Pet Sitting Service Ch. 2

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Well, who would’ve known that this business would be such a sexually interesting arena! My God! Everywhere I turn, there’s a horny woman wanting to get fucked.

I’m just your average middle aged guy, who can stand to lose a few pounds (I’ve accepted the receding hairline), but these woman just lust for cock. So I oblige…

The most recent escapade involved a just turned eighteen nymph, named Tina. I went to the address on the work order, only to find that the house was not empty as was expected. Instead, the teenage daughter, Tina had stayed home alone while her family went away on vacation.

Tina may have been 18, but she carried herself like an experienced older woman. And that body! She wore cut-off jeans and a tank top, with 4 inch high platform shoes; one quick look at her and my cock thickened. After surprising each other, we made idle chat to take the edge off. All the time, assessing her body.

She had big round tits, whose nipples poked through her top’s material. Her shorts were cut high and not only exposed a lot of her thighs and ass, but the outline of her pussy lips shown through. Her auburn hair framed her pretty face and sparkling blue eyes. In short, Tina was delicious.

Always the professional, I excused myself and started to tend to the dog I was hired to care for. A short time later, Tina came to where I was. This time she was licking an ice cream cone. Her tongue would circle the sides of the cone slowly. I noticed that as she eryamanda yeni escortlar did this she would stare into my eyes. The melting ice cream began to run down her fingers, giving the appearance of a torrent of cum oozing onto her hands. Tina continued to lick and stare, ever so slowly. Now the ice cream was on her lips, making them sticky and gooey. She let the cream run down the side of her lips. She knew exactly what she was doing. My cock ached.

Noticing that her nipples were erect and a wet spot showed by her jean’s snatch area, I made my move. I held her tightly and kissed her. Her mouth opened and allowed my tongue to find hers. It was so soft. Her breath sweet from the ice cream added to the moment. As we kissed, I pressed my engorged cock against her. Tina held on tighter, grinding herself into me as well.

My hands reached behind her and cupped her ass. Gently lifting her. Probing her asshole and pussy from behind, underneath her jeans. Her wetness now on my fingers. I then shifted, and grabbed her pussy from the front. With that, Tina let out a slight moan. I pulled her zipper down and placed my hand inside. I found her clit without any delay; I pinched it gently between my finger tips. She got wetter and held me even tighter. Parting her pussy lips, I inserted two of my fingers. Her pussy juice now ran down her leg. She began to rock, I steadied her in my arms.

I knelt in front of her and looked closely at the sweetness of her womanhood. sincan escort bayan I absorbed it. The musty smell of her lusting pussy was beautiful. I leaned forward and kissed her pussy. She parted her legs to make her love box more accessible to me. Her clit, stood erect. I kissed each of her lips, licking them softly, then sucking each one. I teased her clit. Just getting close enough to it, but never touching it.

Tina couldn’t take it any longer and holding my head with her hands, shoved her clit into my face. I licked and sucked her clit with full passion. As I sucked, I kept my fingers inside her. Now Tina moaned and bucked. I could tell that she had never experienced this before in her young age. Her eyes were fully closed and she bit her lower lip as she came in my mouth. I pushed my thumb into her asshole as I sucked her clit, causing her to cum again.

I turned her slowly around, her beautiful porcelain ass in front of me. I began to slide my tongue up and own the crack of her ass. Licking her asshole when nearing it. Tina groaned now loudly. I shoved my tongue inside her asshole. Knowing fully well that no way did she ever imagine someone doing this, let alone to her.

It was at that instance, that I was overwhelmed with taking this girl to the highest level of fucking she would ever attain. As I sucked and probed her asshole with my mouth, spotting a red thick round decorative holiday candle near by, I reached out ankara escort for it. I rubbed her pussy lips with it. All the while, licking her young ass. Oh, how she moaned.

I then plunged it deep inside her pussy. Tina went wild with lust. At no time did she resist or pull away from me. But instead, being the lustful nymph that she was, she surrendered herself fully to me. I worked the candle deep inside her as I worked on her ass. Her pussy juice drenched my face and hands. Her pussy juices made quite a contrast as it dripped down the sides of the red candle.

I broke away from licking her ass, and readied myself to cum. My cock being thick with excitement could not wait any longer. By now her asshole was also ready. I rammed my cock right into it. All along, shoving the candle inside her pussy. I could feel the candle rubbing against my cock as I pumped her ass.

Tina was beyond control, and came again. I put her hand on the candle’s end that stuck outside of her, allowing her to determine how much and how fast she wanted it inside her pussy. But more importantly, it now allowed me to grab her hips with my hands and RAM her ass with all the power I could muster.

As I came, I pulled my cock out and looked at her asshole, which was now a gaping hole. I plunged my cock in again and again, harder with each thrust, feeling the candle against it. Tina was jamming it inside her drenched pussy just as hard and fast as I was fucking her ass. My cum was now all over ass. Our legs wobbled.

It was evident that we both got more than what we expected. Like a small puppy, Tina pursued me, with calls to come to her house again. I smiled, knowing that it would be a long time before she would experience a fucking like that again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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