Photo Shoot Ch. 04

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At my invitation, my brother moved onto my bed and stretched himself out next to me. Taking pictures of me touching myself to orgasm had brought back his erection, even though he had just masturbated for me a few minutes before. I guess that watching a girl doing what I had done must be pretty powerfully arousing for a man, judging by the renewed evidence now on display.

Then, too, maybe the fact that I had let him capture it on his digital camera added something to the overall effect.

As I had just done, he lay there at first with his hands on the covers beside him. I recognized it as a moment’s shy reluctance to reveal his self-love. I smiled at this, given that we had both already taken a turn.

Having just climaxed, myself, I was still feeling deeply aroused. My nerves tingled so much that it was almost a buzz in my ears. I would have really liked to crawl on top of him and screw him properly, but he was, after all, my kid brother, and there was just something that wouldn’t let me do that.

I actually leaned toward him, though, as he lay there, motionless and hard on my bed. I was going to take him in my mouth, give him a blowjob. Maybe his first one ever — I didn’t know. But even that, as I got closer to his penis, seemed like it might be a line I shouldn’t cross.

So I stopped my movement toward him and instead I picked up his hand. He resisted at first, so I said, “just relax.” And with my hand on top of his, I brought him over, onto his penis.

“Now, show me what ataşehir escort makes it feel good,” I urged him, and I kept my hand lightly on his as he started caressing himself. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

From what started as a light touch, my hand just riding on his, I began to squeeze his hand gently. I could feel the light friction as he rubbed himself up the shaft, and I could feel the slight little bump as his fingers encountered his flared head. My squeezing appeared to have increased his sensation, because he drew his knees up a little more and arched his back slightly.

To my surprise, he removed his hand and stretched both arms over his head, leaving my hand there, alone, touching his hard-on. I was so deep in my own desperate arousal that I took over masturbating my brother. He let out a moan that assured me he liked what I kept doing to him.

Caressing him like that, in his intimate place, one question became urgent to me.

So, quietly I whispered the question. “Tell me something: have you ever been with a girl?”

I looked up at his face. He was blushing again. “It’s ok,” I said, not changing my rhythm on him. “You haven’t yet, have you?”

He put his hands together behind his head, and answered me, “no.”

“A handjob or a … a blowjob?” I asked.

“No, not even,” he answered.

I slowed down and lightened my stroking. I was having almost as much fun as he was, savoring the hard smoothness of him in my hand. Oh my God, how kadıköy escort bayan I wanted something — not just something: his thing — inside me just then. But with an agony of want, I resisted.

I could tell he was moving closer to coming, but I wasn’t ready for him to finish just yet. I touched him with just one finger, sliding it ever so lightly up and down his length.

I put that finger in my mouth and got it as wet as I could, and I spread the wetness onto that place, just under the head of his cock, where I knew the sensation would drive him wild.

“How does it feel when I do that?”

I don’t think he could form words at that point, but he did breathe an “ohh” and an “mmmm.”

I smiled again, enjoying his pleasure. Without having actually decided one way or another, I began once again leaning toward him, but imperceptibly slowly this time. I kept my touch very light on his now slick penis — just enough to extend his arousal, but I still didn’t want to let him come just yet.

As my leaning brought my face closer and closer to him, my hair fell onto his stomach. I could feel the bed move slightly and I guessed he had lifted his head up to watch what was happening.

I let my lips fall open as I continued to get near to his engorged penis. Again, I breathed in the scent of him, now mixed with dried cum from his earlier orgasm, as well as my own familiar musk.

Circling that sensitive place on him ever so lightly then, using two fingers, escort maltepe I squealed with delight seeing how I was making him squirm. I used some of his own pre-cum to add to the slipperiness. My mouth was open, now, and in one more inch, I would take him inside.

But at that moment, his whole body contracted. I did not react quickly enough, and as he cried out “oh my God,” he splashed out a powerful warm stream of semen, striking me in the face and spattering my hair. And in my instinct to stop being thus sullied, I pressed my mouth down onto his pulsating cock. I moaned in mixed joy and surprise as each new stream of his orgasm flowed into me. And believe me, there were many of them.

When he finished, and after I swallowed, I carefully brushed my hair from my face, trying not to spread his mess any further. He opened his eyes and sat up, and we looked at each other and laughed. I wiped a drop of him from my lips and before I could show him how I was going to eat it, he reached out and grabbed my wrist, startling me.

He pulled my finger to his own mouth, taking it inside and cleaning it off with his lips.

“Fair is fair,” he said with a smile.

“Looks like I need to get in the shower,” I said, and I moved toward the door.

“No, wait! One last picture…. Please?” He reached for his camera. I had almost forgotten that this whole thing had begun with a photo shoot, back when I still had some underwear on.

As embarrassed as I was having his cum on my face and my hair, I did my best to smile for the camera. Instead of one last picture, I let him take four or five, most of them close-ups of my cum-painted face, but a few of my standing, bare body.

Then at last, leaving him there in my room, I crossed the hall naked again one more time.

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