Picnic with Karen Ch. 3

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We ate the lot, as usual, boy, for someone as slim as Her and as skinny as me, we can certainly put it away! Tidy away the leftovers, throw it into car boot…yeah, clean it up later, after all, better things to do! Karen stands up, stretches and looks around… stretches some more and does more looking around? Appears to be satisfied and removes her top, shakes her head, her hair flailing in the breeze, she lifts up her hands and expertly moulds it into the shape which she requires, appears satisfied with results and looks at me, “Well, what d’ya think, Dave “? she enquires.

Now ME, being, as you know, stupid to the degree that, as a Caveman, would NEVER reach the 5th Grade of knowing how to catch a Tynazora Rex replied, “Hair looks lovely Karen”. I had to say this in a flat a voice, as I was able to summon up; after all, all I could see in my field of vision was the most perfect breasts that seem to jump out of a magazine of perfect breasts! THEY were PERFECT, and I mean PERFECT, jeez, how many times do I hav’ta repeat the word? ABSOLUTLY PERFECT, golden, rounded, nipples jutting up-to-the-sky, arrrrrgh, I wanted to grab,hold, maul, kiss, coddle,take-home-with-me, and other things I can’t think of right now because I am looking at them and haven’t time to write all this down, whad’ya think I am! “Yes, Karen, love the hair, just right”, I says, immediately forgetting what her hair looked like in the first place, my eyes roving back to those perfect mounds! “OOOOOOOH, THAAAANKS DAVE, YOU are such a treasure”, Karen squeals with obvious escort eryaman pleasure, “Are you sure”? “ABSOLUTLY, DARLING”, I reply meaningfully, my loins groaning. Then, to my disbelief, Karen removed her skirt, twirling it around her head a couple of times then throwing it towards the car. “Ooooooh, it feels soooo coooool, the wind on my body, it’s nice, Dave”. ‘NICE-NICE-NICE! C’mon now, it’s more than NICE, it’s bloody HEAVAN, it’s…. Ah, well, um, oh, jeez, stay-down-boy, crikey! To see, no, better word, to take in, no, better word, to absorb.. Yeah, that’s it! Karen’s body clad in nothing but a white lacy thong, standing there, for ME, Heheheheh, ONLY!!!!, I would fight off the entire Federation Army! “You look absolutely lovely Karen!,” I manage to grope/grasp the words and form them enough to get them past my tongue. “THANKYOU Dave”, Goddess replied, “Don’t mind..do you?”. With that she removed that lacy thong..and no, I didn’t mind one tiddly little bit!

Karen carefully placed it upon the front seat of the car, along with her skirt and top. Bending over, she slightly exposed her Girl/Womanhood, her buttocks sou completely rounded that that was enough alone to, oh..so want her, enough to rush up and brutally take her from the rear that she would cry out with…pain?..no, that was not the way to treat her. I languished in the sight, her movements soooo fluid, her body so at one with nature, her curves even Michelangelo couldn’t capture, my whole being aching for her, but commonsense prevailed…(yeah, Dave, YOU say!, reading ankara escort this..put yourself in my shoes… people..why destroy this…being …this…perfect piece of architecture that nature can produce, for the sake of a 2 minute whatsit), Get real, guys!.
Karen turned around, flung her hands into the air… “Dave, this is perfect, I haven’t felt the warm breeze on my body before”, She was ecstatic!. Hrmmmmmph, so was I, looking at Karen, totally nude, shaven, Girlish…even Virginal..(Wish I had a camera Handy..you BAAAAAD boy)! “Happy”, I said..(now that’s a statement!) “Absoooooluuuuutly”, She cried, “Dave…I want to walk with you along the clifftops”. Grasping my hand very tightly she commenced to lead me along the horse trail, skipping and squealing now-and-again, her long slender legs dancing as she negotiated the ‘horse patties’, She was leading thankfully, I finding the whole thing most painful as my penis hadn’t gone down since the whole thing started, and was now beginning to wish, somewhat, that I had joined the Marines.

Karen, in her wisdom, knew that something was wrong, she turned around. “Dave…are you ohkay, you’re limping”, She sounded concerned. “OHHH..UHHHH,UGGGGHHH,. It’s ohkay, babe, I can manage”…(MY response)! “You poor dear, where’s the problem, can I have a look”?, She was most genuine. A LOOK….OH YEAH..HAVA ..HAVA …HAVA..look? “S’ohkay Karen”, I replied, lying in my teeth and forever regretting saying that, “just cramp, sort’a”. She held me…now lets rewrite this..SHE elvakent escort HELD ME…..God. Guys/People of the Planet Earth, if Karen holds one, stark naked bonkers, then, dear people, YOU HAVE BEEN HELD…Trust Me!!!!!(and may your face fall off through smiling so much!. Struggling to my feet I put on a brave face, told my penis to goto-hell, held Karen’s hand and proceeded upon our walk along the clifftops, she stepping like a thoroughbred pony again amongst the rocks and horse patties. We reached the summit, the warm wind blowing her hair seductively around her shoulders, she turned to Me.. “Dave?” “Mmmmmm”? “Lay me down, would you please?” Cough..choke…big lump appears in my throat, my mouth turns dry, and my head feels light..bulge between my loins makes it’s presence known to me…ouch! “ohkay”, said this as calmly as one could. If you operated on me right now without anethestic wouldn’t feel a thing.

Just holding her body was like feeling silken sheets, her skin was soooooo cool, and tingles everywhere upon me…held her..she gasped, her lips parting..she went slightly limp…feeling heavy in my arms…I laid her down upon a convenient patch of soft grass, her body so long..lithe.. slim.. rounded…sensual, she sighed… “Dave..I..I..Wan..” Her voice trailed off to a muffled scream as the ground beneath her gave way..she disappeared from sight, but no further sound was heard. “Karen” I SCREAMED. “Karen”, I Yelled.

The hole that had opened up under my Karen appeared to be a freak of nature, the lining was smooth as if with wet mud, the shaft curved downwards like a children’s slide and disappeared into blackness. I did not even think about it, I flung myself into the hole, darkness closed around me, I blacked out.

Chapter 5 Will I get to bonk this girl?

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