Over Mother’s Knee

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I was sure I was at the low point of my life and with nobody to blame but myself. I had been caught in a compromising position with my roommate by the housemother. She ran straight away to the dean and I was flunked out, dispelled, and then sent home in disgrace to my mother. Now I am here in mother’s sitting room, awaiting her presence. I am sure she has already been informed of my indelicate affair and my fears of facing her are growing. My heart thumps harder as I hear the door to her boudoir open; Mother enters still in her dressing robe.

Afraid to move, I am frozen in place,

“Mommy, I am so sorry…”

“Hush Charles, once again you have shown that you have no self control. A boy in college should know better than to be caught naked with another boy. You have embarrassed me and for that you will be punished.”

I raised my bowed head to look at mother in hopes of pleading my case but the look on her face tells me to keep my mouth closed. She is wearing the stern look of the matriarch and my first thought was that she might merely dismiss me from her life as she had my father so many years ago. Her long dark hair not yet put up, drapes across her shoulders and down her back, it makes her look like a cinema star of years past. I marveled to myself of how beautiful she still is, regal as a queen. She places her hands on her stately hips and I knew there was no getting out of this,

“Yes Mommy, I am ready to take whatever you wish to do to me.”

As I’m saying this I’m thinking, what can she escort ataşehir do, take my car, lower my allowance, I didn’t really care.

Mother went and sat at her dressing table, as she sits her gown separates. I notice she is undressed, only wearing her foundation garment with the garters hanging down. She opens a drawer to take out a pair of stockings. I am drawn to her as a moth to the flame,

“May I help,” I plead as I drop to my knees and take her stockings in my hand. Mother wears only silk stockings and the feeling is so erotic as I gather them up to slip them on her toes. While I hold her delicate foot, I feel my erection growing inside my trousers. I am now lost to my urges and without thinking I lean over and kiss mothers shapely toes.

“Just what do you think you are doing?”

The words hit me as sharp as a slap, bringing me back to reality.

“Stand up; come on stand up, what is this bulging out your trousers?”

Her humiliating question only arouses me more but as my face burns, I say nothing. She grabs my belt and pulls me closer,

“If you can’t answer we’ll just see for our self.”

As I stand there, she opens my trousers and pulls down my pants, leaving me there in my underwear.

“Hand me my hairbrush,” and I have to shuffle to her dresser as my pants are now around my ankles. My hand trembles as I pick it up and I am remembering childhood spankings with this very brush. I hang my head as I present the implement of my punishment. She stands and instructs kadıköy escort bayan me to help her off with her gown, as she doesn’t want me to wrinkle it. I stare at her magnificent figure glad only in her girdle. I marvel at how the garment pushes up her breasts while sliming her waist. The way it splays out across her wide hips only accentuates her curvaceous body. My erection is now throbbing and I worry I might have an accident in my shorts.

Mother now sits down and motions to me to lie across her strong thighs. Just as I start to lie across her lap, she puts up a hand to stop me. She nods at my underwear and at once, I know she wants me to pull them down as well. When I hesitate, she lets out an exasperated sigh and then yanks them down herself. Even more humiliating my erection sticks in my waistband and then flies back up when freed slapping against my stomach. I watch my mother snicker as she tries to hide her amusement of my bouncing boner.

Mother now pulls me across her lap and my erection ends up between her soft creamy thighs. I feel her thighs squeezing me tightly and it feels more arousing than anything my penis has been against, ever. “Charles, you have been very naughty and you know you must be punished. I want you to know I love you but you deserve what is coming.”

She places one hand on my back to hold me in place. She rubs her other hand across my bottom, stretched taught across her lap and even though I know what is coming this feels like heaven. ‘Whack’ I feel the first one escort bostancı as it strikes my bottom. Then mother rubs where the brush hit, ‘Whack’ again this time the other cheek and once more my mother’s soft hands caressing my sore bottom. She repeats this a total of ten times, as I am lost between the pain of the brush and the pleasure of her loving hand.

When she takes her hand off my back I think, it is over but when I start to get up, I am instructed to remain where I am. To my utter shock mother reaches between her legs and grasps my penis firmly. She begins to pull on me almost as a person would do to a cow’s teat to produce milk. Just as I start to feel my orgasm building to the point of no return, ‘Whack’ I feel the hairbrush come down on my bottom again. ‘Whack, whack, whack,’ three more times,

“Charles I want you to be a good little boy and spurt in mommies hand now.”

I could no longer hold out and I ejaculated into my mother’s palm. She then rubs the collected specimen on my sore buttocks.

“OK dear now you can be a good boy and help with mommy’s stockings.”

I slide off her lap and drop to my knees where once again I take those precious silk stockings in my hand. I notice that mother is now brushing her hair with the same brush that she used on my behind. I slide the stockings over her toes and up her legs where I cautiously attach her garters. As I work, I glance between her thighs to see a wet spot has formed on her panties.

“Charles, I’ve decided you won’t be going back to school, I’m going to keep you here to help mommy around the house. You’re such a precious I need you here to relieve my stress.”

“Yes mommy,” is all I can say as I feel that magical twitch in my groin. I have a feeling I’m going to be very naughty this summer.

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