Pickup at the Ballpark: Vera

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Nothing excites me more than to see a beautiful, sexy woman parading around in a public place dressed in “fuck me” clothes.

These are women who love to put their sexuality and their beautiful bodies on display. And, in most cases, you can bet that they love men and they love to fuck.

I am attracted to all kinds of women, including the “plain Jane” types who look conservative on the outside but have a smoldering sexual intensity on the inside. It is a real thrill for me to find a woman who is secretly desperate for a good fuck, and then to be the lucky recipient when she unleashes all of that sexual frustration.

But nothing gets my blood boiling more than women with spectacular bodies who love to show them off by dressing in provocative clothing. These women are very sexual and they let you know that by the way they are dressed. Sure, there are many, many women who dress that way just to tease or to show how beautiful they are. These women only want the attention. They want to be looked at and they want men to desire them. That is enough for them.

But the women I’m talking about are the ones who dress that way because they are seriously looking to get fucked. These women live for sex and their idea of a good time begins and ends with sucking and fucking a good man.

Most of the women who dress in “fuck me” clothes are very young. Sometimes, but not often, you will see a middle-aged woman trying to let everyone know that she’s still got it.

That is why one of my most recent pickup excursions revealed something very unusual, a woman dressed for sex who didn’t fall into any of the normal categories.

My wife’s job forces her to be on the road two weeks out of every month and I usually spend that time trying to find a great woman to take to bed. It is what I do. I pick out a place to go to, I try to spot a woman I want, and then I do everything I can do to seduce her and fuck her.

I have been very successful in getting women into my bed over the years. I have a calm demeanor and women have a tendency to like me. I always, always treat them well and with respect. But the women I look for, in most cases, are very ready to get fucked. I just have to tap into that desire.

I always enjoy going to the ball park and it is one of my favorite places to go when I am trying to pick up an incredible woman for an afternoon of intense fucking. It’s a good place because there are so many beautiful mothers out there, many of them experiencing various stages of sexual frustration. Even when I don’t find one to fuck, the trip is still worth it because of all the great pussy I get to look at.

Early one Saturday afternoon, on a beautiful sunny summer day, I decided that it was the perfect day to try to find one of those sexy and horny mothers at the local ballpark.

I got to the park and it was very crowded, with adults and kids walking frantically from the parking lot to the various fields. I started walking around, very leisurely, just admiring all the beautiful young mothers walking around that place. But I wasn’t looking just to look. I was trying to find one to go after and it’s one of those cases where I always depend on my instincts to tell me who that woman might be.

I was standing between two fields just casually looking around when I spotted something out of the corner of my eye that caused alarm bells to go off in my head. Walking my way was an older woman with short, bleached blond hair and a very deep tan. She had to be in her late 50s or early 60s but my mouth dropped when I saw how this woman was dressed.

As she walked toward me I saw that she was wearing blue jean shorts that were cut all the way to the tops of her beautiful, big, well-developed thighs. But what was even more amazing was that they were skin tight, causing her huge, wide thighs to be fully exposed. Her walk was also amazing as her hips exploded back and forth with every step.

I was mesmerized immediately. As she got closer I saw something even more spectacular. She had on a thin tank top that stretched tightly across her chest. It covered her stomach but barely covered her nipples, exposing just about every inch of her tits. And her tits were massive and bouncing wildly as she walked.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. This woman was absolutely beautiful, just smoking hot.

As she walked past me I looked straight at her. She turned her head and looked directly into my eyes. Our eyes locked briefly and I will never forget the sight of those gorgeous green eyes as they looked at me. They sent a clear message of sexuality and lust. It also may have been my imagination but I could have sworn that she slowed her walk just a bit, her head moving up and down slowly to get a full look at me. I think she liked what she saw.

As soon as she walked past me I saw her big, wide ass in motion inside those tight shorts. It was a fantastic ass, one of those big, fat asses that just begged to be eaten. I also saw that her tank top tied at escort eryaman her waist, exposing almost her entire back. Her skin was dark, very dark, a perfect contrast to that bleached-blonde hair.

It was like I had been hit with a hammer. What kind of nerve must this woman have to dress like that in this kind of family atmosphere? It would be one thing if she was 25-years-old. Or even 35. But to dress like that in a public, family-type setting at her age was definitely something you don’t see every day.

My first thought was that all these young women around here must be looking at her and snickering. But seeing this old woman dressed like a whore thrilled me completely. She was up in age, yes, and some wrinkles were evident. But that only added to my attraction to her. She was still a very, very beautiful woman and obviously extremely sexual. And her body was still remarkable and in fantastic shape.

I made up my mind that she would be the one. I would take my best shot at getting her home and into my bed. I came to the ball park looking for a mother to fuck but it was this grandmother who had caught my eye.

I kept her in sight by following her from a short distance and I just couldn’t believe the fantastic body on this incredible creature. She eventually sat down in a folding chair next to an elderly gentleman who was obviously her husband. I sat in the adjacent bleachers, in a spot where I could keep an eye on her. I was just hoping that I would get an opportunity to talk to her and, if that chance arose, I would be ready.

She crossed her legs and I could see nothing but flesh. Her dark, tanned skin was incredible.

I was on edge and I couldn’t sit still long. I decided to try to move to a position where I could hopefully catch her eye. I got off the bleachers and started walking toward her until I had the right angle. I just folded my arms and started looking her way.

She turned her head almost immediately. It was as if by instinct that she knew I was looking at her. Her gaze lingered a few seconds before she turned her head back to the field. I stayed there until I was convinced that she knew I was looking at her. She glanced my way two or three more times and I looked straight at her. I wanted her to know what was on my mind. After a few minutes I returned to my seat in the bleachers.

About 20 minutes later she got up from her seat and started walking toward the concession stand. I knew this might be my chance. I got up and followed her, again just marveling at this great woman and the amount of skin that she was showing. I absolutely could not believe those tits and that ass that I was looking at.

The line was pretty long at the concession stand and I moved in line right behind her.

I moved to her side where she could see me and said, “Hello, how are you?”

She looked at me intently. Her eyes travelled up and down as if she were giving me some kind of inspection. I actually loved it. This was not a shy woman.

She gave me a broad smile and answered. “I’m fine. How are you?”

Her voice was deep, sultry, electric and sexy. Her face was so beautiful, just perfect, with full lips ripe with bright red lipstick that served as a wonderful centerpiece to her impeccable makeup. I knew at that moment that I was going to do everything I could to get this woman into bed.

“Beautiful day, isn’t it? Who do you have playing out here today?”

“My grandson. We go to all of his games. They’ve played twice today so far and won both games.”

“Great. They must have a good team.”

“They do. They’ve only lost two games this whole season.”

“How many grandkids do you have?”

“Three. All boys.”

“Great. I bet they keep you running.”

“They do. But I love it.”

I knew time was of the essence so I redirected the conversation.

“Listen, I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but I really, really love your outfit. You are a very beautiful woman. And the tan is just spectacular.”

I could see the momentary surprise on her face but it was only momentary. This was a woman who had probably spent most of her life being approached by men. She looked at me and gave a slight smile.

“Oh. Well, thank you.”

She turned her head in the direction of where her husband was sitting. Maybe she was interested and wanted to make sure he wasn’t looking? I could only hope.

“My name is Joseph by the way.”

I reached out my hand and she took it.

“I’m Vera.”

She was still studying me closely and I could tell she was thinking about what I said and where this might be leading. I was lucky that the concession stand line was moving slowly.

“Nice to meet you Vera.”

I didn’t let go of her hand right away and when she tried to pull it away I put my other hand on her arm.

“Vera, I know I’m a total stranger but can I talk to you about something for a couple of minutes?”

Her eyes got large but her expression did not change.

“What? Talk about what?”

“Can ankara escort we go over here where we can talk for a few minutes in private? I promise you it’s nothing bad.”

She hesitated but mumbled, “Ok.”

I held her arm at the elbow and led her to the side of the building where no one could see us. I made sure I stood as close to her as possible without touching her. She didn’t say anything but her eyes kept darting back to the direction where her husband was sitting. This woman wasn’t born yesterday and she knew what was coming.

“Vera, I don’t have much time so I’m going to come straight to the point and be totally honest. I don’t believe in playing any games. I didn’t come here today to watch baseball. I don’t have anyone playing out here today. I came here for one reason and that is to find a beautiful woman to spend the afternoon with in bed. And I want that woman to be you. You are the sexiest woman I have seen in a very long time. I really mean that.”

Her face registered surprise. But I got the sense that it was a forced look. I don’t think she was surprised at all.

She took another glance in the direction where her husband was sitting before answering.

“Oh. No. I’m married. My husband is sitting right over there and I think I better get back.”

After she said that, she hesitated before starting to walk away. My instincts told me that she wanted me to stop her.

I took her arm gently and pulled her back toward me.

“Vera, don’t walk away. I would appreciate it if you would hear me out. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for both of us. I know you are a very sexual woman and I know by the way you are dressed that you are very proud of your fantastic body. It thrills me that at your age you dress like you do and that tells me that you don’t give a damn about what people might say.”

She bristled at that last comment and her face turned red. “There’s nothing wrong with the way I dress.”

“I agree with you completely. Too many people try to hide their sexuality and too many people try to look down on those people who are sexual. You and I are the same you know. We both love to fuck more than anything else in this world.”

Vera’s mouth dropped when I said that and this time the look of surprise was a little more genuine. But I noticed that her breathing was a little heavier and that told me that what I said got her excited. Again she looked in the direction where her husband was sitting.

“I can’t believe you said that. I think you’re mistaken. This is really crazy. I don’t think my husband would like you talking to me like this.”

“It doesn’t matter what your husband thinks. It only matters what you think. I know you saw me checking you out and trying to catch your eye a while ago. And you liked it. I know you’re attracted to me and I know you want this as bad as I do.”

“You’ve got a lot of nerve talking to me this way, you know that?”

I ignored what she said and was determined to stay focused on my goal. I continued to look straight into her beautiful eyes.

“So listen. Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to buy whatever you need to buy from the concession stand. Then I want you to go make some kind of excuse to your husband that you have to leave for a couple of hours. Tell him you need to go to the mall, or that you need to run an errand. You can think of something. Then I want you to meet me in the parking lot and follow me to my house. I live a half mile from here and my wife is out of town. I have a beautiful house and it’s in a private spot. And when we get there I will give you the fuck of your life. And it’s not going to be one-sided either. I can tell that fucking you will be one of the greatest sexual experiences that I’ve ever had.”

“Oh my goodness. Are you crazy? You are really serious about this, aren’t you? I don’t even know you.”

“Yes you do. We just met. Vera, believe me when I tell you that I am as sincere as I can be. We could play the whole game of getting to know each other and do the back and forth and you know what? You and I both know that we would eventually wind up in bed together. I don’t have time for all that and I don’t think you have either. You and I have been around for a long time and we both know that life is short. The experience that you and I could have this afternoon is what makes life worth living.”

“Listen…I am flattered. And you’re a good-looking man. But I’m too old to play these kind of games.”

“Don’t make me laugh. You know that’s not true. You’re at the perfect age to play these kind of games as you call it. Look at you. You are the most beautiful woman out here today regardless of age. And I know you’re not the type of woman who is ever going to accept old age. That’s why you dress like you do. Vera, I’m not promising you anything but a great time. I love and respect women probably more than any man you’ve ever met and I will give your sweet body the attention that it elvakent escort deserves.”

Vera didn’t say anything. But her frown had been replaced with a slight smile. Again she glanced toward her husband.

I grabbed her hand with both of mine and squeezed hard. I looked deeply into her eyes and smiled. I then moved to her side and whispered into her ear.

“I want to eat your pussy Vera.” While telling her this I made sure my lips brushed her ear.

Vera’s reaction to my words was unmistakable. The look in her eyes had changed. She was now looking at me with lust in her eyes. Her body tensed up and she let out a sigh that was clearly audible.

I stepped back and looked at her intently from head to foot.

“I’m going to head to the parking lot now and I’ll wait there for you. I’ll see you in a few minutes. And a few minutes after that I’ll be giving your big ass the fucking it needs.”

I let her hand go, rubbed her bare arm lightly, then turned and walked away. My heart was racing. I had given it my best shot and I had no idea about my chances. All I could do was hope.

As I was walking toward the parking lot I kept looking back over my shoulder. I saw Vera sitting next to her husband but they weren’t talking.

I soon lost sight of her. When I got to the parking lot I just stood waiting at my car, just hoping to see that beautiful vision emerge. I was so nervous. Even after all the women I’ve had over the years I still get nervous and excited at the possibility of fucking a new, strange, beautiful woman. I knew it was a long shot that she would meet me. But it was definitely a long shot worth taking

While standing there I started thinking about Vera. I knew virtually nothing about her and yet it seemed like I knew her well for some reason. I chuckled at the thought of this old woman dressing like a whore in front of all these men, women and children, all these families just out here for an afternoon of youth baseball.

No, I thought, Vera loves to fuck and she has made up her mind that her age is not going to stop her from feeling a man’s dick inside her mouth and inside her pussy. I recognized that immediately when I saw her and I also realized that she would be a terrific piece of ass if I could get her into bed.

Just thinking about fucking this gorgeous woman got me hard as a rock and I started pacing nervously. This was taking longer than I hoped, or at least it seemed so, and I started to think that it might not happen. But at that moment all doubt was erased. There she was, emerging from a group of people. She paused to look around and I raised my hand slightly so that she could see me. She nodded and started walking toward me.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Her huge tits were bouncing uncontrollably inside that flimsy top and her wide hips were banging back and forth. This was one case where age was not a factor. Vera was definitely one of the sexiest women I had ever seen in my life.

I waited for her to get into her car and I backed out slowly. She pulled in behind me and we were ready to go. I was shaking with excitement.

I drove slowly just to make sure I didn’t lose sight of her. I definitely didn’t want her getting lost at this point.

We pulled into my driveway and I hurried out of the car. Vera parked behind me and I stood next to her driver’s side door as she shut the car off. I looked down at her sitting in that seat and what I saw was indescribable. Her tight shorts had ridden all the way to the tops of her legs, exposing her big, tanned thighs. I looked in between those thighs and that pussy was screaming to get out of there. That vantage point also gave me a perfect view of those huge tits and I noticed that her nipples were long and hard and stuck straight out through that sheer flesh. She had a bra on but it was a flimsy one. I could see nothing but flesh.

I opened the door for her and held her hand as she got out.

She was smiling. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said.

“This is exciting, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is.”

“Just follow me. The best is yet to come.”

I put my right arm tightly around her shoulders and I put my left hand across her stomach. I wanted to feel this woman immediately and I clutched her tightly as we walked toward the front door. Her body was hot and her scent had that familiar combination of perfume and sex. I could tell just by holding her that she was ready.

I opened the door and as soon as we were inside I hugged her tightly. I moved my hands down to her big, hard ass and squeezed. She moaned loudly. I then positioned myself behind her and ran my hands from top to bottom, making sure to pay close attention to her bare back and those big, sexy thighs.

I wanted to put my hands over every inch of Vera’s body.

After exploring her back, I moved around to the front to face her. She was standing there, breathing heavily, a look of unqualified lust on her face. I saw that it was a beautiful face, highlighted by sparkling, sexy eyes.

She ran her hand through my hair and across my cheek and said, “You are a very handsome man.”

“Thank you Vera. And I want you to know that this handsome man is going to tear your ass up this afternoon.”

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