Pet Teacher (Conclusion)

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The rest of the week passed uneventfully. Fred returned Friday. He noticed nothing, even when they had sex Saturday night. She couldn’t help comparing him with her teenage lover. Poor Fred didn’t measure up in any way.

Eight days later when Fred had taken off on another trip she was wondering when she would hear from Tim. When she got back from taking Fred to the airport the phone was ringing. It was Tim.

“Come to the Holiday Inn on River Road, room 220.”

She located room 220 from her car then parked around the corner in a dark spot. Shivers of excitement ran up and down her spine as she approached the room.

She rapped lightly on the door. It opened and she stepped in, into Tim’s arms. They kissed then, with his familiar grin, he slowly undressed her, pausing to caress her as each item of clothing was removed.

She was sitting nude on his lap, a nipple in his mouth when there was a knock on the door.

They stood and he went to the door and opened it a crack and peered out. Then he stepped back and Heather Wilson entered the room.

She had been Heather Wilson five years ago when she was in Sally’s English class. Since graduating from Madison High she had married. She was now Heather Brockman, married to Paul Brockman, the owner of the company for which Fred Turner worked. Sally had never cared for Heather although there had been no trouble between them. Sally considered her a social climber and her marriage had confirmed Sally’ judgment. Heather was young and beautiful but Sally thought her artificial looking.

Seeing Heather, Sally had struck yakacık escort the classic pose, arm across her breasts hand over her pubic area.

When she saw Sally Heather’s mouth dropped open in astonishment.

“Mrs. Turner!!!”

“Tim, you are a wonder.”

Tim grinned. “I thought we’d have a little three-way.

Heather said “I’m game.” She began undressing. When she was naked, she walked around Sally inspecting her. She patted Sally’s butt and pulled her hands away from her body. Shaking her head in wonder, she reached out and squeezed one of Sally’s breasts.

Blushing furiously Sally also took in Heather’s body. She marveled that Tim wanted her when he had Heather at his beck and call.

Tim had stripped and Heather practically attacked him. They tumbled on the bed. Tim motioned for Sally to join in.

“Why do you want that old lady when you’ve got me?”

“She’s got the sweetest little pussy I’ve ever had.”

“Really!! Let me see.”

She got up and shoved Sally down on the bed and pried her legs apart.

“Looks pretty ordinary to me.”

She roughly ran her hand over Sally’s vulva then jammed a finger in. Sally gasped.

Tim said “Dammit Heather, not so rough.”


She turned back to Tim and this time Tim responded. They fucked while Sally lay beside them, legs apart, uninvolved.

When they finished Tim got up and went in the bathroom. When he came out Heather sat sprawled in a chair, legs wide, with Sally crouched before her, mouth on Heather’s crotch.

Tim said zeytinburnu escort “Dam Heather take it easy.”

“What?? She’s just getting it nice and clean for you.”

Speaking to Sally, Tim said “You don’t have to do that if you don’t want to.”

Sally raised her head but Heather grabbed her hair and pulled her face back. Sally resumed licking.

Heather said “You’ve got to let me have her. I’ll give you fifty thousand for her.”

Tim snorted, “Why not a hundred?”

“Done, It’s a deal.”

Tim thought for a moment then said “You sure know how to fuck up a three way, Heather!”

He spoke with some heat but he didn’t cancel the deal. Instead he turned, got dressed, and left, not looking at Sally as he went.

Heather shrugged and said to Sally “Keep licking.”

For Sally it was torment. Paul Brockman was a pig. Overweight, hair everywhere but on top of his head, he smelled of stale sweat. Fortunately for Sally he had a small penis and little endurance. That didn’t stop him from subjecting her to every humiliating act that he could think of and that he was capable of participating in. He found it amusing to have his dick in the mouth of the wife of his sales manager.

As for Heather she continued to use Sally’s mouth for her personal hygiene. Sally wondered if she ever get Heather’s smell out of her nose, her taste out of her mouth.

After two days of this Sally had had enough. She called in sick to school. All day long she fretted about her situation. She could think of no way out, no one to help aksaray escort her. Her thoughts kept returning to Tim. He had one hundred thousand reasons not to help her, but there was no one else.

She watched his house. There had been no sign of his parents when she saw him come home from school. She called.

“Tim, could you please come over?”

He came.

She sobbed out her problems to him. He comforted her and told her he would take care of it.

It didn’t work out quite that way. Heather called his bluff. Tim had no pictures, no tapes, nothing to bargain with. He had always destroyed the tapes after showing to a subject. He didn’t want them found by anyone else and, till now he hadn’t needed them.

Heather, however did have pictures…..of Sally. When they showed them to Fred he filed for divorce. With the help of a lawyer Sally negotiated a settlement. She got the house with mortgage, and her Mercedes. Fred got the rest of their assets.

The pictures never came out. Although there were rumors she kept her job.

Time passed. The school year ended. Tim graduated with his class. Summer arrived and Sally had time to heal.

One hot day in August, Sally was watching television and having a drink. She was in her bare feet, wearing shorts and a light blouse. There was a rap on the door.

“Who is it?”


He stood there. He was wearing the same shorts, mesh shirt, and running shoes.

She let him in.

There was something in his hand…..paper??

He held it out.

She took it and read. It was a cashier’s check, made out to her, for one hundred thousand dollars.

She stared at it then stepped into him. His arms enfolded her.

She looked up at him.

“Tim….. do me.”

Any time, Mrs. Turner, any time.”

He grinned.

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