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Sharon is a 36-year-old mother of a well-mannered, she told Sharon that “I’ve never felt that way good student, athlete and a pretty daughter named Ana who had just turned 18. Sharon is a widow. She lost Dave almost two years ago and hasn’t had time or inclination for any dating. She and Dave were High School friends that gradually began to get closer. It wasn’t one of those “love at first sight” things, but more of a growing friendship that became a deep love for each other. Neither had done much dating with other people before they were married and Dave was Sharon’s first true lover. She had a few guys she went out with during High School and right afterwards and did the typical teenage petting and kissing, but not much more.

Sharon was very shy about herself. She rarely undressed in front of Dave. Most of the time she’s undress in a darkened room, the bathroom or sometimes in the walk-in closet. They had gone to the beach many times, but she always wore a conservative one piece or before she had Ana, she sometimes would wear a bikini. But usually would wear a cover-up unless she was actually lying down. She wasn’t over weight or unattractive, quite the contrary. She usually gets a lot of looks from people. She just was shy. She tried to be sexy for Dave. At times she’s try things for him, but is was just that….for Dave and not so much for her. Sharon enjoyed sex with Dave, but never really found that she was having the experiences that her friend would talk about. She was sure she’d had an orgasm, but it she had, it wasn’t anything like her friends had described.

Ana is on the High School swim team, she’s a 3.8 grade point student and she’s always busy. Being a competitive swimmer, she is in great shape. She’s five feet seven inches tall in her bare feet and she has long slender lags. Her chest is rather small but her long, thin body is perfect for swimming. She has a few close friends she hangs out with but she really hasn’t tried dating. Although some of the other girls had boy friends and were very sexually active, Ana just wasn’t very interested in the dating thing and really would just rather go shopping or hang out with her girl friends. She loved to go to the sexy lingerie stores and look at all of the exciting things. The girls would try things on and just have fun with it. Sometimes the other girls would buy outfits so they could show them to their boy friends, but Ana usually only would pick-up some new panties or perhaps a new bra. She liked the way she looked in sexy under things. Sometimes she’d wear them to school. No one would know what she had on, but it was exciting for her anyway. Sometimes she would go through her sexy wardrobe when she was home alone and look at herself in the mirror. She really doesn’t like the fact that she’s small on top. Her A cup breasts sometimes barely filled the sexy bra cups. But she loved the way they looked and felt.

Ana was very good in school and she used an older computer in her studies, but it was painfully slow and they only had dial-up internet service. Sharon wasn’t into the computer at all and she never thought about it. On day, Ana got very frustrated with the old and slow machine. Sharon heard her in her room, complaining loudly about it.

“I hate you!”, Ana yelled

“Why do I have to deal with this stupid thing?” she groaned.

Sharon had heard this several time before and she felt so bad. Knowing it was probably time to get something new for Ana, but where should she go? How would she know what to buy? Who could help her?

As she approached Ana’s room, she could her Ana sobbing.

“What’s wrong?”, Sharon asked of Ana.

“Oh Mom, I’m trying so hard to make this work but I need to get so much information downloaded for my classes and it takes all night to get anything done.” Ana moaned.

“It’s beginning to effect my grades. I’ve been late on a few papers because the computer either shuts down on it’s own or a the internet is so slow that things time out before they are done downloading.” Ana told Sharon.

For the first time, she had no idea what Ana was talking about. Computers weren’t anything she had much experience with and Ana was telling her about things she wasn’t familiar with. It dawned on her that Ana probably was the one to advise her and to help her find something that would help Ana.

“Honey, I’m sorry. Your right! We do need to get you something new. Why don’t you and I start figuring out what you need tomorrow morning?” Sharon suggested.

Ana could hardly believe her ears. Her Mom was a widow. She worked, but didn’t make a lot of money. And the cost of a new computer would probably scare Sharon.

“Look, tomorrow is Saturday. I’ve been putting money away for a while and since it’s your Birthday in two weeks, I thought that you might want something really nice this year. Why not a new computer?” Sharon said with a big smile.

Oh, Mom!” Ana said as she hugged Sharon.

“That would be awesome!” Ana cried out.

“OK, then it’s a date.” ataşehir escort bayan Sharon called out as they hugged each other.

The thought that she had made her daughter so happy filled Sharon with warmth. She had often felt that Ana wasn’t getting everything a typical teenage girl had. But Ana never really complained. This time it would be different for both of them.

When Sharon woke up and came into the kitchen for coffee, Ana was already there. She had gotten up and walked down to the local convenience store and bought a newspaper. Sharon felt so good about this. She knew that it really did mean a lot to Ana and Sharon was thrilled that she didn’t have to go ask the typical “stupid” questions at some store. Ana was going through the ads. Finding the brands and features she thought would be the best. They grabbed the newspaper and headed to the big outlet store not to far away. They found a nice computer that had a lot of extras. A nice big screen, sound system, all of the software that Ana needed along with some other things. The price was very reasonable. The more they looked at it and played with it the more Sharon was having fun too.

“OK, let’s do it.” Sharon said to Ana.

“Really?” Ana questioned.

“Yes, I really love it. Maybe we could put it in the family room and we could share it?” Sharon asked.

With a pout, Ana said “But I thought it was for my Birthday?”

Sharon knew Ana was right, but she wanted to get into computers too.

“Then we’ll but two. One for you and one for me!” Sharon said commandingly.

Shocked, Ana looked at her, she had a big smile and Ana knew she wasn’t kidding.

“Lets do it then!” Ana cried out.

Once they got home, Ana started in right away. She tore the old one apart. Not caring about the old machine at all. She moved it to the garage and said her good-by’s to it.

She had her new machine up and running in no time. Ana was busy hooking everything up and Sharon stood and watched her daughter with a lot of pride. Her little girl was so grown up. She looked like she’d done this all her life and Sharon began to wonder where to get started with her machine. Ana noticed her mom and she showed her around her computer. As Sharon explored, Ana quietly went into the family room to set-up Sharon’s computer. There wasn’t any room. Ana looked around the house and found the perfect place. There was a table in Sharon’s room that was perfect. So, Ana set it up. But them she realized that they still had the same old dial up internet service. There was an icon on the computer to sign up for faster service. She clicked it and couldn’t believe how fast the new service was. She’d gotten Sharon’s credit card to pay for it and made sure that both computers were ready to go.

Ana went back to her room and the two of them spent time getting Sharon up to speed. They created their own screen names and passwords. She found a whole new world on the internet.

“Mom, could I get you to go use your computer and let me explore with mine?” Ana suggested to Sharon in a rather anxious voice.

The two of them spent many hours online. Both of them explored and found the things that interested them.

One evening Sharon was “surfing” the internet and started to find things she didn’t know existed. She found chat rooms and would log in and just sit and watch the people “talk”. It was generally nice conversations. The more Sharon explored the more she seemed to find more adult sites and chats. She was intrigued but what people would say and the things they were into. Shyly Sharon began to add her comments into the conversations. At first no one would acknowledge her. But after awhile she would get someone to answer her. The conversations grew longer over time. She enjoyed the contact with other people, but still felt safe in her own room.

She’d think about some of the sexier things shed read online and they began to enter her thoughts at night. Sharon had learned about masturbation when she was younger. Before she and Dave were much more than friends, she’d learned to “take care of herself” when the need arose. But now, she found herself thinking about the people and sights online and it was exciting. She would find someone to chat with or see some photos online and afterwards she’s rerun the conversations and sights as she masturbated.

One day, Sharon was “surfing” around and she accidentally clicked on a female bisexual chat room. She was embarrassed at first, but sat and watched what they were saying. She couldn’t believe how familiar some of the topics were to her. She found that she was identifying with many things they said regarding their relations with men and the feeling of emptiness afterwards. Sharon never thought about some of the things they were talking about openly but she found so many things to be very true.

Sharon never accepted Instant Messages before, but one popped up as she was reading the chats and she was curious. She checked the profile for some escort kadıköy reason and it was from a younger girl. The profile sounded nice, so she opened it.

“Hello” came up on the screen.

Sharon answered and they began to introduce themselves. The girl’s screen name was Aquagirl and she seemed nice. They got to know each other and found they were very comfortable talking.

They found each other online almost everyday and would just talk. Nothing out of the ordinary, just girl talk. They became good “friends” and would talk for the longest time. Sharon was careful to not give out any “real” details about her self. She kept her real name a secret. But they were getting very open about more personal things. Sharon found that she’d wonder about “Aquagirl” during the times they didn’t talk. She seemed to be on her mind a lot. At first it made her feel a bit uncomfortable thinking about another woman, but at the same time it seemed natural. She had thoughts of her at night when she was masturbating and began to have fantasies about what it might be like with another woman. Was she bisexual or maybe lesbian? Sharon didn’t know or care. She was enjoying her new found relationship with this stranger she’d met online.

Both Sharon and Ana were spending a lot of time alone online. They rarely saw each other except in passing. Sharon did notice that Ana was wearing her swimsuits and bikinis more around the house. It was very clear that Ana was growing into a very lovely lady. Sharon wondered what Aquagirl must really look like. Her profile said she was rather tall, thin and in good shape and Sharon imagined that she must look similar to Ana in some ways.

Just a bit later, Sharon had a Instant Message from Aquagirl. They talked and as they did, visions of Ana went through her mind. Without much of a thought, she asked Aquagirl if she had any pictures of herself.

There was a pause for a second and Aquagirl responded with a yes.

Sharon’s heart raced as Aquagirl asked if she also had any.

“No, I don’t.” Sharon typed.

“That is a shame. I’ll bet you’re a lovely lady.” Aquagirl said.

“Thanks, I wish I did have a few right now. I’d love to see you as well.” Sharon said.

“Well, I have a webcam here. But I don’t go online with it. I just like to take pictures.” Aquagirl said back.

“Webcam?” Sharon typed.

“Yes, it’s a little camera I have that came with my computer.” Aquagirl answered.

“I just got my computer and I’m still learning about it.” Sharon typed back.

“Mine is a little funny looking thing with a glass kind of window. It has a cord that connects it to the computer.” Aquagirl says.

“I have one of those too then. I don’t know how to use it though.

They went on talking about the cameras and Sharon became very curious about. She decided to sign off and learn about it before she went any further.

Sharon needed to get something to drink, so she went to the kitchen. Right afterwards, Ana joined her. It was the first time since they bought the computers that the two of them had a chance to talk. They both laughed at how much fun they were having with the new toys and Ana told Sharon about how much her grades had improved and she wasn’t late with any more of her work. Sharon was so pleased for both of them

With a bit of uneasiness, Sharon began to ask about that funny looking thing with the glass eye. Ana looked at her and then realized she was talking about the webcam that came with the computers. They talked and Ana took Sharon to her room and showed her how to use it. They played around with it for quite some time until Ana got a call from one of her friends that wanted her to go shopping.

“Honey, why don’t you go? I have some money and you need to get some new things anyway.” Sharon suggested.

“OK, Mom. I love you so much!” Ana yelled as she hugged Sharon.

Sharon was interested in seeing Ana have fun with her friends, but she also wanted to be alone in the house so she could play around with learning the webcam. Ana soon left with her friends and Sharon was alone in her room. First she sat and made silly faces at the camera. Then she decided to get serious. She put on a nice outfit, did her hair and makeup. She looked great, with out looking like she was going out or something like that. As she took pictures, she began to get relaxed and started to play it up for the camera. She soon found herself thinking about Aquagirl and started to take picture that she felt she could share with her. From some of the pictures she’d seen online, she decided to take most of them from the neck down. She wasn’t ready for the whole world to know it was Sharon, a mother and “normal” person in these pictures.

Sharon began to be more open. She unbuttoned her blouse a bit. She never realized that she looked this good before. She found the woman in the pictures to be rather cute and sexy. This encouraged her to show more cleavage and soon she had all of the buttons undone. bostancı escort Next she stood and all you could see was from her bra to her knees. She turned a took pictures from different sides. This was the first time she really got a chance to see her body as others saw her, and she liked what she saw. She slowly began to undress. First her skirt and next she toyed with her bra. With her back to the camera, she removed it. She moved a bit and took pictures. Slowly turning and bringing her bare breasts into view. They were sexy and she was surprised at how she was feeling looking at this topless woman in front of her. She touched her breasts as she took pictures. Finding her nipples were as erect as she’d ever seen them. Next she toyed with her panties. Turning and tugging on them. Slowly sliding them down to expose her bottom to the camera. Turning slowly she played it up as she turned. Her turned to face the camera and for the first time really got a good look at herself naked. Seeing herself she was both embarrassed and excited. She’d seen other nude women online before, but had not seen herself a one of them. But there she was. Naked and looking so sexy. She took plenty of sexy pictures for Aquagirl and Sharon was hoping that she had some similar pictures to share.

Sharon couldn’t wait to chat with Aquagirl. She went online but her friend wasn’t there. Slightly depressed, she went to that chat room with the bisexual girls again. She watched and read as they chatted. This was the first time she really noticed how many were saying they had pictures. Sharon typed in that she had pictures as well. The screen was beginning to fill with Instant Messages offering to exchange pictures with her. At first she wanted to go offline completely. She could not believe the response she got. But her curiosity got the better of her and she began to look at the profiles. One looked good and she felt that the woman looked attractive, so she answered. They exchanged a few g rated pictures and the other woman just stopped responding. Sharon was disappointed, but felt empowered with her newly found courage.

Another woman contacted her and they also exchanged pictures. This went on for quite sometime and the pictures got sexier as they went on. Soon Sharon found herself sharing her most intimate shots to this stranger and enjoying every minute of it. She began to touch herself at they exchanged pictures. For the first time, she had an orgasm while online and she felt wonderful. But she also heard Ana coming through the front door and she was calling for Sharon.

“Mom, come see what I bought!” Ana yelled as she came into the house.

Sharon quickly grabbed the skirt and blouse and put them over her nude body, She zipped the skirt up and buttoned the blouse as she walked towards the door to her room. Right as she reached for the doorknob, Ana burst into the room. Sharon was surprised. Ana had never done that. She had always at least waited to be invited in. But Sharon got herself together and acted as though nothing had happened.

Look, Mom! I bought some really fun things.” Ana said loudly.

“OK, ok. Lets see.” Sharon said.

Ana moved to the bed and poured the contents on Sharon’s bed. There were bras, panties and even a garter strap set. They were like little kids. They went through the things and looked at each item. Holding them up to themselves to see how they’d look. Sharon found herself looking at Ana with these sexy things and how she wanted to see her wearing them.

“Oh, you have to try this one on!” Sharon said as she handed a cute bra and panty set to Ana.

Ana looked a bit confused. They had never done that before. They had tried on regular clothes, but never anything as sexy and revealing as this. But Ana didn’t think anything much more about it and turned her back to her mom and undressed.

“Why don’t you find something too, Mom?” Ana said rather commandingly.

Sharon was surprised, but she did as Ana asked and looked at the things on the bed. As she did, Ana finished and turned for Sharon to see. Ana was wearing a black lace sheer bra. Her small nipples were showing through the thin material. The panties were thongs with a sheet front panel. This was the first time that Sharon had seen Ana looking like a grown woman. She noticed everything about Ana. Her breasts, nipples, firm bottom and a completely shaven pubic area. Like she was in a trance, Sharon examined Ana.

“Don’t you like it, Mon?” Ana asked shyly.

“Yes, baby. You look wonderful.” Sharon told her.

With that Ana got in front of the mirror, It was than that she realized that for all intensive purposes, she was naked in front of her mom. Ana had been nude in the showers at school with other girls around, but never like this with her mom. She became embarrassed and ran off to her room. Sharon knew what was wrong and waited a bit before she went to speak with her. Ana was completely dressed when Sharon entered her room and Sharon just let it go.

“Are you going to want dinner soon, dear?” Sharon asked.

“Yeah, what should we have? Ana asked back as if nothing had happened.

They didn’t talk much about that time again. Sharon gathered up the things and delivered them to Ana’s room and went about making dinner.

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