One Sex-Crazed Summer

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“You can just lie down here,” My friend with benefits, Lance, told me.

I looked down at the slightly cleared dirt under the tree. The sticks remaining were small but I still didn’t want them digging into me. I thought about heading back to the party on the shore of the lake, a few hundred feet away, but I hated to disappoint my friend. Plus, I was horny.

“No.” I turned and walked over to the tree, dropped my shorts and panties. “You can do me here.”

I spread my legs and leaned against the tree and waited. I felt his hand on my hips, and his cock rubbed against my inner thighs. I took a breath and waited for him to enter. And waited as the tip of his cock rubbed my lips.

“I can’t reach,” he said. “I can’t get past your ass.”

Fuck you. I had put on a couple pounds drinking at parties after my high school graduation, but I was still pretty slim.

“Here.” I turned around and got on my knees and took his entire cock in my mouth. He was small enough I never had to worry about gagging. I could get the whole thing in without having to worry about it touching my throat and triggering the gag reflex. I could swirl my tongue around it while keeping my lips on the base. As it grew a little I started moving up and down working it.

When he was totally stiff, I got off my knees and leaned back up against the tree. This time I spread my legs farther, worried I would do a complete split and he tried again. With a lot of work, he got the tip in me.

“Yes,” I told him.

He pushed in me hard, I grabbed the tree to stay standing. Finally, he had a few inches in me. He pumped a few times getting me excited and even hornier. I heard the bushes move but ignored it, I needed to get fucked.

I was trying to arouse myself thinking of other guys, mostly one’s with good-sized cocks, while he pushed in a little past my opening. I was really aroused and I felt the warm fluid filling me. Damn, I was just starting to enjoy that.

He pulled out and stepped back. “Clean me off.”

It was a strange kink of his he loved it when I licked both our juices off his cock. I got back on my knees and took his deflating cock into my mouth. I lapped up his cum and my juices as I felt his cum run down my leg.

One of these days I’m going to make you return the favor.

I reached down between my legs to work my clit. I had gotten used to masturbating after sex with him to relieve myself. Just like I had gotten used to his little cock and quick cumming. It wasn’t bad doing him missionary where he could push in, but this time it was more frustrating than enjoyable.

When he pulled back I knew I had cleaned him off to his satisfaction. So I stood up and walked over to a fallen tree and put my leg up on it so I could get myself off somewhat comfortably. I was just starting to enjoy my fingers when I heard, “Oops, sorry.”

I looked over to see Kyle, a friend of ours, had wandered into the clearing.

“Hey.” I put my leg down and tried to cover my pussy. “What are you doing here?”

“Just wanting to take a leak. But I don’t mind the show.” He laughed.

“Fuck you.” I went over to grab my shorts, but Lance had picked them up.

“Awe, he just wants a good look Debbie,” Lance said holding my shorts behind his back.

“You’re an ass,” I told him. “A quick titty flash for my shorts.”


I turned to face Kyle and lifted my shirt. I couldn’t help but be a little proud at the smile my C-cups gave him. “Good enough?”

Kyle nodded so I lowered my shirt. Lance handed me my shorts. “Where are my panties?”

“That costs more than a look.” Lance grinned. “We know how you love to give blow jobs.”

“Screw you.” I wouldn’t mind sucking Kyle’s cock, but I wasn’t going to be blackmailed into it. I pulled up my shorts.

“Oh come on Debbie,” Lance said. “Don’t be mad. We were only joking. It’s not like you haven’t given double blowjobs before.”

“One time and that’s all I’m known for.” I shook my head. “Grow up, we are adults now. High School ended a month ago.”

I had enough and headed back to the party. As I walked the zipper from my shorts rubbed my still swollen clit, it was enough to keep me aroused but irritating enough to stop me from cumming. I didn’t want to undo them and readjust them to make them somewhat comfortable with Lance and Kyle right behind me.

Getting back to the party of a couple dozen people, I looked around to find a safe group. ankarada yeni escortlar I was a little tired of Lance treating me like a slut in front of everyone. He might be popular, but he was also an ass.

I looked about and saw Jake, whose parents owned the lakehouse the party was at, and his girlfriend Belinda. They were surrounded by a few people that I was pretty sure had already finished at least their first year of college. One person with them I knew was in college was Rick. He was a more mature asshole than Lance, cuter than most guys but with striking blue eyes that could make a girl do anything. He knew that and wasn’t above using them, but he never treated the girls badly after, unlike Lance.

I approached them and Rick looked me over, “Debbie, right? You were with Lance at my place.”

My whole body tightened up at him remembering me, unfortunately, that meant I could feel some of Lance’s cum squirt down my leg. Without panties to absorb them everyone who looked down would know.

“Yes, hey Rick.” I looked into his eyes, hoping to keep his eyes off my cum covered leg. God, they were gorgeous.

He smiled and said, “Stop by anytime.”

Then returned to talking with Jake and Belinda.

While we drank, he attempted to include me in the conversation, but I didn’t talk much as I was still frustrated from the sex with Lance. I thought about sneaking off to masturbate but was sure Lance or Kyle would notice and either follow me or tell one of their buddies. I didn’t feel like putting on a show.

It started getting late and I went over and asked Lance for a ride home.

“Don’t worry you will sleep with me tonight.”

I might get better sex this time.

With that taken care of, I had a few drinks and mingled.

It was after midnight when most of the party-goers had left and Jake, Belinda, Rick, Lance, Kyle, and myself were the only ones left. So we headed into the lakehouse for the night.

After using the bathroom I headed to the spare bedroom to spend the night with Lance. Looking at the bed I saw he wasn’t alone. Kyle was with him.

I shook my head, “No.”

“Aww come on Debbie, be a good sport,” Lance said.

“Yeah, you’ll like it,” Kyle added.

“Screw you guys,” I told them.

“Yeah, that’s the plan,” Lance said and they both laughed.

I turned and headed out to the living room. The fold-out couch was turned into a bed and Rick was sleeping there. I figured I could just curl up next to him. I got in the bed and he wrapped his arm around me. I love to cuddle.

He gave me a nice kiss, then another long one. Shit, he has the wrong idea.

I felt him reach down and unzip my shorts. Then pull them off. God, I hardly know him and he’s going to fuck me.

I thought about getting out of the bed, but that would mean going back and letting both Lance and Kyle fuck me. As Rick got on top of me I wondered if I should just offer him a blowjob instead. Of course, that would make Lance and Kyle want ones as well.

As I felt the head of Rick’s cock pressing at my hole I knew if I didn’t say anything he’d rape me. “I can say no can’t I?”

He looked at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. “Do you want to say no?”

He pushed the head of his cock into my hole. Since there was still some of Lance’s cum in there it slid in with no resistance. I wondered if I really wanted to say no or not.

I had to grin when he got farther in me than Lance did earlier. I could tell he was thicker than Lance. I decided I’d enjoy this. He kept going to where Lance’s cock would stop. And kept going. I realized Rick’s was the biggest cock I’d ever had.

“God, you’re big!” I had meant that as a whisper, but in the shock of his size it was loud enough for the entire house to hear.

“Thanks,” he said as he started slowly pull it back. “Do you like big cocks?”

I smiled and nodded.

He pushed forward enough to hit my cervix. “Ouch.”

“I asked, do you like big cocks?”

He likes ’em vocal, Damn. “I like your huge cock!”

Everyone in the house now knew I was getting laid. I was so glad school was over, otherwise, I’d be harassed over this all week. I might as well run with it. “It feels sooo good.”

This had him smiling and he kept his huge cock in the comfort zone. I started moving my hips in rhythm to his slow thrusts. “Oh, you’re good.”

I heard Kyle say, “Wow, Debbie’s such a slut.”

That’s rich coming bayan escort elvankent from a guy who wanted a threeway. “Oh yeah, I’m getting more dick out here, than if I had stayed in that room.”

Rick prodded, ” You love it don’t you.”

“Oh yeah, best cock I’ve ever had.”

“If you really like it, let me take off your shirt.”

I nodded, he thrust hard reminding me that he needed everyone to know what was happening. “I want to be naked for you.”

While he was still fucking me he managed to get my shirt off, with a little wiggling from me.

He pushed up with his arms and looked down on my naked body. “I knew you had great tits.”

I could feel myself blushing. I remembered to speak, “Thanks.”

“You’ve got every right to be proud of them.”

God, he could make me cum. “I’m glad you like them.”

I knew I was blushing, not just from having him admiring my boobies, but because it was a thrill knowing everyone in the house was hearing me get banged. Then I heard movement. Someone was coming into the living room.

I didn’t want to be sprawled out naked, so I reached up and pulled Rick on top of me, “Don’t you dare get up.”

He just kept fucking me, “I wasn’t planning on it.”

Before I could say that wasn’t what I meant, I heard Belinda say, “I finally get to see Rick in action.”

Unbelievably, she came over and sat right next to me on the bed. She smiled and asked, “Enjoying yourself?”


“Is it really the best dick you’ve ever had?” She asked.

“Oh yeah.”

She laughed. “Poor Jake. He gets uncomfortable when his girlfriend starts talking about other guys’ cocks.”

I nodded, I could only think of the cock going into me.

“Since I saw Rick’s cock, it’s only fair Jake gets to see something.”

I felt Rick pushing his body up off me. For a second I thought about trying to hold him, but I didn’t mind Jake seeing me naked and Belinda didn’t seem to mind. So I let him expose me.

Feeling my boobs jiggle with every thrust of Rick’s cock I had to smile. I knew they looked good.

Belinda giggled, “Look at how they bounce.” She turned to look at Jake. “You like them?”

Oh my God, she wants her boyfriend to fuck me after. I looked at Jake smiling as he said, “They are nice.”

Belinda grabbed them. “They feel nice too.”

Okay, she wants me to do her while everyone watches. I looked into her eyes. I wasn’t sure I’d mind. “Oh yes.”

I had an image of eating her pussy while Rick fucked me. I had to let out a moan as the orgasm hit me.

I heard Kyle say, “You never told me she was a moaner.”

I had to rub it in. “That’s ’cause I’ve never been fucked this good.”

Everyone laughed, except Lance.

“She just loves big cock,” Rick said and looked down at me. “Don’t you?”

“Yes! I love your cock.” I wasn’t worried about him hitting my cervix I really loved having him fuck me.

I felt Belinda’s hands leave my breasts. “What would you do for it?”

I looked at her. “I’ll do you if you want.”

She shook her head.

“Sorry.” Tough to think as I’m being nailed by a huge cock.

“I’m sure you’ll think of something.” She got up. “I’ve got to have sex with a big cock, that leaves those two out.”

With that she and Jake left, leaving me to be banged in front of Kyle and Lance.

“Oh I’ll do anything for your cock,” I told Rick.

“Anything?” He smiled.

Oh shit, he’s going to flip me over and fuck my ass. I hope he knows what he is doing. “Yes.”

That was enough to send him over the edge. He tensed up and I felt the warm liquid filling me up. I held on to him as he gave a few more thrusts. I was happy I pleased him but sad it was over.

He rolled off of me and I thought about covering up. I laughed out loud at the thought of being modest after having sex in front of them. So I just kept my legs spread and smiled as the cum dripped down and tickled my anus. “Fuck that was good.”

I reached over to hold Rick’s cock and looked Lance in the eye. “Bet you wish your cock was this good.”

Rick reached over a put his hand behind my head. “You want another round?”

“Oh yeah.”

He put a little pressure on the back of my head. “Get me ready.”

I rolled over got into position to give him head I smiled as I said, “Your cock is bigger soft than Lance’s is hard.”

I wrapped my lips around his cock and tasted our combined juices. escort bayan etimesgut Somehow it was even tastier than Lance’s cum.

I felt him swelling in my mouth. Damn, I’m a true slut, I was going to get it again.

“You promised to do anything for more of this,” Rick said.

I wonder what weird shit he has in mind. I nodded. “Um huh.”

He reached down to stroke my pussy. “Lift up and get on your knees.”

It was tough to keep my mouth on his cock while sticking my ass up but I managed. Then I felt a pair of hands grab my hips. I took my mouth off Rick’s cock. “Hey!”

“You said you’d do anything,” Rick said as he reached up and spread my pussy lips.

“You’d better give me some good dick after.” I went back to sucking his cock.

I felt the cock enter me and from the size, I knew it wasn’t Lance. It was not as big as Rick’s cock, but it was nice-sized. I took my mouth off Rick’s cock and said, “Hey Kyle. You got your threesome after all.”

“God Debbie, you are such a slut.”

I didn’t know how to respond so I went back to sucking Rick’s cock.

Rick surprised me by saying, “Be nice. Or you can use your hand.”

“Sorry, Debbie.” Kyle kept banging away.

After a little bit, we got a nice rhythm going and I could suck on Rick’s huge cock while Kyle enjoyed my pussy. Then I felt more warmth as he came in me.

I stopped sucking Rick’s cock and said, “Thanks for warming me up for the real thing.”

I turned so my ass was facing Rick.

As he got on his knees behind me I felt his fingers scoop out some of the cum from my pussy and put it in my crack.

“Please, just fuck my pussy.” If he was going to shove his cock in my ass I wouldn’t stop him, but I knew that monster would hurt.

“Don’t you worry.” He put the tip against my sloppy hole. “Your pussy is so tight I wouldn’t pass it up.”

He started sliding in and I could only grin.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were a virgin.”

“Ooooh!” Fuck he’s good.

When he was far enough in me, he paused and spread my ass cheeks. I felt his thumb on my asshole. “If your as tight back here I’d never get in.”

I relaxed my hole and his thumb pushed in.

“Feels like your an anal virgin.” Rick started fucking both my holes.

“Yes!” I lied.

“You enjoy a finger don’t you?”

“Your finger.” I looked at Lance. “Don’t get any ideas.”

Kyle said, “From what she says, she wouldn’t know if it was your finger or your cock.”

“Fuck off!” Lance said. “At least I can get my own.”

I had to tune them out and just enjoy Rick’s cock in my pussy and finger in my ass. Both were better than I ever experienced. All I could do was moan and enjoy the experience.

By the time he came again, I was totally satisfied and exhausted. I could only collapse and crawl to the top of the bed. Even the cold feeling of all the cum on me could interrupt my bliss. Rick let me snuggle up under his arm and I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder.

* * *

I woke up naked and covered in dried cum and the boys were all gone.

Belinda said, “Get dressed. I’m dropping you off at home.”

I struggled to wake up. I looked around for my clothes. “Have you seen my clothes?”

Belinda looked at the floor while I searched the fold-out.

“You should have held on to them. After the show you put on did you expect them to respect you?”

“I don’t know what got into me.”

“Nearly every cock in the house got into you.” She laughed. “You know you are never going to live this down.”

I had to smile. “Worth it.”

“Let me find you some clothes and I’ll take you home.” She went to the bedroom and found some.

I was just lucky that I slipped into my house and up to the shower without my parents seeing me and got into bed sore and exhausted.

A few days later when I was finally about to sit comfortably, Lance called and picked me up in his Geo Metro and drove us out to the local park. He dropped his pants and said, “I need a blowjob so bad.”

I shook my head. “It’s too fucking cramped in here. Get us a bed or you don’t get any.”

“Oh come on. You know I can’t afford a hotel and my parents are home,” he said.

“Doesn’t your friend, Rick, have his own place?” I grabbed his cock and slowly stroked it with two fingers.

“That’s asking a lot.”

“You won’t regret it,” I promised.

He grabbed his phone. “Hey, it’s Lance… Yeah, me and Debbie need a place to do it… Funny, but how ’bout it… Oh? you weren’t joking… I’ll ask.”

He moved the phone away from his head. “He says he wants to do you after.”

I smiled. “Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

I knew it was going to be a wild summer.

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