Paige Ch. 08

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When I had gathered myself, I wiped my face on my sleeve and made my way into Sarah’s house. As I unlocked the door I wondered if I would always think of it as “Sarah’s House” or would I come to think of it as Paige’s house.

I could hear a voice leaving a message as I walked through the door. By the time I got to the phone all I heard was, “…so my plane lands at just after noon tomorrow. I’ll catch a cab and I’ll see you about 1:30 or 2:00 o’clock. Stay strong, Paige, my dear. I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.” It was a voice that I had dreaded to hear, although I knew it was inevitable. It was the voice of Sarah’s sister, Elizabeth.

I knew that Elizabeth would be coming and I hadn’t been looking forward to it, at all. Of all the unpleasant tasks I faced in those days, dealing with Elizabeth promised to be the most uncomfortable.

Elizabeth never cared much for me and I was never fond of her. She was disappointed that Sarah had married Carl. She felt that Sarah could have done better.

Elizabeth never liked me at all. I was never sure exactly why. I supposed it was a number of things. I never knew just how much she knew about my fealings for Sarah. Carl was always aware of my feelings, but just accepted it. There had been some competition, but he knew he had won. He accepted it and I accepted it and we didn’t mention it. Elizabeth sensed it and it bothered her. She really didn’t like either of us, and me least of all.

After Carl’s passing, her awareness of my feelings for Sarah really seamed to trouble her. She did everything in her power to stand between me and Sarah and Paige. Fortunately she lived in California and she had little impact on our lives.

Sarah and Elizabeth couldn’t have been more different, as sisters go. As I have mentioned, Sarah was petite and light complected, with sandy-blonde hair. Sarah was as sweet a girl as you would ever want to meet. Sarah always escort bostancı had a kind word for every won she encountered.

Elizabeth, on the other hand, took after her father’s side of her family. That is to say that she was taller, darker and more robust. Elizabeth was more of a take-charge type of personality. Even though Elizabeth was Sarah’s younger sister, she was the more dominate personality and was much more assertive.

Paige was never fond of Elizabeth either. She liked to refer to her aunt as “Lizard Breath”. I poured myself a strong drink and settled on the couch and stared at the muted TV screen in the dark as I thought about Sarah and how much I had loved her. I had another drink, and another, and another.

I found myself nursing a whiskey on the rocks, in just my boxers, trying, not-so-hard to focus on some infomercial on the TV, with my half-hard cock in my hand. My mind had been drifting from distant memories of Sarah to recent memories of Paige, to even more recent memories of Megan. I found myself wishing that I had fucked Megan right there on her couch, while Paige slept in the next room. Then I was ashamed, for a moment. Maybe I should have gone into Megan’s room and made love to my sweet little Paige, with Megan in the next room. Maybe then Megan would have joined us. My shame reappeared, but my cock was now very hard. I wanted to fuck Megan. I knew that she wanted to fuck me. I knew that it was going to happen.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” I shouted to no one. “I love you Paige!” I looked around as if I expected to see her appear. “I love you, Baby!” I looked around her house, as if the house was a part of her. I was talking to the house. “I love you Paige! You’re my Baby! You know that don’t you?”

I found myself wishing I had fucked Sarah so long ago, I mean really fucked her. Fucked her brains out. Not just an uncomfortable quickie in ümraniye escort the back seat of my brother’s car. I should have swept her off her feet before she ever met my brother. Maybe then she would have loved me instead of him. Then, I thought, if that had happened, Paige would never had been born. Then where would I be?

I poured myself another whiskey on the rocks and thought about my little girl. Paige, I was convinced ,was she was the true love of my life. I looked around the living room. That room, exemplified, Sarah and Paige, and I spoke to them both as I spoke to that room.

“Sarah,” I began, “You always knew how much I loved you! I suppose that most every one knew. That was probably an embarrassment to you, and I am sorry! I am sorry if that caused problems with you and your sister.” I fought back the tears.

“Paige,” I declared, “I love you like I’ve never loved anyone! I will always be by your side. No one will ever take you away from me!”

I drained the last of my drink and poured myself another. I looked around the room and thought of Elizabeth being there. “And Liz,” I went on, “Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you! You have never done anything to support Sarah or Paige. I don’t give a fuck about you!” With that I took a deep drink of whiskey and sat down. As I was drifting off I heard a key in the lock. I struggled to focus and was soothed by the voice of my baby. I heard Paige whisper in my ear, “You look like shit. You must be fucked up.” Then I felt her lips against mine.

I was so drunk that I’m surprised that I remember anything from that night, but I know I heard her say, “I need you right now.”

She helped me dress for bed and brush my teeth. She dragged me to bed and she went wild on me. Her kisses were so passionate that I was overwhelmed. I was too drunk to reciprocate. I tried to be a good lover, but it just wasn’t working.

I remember saying, kartal escort bayan “I love you, Sarah! I’m sorry that I can’t make love to you you right now.”

Paige replied, “Shut the fuck up and hold me!” I wrapped my arms around my little girl and held her so tightly that I nearly suffocated her.

“Sarah’s gone now. Its you and me,” she whispered. “You got that? Its just you and me now.”

“Its always been just you and me,” I muttered, “Its just you and me.”

My dick was hard again. She pulled my drunken body on top of her and guided my cock into her hot wet little twat. “Shut up and fuck me you old fool!” she gasped.

I plunged my hard cock as deep into her sweet little pussy as far as it would go and shot my hot load of cum. I wasn’t sure if it was Sarah or Megan or who it was that I was fucking, until I heard Paige’s voice, panting, “Oh god, I love it when you cum in me!” I rolled over and pulled her on top of me. “Don’t you ever leave me, you mother fucker!”

“I’ll never leave you, Baby!” I slurred, “Its you and me, Baby. It’ll always be just you and me.”

She squirmed out of my arms and positioned herself above me, straddling my face. “Eat me,” she demanded, “And make me cum!” Her pussy was just inches from my face, with my juices dripping from her. I raised up and started licking at her twat. She was wet and slick. I knew it was more my juices than hers. I licked and sucked at her pussy until she began to moan. Suddenly she squeezed out a gob of what I knew had to be my own cum. It filled my mouth. It was thick and gooey and salty. At first I was reviled, but then I reveled in it. It came from me and then from my Baby’s pussy, so it was beautiful. I wanted more. I sucked and licked at her little cunt until the flavor changed. It was all my Baby’s pussy now. She was squealing with delight and moaning with pleasure. She started to cum before I ever touched her clit with my tongue. Once I did, she began to shiver and squirm, then gush her own juices all over my face. Then she collapsed and I gathered her up in my arms and said, “Don’t you ever leave!”

“Never, ever, ever,” she gasped, “Its only you and me. Just you and me, forever!”

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