Piña Colada

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This is a dirty one so be warned. Hopefully reading it through twice has eliminated most of the spelling errors and such. Hope you all enjoy it. Thanks, Defluer.

– – –

Glancing over his shoulder he saw her stop after walking inside with a pleased smile on her face. Returning a grin and he went back to watching his movie not much paying attention to her from there. A moment later two small hands came down on his shoulders and the small fingers curled in and started working on his muscles. He tensed at first not used to this sort of thing all of a sudden but slowly allowed the contact throwing a smile over his shoulder at her.

“Thanks sis that feels good.” He told her and she nodded with a quick movement of her head she flipped her long brown hair over a shoulder.

“What’s a sister for if she can’t help out her big bro once and a while.” She answered him and he could only nod and smile, leaning his head down so she could work easier.

The massage felt wonderful as she seemed to know which muscles to go for and how long and how hard to work them. Pretty soon he was feeling as loose as a bag of jello. Her hands had strayed inside his shirt tugging it so the top few buttons opened up. He didn’t mind the warmth of her touch and the fabric no longer chaffing his skin. It was about the time that she got down to his pecks, reaching all the way down to them and letting her fingers rub across his nipples that he felt something weird was going on.

Massaging his pecks too felt good in clinical way, as long as she avoided his nipples. For being a man he was always worried that there might be a little to much sensitivity in them. She rolled her thumbs down his chest muscles pushing the tension out of there as well. Tick, tick, tick! The sound of three more buttons letting loose as she reached in the shirt and separated her arms a little more than she was needed.

“You’re going to ruin my shirt.” He commented looking down pretty sure that the last button would be hanging literally by a thread, it wasn’t though.

“Sorry Jon, just take it off.” The sibling just barely held himself from twisting away as he realized her face was right next to his, she rested her chin on his shoulder sort of digging her nose into his neck and ear.

The memory of the last time something with her making him uncomfortable came back to Jon’s head. Julia had broken up with her boyfriend and called in sick to work all week long just mopping around their parents house. Then one late night when their parents were out on their usual every other Saturday date, there was Julia. Wearing nothing but a robe after her shower. Her long brown hair wet and when she saw him a smile crossed her face. He’d been at the kitchen table working on a project for school and instead of just going off and changing into her pajamas she stuck around in that robe. Slowly it came open as she moved about at trivial matters. Finally when half her breast and most of her bush made an appearance he’d made a comment. Yet this didn’t make her run off she stuck around. Just making a half ass attempt at putting herself into order. Then when Jon growled that she was grossing him out which finally got her to apologize and run off.

Now here he realized she was post another boyfriend and with a massage that was going to far instead of a robe. Yet there was no denying that the massage felt good. Plus the idea or theory that she was trying something like seducing him was ludicrous. No, Jon shook it it off and popped open the last few buttons on the shirt. Happily she tugged it off him tossing it away and then those small but powerful fingers were at work again. Coming down in his shoulders free of the shirt Julia seemed to do a lot better job.

“Mmmm,” Her brother moaned finding himself completely relaxed and yet where she’d already worked she found new knots to work out with the shirt gone and no longer hindering her.

“Lift your arm,” Julia ordered softly and he did without question her fingers found it and he moaned again he’d never thought it could feel so good to get your arm massaged.

After the other one was done too she moved back to his chest. Quickly down from there pushed and pulled at his stomach and sides. Now Julia’s body was pressed into his back sort of laying on him while she worked. The feel of her hot breath on his neck made goose pimples stand out on his arms and the hair there stood up as well. His own breath caught as she switched herself from one side to the other and there was a brief moment were he thought her lips touched down on his bare skin. He felt his heart speed up and curled his fingers up into a fist wanting to punch himself for the fleeting enjoyment of the contact.

Her smell was filling his nose as well as she pressed herself into him that was all there was in the air. She’d just woken up and hadn’t gotten in the shower yet, so it was just her scent. No there was a hint of something more a whiff of Piña Colada, he was almost sure. It more than nice he was fearful ataşehir escort to admit even to himself, intoxicated with her odors and inhaling in deeply through his nose. Sort of close to his own scent but with a definite feminine quality. Her fingers brushed the elastic of his sleeping pants sort of driving at it almost like she had wanted to slip her fingers under. Even maybe to just take advantage of the situation if she was easily able to do that. No, he said to himself again not letting himself believe that at all. Julia was his sister!

She switched sides again and this time there was no mystery behind the fact that it might have been her lips or not. She pushed her nose between his shoulder blades inhaling deeply and then kissing there a few times before wandering away. Sister or not she had just placed a few tender kisses on his flesh. He tried to tell himself that this was nothing more than a friendly sort of kiss. Even though he hadn’t done anything but hug his parents and sister since he turned ten. Trying to ignore that his family wasn’t at all the hug and kisses sort of household. This wasn’t even in the realm of normal and his flesh seemed to burn were her lips had contacted.

He tried to imagine that this wasn’t out of the ordinary. Yet his mind kept pulling up the image of her breasts almost peeking out from the robe that night so long ago. The image was accompanied and amplified by the feel of them now pressed into his back. She sort of curled her upper body around him her head now right over her shoulder and her small but very obvious tits pressed into his shoulder. She worked at the muscles under his ribs her breath tickling his nipple to hardness. Reaching all the way down her fingers pushed at his waistband again while her face hovered right over his nipple hot breath directly on it.

A bubble of fear rolled around in his stomach as he realized his dick was inflating. At first he could only feel it doing a slow rise start towards erection. Then when it hit the quarter mass mark he could see his cotton pants rise a little more and sit still for a second before rising a little more. He willed it to go down and then to stop. But her breath was on him and her fingers and her breasts and the smells of her flesh with the hint of Piña Colada. She was a woman as well as his sister. Finally unable to help himself he gave up the lost battle of keeping himself flaccid. Reaching up he wrapped his arms around her rubbing at her back now, as best he could. He remembered she’d been wearing a large t-shirt this morning and it was already bunched up a little bit.

Neither of them said anything and she didn’t stop him as he pulled it up and started to work on her lower back while she stayed stretched out. Splaying his fingers he massaged and tested trying to find what she might have on under the t-shirt. Shorts? Panties? The answer was nothing. His fingers finally ventured down low enough that his pinkies ran up the rise of one cheek down in the beginning of her crack and up again. Not a bit of cloth there to hinder his movements. Not a clear indication that he should do more but certainly she wouldn’t have allowed him to bare her ass and privates even with his back to her.

Getting bold he let most of his hand run across her firm ass that was poking up into the air. That move pretty much guaranteed that she wasn’t even wearing a low riding set of shorts or underwear. The feeling made his cock twitch but she didn’t say anything. He didn’t give her a chance to mouth a complaint about where he was venturing he moved away quickly. His hands moved up her back traveling quickly and most likely doing a horrible job at massaging her in return. It was both because of the angle and because he was only using it as cover. Cover to find out if she was wearing a bra or not. It certainly didn’t feel like it and when he felt the bottom of her shoulder blade it was confirmed.

No bra and no panties. The t-shirt was the only thing keeping her from being completely nude.

His mom and dad were gone every Sunday morning volunteering at the local shelter from 8am until noon. Noon was two hours away and they almost always went out for lunch afterwards. Could he really do what he was thinking? Was she really doing what he was thinking or was this some innocent act of sisterly affection that he was perverting completely. Could he live with himself if he pushed this the next step and she finally realized what he was going for? Could he live with himself if she allowed him to go all the way with this?

“Are you as horny as I am?” She asked breaking the silence and it seemed he wasn’t perverting this at all. She didn’t give him a chance to answer reaching down and grabbing hold of his cock. “I guess so!”

“Oh shit!” He groaned at her touch and instinct took over Jon pulled his sister’s head to his chest. She quickly got the hint and sucked his nipple between her lips causing the soft tingle of pleasure to roll across him. His penis finally poked through kadıköy escort bayan the fly of his pajamas and her fingers found it working the same magic on it as they had on his muscles. “Oh shit that’s good!”

This lasted only thirty or forty seconds before she groaned and pulled away her t-shirt flew over onto the floor between his legs a moment later. Before he could look back she was crawling down onto him. The recliner popped unable to take the strain of her movement and suddenly he was looking up into her bush. Her thighs were on both sides of his head the curve of her ass cheeks just on the horizon of her body. Looking down saw her breasts extremely perkily growing out of her chest the nipples hard as diamonds and just as lovely. Of her face he could only see her chin and bottom lip, but it aimed right for the tip of his meat that was poking from his pajamas and then his eyes bulged.

“Fuck!” He moaned as her lips slipped around his head and he jerked his head back into the recliner headrest eyes rolling up in pleasure. Almost in the same motion he shoved his hips up off the cushion. “Take off my pants!”

“Eat me!” She commanded back as she started to tug them down and then let out a loud cry as he ran his tongue across her gash. “Fuck yeah!”

She tasted wonderful he’d never been a big carpet munching fan somehow it had always seemed dirtier to eat pussy than it was for a woman to suck dick. This taste seemed right and the fact that she was his sister seemed so wrong that eating her out couldn’t be an dirtier. She was horny too just as she had said. Her pussy was soaked with thick juices and there was a creamy foamy pool of it pushing out of her cunthole. Figuring he was already in for as much as she could get he rammed his tongue into her hole lapping at the creamy fluid there. It was delicious the faintest hint of Piña Colada.

He knew exactly how that flavor was there too. He’d been snooping several months back looking for a CD she had borrowed and never given back. Angry at her failure to return it and NEEDING it back right away he’d invited himself to her room, she was in class so he didn’t care to wait till she got home. It wasn’t in any of the normal spots and before giving up the search for it and resigning himself to think it being in her car or someplace else, he’d opened her nightstand drawer. There tucked to one side was a device and a bottle of lubrication, Piña Colada flavored and scented. Finding the flavor there could only mean she’d been masturbating this morning or last night before slipping of into dream land.

Most of the flavor though was her own natural juices that musky flavor of a woman that right now seemed so good in his mouth. She let out a chorus of moans and groans as he lapped and licked. This really didn’t help her in removing his pants. She kept stopping to angle her hips one way or another for his tongue to delve and attack different areas of her sensitive pink insides. The warm lips wrapping around his face was almost arousing as her flavor. It took great effort but finally Julia got his pants down so that his cock flapped out and slapped loud against his stomach.

She wasted no time orally pleasuring her brother pulling his dick into her mouth and bobbing her head awkwardly from the angle she was in. Pulling her body down cut off his view of her hanging tits and working mouth but it stopped him from craning his neck to get at her crotch. She was light and spread her legs now that her weight wasn’t on them anymore, doing the opposite in fact digging her heels into the sides of the backrest. Julia pressed her cunt down in his face he lapped at her gash as best he could missing the view of her returning the favor and swaying small tits but liking how her warm body was pressed into him.

She was vocal with her administrations and he had never had that before. Usually when he got head the woman would just suck on him in a sort of bored manner. Giving him head like they would read a library book, giving it as little attention as they could. His sister though moaned around his meat even if he wasn’t lapping at her she still groaned around his length as if she was getting some small amount of pleasure from his cock just being between her lips.

“Fuck you taste and suck so good!!” He had to crane his head to the side to get the words out and she humped herself into his face until his lips were on her nether ones.

His tongue ranged from top to bottom attacking his sister’s clitoris and then snaking through her folds her brown pubes ticking his cheeks until he could let his taster explore her pink entrance. Wrapping his arms around her thighs he grabbed hold of her ass cheeks finger tips reaching down to pull apart her pussy lips as well as cheeks. It gave him more room to work but then all of a sudden he was staring at her puckered little backdoor. He could see a sticky little layer across it as if somebody had just licked it but he knew from how she’d been bent over none of her juices should escort maltepe have gotten here. Curious in more ways than one he let his tongue range up to it and wasn’t surprised to taste a fresh hint of Piña Colada. The drink flavor mixed with a thicker headier tang and he knew this morning or last night she’d had her device crammed in more than just one hole.

What he didn’t know was how much she wanted this, but her loud moans quickly told him. She let out a cry and sat up his cock forgotten for the moment as her hands reached back and separated her ass cheeks even more. He shoved his tongue up trying to get inside it then circled around and around before he tried to get it inside again. Her moans reached a crescendo her body quivering on top of his face before she really started into spasms, her moans racked by huge inhales and exhales of breath.

“Mother fucker! Mother fucker you are the best!” She cried and he almost laughed thinking, No SISTER FUCKER.

Proving that she was perfect as well she let herself enjoy his tongue for a moment or two longer and then rolled off of him. This was the part were she exceeded his expectations. Always before when he’d eaten or fingered a woman to a finish she would roll away and lay there enjoying herself. Not Julia though, she rolled to the carpet and then crawled between his legs. Pushing the chair down into a sitting up position and yanking his pants down the rest of the way. Her lips wrapped around his cock her fingers coming up to wrap around his shaft while the other took gentle hold of his balls. Her humming moans kicked up immediately and with her hand wrapped around his base she inhaled all the rest him that was jutting forth from her fist. It was amazing as she pulled one finger away and then inhaled that bit of flesh. Pulled another and another and sucked that up to until she pulled her pinkie away and then her nose was digging into his pubic hair. That was all he needed. He gave a cry and she shoved herself a little deeper her nose bending and her lips completely enveloping him before pulling away.

“YOU are the fucking best!” He screamed as both hands wrapped around his member and she churned out his butter and it was a massive load.

She opened her mouth titled her head back at an angle and when his sperm rushed out she caught the first two loads in her mouth allowing the rest to hit across her lips, chin, cheeks, forehead, and hair. There was enough for all of that and probably another face as well. Partly because she had turning him on so much, partly because he’d always felt he had a little more than normal guys, and mostly unlike her he hadn’t had the pleasure of relieving himself this morning or the night before. She cooed happily as he creamed all over her tugging the last few squirts out into her mouth and then pushing it up so he could see the stuff between her lips. His white cream in his sister’s dirty mouth. Letting her tongue roll around in it a moment she closed her mouth swallowed and then opened up again pushing her tongue up to show she had nothing there any longer. His dick became too sensitive after she licked the head to get the last drops and then suckled it a little bit. He pulled himself away and she giggled.

Climbing into his lap she rested her head in his chest and he felt the sticky thick coating of his load smear across his flesh. She rubbed her face into his chest for a moment getting his pecks coated in his own spunk and then animal like began to take small licks of it as she rested and lay there. As had been the par for the course this incest filled morning this was disgustingly erotic. His still warm jizz running down onto him far enough from his face and mouth that he didn’t feel gay about it but still it felt nice. Julia’s tongue obviously liking what it was tasting as it kept coming out licking more and more fervently. Towards the end she took large drags across his chest and then looked him in the face.

“You regret not letting this happen all those times before?” He knew of the one but she must have been trying more than that and he just hadn’t noticed it.

“No complaints but why?” He asked and she shrugged dropped her face to his chest again and took another lick there must have been nothing she liked left and so she went on.

“My friend Jessica actually. She told me once that she had a dream about you. That you were her brother and she seduced you and you were like the best. I thought it was gross of course, when she first told. Thought she was just trying to hint that she was going to go for you and see how I’d react. I don’t really know. The problem was that night I had a pretty similar dream. I’ve been waking up every week or more from dreams about you and me together. Obviously I couldn’t think it gross for very long as my dreams slowly wore me down. Now my dream has come true. Or most of it anyway. All it took is me slowly wearing you down.” His nose found her head inhaling the scent of her hair and then lifting his older but smaller sibling and carrying her from the TV room and down the hallway. “Maybe Jessica was just being mean. Maybe she somehow knew that planting that thought would do to me. All I know is that so far it has been good, better than my dreams or any boyfriend. What have you got in store for me now?”

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