hands continued their traveling up and down the sides of her body as my lips traveled a similar line, but one beginning at the top of her shoulder and ending at her earlobe. The whole thing was really sensual and the two of us were getting progressively turned on. Bianca raised her hands behind her back, elbows out to the sides, her fingers holding the clasp of her bra. She held that position for perhaps thirty seconds, her tits thrust forward, her hands holding the clasp which was the only thing keeping her magnificent breasts from spilling out of their confinement. The only sound in the room was the continual clicking of the shutter.

Bianca then started bringing her hands forward and out to the sides, each one holding its side of her bra. This time as my hands traveled up her body they detoured, each one holding one of her ponderous orbs. B slipped the bra straps down her arms and let the bra fall to the mattress. For the first twenty seconds the camera was never afforded a peek at her erect nipples, my hands loathe to release them. She turned her head toward me and our lips met. Despite the uncomfortable angle her tongue delved the recesses of my mouth as her hands tightly gripped fistfuls of my hair.

Bianca then turned ¾ toward me and her hands started unbuttoning my shirt as my own hands went to my belt buckle. What most impressed me was the fact that she never lost track of the camera angles. While our four hands were undressing me the camera still had a great view of her slightly bobbing breasts.

I heard a soft sound to my right and raised my eyes ever so slightly to see Ernie whispering something to Pins as he continued to shoot. Pins went back to Ernie’s office as Bianca and I completed our task. I was naked. Remaining in her kneeling position Bianca inched her way back on the mattress to make enough room for me to lie down on my back. She had me back up so I could partially sit up by leaning against the bed’s headboard. Then she draped herself across my stomach, leaning on her side, my semi-hard cock inches from her face. She began licking and kissing me starting at my belly button and working down. She never used her hands, but in short order had the tip of my cock between her lips. Her hand snaked around and grabbed the base of my cock as her head started bobbing up and down. I was enjoying the sensation but I snuck a look at Annie to gauge her reaction. Her face was like an open book. She was shocked by her best friend’s apparent conversion to the dark side. I pulled Bianca’s hips around and slipped her panties down her thighs. They were left hanging from her left ankle as my tongue invaded her pussy. The groan which escaped her was in no way subtle. A very sexual being was being pleasured and she didn’t care who knew it. Her pussy was soaked!

Bianca suddenly swung her body around and still facing the camera reached between her legs to position the head of my cock at the entrance to her vagina. Once the head was in she started rocking it deeper and deeper as she reverse cowboyed me. She knew it made her tits look better when her arms were up so she laced her fingers in her hair as her pussy pounded against me. As her tits bounced all over there wasn’t much doubt that they were real. I was really getting into it as I grabbed her hips and slammed into her little used pussy. The only noises I could hear were the slurping sound of her pussy and the clicking of Ernie’s shutter.

I pushed my hand into the small of B’s back and pushed her onto her hands and knees. After pushing my cock into her pussy and stroking her in the classic ‘doggie’ position I knew I was going to switch holes. After a few strokes, however, I positioned my cock’s head` just inside the entrance to her ass. I heard Annie almost shout “no” but muffled it. Bianca’s head whipped around and after first staring at me, she looked at Annie and Pins faces. She then surprised us all by ramming her ass back against me. It took her three tries but she succeeded in getting my entire cock up her chute. We then started aggressively fucking. Bianca seemed possessed! She screamed, she twisted and she laughed, all the while playing up to the camera with every stroke. I kept focusing on the steady click-click-click of the Nikon but I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I finally groaned, “I’m gonna cum, honey!”

B whipped around and grabbed my tool with both hands, jerking me off until I exploded; sending my river of cum all over her face, dripping off her chin onto her tits. Bianca collapsed back on the bed looking like nothing more than an exhausted marathon runner. She called out to no one in particular. “Nowthat’s the way to end a shoot!”

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