Passion for Dad Ch. 03

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Dear Readers, I feel I am making up for the lost time and felt this story could be continued, and here is the Chapter – 3 of “Passion for Dad.” tell me when to stop? Other wise in the present state of mind I may just keep on writing!

……..Momma clutched my hand tight in her cunt and started to fuck it with vigor till she came.

I can say all of us came together within a few nano-seconds.

Collapsing on each other we slept peacefully throughout the night.

Morning, we were shy to look at with each other on the breakfast table till Mom said – “Harry, Daisy, we need to talk.”………


True to her profession she had business tone when she addressed us. Yes, my Dad and Mom are business partners running a big business group. Dad is the technical brain and Mom is the commercial brain of the organization. They had only child in me. Thinking of future, they had put me in to a famous business school to learn the intricacies of running a business. I should say they have a very high hope on me. Touch wood, I have never disappointed them as I was good in all-round activities right from academics to debate to sports. They were really proud of my achievements and me. All the prizes I won were displayed at Mom and Dad’s chamber in our corporate office.

Hearing Mom say that she needs to talk to us, we almost jumped with fear thinking that the night’s passion had tapered off, and she is going to take task of us. Dad and me both nodded gloomily to Mom.

“Listen, I have no regrets for whatever has happened between us. In fact I am very happy that it has happened. But henceforth what direction our life is going to take, this we have to think.” The agenda of meeting was set making us to grin with relief.

“Honey, the thought had crossed my mind too, I know it very well that henceforth our life will not be the same as before. You are the thinking brain of the family, you must have thought of something about the situation, let us hear it.”

“Daisy?” looking at me Mom continued, “do you realize where we are?”

“Yes Momma, I know exactly where we are and I leave it to you and Dad to decide what ever is good for all of us, as always, I have all the confidence in you, you will think of only the best for all of us.” And that was true. I didn’t exaggerate her capabilities. Mom always thought of the best for all of us.

“Okay, then all of us agree on the present situation. Harry, let Daisy complete her education without anything else on her mind. For that she cannot stay at home and she has to get in to hostel…”

Before she could complete her sentence I complained “Momma…”

She cut me mid way and continued, “Listen to me completely honey, we have high hopes on you, if you stay here you may not be able to concentrate on your studies as not only you, both Dad and me may not be able to keep our hands away from you.” Though she winked at me, it was a fact.

“It’s hardly for another 8 months, you will complete your studies and join us at the office. After you join the office then I assure you everything kartal escort will be normal. Then we have to plan for a husband for you who understands our complex relationship and has no problem with it…” then she hesitated to continue which was out of character for Mom.

“What happened honey? Continue, you want to tell us something else?” Dad prodded.

“Harry, you know it very well that I wanted to have another child from you, but with the complications I had during Daisy’s birth we could not have another baby as sweet as Daisy. Now I would like Daisy to have a baby from you for my sake. I know it sounds weird, I am sorry, but this is the thought I have.” She was apologetic and there were teardrop in her eyes.

I kissed Mom and wiped her tears, “Momma, I love you so much, please do not apologize, I would love to have a baby from Dad. We will do everything as per your plan, I promise.”

Dad too stood and walked to Mom and kissed her, “Honey, you don’t know how much both of us love you, don’t worry, everything will be as you wish.”

Mom was so happy, she immediately faked that business tone in her voice and commanded to us, “And Everything is settled then. I feel the occasion calls for celebration and I propose to have a non-stop fucking session for the next 24 hours till Daisy leaves us for her sabbatical.” She concluded the meeting.

“I second it for the first part.” I mocked.

“I go with the majority.” Diplomatically Dad agreed.

I ran to Dad and sat on his lap. He kissed he hard and started to fondle my tits. Within no time I felt his hard dick pressing my ass!

“Hey, first thing first, Daisy are you on the pill?” Mom queried.

I was sly when I replied, “Yes Momma, right from the day when I found out Dad filming me. I somehow knew my days of virginity were numbered.”

“Clever girl! I will tell you when to stop. Now carry on, but please go to our room where we have a large bed, where every one of us can be comfortable. Now I have some chores – like feeding poor Johnny who is being neglected of late by his mistress, I will join you in a jiffy. But no Cummings till I join you.” She warned.

I giggled as I pulled Dad with me to their master bedroom.

I mumbled “Hi Mom,” with a mouthful of Dad’s dick when she walked in to the room with John toeing her.

She frowned and said, “Daisy, how many times should I tell you not to talk when your mouth is full?” then she laughed and caressed my head.

Dad was sitting on a reclining chair fully relaxed; I was kneeling down with his hard dick in my mouth fondling his balls. Mom took no time to shed her clothes and join us. She swept her legs across the chair and was standing with her pussy inches away from Dad’s mouth.

“Come on Man, between we two horny girls, let us see how long you are going to sustain! Now suck my cunt and ream it with your long tongue.”

Dad must have obliged, as I could hear Mom moaning and goading him for some more… “Ya honey, feels so good, you are a very good cunt sucker… Daisy baby did you know that your Dad maltepe escort bayan is such a good cunt sucker…? he can make your cunt melt with his mouth and tongue… you should try it sometime…” she advised.

I raised my head and saw Mom literally fucking Dad’s face with gusto, “Yes Momma, I will try it out now, if you allow me!”

“Hey why not? Let us change our position. I need to take him in my mouth too, its already feeling empty without taking his dick in my mouth for more than 24 hours!” she swept her legs back and motioned me to take her position.

Ummm… my Dad knows how to suck a cunt and eat it too… “Agggggghhh… Mommaaa… you are right, Dad is a beautiful cunt sucker, I can feel my cunt melting in his mouth… yes Daddy yes, eat me, eat my pussy… fuck it with your beautiful tongue…Mommaaa…” I turned my head to look down on my Mom to see what is the condition over there…

Mom stopped sucking Dad’s dick and she looked up and gave an understanding glance and stood up. She straddled Dad and guided his saliva coated Dick in to her dripping pussy…

I held Dad’s head tight and started to bang my pussy in to his face when Mom started to ride on Dad’s dick hard, holding my waist for support.

We girls must have been driving him crazy. Dad started to emit a muffled moan aloud through my pussy.

Mom shouted, “Daisy Baby, I can feel Dad’s Dick throbbing, he is about to cum… fuck his face hard darling while I fuck his fuck pole. Let us push him to the wall and make him cum…”

Suddenly Dad clutched my ass tight and pressed his face hard on my pussy. I felt his body give a shudder as he came.

I thought Dad is going to get suffocated on my pussy so I walked away to give him breathing room.

Mom gently removed Dad’s dick out of her pussy. She covered her pussy with her palm and rushed to the bed to lie down on her back.

She beckoned me near to her and asked, “Honey, do you want to taste Dad’s cum from my pussy? I am holding it for you.”

I didn’t require further instructions. I leapt on to Mom with my face buried deep in to her cum filled pussy.

I didn’t let a single drop of Dad’s cum to be wasted as I slurped and sucked Mom’s pussy. It’s all-together a new taste. Then I thought, how nice it would be to directly get it from Dad’s dick itself! But then, I had no complaints, as I could taste the mixed juices of Dad and Mom.

Mom held my head in her hand, crossed her legs around my neck and started to raise her ass up as if to drive her pussy straight through my face. She started to bang her pussy against my face and gave a loud moan, “Baby, you carry daddy’s quality in sucking a cunt. You suck exactly like him. My cunt has started to melt in your mouth darling. Now chew on to my pussy till Momma cum’s in your beautiful sexy mouth.”

“Oh! Harry, this daughter of ours is amazing. So beautifully she laps up my cunt, I feel she must be very talented… Harry, she is being ignored man. I can see you lusting for our daughter with another hard on, fill her cunt with your escort pendik dick and fuck her while she tongue fucks me.” She really knows how to get in to others thought! My pussy was really feeling ignored!

Dad raised my ass up and made me to spread my legs wide as he entered me in doggie style. For a while I concentrated on my own pussy as the sensation of my pussy being penetrated with a hard long dick is so beautiful. I closed my eyes and cherished the feeling. Though this is the third time a dick, that too Dad’s dick is entering my pussy, every time the feeling is same and makes me to want more and more of dick.

Once Dad’s hard Cock got nicely settled and secure in my waiting pussy, he just kept quite for a while, may be he too wanted to cherish the nice feeling of his daughter’s nice smooth cunt walls hugging his dick.

Leaving Dad to himself, I started off from where I had left. I lifted Mom’s ass up to my face hinting her to bang her pussy onto my face. Poor Mom, she was just waiting for me to settle and give her a hint to fuck my face!

Then the mad frenzy started. As Dad held my waist and made his dick to move almost away from my pussy, my pussy also tried to move away, when dad started to move his cock once again deep in to my all eager waiting pussy, I welcomed it by banging my ass to his stomach crushing his balls between us. As Dad pushed his dick deep, I used to move my face still further in to Mom’s pussy.

Both Mom and Dad were screaming and moaning, and I was moaning on to Mom’s cunt as my mouth was filled with her horny wet cunt.

“Fuck our Baby honey, she is so horny with a nice fresh cunt, fuck her hard, look at the way she sways her ass for you, she drools for your hard long cock. Fuck her, fuck her cunt hard…” Mom was all encouragement for Dad fucking me hard.

“Yes honey, I am fucking our baby darling, she has such a beautiful nice pair of ass and mouth watering cunt, I feel like fucking her to eternity. She has such a perfect cunt which hugs my huge hard cock so tight… our baby has such a warm and hot cunt, I can allow my cock to disappear in this heavenly tunnel.” Hmmm Dad is becoming poetic!

Between both Mom and Dad, they never allowed me to say anything; Mom just banged my face while Dad banged my now dripping slippery cunt.

I just let the things to happen as I was drugged with lust for pure sex with my Mom and Dad.

When Dad’s hands held my ass tight and fucked me hard, I felt Dad could not hold it any more, as I contracted my cunt muscle around his hard cock, I started to push my ass still back to meet his every thrust, driving him crazy.

Dad gave a loud grunt and stood still as he started to cum, then again he pushed his dick some more as he kept on Cumming.

His Hard dick shooting its cum, triggered a massive cum in my cunt, taking me to a dizzying height. As if there was no circuit breaker, on a cue Mom also started to cum choking me with her cum flood.

Spent and relaxed, all of us cuddled each other and dozed for a while.

I woke up with a new request, “I need some more…”

“Sure baby, we will do that, but later. Since our first session took almost till noon, we need to prepare something for lunch and get the energy for the afternoon session.”

Both Dad and me kissed Mom on her cheeks and let her go.


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