Pastor Richard’s Anal Lessons

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Mari had not been thinking clearly when she said “I do” to Pastor Syrus. She was in awe of his power over the congregation and herself. She had presented herself to him as a virgin, anticipating that he would teach her how to be a complete woman.

They had been married now for three months and he had yet to have any kind of sex with her. He would kiss her on her forehead but that was as far as he would go. Mari ached to know how he would feel inside of her. One night, she bravely asked him if he would make love to her. Pastor Syrus told her that they were not ready for children yet, kissed her on her forehead, and rolled over to sleep.

Months passed until it was near their first anniversary. Pastor Syrus announced to Mari that he was bringing in an assistant pastor who would be staying with them. He asked Mari to fix up the guest room for Pastor Richard. Dutiful she did so.

Pastor Richard arrived late that Sunday evening. Mari almost lost her breath when she gazed upon him. Her breasts rose and fell with each deep breath she tried to conceal. Though Pastor Syrus did not notice Mari’s attraction, Pastor Richard most definitely did. “Sister Mari,” he smiled at her, “Could you please show me to my room. I am so tired and wish to take a hot bath and go to bed.” Pastor Syrus instructed Mari to do as Pastor Richard asked and indicating to her that she should draw him bath as well.

Pastor Richard made pleasant chatter as both he and Mari climbed the stairs. Mari lit the candles in his room and showed him where he could store his belongings. She then went into the kitchen to draw his bath. A large bath basin was pulled pendik escort into the middle of the floor and Mari filled it with warm water. Candles lit the room, to help add to the warmth. Pastor Syrus came into the room and instructed Mari to assist Pastor Richard with his bathing and then he went into the library.

Mari felt like a schoolgirl as she helped Pastor Richard disrobe. She had only guessed at what he might look like without any clothes, and she was not disappointed. Pastor Richard proudly stepped into the bath basin. If Mari had been more experienced, she would have known that he was showing the signs of arousal. He smiled at her innocence. Mari softly bathed him with a sponge, but avoided his manly parts. Pastor Richard then took Mari’s hand and guided it below the water to his fully erect penis. He took the sponge out of her hand, placed both hands upon his dick and instructed her in the art of massage. Inexperienced, Mari did not know that she was masturbating Pastor Richard. She only noticed his heavy breathing and the restlessness of his hips. She looked into his eyes as her hands rose up and down the shaft of his penis. She was surprised to feel the wetness coming from the head of his cock, and gazed at it while she circled it with her finger. She could see that as she massaged the head of his dick, he would take deeper breaths and so she continued to do so.

Wanting the experience to last, Pastor Richard stilled Mari’s hands. He gazed into her eyes and realized that she was a virgin. “Mari,” Pastor Richard asked, “You and Pastor Syrus have not consummated your marriage?” Mari looked down, ashamed. “I wanted him tuzla escort to, Pastor Richard, but he has no desire for me.” Pastor Richard stood up, displaying his fully erect and aching dick to Mari. “Mari, you are a very desirable woman. Do you see what you have done to me?” Pastor Richard asked. “I did this,” Mari asked. “Yes, and how does it make you feel?” Pastor Richard questioned. “Pastor Richard,” Mari began but he put his hand over her mouth and said, “Mari, I think you can call me Rick.” “Rick, seeing you like this, it makes me have funny feelings in my panties. I can feel a funny throbbing down there and I feel, I feel a wetness between my legs,” Mari said shyly. “Where, Mari, show me. Take off your panties, I will sit back in the tub and I want you to stand in front of me and show me where the funny feeling is,” Pastor Richard said.

Mari quickly disrobed and as Pastor Richard sat back down in the tub, Mari straddled the tub with her aching pussy only inches from his mouth. She pointed to her clitoris, indicating that was the source of her feelings. Pastor Richard grabbed both of her ass cheeks and pulled her pussy onto his mouth. Surprised but delighted, Mari clasped her hands over her mouth so as not to squeal. For the first time, she felt a man’s tongue lapping her juices. She liked it and began wiggling her tight ass into Pastor Richard’s face. Pastor Richard pulled her in and out from his mouth. He had an incredibly long tongue and Mari rode it hard. In and out, Mari’s hips rocked hardly into Pastor Richard’s inviting mouth. Pastor Richard alternating sucking her clitoris and slipping his tongue deep into her pussy.

Pastor kartal escort Richard, knowing he couldn’t last much longer before exploding, pulled away from Mari and climbed out of the tub. “Mari, it’s time,” he said. “Time for what?” Mari asked breathlessly. Pastor Richard didn’t tell her, he just showed her.

Pastor Richard stood Mari facing the tub. He took Mari’s hands and placed them on the side of the tub and pulled her hips back so that her tight ass was prominently protruding toward his waiting cock. He spread her legs, and then softly caressed her ass cheeks in both hands. Lubricating one finger, he slowly entered Mari’s anus. He was surprised at her eagerness to comply as she began moving her ass in and out. Pastor Richard knew he could proceed to the next step. He massaged her anal opening with the head of his wet dick for a few minutes and then slowly began slipping it in and out. Mari continued moving her ass in compliance. Pastor Richard knew he could slip it all the way in. Mari gasped as his fully erect penis drove into her all of its nine inches. Her rhythmic thrusts increased, driving Pastor Richard to the brink as her tight ass gripped his cock. He could no longer hold back and filled her with his hot load.

He collapsed upon her back, reaching around to massage her aching nipples. Mari sighed with exhaustion and whispered to Pastor Richard, “Rick, I hope you stay with us for a while and teach me all I need to know to truly satisfy a man.”

Pastor Richard vowed to Mari that he would do so, saying, “Mari, I have many lessons yet to teach you, but maybe there is something you are already thinking of that you would like to learn?” Mari giggled and caressing his now soft penis in her hands, she looked up at him shyly and said, “Rick, you drove me wild with your tongue, would you teach me how to pleasure you with my mouth?”

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