Oral Exam Ch. 18

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Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to jot down my thoughts. A special thank you goes out to Azrael, who took the time to edit my work (despite the fact that I think Ugg boots and sorority posers are hot). You showed me how to get a little more “hardcore.” Thank you also to Rockcrawler and Company. Your life is a continual inspiration. There is some plot here so, if you haven’t read the first seventeen stories you might want to start there. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy.


Rapp, rapp, rapp.

I was shaken from my sleep by three sharp knocks at my front door. I had been tossing and turning for the last couple of hours. Just when I was finally drifting off someone decided to wake me. Bastard. Screw them! I pulled my blankets over my head and tried to power my way back to dreamland.

Rapp, rapp, rapp.

Dammit! Whoever was pounding on my door wasn’t going away! I yelled, “Hold on!” despite really hoping that the mystery knocker would just fuck off. The electric red numbers of my alarm clock told me that it was 2:17 a.m. While, I was usually up at this obnoxious hour, I had gone to bed fairly early. I was still recovering from the hell of finals week. I think I had only been running on will and Mountain Dew. Sleep was so good. I threw back my covers, pulled on a shirt, and stumbled to the living room in my boxers.

My brain hadn’t done enough work yet to figure out who had woken me from my slumber. Jessica? Nah, she was busy with her girlfriends and she always called first. Sarah had already left town. I couldn’t think of anyone else I knew who would just drop by, especially at this late hour. Maybe it was the police? Had I illegally parked? Could something be wrong?

I put these thoughts aside and just concentrated on crossing the room. I was too clogged up by sleep to really give a shit anyway. I opened my door and rubbed my eyes. It took a moment to focus; then my jaw dropped. On the other side, standing in the hallway outside my apartment, were Taryn and Roxy. They were both clutching themselves, a little rosy from the cold. Taryn smiled sand said, “Hello Professor. I know it is late. I hope we didn’t wake you. Can we come in?” She batted her eyelashes at me and my sleepy heart just melted.

These two ladies were the last two people I would have expected to find on my doorstep. I had known Taryn for a couple months now. Ever since she gave me a “helping hand” in the restroom of a girl’s dormitory, we had been fuck buddies. She had blown me in my grad student office and I had fucked her over the check-out counter where she worked.

I met Roxy the day before when I showed up to see if Taryn was down for another booty call. I felt a heat, a charisma, when I met Roxy at the clothing store. I was immediately smitten; while very attractive, there was something about this new woman. Her tattoos, piercings, and cyber-dreads gave her a definite edge. To me Roxy was exotic, a potential lover the likes of which I had never known before. Would she tear me up? Would she be as fierce in bed as I hoped?

Taryn and I had talked about Roxy while fucking in the back of the store where they both worked. We were screwing with passionate and unmitigated volume, and I am sure that Roxy could hear us with crystal clarity. Hell, Roxy, as Taryn pointed out later, probably had her ear pressed to the store room door.

While blowing me, Taryn asked, point blank, if I would want to fuck Roxy. I could only answer yes. A little later, Roxy had walked in on Taryn and me when we were furiously humping at the brink of orgasm. She watched as I shot my spunk inside of Taryn. While Roxy didn’t rip off her clothes and join in, I could tell that she was excited by the visual. That excitement was a fucking shot to my heart. After Roxy left us alone to clean up our mess, Taryn told me that they were sisters, fraternal twins in fact. Fucking amazing! Taryn’s words kept coming back to me. I couldn’t get all those questions Taryn asked me out of my head. What was Taryn really saying? My mind started turning then, and never stopped….

“Ummm, yeah. Wow, ladies,” I said, trying to get a handle on the situation. I rubbed my hand through my hair and scratched my head. The physical sensation helped to shake off the sleep. “Sure you guys can come inside,” I said, standing aside to let them in. I could feel the bite of the winter air as I held open the door. The two women filed passed, shaking off a thin coating of snow. Still bleary eyed from sleep, I closed the door behind them.

Taryn was wearing a heavy red parka and tight blue jeans. The pants, which looked like they could have been spray painted on, showed off her long, gorgeous legs. For a moment, I remembered how they felt wrapped around my head as I was feasting on the delightful pussy in the middle. Taryn unzipped the parka and revealed escort ataşehir a sky blue halter with an “Invader Zim” logo emblazoned on the front. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her youthful, perky tits hung on her thin frame without the slightest hint of sag. Taryn completed the outfit with navy, high-top Converse sneakers. Her hair was pulled back into two pigtail braids that would be perfect to tug, given the proper situation.

Roxy sported a much harder look. She seemed like a woman who lived for the night. I totally dug her nose stud, eyebrow piercing, and lip ring. Her thick coating of dark eyeliner, accented her pale skin. Roxy had been wearing an old, baggy, olive army jacket, which she took off as soon as she entered the door. Underneath, was an outfit that made me instantly spring a hard-on.

My eyes fells to floor and I let them pan upward, slowly taking in every inch of Roxy. She was wearing black combat boots that accentuated the toned muscles in her calves. Horizontally striped black and green stockings encased her perfect legs up to mid-thigh. I could see a couple inches of smooth, alabaster skin before a black, pleated micro-skirt with white trim took over. Roxy was wearing an unzipped hoodie over a black leather corset that stitched and tied up the front. The top began just above her belly button, giving me an unrestricted view of her tight, toned stomach. The front of the corset was scooped, offering me a potently, seductive view. Roxy’s small breasts were pushed up deliciously by the wonders of leather engineering. Around her neck was a thin black choker that emphasized and slightly covered a Celtic knot tattoo. Dark brown hair, with neon, synthetic dreads fell loosely to her shoulders. In the aggregate, Roxy was a sinner’s dark wet dream, a deeply fuck-worthy wench of the night.

The two women stood just inside my living room. Taryn, who was grinning broadly as if she was the key player in some inside joke, stood up straight with her hands on her hips. Roxy, who seemed a little dour or perhaps bitter, had her right leg slightly to the side, her slender waist cocked in a jaunty calm. While their clothing styles varied (one preppy, the other Goth-esque), I could identify a family resemblance. Beneath the exterior, I could see that they were fraternal twins. Sure there were some differences. Taryn had bigger tits but a flatter ass. Roxy’s skin was peppered with adorable freckles. I think she also had an extra inch on Taryn (though it could have been the shoes). But in the end, both sisters were tall, thin, brown-haired beauties. Their athleticism seemed to be a family habit. They also shared a confidence, an I-don’t-give-a-flying-fuck attitude that was ultra-sexy. Taryn and Roxy seemed comfortable in their own skins, perhaps the most attractive trait for any woman to possess.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and cracked my neck. “What time is it? I am not used to entertaining guests so late.”

Taryn quickly retorted, “That’s not what I remember. As I recall you kept those two sluts in my dorm entertained all night. None of us got any sleep.”

I squinted; these ladies had energy. “But I was the guest. Shannon and Jessica were entertaining me,” I said with a smile.

“True,” Taryn said, laughing. “Sometimes Professor, you are way too dirty for your own good.”

“Oh?” I replied, cocking an eyebrow. “Is that why you felt the need to clean me up?”

Taryn blushed.

I had a pretty good idea where this conversation was headed. A couple of months ago I would have never dreamed of seeing two ladies, at my door in the middle of the night dressed up for sin, fun, and debauchery. Jessica had changed all that. Now, such occurrences, were no longer oddities. I could deal with them; they were almost commonplace. I asked, hoping that I was somewhat smooth, “What can I do for you ladies?” I said.

Taryn looked at Roxy, grinning mischievously. Roxy shook her head and rolled her eyes. Taryn then looked back at me and said, “Professor, we were hoping you could help us settle a debt?”

My face fell. “Ummm, I’m not sure…” I said my voice trailing off. Shit, I did not want to get involved in money issues. A grade was one thing; money was quite another. The conversation seemed to be going down a bad path.

Roxy interjected with a shoulder shrug and a sigh, “I am not dressed like this for my personal amusement. It is fucking cold out there. You might want to listen up. I don’t think you will have a problem with this.”

I looked at the women for a moment. Taryn seemed overly eager, like a puppy wanting to play. Roxy was trying hard – maybe too hard – to put on attitude. I could see that something was brewing. I nodded. “Go on,” I said.

“Sis here, and I, made a wager. She lost. And she is here to settle her debt,” Taryn said smugly.

“What does that have to do with me?” I asked. “Why are you guys here?”

“Well I am the ride and moral support,” Taryn said.

Looking kadıköy escort bayan at Roxy, I said, “And you?”

Roxy stared back at me, locking eyes. Her face was void of expression. She held my gaze for a long moment, studying my reaction. And then she spoke, enunciating each word with a clear and hard precision.

“I am a slut.”

Roxy moved up to close, threw her arms around my shoulders, and pulled me into a kiss. I was startled. Where had that come from? Her lips were warm and tender. I could feel their wet heat press against me as their connection coursed in my veins. The metal of her lip ring lightly scraped my mouth. Her hands were on the back of my head, stroking my hair. I surrendered to her kiss. Any questions I might have had a moment ago fluttered away.

Roxy pulled back. My lips stayed stationary, held in a pucker. I wished that the spell would continue, that my flesh would continue to press against her body. I felt her smile and then she caught my bottom lip between her teeth. She tugged lightly, clamping down; my lips throbbed in a slight, stinging pain, then I felt the release.

Roxy gazed at me, a few short inches away. I could feel her breath on my face. Her touch lingered on my lips; the soft aroma of her scent filled my nose. I was entranced.

“This is what I am here for,” Roxy said as she fell to her knees. She was now kneeling on the floor, looking up at me. Her hands slid up my calves and under the hem-line of my boxers. Nails scratched my skin as Roxy licked her lips. My legs shook with goose bumps. “I am here to have sex with you. Unless, Professor, you want me to go away?” I felt her hands moving under my shorts, cupping my balls.

“It’s true Professor,” Taryn said. I had forgotten about the other sister; all of my attention had been claimed by Roxy. “The loser of the bet would have sex with you while the other one of had to wait in the other room. Can tell who won the bet?” Taryn giggled.

“The loser would have sex with me?”

“It is kind of strange and unfortunate how that worked out,” Taryn said laughing. “You can take it however you like.”

“Oh, it is a good thing,” Roxy cut in. I couldn’t tell if there was sarcasm in her voice or not. It didn’t matter. I was distracted; Roxy was hard at work, kneading my nut sack.

“What was the bet?” I asked.

“Who cares, Professor?” Roxy asked as she scratched the soft underside of my balls. One of her hands held the skin taut, while the other ran from back to fore. The attitude was there, but she was smirking. “My hand is on your cock right now. If I were one of those other whores taking your class, I’d be getting an ‘A’ right now.”

“Don’t mind her,” Taryn said, “Sis, just doesn’t like to lose.”

“Oh shut it, Taryn,” Roxy said, scratching patterns into my nut sack. “Be quiet, watch, and learn.”

The exquisite sensations lasted for a few moments, before Roxy let go. With a confident – perhaps arrogant – smile she withdrew her hands, stood up, and smoothed out her skirt. Roxy took me by the hand and said, “Let’s go Professor. I can’t wait to get you on your back.”

I withdrew my hand from Roxy’s grasp and shook my head. My voice became stern and harsh. “Am I getting this right? You came over here and woke me in the middle of the night to fuck me because you lost some bet, and I get no say in this?”

Roxy was startled. She wasn’t ready for me to change the situation. She took a step back and tucked a neon strand of hair nervously behind her ear. Her voice was questioning and quiet with just the beginning hint of pissed, “What? Your students fuck you for higher grades and you have the balls to have problem with this? I fucking can’t believe it.”

As Roxy spoke she gained momentum. I could see her regaining her confidence as she talked. “You came to the store yesterday, flirted with me, and then fucked the shit out of my sister and you have some sort of grounds over why you don’t want to screw? I throw myself at you because of some bet, rubbing your crotch, and you are rejecting me? What the fuck is this shit Taryn? Who is this guy?” She was working herself up. The more Roxy talked the more her words snowballed into rage. Her cheeks were red and her forehead crinkled with emotion. A spark of jagged lightning flashed in her violet eyes.

I couldn’t help myself. I locked eyes with Taryn before bursting with laughter. In response, Taryn giggled too. Roxy scowled, first looking at me and then at her sister. Laughter didn’t compute. But then everything clicked.

“Whatever,” Roxy said, her voice losing its edge. “You guys are assholes.” Traces of humor flickered around her words. “Alright, alright, laugh it up. I get it; I’m an idiot. The Professor is a male-whore that would fuck any piece of ass that would throw herself at him.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said shaking my head while still laughing. My sides were beginning to hurt.

“You sure don’t turn ’em escort bostancı away, Professor,” Taryn cut in. “Except, of course, Roxy.”

“Whatever, mock away. You guys are fucking hysterical – a comedy act. Are we gonna go in your bedroom or what?” Roxy said, punching me playfully in the shoulder.

Crossing my arms I said, “I meant what I said. I am not going anywhere until I know more about this bet.”

“Really?” Taryn asked.

“Really,” I replied.

“Fair enough; no big deal,” Taryn said, still laughing to herself. She sat down on my ratty couch, crossed her legs, and continued to speak, “My sister is a dirty, fucking slut. It was very clear that watching us in the backroom yesterday really got her worked up. But she wouldn’t own up. She denied it. She started running her mouth and talking shit like she always does. I couldn’t take it. To shut her up, I made her a bet that she couldn’t go until the end of the weekend without masturbating. I laughed when she accepted the bet. I knew she couldn’t go four whole days. Hell, she couldn’t go twenty-four hours.”

“How did you find out?” I asked, enthralled with the story.

Taryn answered, “I passed by her room last night and I heard some moaning. At first I thought she was hurt, but then I figured it out.”

Part embarrassed and part proud, Roxy interjected, “I was horny. I couldn’t get you guys out of my head. I tried all my usual fuck buddies but they were all out, probably with their skank girlfriends.” She sneered and rolled her eyes at that thought.

“So seeing Taryn and I fuck turned you on?” I asked Roxy.

She bit her lip, playing with the ring, for a moment. Then she replied, “Yes.”

“How long were you watching?”

“Long enough to see you cum inside my sister,” Roxy replied.

“And now we are going to fuck?”

“Hopefully, presuming you stop being an ass and show me your bedroom.” Roxy punctuated the statement by taking off her hoodie. Her arms were left bare, as she was now only wearing the leather corset. Two tattoos, one either shoulder, came into view. The first was a Chinese dragon that snaked up her arm and down her back. The second was a cartoon image of Strawberry Shortcake bending over at the waist and showing the world her cheeky undergarments. Very sexy!

My blood was pumping. I could feel it rushing to my crotch, causing my cock to bulge. Roxy saw it and moistened her cherry lips, playing with the lip ring. “Are you ready, then?” she asked, grabbing the waist line of my pants and pulling me against her. Her hand slid up my chest and draped over my neck. “I want to go for a ride.”

“A ride on what?” I asked. I needed to coerce Roxy into dirty talk.

“A pony,” Roxy said with deadly seriousness, raising an eyebrow. She moved in close, rubbing her crotch up against mine. My cock grew inside my shorts. She groaned lightly, “on your pony” as my dick brushed up against her pussy.

“Maybe I’ll let you,” I said in a half-whisper. I bit her lip and nibbled lightly before I continued, “but only if your sister watches.”

“What?” both women exclaimed at the same time.

“My house, my cock, my rules. You guys wake me up in the middle of the night and expect to use me in some wild sex romp. I’m fine with that. I’m cool with being some kind of object, but I get to set some of the terms too. And I say Taryn gets to watch.”

Roxy and Taryn looked at me in stunned silence. The question was a doozy. Had I gone too far? Had I asked too much? They were sisters; despite my suspicions, there were lines that one did not cross easily.

Roxy recovered first. She crossed her arms and asked, “What if we say no?”

I bluffed, “No big deal. You guys can go home, bet unfulfilled, and I can fall back asleep. I got some pretty good pussy yesterday,” I grinned at Taryn, winking. She blushed back, “And I am supposed to meet Jessica tomorrow night. I probably shouldn’t be with you guys anyway. I don’t want to be worn out. It sounds like a pretty wild sorority function that Jessica has asked me to. Knowing her, things might get pretty hot. Boy, that slut knows how to overwork a cock. I think I might need all the rest I can get.”

Neither girl seemed to know what to say. They stared at each other for a long time, communicating via some sort of sisterly telepathy. Taryn cocked her head to one side and then Roxy nodded. Agreement had been reached.

“I guess that is fine,” Roxy said, her voice in a slight huff, “although I am not really sure what it gets you.”

“He’s just being dirty, that’s all.” Taryn said. I couldn’t tell if she was amused or exasperated. “The Professor just likes the idea of me watching my sister getting fucked. Isn’t that right?”

I winked at Taryn. “Guilty as charged. I am just a perv trying to get my nut off,” I said making a sweeping hand gesture towards my bedroom. “After you ladies….”

I stood next to my bed with my arms at my sides. The last remnants of sleep were gone. I was wide awake and ready to go. Taryn was sitting in a chair with her feet up on my desk. She was getting comfortable. Taryn flexed her long, athletic legs, kicked off her Con’s, and shouted energetically, “Woohoo, let’s see some skin. Time to get nasty!”

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