Perv U! Ch. 01

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are 18+ years of age. All characters and events depicted are completely fictitious…obviously.

Foreword: This is meant to be a fun and silly story, very tongue in cheek. I’m going for that goofy and humorous feel of an Ecchi manga. Please let me know what you think. Love it or hate it, comments are always appreciated! 🙂

“ONE HUNDRED MILES TO DESTINATION, ARRIVAL TIME 2:40 PM,” a pleasing female voice chimed from the front of the automated vehicle. With how little traffic was in their hoverlane that Sunday afternoon, they’d be there in less than 20 minutes. Sitting in the back seat, Tommy realized with alarm just how close they were.

‘Shit, this isn’t a bluff! They’re actually going to do it! They’re actually going to abandon me at this fucked up place!’ He ran a hand through his finger-length brown hair and took a deep breath. Beneath his hoodie and sweatpants, Tommy could feel nervous goose bumps form across the entirety of his scrawny frame.

“Please mom! You can’t be serious!” Tommy pleaded to the tan, curvaceous brunette in the front left side of the hovercraft.

“Step-mother,” she corrected him coldly, not bothering to turn away from her holo-book.

“Seriously mom…I mean step-mom,” Tommy stammered, growing increasing frantic. “It wasn’t like that! I just borrowed a few of your panties…because I was out clean underwear. That’s all!

“Why do you always seem to borrow,” she paused, making sure to thoroughly drench the word ‘borrow’ in as much irony as she could manage, “my used panties?” She slowly turned and stared at her twerp of a step-son, awaiting a response.

“I…er…I mean…I…um,” Tommy stuttered, unable to make eye contact with his step-mother. Instead, as usual, his gaze almost immediately shifted to his step-mom’s ample chest. Looking directly down into his mom’s canlı bahis cleavage didn’t help his cause though. Instead of finding a rebuttal, the only response Tommy could seem to muster was a large bulge forming in the crotch of his sweatpants. His step-mom let out a disgusted sigh before turning back to her hologram book.

‘Fuck! That didn’t go well! At least I got to look at those big titties one last time though,’ Tommy consoled himself.

He looked down again at the pamphlet resting in his lap. At the top, in big bold font, it read, ‘IS YOUR SON A PERVERT?’ The mother in the foreground of the illustration appeared utterly distraught as a sheepish looking boy in the background, with a quite noticeable erection, gawked at her. At the bottom of the brochure stood the university motto, ‘PERV UNIVERSITY: PRODUCING PRODUCTIVE PERVERTS.’ The couple paragraphs on the back didn’t say much at all, just the layout of the campus and some details on dorm amenities.

‘This is bad, this is real bad…what kind of messed up institution is this?’ Images of straitjackets and prison cell doors danced around in Tommy’s head…and nuns for some reason…old, ugly ones.

“Sis, come on sis,” Tommy knew this angle was a long shot, but what other option did he have? “Please talk some sense into mom. You don’t want to just leave me here. It’s not right!”

“Step-sister,” the tall, blond in the front right compartment of the craft responded in an icy tone.

“I just…” Tommy struggled try to find the right words to pacify his older step-sister. “I just want you to know I’m sorry, and that it wasn’t like that. The only reason I sometimes come into the bathroom when you’re showering to make sure you’re using proper hygiene.”

When his sister slowly turned, her hazel green eyes were squinted into two venomous daggers. Tommy barely noticed though, instead focusing bahis siteleri intently on how his sister’s nipples protruded so visibly from beneath her white cotton tank top.

“You’re fucking disgusting!” His sister snarled, before whipping back in her seat and burying her face in one of those antique paper books she loved so much.

‘Not my fault the slut doesn’t wear a bra…well, that’s it, I’m officially fucked,’ Tommy thought to himself. At least he had convinced his mom to let him bring his holo projector with him. She had scoured it for any contraband. (Pornography wasn’t allowed at this horrible place!) What his mom didn’t know about though was the tiny 500 petabyte flash drive Tommy had purchased from a local vehicle charging station. It wasn’t much, just enough store a couple classics, plus a secret homemade hologram of his step-mom changing that Tommy was very proud of. Still though, it was better than nothing. Tommy had hidden this precious gem in a very safe, if somewhat sensitive place. A brief moment of turbulence caused Tommy to clench his butt cheeks and shift uncomfortably in his seat.

Tommy closed his eyes as their craft began to reduce speed and altitude. This was it, it was all over. He briefly debated breaking into tears, but he knew a waterworks display wasn’t going to change the attitude of either of the passengers in the front of the vehicle.

The hovercraft slowly descended towards a large red brick building that Tommy understood to be the admissions hall. There was a figure in white standing outside the building, presumably awaiting their arrival. As the hovercraft touched down, Tommy’s jaw dropped. The university representative waiting there wasn’t the old, crotchety nun of Tommy’s nightmares, but a blonde bombshell of a nurse! Dressed in a nurse’s outfit that was at least two sizes too tight, and 12 inches too short on the bahis şirketleri bottom, not a single curve of her voluptuous body was hidden.

“And who do we have here?” She cooed, while at the same time bending down, with her hands on her knees, to look at Tommy through the window of the vehicle.

‘Her tits…they’re enormous!’ Tommy actively fought the urge to drool, mesmerized by the cleavage of her bulging breasts in that low cut uniform. Noticing his obvious ogling, the sultry nurse giggled and gave him a smile and a wink.

“Come on sweetie, out of the craft,” the nurse whispered in a sultry voice, “you don’t want to keep me waiting, do you?” She licked her lips, slowly.

Almost as if on autopilot, Tommy’s legs pulled him from the craft, until he was standing face-to-face with the buxom nurse. Or rather, face-to-tits, as the scantily clad medical professional towered over him by at least a foot in her heels. The height difference was fine by Tommy though, anything to get him closer to those massive juggs. Tommy’s baggy sweatpants were rapidly transforming into a camping tent.

“Ok, you can go now,” the nurse said cheerily to the remaining occupants of the craft. Tommy’s mother didn’t hesitate; within seconds the hovercraft was airborne.

“Wait! All my stuff is…” before Tommy could finish his sentence, the nurse gave the waistband of his sweatpants a sharp tug and both sweatpants and underwear were at his ankles.

“Wha…wha…!” Tommy yelped in surprise.

“Oh my!” The nurse exclaimed with delight. “For such a small boy, you certainly have quite an enormous cock.” Without warning she latched both hands onto Tommy’s semi-engorged member and began pulling him towards the admissions hall. Completely stunned and unable to form words, Tommy did his best to shamble along after her, pants still at his ankles.

“Angela,” the nurse shouted over her shoulder, while still dragging him along by his giant penis. “It’s going to be a fun afternoon! We got ourselves a two-hander!”

‘What the fuck is happening!?’ The voice in Tommy’s head screamed.

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