Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Summers Cumming In

Tony, Vicky and I became a menage a trois from that time on. It was the start of a series of exciting adventures. Tony and I remained very sensible though because we talked it through and resolved not to let our sexual experiments interfere with our core relationship. It wasn’t that difficult. We lived together and saw each other every day. We only saw Vicky once a week if that, and not every meeting turned into rampant sex. Most but not all! For a start being girlies both Vicky and I succumbed to periods and that put us out of action for a couple of days each. Not that we let that totally interfere with our pleasure. I was very happy for Tony and Vicky to get it on while I was “on” so to speak and having a period doesn’t render women wholly sexless. The best bit about my menstrual cycle is that I know that in the two or three days before I come on that I will be even more randy than normal.

We’d been a threesome for about three months when I really pushed the bounds of our sexperiments to the very edge. It was one Friday and we had arranged for Vicky to come round in the evening. We had not seen her for about ten days we knew that it would be an exciting session. As the day went by I was getting hornier and hornier. I work in an estate agents and in the end my horniness got the better of me. By eleven o’clock I ended up in the staff toilet with my trusty pocket vibrator embedded in my cunt frigging my clit for all it was worth. Even that was not enough because by lunchtime I was still up for it. I sat on the toilet with my feet wedged on to the facing door, my vibrator buzzing away in my arse and three fingers in my sopping wet twat. Sod’s law of course because when I got on the Tube it turned out to be the journey from hell. Stop start and the train was crowded. I got a turn on from rubbing up against assorted bodies and fantasised about all the men having erections because they could smell my randy cunt. They would all get their hard ons out of their trousers and give me a cum bath right there between Bakers Street and West Harrow!. In the middle of all this I sent a text to Tony asking him not to start without me.

I beat Olympic records for running up stairs and as I opened the door to our flat I knew that the bastards had taken no notice of my pleading.

I swept into the bedroom to find Vicky already on her back wearing a sexy pvc basque, her legs splayed and Tony on top fucking her mercilessly. Her huge tits were spilling out of the sides of the basque and she was scooping one of her jugs up with both hands so that she could suck her own nipple. On seeing me she let it go and she fell back on to the bed.

“Sorry darling,” Tony panted ” we did wait but things got out of hand.”

“I think you mean they got on top of you?” I said sarcastically.

“Quick, Jo, come and join us” implored Vicky.

“In fact you can join us and cum” quipped Tony.

I wasn’t really angry or even annoyed but I thought I’d play them along a bit.

“God Jo, your man is one hell of a fuck” moaned Vicky ” he’s right up my arse and it feels really so good.”

I knew exactly what she meant. Most people associate anal with the doggy position from behind but in fact arsefucking in the missionary position is equally if not even more satisfying. As if to prove the point Vicky splayed her legs as wide as they would go. She pulled her labia apart to show her empty cunt and I could see she was dripping wet.

“Let kurtköy escort me see you finger fuck yourself” I told her and the fingers of her hand obligingly disappeared inside. “Does that feel good?” I inquired.

“What do you think?” came the reply. “Fucking fantastic!”

I watched attentively. For a good two minutes I just enjoyed the sight of my man and Vicky in perfect harmony as cock fucked arse. I then remembered why I had been so anxious to run up the stairs. All that time captive on the tube had played havoc with my bladder and I was dying for a piss. I was standing close to the bed. Vicky reached out and stroked her hand up my thigh and ran her index finger across the very damp gusset of my knickers. I smiled benignly and let her play with me. I then pulled away and hitched up my skirt so that I could pull my knickers down.

“Let me see” said Vicky so I kept my skirt high to reveal my shaven cunt.

“Open up” requested Tony as he slowly and deliberately buggered the blonde underneath him.

I complied and stood there with my cunt wide open.

“You two asked for this” I muttered and before either of them had time to adjust a torrent of piss gushed unexpectedly out. As she was on her back Vicky got the full force. It splashed her tits and I put my finger at the top of my slit so that I could direct the stream more accurately. I moved up above her tits and aimed for her face. She never baulked. She opened her mouth and drank the gushing yellow liquid until it spilt down her cheeks. Tony leant forward obviously trying to get his mouth in front of the stream. As I had been bursting there was plenty to spare. I mover slightly to accommodate him and he swallowed a copious amount. I moved back to Vicky and let her have the last drop. Without me realising Tony had kept a good load of my yellow nectar back and when I leaned over to give him an overdue welcome kiss I was rewarded with a mouthful of my own piss. That really turned me on and I stayed locked on to him as he continued to pump Vicky for all he was worth.

“I’m cumming” he muttered as we continued to embrace.

“So am I”

“Fill her arse you randy big bastard” I ordered.

“I’m filling it. I’m filling it.” And with two big thrusts that’s precisely what he did.

I pulled away and let him slide his erection out of Vicky’s shithole. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. I could distinctly taste Vicky’s arse and Tony’s cum. The mixture was intoxicating. I then moved over to Vicky and slid my tongue into her gaping anus, found what I was looking for, namely Tony’s hot spunk and lapped it up. I was now crouching over Vicky and my arse was exposed and begging for attention. Tony couldn’t resist. Even though he had just deposited a load, his cock had stayed rock hard and he pulled open my buttocks with one hand and found me playing with my dripping cunt. With one swift movement he filled my fuck hole with his ten inch prick and I almost came on the spot. After all I had been gagging for this for about six hours! He rogered me relentlessly for about fifteen minutes while I tried to eat Vicky’s cunt and arse at the same time. I came three times at least and she came once more. Eventually Tony came as well and Vicky repaid the complement by eating his cum from my hole.

We were all sweating profusely from our exertions and it was a hot evening, so I made the suggestion that we needed a shower. Vicky leapt out of bed and took me at my word. She pissed all malatya escort over both of us! It was my turn to drink amber liquid and very tasty it was too.

“Come on Tony” I said when she had finished. “It’s your turn now.”

We knelt submissively on the floor and Tony stood in front with his cock still semi erect. Within a few seconds a stream of hot, reasonably clear piss shot out and he hosed us full on. Our hair was soaking, our tits dripping and our mouths full. We kissed passionately and let the seemingly never ending stream flow over our faces and into each other’s mouths.

” That’s another fine mess you’ve gotten us into” quipped Tony as we wallowed on the soaking bedclothes. We lay laughing and talking. One of the tests of a good sexual partner is their willingness and ability to talk about it afterwards and Tony and Vicky were gems. They loved analyzing what was good, what was bad (that never took very long) and what was just okay.

“I was really nervous as I pissed on you two” I said. “I thought you might throw a fit Vick.”

“You should know me better than that by now” she said.

“Tony is always up for some of my piss but involving you was a departure.”

“I never thought about it before. As it cascaded into my mouth all I thought was how sexy it tasted. Anyway shall we go for a shower and wash some of the shit off us, or” she added mischievously, “shall we go with the flow so to speak and as the place is already messy, just keep it that way.”

“It does seem a waste of time” said Tony ” getting clean only to get dirty again.”

I agreed. I also thought it was high time I had an arse fuck and said so. Vicky offered to get Tony hard enough to give me real seeing to and was as good as her word as his prick disappeared into her mouth. It started to reappear shortly afterwards as it got distinctly larger under her attentive ministrations. She kept sucking, and kept sucking. After about ten minutes I coughed loudly.

“Excuse me, my arsehole is getting impatient.”

“Fuck your arsehole!” muttered Vicky.

“Chance would be a fine thing” I joked and I had to virtually prise Tony’s member out of her mouth. My arse was itching for his cock. Sometimes I swear it has a mind of its own and I could feel the muscles of my sphincter relaxing at the thought of a good buggering. I lay back on the moist bed as I decided that the pleasures of the missionary was more attractive than the delights of the doggy fuck. This was essentially because I had plans for Vicky. Tony lined me up and with Vicky eagerly watching our every move, he inched forward and put his knob at the entrance to my eager shithole.

“Don’t tease me you bastard” I shouted “bugger me.”

He played around a bit more and rubbed his helmet up and down my anal crack and just when I thought he was going to play some more, the bastard shoved it right up me.

“Oh my god” I screamed “you cunt”

“No” he intoned, sounding like Tarzan “you cunt, me cock”

Vicky laughed and so did I but it didn’t last long because he was soon into his stride fucking my arse for all it was worth. Vicky watched for a while and then started to suck my tits. God, she could suck! After a while she asked me if there was anything I would like. I told her and she happily complied. She straddled my chest with her back to me and leaned forward to that she could eat my cunt while Tony fucked my arse. I could feel her enormous tits brushing my tummy. That position also kayseri escort had the advantage of giving me a fantastic view of her cunt and her arse. I watched as her ringpiece opened and closed of its own volition and I remember thinking how hand a couple of dildos would have been at that moment. Then I closed my eyes to enjoy the continuing thrill of Tony’s prick in my arse and Vicky’s tongue on my clit. She leant back and I instinctively inserted my tongue in the first orifice I found, which was her anus. She moaned as my tongue went a long way in. I could still taste the bitter deposit that Tony had left an hour earlier richly textured with the standard contents of Vicky’s brown hole. The smell nearly made me cum instantly. She leant backwards slightly and I was able to get my tongue even further in. I rolled it round, scooped all the contents into my excited mouth and swallowed. All this time Tony was enthusiastically arse fucking me while Vicky watched. Every now and again he pulled out and I could guess that Vicky was sucking the cock that had only moments before been in my arsehole. I couldn’t resist asking:

“Does it taste good?”

That was followed by a muffled yes. Tony then pulled his cock out of her mouth and re-inserted it in my arse.

“That was out of this world” said Vicky.

“What did it taste of? I urged.

“Piss, spunk and shit” she enthused, preoccupied with her work. She leant back again so that she was sitting right on my face. Tony could see my tongue working on her and she playfully squeezed her huge tits. She even sucked her own nipples.

It struck me that this was one of the longest arse fucks I had ever had. What was more I didn’t intend it to stop; not yet anyway. Vicky moved back closer to her original position and I could no longer lick her shithole. Her cunt was across my face and it was pretty obvious she wanted me to swallow her cunt cream. She was dripping wet and the juice was running down her thighs. I licked her vigorously and her lips spread across my face. It felt like being underwater. Two minutes later that feeling became even more acute as I felt a trickle of salty liquid fill my mouth. The little bitch was pissing on me. I heard her say to Tony.

“I’m pissing in your girlfriend’s mouth Tony darling”

I could just imagine his face. He started fucking me even harder and very soon I could feel him start to fill my bowels with his hot thick cum.

“I’m still pissing” I heard her say “and she’s drinking it all. Aren’t you Jo?”

I groaned. Well, my mouth was full at the time and I know my manners!

That finished Tony off and he filled my arse with the rest of his spunk. As he did so an orgasm soared through me. I tend not to cum again and again like some women can. I often have only one orgasm but when it comes it is like Vesuvius. My whole body shuddered and I came from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I shouted out for all the world to hear: “Yeeeeessssss”

As the two of them fell away Vicky said:

“I think she enjoyed that.”

One of the great understatements. We lay exhausted on the bed. I playfully held my arse open so that the other two could see Tony’s spunk dribbling out. I put two fingers from my other hand into the gape, scooped some of the creamy cum out and put it in my mouth.

“I’m getting partial to a shit and semen sandwich” I joked and then re-inserted my fingers and shared the feast with both of my lovers.

We called it a day shortly after. We all had other things to do, but that night as Tony and I snuggled down in our freshly laundered bed we re-lived the whole fuck from start to finish and suffice to say that the bed didn’t stay clean for long!

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