Party of Five Ch. 12

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“No!” was the first word out of Josh’s mouth as he woke up late on Thursday morning. It took him a moment to come back to earth and shake off the dregs of his dream. He held his fingers to his temple and tried to clear his head.

Of course it was a dream, he thought. A terrifying, horrible, nightmare of a dream, but a dream all the same. The details were fading fast now, but he could remember the crux of his reverie. Dawn had announced that she was pregnant, and almost immediately, gave birth to a child, and then another, and another, and hundreds more. And then something else had happened after that that had resulted in Josh falling off a bridge, as usually happened in his dreams.

Still feeling heavy-headed, he glanced over at his alarm clock, reading 8:00. He fell back onto the bed and shut his eyes. So tired, he thought. Need more sleep. He pulled the sheet up over his face and tried to coax sleep into welcoming him again. Alas, it was not to be.

“Josh!” screamed Jacquie’s voice, which no doubt came from Jacquie herself, who was apparently standing at his door. “I’ve woken you up twice now!” She crossed the room and pulled the sheet off Josh. “School is in an hour.”

“Shhh,” Josh mumbled. “Sleepy time.”

“No, Josh,” Jacquie persisted, grabbing his wrist. “Wakey time. Now unless you get up right now, I’m gonna drag you out of bed.”

“‘S fine with me,” Josh replied groggily, eyes still closed.

Jacquie grunted with ire and yanked Josh bodily off his bed. She didn’t have the strength to support him – or perhaps it was never her intention – so Josh went tumbling over the side and smacked his head on a leg of his bedside table.

“Ow!” he snapped. “What’d you do that for?”

“To wake you up!” Jacquie spat back. “Now get up, take a shower, get dressed and go to school!”

“All right!” Josh exclaimed indignantly. “Jeez.”

Jacquie stormed out of the room leaving Josh to nurse his sore head on the way to the bathroom. As he walked down the hall, he noticed Dawn’s bedroom door was still closed, most likely confirming she had indeed called in sick. Even walking past the door made Josh’s body respond to the memories of the previous night – one of the best nights of his life, along with his first time with Jacquie. Even better, apparently no one had noticed. They were lucky in that regard, Josh thought. As much fun as it had been though, they would have to keep their nighttime rendezvous to a minimum.

* * *

An hour and a half later, Jacquie had ushered Josh out the door, refusing to write a note of tardiness for him. “It’s your own fault,” she told him.

“Can’t you drive me?”

“Mom’s using my car,” said Jacquie. “Now hurry up.”

She shut the door in his face, leaving Josh to amble wearily in the direction he hoped his school was. God was he tired. He had fallen asleep the second his head hit his pillow once he was back in his own room last night. Even so, his encounter with Dawn had left him feeling drained and tired. She really knows how to have a good time, Josh thought to himself. He felt himself smile and almost walked into a tree.

* * *

Josh was hardly aware of anything that happened at school that day. He slept through most of his classes, slept in the library during lunchtime and even drifted off in the middle of school assembly. He did feel much better at the end of the day, but it didn’t help with his first conversation with Valerie as friends. She had wanted him to come and sit with her and her friends, get to know each other better, that sort of thing. Josh, however, was having a tough time keeping his eyes open, so he muttered something about needing to complete an urgent assignment before wandering of to the quiet halls of the library. He was better prepared after he arrived home to face Jacquie, who would no doubt still be angry with him.

He didn’t find her in the kitchen or in the living room watching TV, so he wandered upstairs in search of her. It was almost a ritual to him now, to seek out Jacquie after he got home. She would ask him how his day was, and he would answer her in a single word, perhaps two. Occasionally he would open up to her, which is something he would never do with the others. Maybe she went out. But she doesn’t have a car. Maybe she walked.

Josh’s questions were silenced once he reached his room. Jacquie was inside, dusting over his bookshelf and chest of drawers. Josh stopped in the doorway and threw his bag inside causing Jacquie to turn around as it thudded on the floor.

“Hello,” she said.

“Hi,” Josh replied. “Are you still angry with me?”

“Angry? I’m not angry. You were late for school, so I had to yell at you.”

“Right,” replied Josh. “And you didn’t derive any pleasure from doing it?”

“Of course not,” said Jacquie, turning back to her dusting. “Don’t be silly.”

Feeling better, Josh watched her go about her dusting for a few minutes. “I’m gonna get something to eat,” he announced at length, and turned to go.

“Wait,” said Jacquie. Josh stepped back in kartal escort the door.

“What?” He was aware, quite consciously, that Jacquie was avoiding his eyes. She seemed reluctant to say whatever was on her mind. “What is it?”

Jacquie sighed, crossed the room and held something out to Josh – something scarlet and lacey. “I found these in your drawer,” she said. Josh didn’t take them, but nor did Jacquie retract her arm. “They’re Dawn’s.”

What should he say? What should he do? What should he say? In the end, he opted for nothing on all three accounts.

“Maybe it’s none of my business,” Jacquie said, though she was clearly thinking it was her business. “I just…”

Josh felt terrible. It was something he’d never thought of – telling Jacquie about Dawn. Somehow, he didn’t think she’d take it as lightly as his other sister had. There was a way out, certainly, but it could hurt Jacquie just as much.

“I…” said Josh, trailing off.

“Did you use them to masturbate?” Jacquie asked.

Josh feared his own answer. He didn’t want to hurt Jacquie. It was the last thing he wanted to do, but it had to be done. It was the lesser of two evils. There was no way she’d believe they’d been put there by mistake. Josh simply nodded, unable to bring himself to say the words.

“I see,” said Jacquie.

“But…it was before you and I…” Josh felt terrible lying to her, absolutely terrible, but it would spare her feelings… And her face did visibly relax.

“Was it really?”

Josh nodded, feeling more terrible by the minute.

“So…do you feel the same way about Dawn then?” Josh was, again, at a loss for what to say. He could lie again, but he’d be digging himself such an enormous hole. It could have major repercussions if Jacquie was to learn more, or if Dawn was to learn more. He was playing a dangerous game.

“Not the same way,” he lied. “I was just…horny. And she’s…the slutty one.”

Jacquie started at his face for a while; Josh did his best to keep it straight and unreadable. Would she buy it? Eventually – finally – Jacquie smiled.

“If she ever found out about this…”

“I know,” said Josh, not really knowing at all. Dawn had given him those panties and asked him to cum all over them – which he hadn’t. No, instead he’d come all over her pussy.

They both looked down at the floor, Jacquie finally, mercifully, retracting the panties. “I know I shouldn’t be jealous,” Jacquie said. “But…I just like having you all to myself. It’s nice.”

Josh couldn’t bring himself to smile. Terrible no longer described how he felt.

“But,” continued Jacquie, “if you and Dawn ever…you know…if you ever have the same opportunity with her…well, I’ll understand.” Josh looked up, startled. Did she really mean that? Oh, God, why is my life so complicated? In two short weeks he had gone from having no female company, sexual or otherwise, to having a complete overabundance of it. Was life ever fair?

“Me and Dawn?” Josh asked flippantly. “That would never happen. She hates me…and I hate her.”

“I thought you were friends?” Jacquie asked.

“Oh, right,” said Josh, thinking perhaps he had gone for overkill. “Maybe I don’t hate her, but…she’s Dawn.”

Jacquie laughed. “Right. She’s Dawn. She also happens to be very attractive and not a little tempting.”

“You find her attractive and tempting?”

“For guys I meant,” Jacquie clarified with exasperation.

“Oh. I guess.”

“Well, anyway,” said Jacquie, composing herself once more and heading towards the door. “I’ll put these back in Dawn’s room when she’s up.”

“She’s still in bed?”

“Yeah. I haven’t seen her all day. She got in late last night, though. Probably didn’t get much sleep.”

“Probably not,” Josh agreed.

“I have to go out, too,” Jacquie added. “I’ve got some errands to run.”

“How long will you be?”

“An hour maybe.”

Josh nodded. With nothing left to say, Jacquie left the room and started down the stairs. That was a close one, thought Josh. How could he have forgotten about the panties? He’d have to be more careful in the future. A lot more careful, considering what was now at stake.

It had felt truly awful to say the things he’d said; to lie to Jacquie and pretend he felt nothing for Dawn. His relationship with his middle sister was undoubtedly a very sexually charged and physical one to say the least, but Josh felt as though there was at least some connection between them, at least enough of one to make each other’s presence bearable. Did Dawn feel the same way? Was she happy to simply satisfy her carnal urges with him and nothing else? Probably. If Jacquie was going out for an hour though, Josh wanted to find Dawn, just to be around her. God, did I just think that?

After changing out of his school uniform, Josh returned downstairs.

“I’m going,” Jacquie said, collecting her handbag and Dawn’s car keys from the kitchen table. To Josh’s surprise, his eldest sister walked up to him and kissed him maltepe escort bayan once on the lips, as casually as if they had been dating for years. “Bye.”

“See ya,” Josh replied, both shocked and pleased. It almost made him feel guilty that he was about to run off to see Dawn. But then, she would probably still be wearing her pajamas…so the guilt faded fast.

Josh padded back upstairs and down the hall, where he found Dawn’s bedroom door open. He stuck his head inside and saw her bed unmade and empty. He continued down the hall and found the bathroom door ajar. He pushed it open slowly and saw Dawn inside, standing in front of the mirror, clad in the same pink boxers and white sports bra she had been wearing the night before. Josh crept up behind her silently and slid his arms around her waist, hanging his head over her shoulder. Dawn smiled and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

“Hey, lover boy.”


“What’s up? Where’s Jacquie?”

“She went out,” said Josh. “To run some errands.”

“Oh, really? How long is she gone for?”

“About an hour.”

“Really?” Dawn turned around to face Josh, looping her arms about his neck. “Guess that gives us a little time to ourselves, doesn’t it?”

“Guess so.”

Dawn fixed her brother with a naughty grin and sang in a melodious tone, “Time…to suck…some cooooooock.”

Josh smiled nervously. “You want to?”

In reply, Dawn took one of his hands and held it to her chest. “Is my heart still beating?”

Josh laughed. “Don’t you care that you make yourself sound shallow, when you say that stuff.”

“No,” said Dawn simply, pushing out her lips like a small child. “Besides, I’m not shallow anymore. I’m actually having one of those deep and meaningful relationships that you keep talking about.”

“You are?” asked Josh.

Dawn nodded, and her mischievous grin was replaced by a more subdued, more bashful smile. She dropped her eyes to Josh’s chest and ran her finger along it. “Last night,” she said, her voice surprisingly devoid of sarcasm (which made her sound like an entirely different person), “afterwards…it was nice.” She looked up. “Just lying there with you and talking. I don’t think I’ve ever done that with a guy before. They usually just leave or fall asleep. But…I liked it.”

“I liked it to,” replied Josh, completely elated that Dawn felt the same way as he did.

“Maybe…maybe we could do it again some time. We don’t even have to have sex – just…lie together.”

“I’d like that,” said Josh, now beaming.

Dawn smiled back a warm, hearty smile. Then the mischievous grin returned. “But that’s for later. Right now, I wanna suck your cock.”

“Okay,” Josh breathed. He still couldn’t get used to this whole idea, having access to all of his fantasies whenever he wanted, so long as they were alone. And the casual way Dawn went about it, making it sound as though she really enjoyed doing what she did. Josh wasn’t sure whether he should relax and start to enjoy it or just continue being nervous and possibly thank her when he got the chance.

Dawn was already on her knees, unzipping Josh’s fly with her deft fingers. She pushed his underwear down as well and fished inside, drawing out his cock. Unsurprisingly, it was already painfully stiff. Dawn held it in her hand for a moment, savoring the feel as Josh had noticed she often liked to do. Then, without further delay, she stuck it inside her mouth and locked her lips together. Josh shivered wildly, his knees almost buckling under the strain of pleasure. Dawn began to bob her head back and forth, giving Josh her most simple blowjob yet. Still, it felt unbelievable.

Josh was dismayed when Dawn stopped, pulled his cock out of her mouth and stood up. “I changed my mind,” she said. “Let’s fuck instead. I can suck it after if you want.”

“Okay,” Josh mumbled. It would be different now, having sex in the bathroom during the day. He had been beneath the sheets with Jacquie both times, and with Dawn he had been in darkness, but now – now he could see everything.

Dawn moved back against the bench, resting her ass against it. She bent down and stripped out of her boxers, tossing them randomly aside. Naked from the waist down, she held out her arms and said, “Come on. Take your pants off.”

Josh moved forward anxiously. “Will we take long? What if Jacquie…”

“She won’t,” Dawn replied firmly. “Now, come on. Pants off.”

Dawn helped him to pull his pants down his legs, followed by his underwear. She then set to work unbuttoning his top, though she didn’t bother to remove it or her bra. She braced herself against the bench, took Josh’s cock in her hand, and guided it towards her opening.

Josh slid in easily, though she wasn’t as wet as she had been the night before. He felt, once again that incredible feeling of oneness, astounded that he was inside her again, filling her up as he wasn’t supposed to – wasn’t allowed to.

He was slow and cumbersome at the beginning. Dawn was forced escort pendik to take his hands and put them around her waist. She then held onto his shoulders and helped him thrust in and out of her cunt. She watched their genitals working together for a while before looking up at Josh’s face.

“So did you have a good day today?” she asked.

“What!?” Josh spluttered.

“Your day,” said Dawn. “Was it good?”

“You’re asking me that now?”

Dawn grinned. “No reason why we shouldn’t talk while we’re fucking.”

Josh could think of a few reasons, though he had no desire to voice them. The truth was, he found it extremely erotic to hear Dawn making casual conversation with him while he was stuffing his cock inside her. Everything seemed so normal and so strange at the same time. Just watching her body bounce back and forth without even looking down, produced funny waves of pleasure in Josh’s mind and body. Dawn herself was alternating between looking at his eyes and looking down at his cock as it disappeared into her over and over again. All too soon, the familiar feeling of orgasm rose in the base of Josh’s cock.

“I’m gonna cum,” he sputtered out.

“Already?” Dawn asked.

Josh nodded. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry,” said Dawn. “Not like this though.” And before Josh could protest – which he would have, and quite ardently – Dawn pushed his belly back so that his cock slid out of her pussy. Quickly, she moved away from the bench and lay down on the floor, staring up at Josh. “On my belly,” she said.

On your belly? Josh would have asked, but he was too close, and the idea didn’t exactly bother him. He knelt down over Dawn’s midsection and started to vigorously pump the shaft of his cock. Three or four tugs was all it took before he was shooting ropes of thick cum across Dawn’s stomach. This time, he was finally able to see it all coming out, without a condom or a pussy obscuring his view. And there was a lot of it. He had always wondered why the guys in the porn he watched seemed to cum bucket loads, while he only managed two or three good squirts on his own. He assumed that the presence of a girl had something to do with it and hoped he didn’t have a low sperm count.

His suspicions were confirmed as he splashed the thick, white liquid all over Dawn’s belly, groaning the whole time.

“Mmmm, that’s it,” said Dawn, looking up at him with a very pleased expression. Josh stopped groaning and started to pant as the stream let up, finally dwindling to a few lazy droplets. He squeezed the last few bits out of his cock and started to catch his breath.

“Quite a load,” said Dawn, sounding impressed. “After last night I thought you’d be running on empty.” Josh smiled back dimly. “So do you want to feed it to me?” Dawn asked, startling him. “Or don’t you like touching your own cum?”

Josh just shook his head. “I don’t mind.”

Dawn smiled at him as Josh used two of his fingers to scoop up some of his cum from her belly and take it to her mouth. Dawn lifted her head off the floor and sucked it from his fingers. “Mmmm.”

“You’re so wild,” Josh commented, scooping up more. He did it several times, until all of the tangible cum had been wiped off her stomach. Dawn used the palm of her hand to try and collect the rest of the liquid, now smeared irretrievably into her skin. Josh found it incredible to watch the muscles in her throat contract as she swallowed. Once she had finished, she held her arms up so that Josh could pull her into a sitting position. She kissed him fiercely, and he could taste the salty tang in her mouth.

“I love you, Josh,” she said, bringing his heart to a stand still.

“You do?” Dawn nodded and kissed him again.

She loved him? She told him she loved him? Wow. This was…major. The mere thought that Dawn was capable of such a complex emotion as love was staggering, but that she would direct it towards Josh and openly admit it – that was mind-boggling.

“I love you, too,” Josh replied. And then, unexpectedly – certainly more so than if she had asked him to give her head or cum in her mouth – Dawn hugged him, tightly and lovingly. Josh patted her back awkwardly. They held each other for a long while, neither of them speaking, until Dawn broke the silence.

“Still want to watch me finger myself?” she asked.

Josh smiled. “Hell yeah.”

Dawn jumped up and then crawled up onto the bench, so that she was sitting with her legs spread, facing her brother. Josh stood up and came to stand by her, watching in awe as she plunged two fingers into her cunt, forgoing all foreplay.

“Come closer,” she said, and once he did, she held onto his arm with her free hand. With her other, she probed the depths of her pussy, scooping out her juices and bringing her fingers to Josh’s lips. Josh opened his mouth and sucked them. “Do I taste good, little brother?” Dawn asked. Josh didn’t reply.

He continued to watch as Dawn began to work up a rhythm, thrusting her fingers in and out at a much faster pace than he could have managed with his cock. “Put your finger there and rub my clit,” she told Josh, who promptly complied. He watched her fingers going in and out, and his fingers rubbing her clit around in circles, and the wild expression on her face. She panted and moaned, faster and faster, and then,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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