Pegged for Eternity- Jack goes to hell

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Ava Addams

Jack woke up in a fog, astounded by the sight around him. The last thing he remembered was the moans of his mother, rolling her thich booty up and down his shaft. Every girl had rejected him and when he shared this, his mom offered to get him off. He spent Sunday morning with his mom having anal sex, not in church like he should have been. God got angry, and send Jack to burn in hell for eternity.

Jack looked up in shock as a huge flow of lava barreled toward him. He attempted to run away but stood helplessly, accepting what he thought was death, but felt the lava pour over him. Chains burst out from around him and grabbed him as the lava seared his skin off and rendered his muscles from his bones. Jack never lost consciousness though, and soon realized he was in hell as he screamed for mercy.

After about an hour of being burned alive, a female demon came down to check on Jack and explain the rules of hell. “Well, Jack. I see you’re down here you sexist pig. Fucking your mom? Wow, that was unimaginative. Couldn’t accept girls just think you’re ugly as fuck, so you came to whine to mommy. Don’t worry, she’s barbecuing down here too. No you can’t see her, fucker.”. The demon stabbed Jack with a trident and pushed him back under the lava.

As he came back up once again seared, the demon explained hell to Jack. “First of all, it’s hell so youre immortal. Too bad basically what we do here is torture you as much as illegal bahis we can. You can regenerate, but only when we want you to. Also the Bible is wrong, were all girls. Sucks for you, because we all know you called us bitches when you were alive. Time to learn a lesson now, prick. She stabbed his dick with a trident, spraying blood everywhere and cut off his balls with a molten sword. They repaired in seconds and the demon came back to step on his dick with her high heeled shoes.

Jack came back up from the lava again, burned all over and screaming his lungs out. To quiet him, the demon healed his burns and changed the room from lava to a dark dungeon. The demon introduced herself as Sanzaea. She grabbed Jack and stripped him naked. Next, she put him in chains and hung him from clasps on the wall.

Sanzaea was seven feet tall with extremely large tits and glowing red skin. She was as strong as one would expect a demon to be, and had a massive, muscular ass with power just made to thrust a strapon into a sinner.

“Time to meet my friend,” she said with a chuckle. In walked another demon, who told Jack her name was Kaga. Kaga stood ten feet tall and with even bigger tits, but also with a flesh and blood penis straight from a futanari hentai cartoon.

“Sanzaea and I punish a certain kind of sinners,” Kaga explained. “We punish misogynists. You fucking pigs deserve to rot, but not with just lava or that old shit. illegal bahis siteleri No, you deserve sexual torture. I’m sure you fantasized about raping girls so here’s our way of showing you what it’s like.”

Kaga lifted Jack high in the air as Sanzaea brought out a wooden horse, a special torture device made of a simple wooden beam with a sharp peak at the top. The sinner would sit on the peak with weights on their feet, usually, and experience the feeling of being ripped apart by gravity. However, a few thousand years ago Kaga invented a better use for it. She invented a new torture in which the man would sit atop the peak and feel his scrotum being split as the demon would position herself behind him with a strapon, agressively raping the sinner as the force of her thrusts split his balls.

Kaga slammed Jack agressively onto the horse and pushed him forward until his face touched the bar. Each of his balls was on opposite sides of the peak and his dick was positioned perfectly flush between his stomach and the peak, meaning any push down on Jack’s back would cut his penis in half.

Kaga violently inserted her massive, throbbing cock into Jack’s ass, causing him to scream in terror and agony. Kaga laughed as Sanzaea fingered herself across the room watching. “Not liking it, fuckboy? Gonna be a long eternity, then!”, She cackled. Spit bubbled from Jack’s mouth as Kaga pushed deeper and deeper, and as the rules of canlı bahis siteleri physics didn’t apply in Hell, split Jack’s ass instead of stopping Kaga’s massive cock. As his anus split further and further up, he bubbled a futile, “P-p-pl”. “What, bitchboi, do you think if you say please I will stop? Do keep begging like a dog, I like it, but I won’t stop,” she replied.

Sanzaea approached and sat down at the other end of the wooden horse, grinding herself just lightly enough to derive pleasure. Kaga’s massive shaft continued to split Jack and she leaned forward all in one agressive push, splitting his cock in half as he screamed in agony looking in shock at the hemorrhaging cross-section of his Wang dangling below him.

Sanzaea healed his wounded cock as Kaga continued to fuck, faster and faster. Sanzaea approached the fucking pair and helped out with Kaga’s “task”. She started squeezing Jack’s penis, but quickly switched to a more painful punishment- using their old pair of thumbscrews on the tip of his meat rod.

Sanzaea decided to finish their first session with a real surprise, before casting Jack back into the lava for the night. She grabbed Jack and crucified him, pounding comically huge nails through his hands into a cross. Next, she did the same to his legs, spreading him into doing the splits.

Slowly, Sanzaea slid a massive, flaming wooden pike up his ass at about an inch per second. Jack shrieked in horror as the white-hot stick raped his ass with flames. Finally, sanzaea tossed him back in the lava with the stick in his ass. Jack knew eternity was going to be very, very bad.

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