Past, Present and Future Ch. 02

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A short tale of a new relationship,
a stand-alone story, but building on Chapter 1.
Have fun!


The path was easy, soft sand under my bare feet. The walk was relaxing, the countryside pretty and morning-fresh.

“You’re sure we’re alone?” I asked. I was still nervous.

He squeezed my hand. “It’s Saturday morning. The crops aren’t ready to harvest and the locals have no other reason to be here. Trust me, it’s just us.”

I’d met Tony when we’d been put together as lab partners in university. While initially puzzled by his standoffishness, I’d been very impressed with him overall. In his mid-to-late 40s, with blond hair going white, he was really good-looking, fit and exceptionally well-dressed. He’d patiently helped a totally unscientific Stephanie with my homework and reports. To the extent I could trust anybody these days, I trusted Tony.

Beside me on the path, he was dressed in sandals, a pair of L.L. Bean shorts and a deep tan. I was wearing that, minus the shorts and the sandals.

I was however wearing the silver necklace he’d tried to give me.

It was more than I could or would accept as a gift. Hand-crafted, thumb-thick, intricate and weighty, it made me look more beautiful than I could have imagined. And it probably would have paid for my tuition next year, but a girl has to have some pride. This one, anyway. After some argument, he’d agreed to my wearing it whenever I came to visit.

In point of fact, that necklace was all I had worn since Tony had ‘invited’ me to spend the weekend. I phrase it that way as I’d annoyed Tony by trying a bit of juvenile feminine intrigue on him after class on Friday. Irritated by my school-girl conceit, he’d flatly rebuffed my suggestion that he might have the privilege of buying me a coffee at Starbucks.

It had been my game, my cards and, intrigued by him and trying just a bit too hard to coax him into inviting me out, it had been me who’d dealt the hand. He’d seen through it in an instant, called me on it without a blink.

“No, thank you, I don’t want a coffee, Stephanie. And I don’t think you do, either, not really.”

“If you wish however,” he had continued, his grey eyes locked on mine, “we can do something less predictable, less adolescent. I’ll wait in Starbucks while you go to the residence and pack a bag for the weekend. Actually, don’t even bother doing that. Just fetch your flute and put whatever it is you think you simply cannot live without in your purse.”

It was a small purse.

Shocked and humiliated by the brusque suggestion and its implications, mortified at having been so transparent, I was about to loose a blast of affronted feminine fury, but he cut me off, dropped a final bombshell, won by giving in completely to the terms of what I’d suggested originally.

“Of course, if it’s really coffee that you want, Stephanie,” he’d said, “I’ll buy you one and we can work on your lab report for an hour. Then I’ll see you in class next week.”

He stared at me, his eyebrows raised in challenge. Go do your homework before you and Barbie and Teddy have your tea party; there’s a good girl.

Twenty minutes later I was in his convertible, flying out old Highway 22 towards his farm west of the city. Arriving, he’d carried in my laptop and books, leaving me with the rest of my luggage, meaning my flute and my purse. Ten minutes later, scrupulously polite, without the slightest threat, without laying a finger on me, he’d shamed me into following through on my agreement.

“The deal, Stephanie,” he calmly reminded me, “is that you agreed to do whatever pleases me at the moment until such time as either you or I decide it’s time for you to quit and go home. You came here knowing that, didn’t you?”

Yes, I had, but having it put that directly had been darned hard on my already-bruised ego. To add to my distress, he’d then shown me an empty closet and told me to join him after leaving my clothes there. With that, he’d turned and gone back to the kitchen to start making us dinner.

In the end, too stubborn to give up, too proud to escape into his offer of a taxi to take me home, I’d stripped, tidied myself up and then spent half an hour playing my flute for him while he cooked us a gourmet meal.

Here’s the thing. I’d been outraged by Tony’s bluntness back on campus and humiliated by his quite open expectation from the very beginning that I would shed my duds on arrival. Once I was undressed however, what had really frosted me was his essentially paying no attention to my timid nudity until he’d finished cooking. How dare he ignore my sweet body now that it was so openly displayed?

I was pretty sure he wasn’t gay. Why would a gay man invite a long-legged knockout blonde to spend the weekend sans clothes? If he were gay, I could see him bringing an attractive guy to the farm, but this made no sense.

His glances had however become more and more frequent. His smile grew gentler. His eyes lingered illegal bahis on my breasts and sex. He’d got up and walked around me on my stool, his eyes taking in every detail. Throughout it, he hadn’t laid a finger on me and that was outside my experience and expectations; it had me almost unnerved.

It was hours before he touched me and even then, it had been just gentle, friendly. By that time, each touch left me tingling.

Finally, after doing the dishes together, we went outside to watch the sunset paint itself across acres and acres of farmland. Watching the colours unfold, entirely without guile or pretense, he’d done what my body had by that time been yearning for. His hand slipped between my thighs and gently, with exquisite, excruciating slowness, drove me up into the most incredible orgasm I’d ever had. He took time, built it layer upon layer, showed the most amazing patience and I darned near died when it hit me.

Then he’d carried me in his arms into his bedroom and, finally taking off his own clothes, lifted me into second orgasm that nearly took the top of my head off.


I was awakened the next morning by somebody poking me lightly in my ribs. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and discovered Pi, the farm’s feline owner. She was doing that cat treadmill thing, walking in place on top of somebody, preferably somebody trying to sleep.

I acknowledged her right to my side of the bed and, leaving she and the still-sleeping Tony, went out into the kitchen. The sun was warm on the deck and I took a tea outside. It was warm enough that I wasn’t tempted to reclaim my clothes.

No clothes was central to my being here and I was surprised to find myself becoming more comfortable with being on constant display for him. I was discovering that the open and candid admiration of my beauty by a handsome, well-spoken man was curiously pleasant, even for a modern lass like me.

I closed my eyes, smiled happily. Today, I anticipated more of the same.

“Good morning,” he said from behind me. I jumped a bit. The man moved like a cat; I hadn’t heard him at all. He was wearing a pair of white cotton pants, a drawstring knotted at his waist. There was a soft but suggestive bulge.

Hey, after last night, I was entitled to notice.

“I hope you don’t mind,” I said, holding up a mug, “but I made myself a tea.”

“Not a coffee?” he grinned.

“Not a chance,” I confirmed. “How did you sleep?”

“Well, thank you. And you?”

My reply was a bit muffled as he pulled me into his chest for a hug. I smiled to myself as his big hand slid down my back, hugged my bottom.

Tony was a teacher as well as a student.


“It’s a nice day,” he said as we stacked the breakfast dishes. “Would you like to go for a walk?”

I was getting used to being bare all the time, but the implications of a walk concerned me.

“What, like this?” I asked. It was one thing to be nude inside or on the deck, miles from the nearest neighbour, but the thought of being out in public…

“You need a leash?”

Now, that shocked me. “The hell, Tony? Are you serious? And don’t you dare tell me I can call a cab and go home! A leash, Tony?”

Totally unflappable, he ignored my protests, shifted lanes, changed the topic.

“We’ll be staying on the farm, Stephanie, mostly within trees. The crops aren’t ready for harvest, it’s not hunting season and the birders are going somewhere else of late. You needn’t worry about anybody seeing you.”

“Apparently, though, you think I might run off!”

“Not really.” He thought for a moment, smiled. “Do you want a leash?”

I wasn’t going anywhere near that. This time, it was me who dodged.

“What are the paths like? I only have the shoes I wore.”

He thought for a second, trying to picture them. “You should be ok. It’s mainly sand, no rocky bits. I sometimes go barefoot myself.”

And that was that.


We started out by crossing one field, through knee-high rows of bushy leaves. The morning sun was warm and I found it unusually pleasant on my bare skin. Once across the first field, we skirting another filled with next year’s sweet tooth. Tony stopped, pointed to a path into a small wood.

“You’re sure we’re alone?” I asked. I was still nervous.

Tony squeezed my hand. “Trust me, it’s just us.”

I took some comfort in that. Tony had pushed my comfort zone to a surprising degree, but he’d never misled me, never lied to me. Come to think of it, I’d found him so honest that I wasn’t sure he could tell a lie. But a stark-naked stroll in broad daylight, well, yeah — it was another push at the envelope, a big one.

I mused on our relationship as we walked. I’d agreed that I would do whatever pleased him at the moment – obey him, in other words. Just that much would be objectionable to so many of the self-cloistered, distrustful sisterhood back on campus. But the extent of Tony’s ‘control’ had been very limited. illegal bahis siteleri Play the flute for him while he cooked; not much dominance there. He liked the way I looked, so no clothes. That one had of course been tougher initially, but I was finding that easier now, at times actually fun. And sex. Well, Tony was a maestro in bed…

Being nude for Tony’s pleasure had been a learning experience, but while I’d been hotly embarrassed on occasion, not once had he ever humiliated me, done anything I resented or felt ashamed of, nothing I couldn’t face myself in the mirror over. His was a strong, forceful male presence and I was finding my femininity strengthened and enhanced by that, my yin, if you will, drawing from and benefiting from his yang.

In more ways than one.

“After you,” he said, pointing the way.

“Tony,” I asked. “You know where we’re going. Shouldn’t you lead?”

He smiled. He’d started smiling more often today. He ran a gentle hand over my face. I liked how it felt, leaned into it. Having both boys and girls in the world is a really good idea.

“Shouldn’t you lead?” I repeated.

He grinned. “If you go first, Stephanie, I’ll get to watch your derrière as you walk.”

I didn’t think I still had a blush in me, but I reached down deep inside and found one lurking. A little one.

With that, I realized something else. Had it been a fellow-student, a classmate, a boy my own age saying something like that to me back in the city, I’d have nutted him right there, knee to groin, and called down a Twitter firestorm on his writhing form.

Here, with Tony, half a mile from my clothing, it actually felt pretty good to hear him say it. I was enjoying his honest, frank appreciation when he looked at me. There was absolutely no pretence in the man. Girls have figures for a reason, I thought to myself; Tony loved looking at mine and that was just fine by me.

Not worried now, I laughed with delight as his hands came around my waist, pulled me in for a hug.

“It is a very cute butt,” he grinned. His hands moved down from my waist and came to rest on my bum. I leaned against him as his fingers slid over my cheeks, squeezed. I was surprised at the glow of contentment his hands – and his comments – had lit in me.

I laughed again, squeezed him back, felt his chest hair on my nipples, sensed them harden just slightly.

“Is this pleasing you, Tony?” I whispered. “Is this what you want, right now?”

One of his big hands lifted from my bum, slapped it affectionately. I laughed gently. “I’ll take that as a yes, shall I?”

He released me, pointed again.

“Off we go,” he said. “Over to the left there.”

I led off. I put a little bit of extra hip-flip in my steps and could feel his eyes on me as I did so. I could sense the enjoyment I was providing him and it was all to the good.

The trail led through open woods, patches of wildflowers, across a small creek. It was very still, very pretty. Lambton County is quite flat, but we were heading up a slight rise. When we came to the top, there was a small but sunny open glade with ferns in the shadows around the edges. An opening on the far side of the clearing framed a checkerboard of distant farms, fields and woodlots. The songs of two small birds competed for my ears; iridescent dragonflies flitted about.

“This is wonderful,” I said to Tony.

“This was my favourite place when I was a little boy. After my dad died, my mother used to come to visit with Uncle Leo every summer. I spent a lot of time running around these fields, just being a kid.

“Remember Superman?” he grinned suddenly. I nodded and he pointed to the gap. Two wrist-thick, waist-high branches, almost parallel, almost level, grew across the opening.

“I used to pretend I was Superman,” he said softly. “I could lie across those branches, one under my chest, one under my hips, with my arms and legs out straight. The trees would sometimes sway in the breeze and it felt like I was flying, just like the Man of Steel.”

I could see the warm memory in his eyes.

“A happy place,” I said softly. I put my hand on his chest.

“Oh, yeah. Good times. Little kids never worry about tomorrow; it’s all right now.”

“I wish I could have seen that,” I said. “You should try it now, see if you still fit.”

I don’t think so,” he said. “I’m a little heavy for that now.” He chuckled.


“I was just thinking that you might fit, Stephanie.” He looked down at me. “Did you ever dream of being Supergirl?”

“Nope. I was Wonder Woman. I had ‘Amazon princess’ nighties, even. I used to get into arguments with my brothers over TV shows when Wonder Woman was on.”

He chuckled again, scooped me up into his arms. He gave me a quick kiss, then laughed. “Maybe we can change your mind, Stephanie.”

He stepped to the two branches, laid me down across them carefully. They were smooth enough that I was actually canlı bahis siteleri fairly comfortable and there was enough of a sway to the trees that it did seem like I was flying, sort of. I looked down at the farms and fields off in the distance. Yeah, I could see the appeal. I stretched out my arms and legs, let the trees shift me up and down slightly. Stretch out and fly…

Tony had stepped back to watch me, his arms crossed and a satisfied smile on his face. I knew this was another gift, a shared happiness.

I could feel his eyes run over my body and sensed his mood suddenly change. I looked back at him, saw the sudden hunger in his eyes. His shorts fell about his ankles and he kicked them off to one side. His cock was already hard, needing. Seeing it, I felt my breath catch, felt a happy churning in my loins.

He pulled my legs apart, stepped in between them. I felt his hands slide softly up my legs and felt my body respond, labia swelling, nipples hard now, heart starting to beat faster.

“Fly, Supergirl,” he said, his voice husky. “Fly around the world. Show me how you can fly.”

I wanted to hold him, wanted to take him in my arms, wiggle my tummy and boobs against him. I tried to slide off the branches, but his hands tightened, locking me in place. I felt my boobs move beneath me as a breeze moved the trees. His hands squeezed my thighs as he knelt behind me.

The weight came off my legs as he rested one on each shoulder. I hissed slightly as his whiskers brushed along the skin of my legs, wriggled on the branches as his lips found my sex.

“Tony!” I gasped.

He pulled his head back. “Hush, girl. I’m busy.” He chuckled, licked me with the tip of his tongue. “Enjoy the flight.”

He leaned back in and buried his mouth on my pussy. I felt his tongue sweep up and down the length of my lips, felt my desire surge under the touch of a man, light-years ahead of the clumsy, fumbling boys I’d known. I was panting now, his tongue finding precisely the right spots to do exactly the right things to set me ablaze.

And the darned thing was that I could do absolutely nothing but what Tony wanted. I couldn’t get down, I couldn’t reciprocate, I couldn’t do anything except enjoy his attentions, bathe in the pleasure rippling and waving over me like the leaves in the fields below. The trees were swaying a bit harder now, the branches rising and falling more and more; his tongue darted into me, swirled, his lips sucked my clit into his mouth and I was indeed airborne now, setting the world alight with happiness and pleasure and…

One of his hands came off my leg, felt around under me, found a boob. He squeezed it, found my nipple, pinched gently and I came, soaring above a world far below me, glorious, spiraling, swirling, dizzy with the joy of it.

Tony’s grip again shifted as he stood up. I felt his knuckles brush my thigh as his spongy cockhead aimed for, found my eager, wet opening. I sobbed aloud as he slid in, a second orgasm beginning. One of his hands seized me by the hip, the other reached up, coiled in my hair and pulled my head up. His cock, full and hard with his own need, began to drive into me, no gentleness now. The branches above us began to sway with the impact of his lean hips against my thighs. My boobs swung and bounced beneath me.

I began to roar with each stroke, louder, deeper. I’m surprised my cries weren’t heard by people in the distant farms.

Back and forth, his cock slid against my walls, stretching me, filling me, pushing me higher, higher still, shooting up and up. My orgasm went on and on, endless and deep as the blue sky through the trees above me.

Tony stopped, went rigid; I could feel him pulsing within me. His body trembled. He released my hair; his body fell slowly across my bum and back as he gasped for breath, lost in his own pleasure.

And still mine continued. Each sway of the branches shifted me over his still-rigid manhood, teased me, kept me aloft. It took a long time, ages, eons, until I felt Tony softening inside. He kissed my shoulder tenderly.

“How was the flight?” he whispered.

“I don’t think I’m going back to Themyscira,” I whispered back.

He laughed, pulled back and helped me to my feet. I felt his arms pull me in for another gentle hug, felt the warmth of his body and his heart inside it.

“So, now you know my secret Happy Spot,” he said.

I squeezed his waist with all my might. My cheek on his solid shoulder felt exactly right, as did his hand slowly stroking my bare back and bum. Who would have thought?


We took our time returning to the house; there was no hurry. He hadn’t bothered to put his shorts back on, joining me in a nude stroll. I looked down at him as we walked, wondered what it must be like to have something always swinging like that. Then I noticed my boobs shift with each step and smiled.

The day was very warm by the time we got back.

“It’s almost noon,” he said, squeezing my hand. “I’d like you to play for me while I make lunch, please.”

I nodded.

“May I have a moment for a quick dip in the pool?” I asked. “Just to cool off?”

“Of course. Take off the necklace, though.”

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