One of These Days…

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Glancing into her room, he saw the usual mess of clothes strewn over the floor. Following the trail led to her bed, where in the darkness with her sheets pulled completely over her head, her body mimicked a rock in shape and appeal. He sighed and wondered, not for the first time, why he didn’t have a daughter like the ones in online erotica. They always fell asleep with their legs spread and bed sheets nowhere in sight; bright Nordic tresses matching the color their ever-exposed trim pubic hair. He sighed again. Thinking about a buxom blonde lying in bed would do him no good. Sure, it’d give him yet another reason to jerk off before he went to bed, but it wouldn’t bring him any closer to having her want him. Yet, one of these days, she’d react predictably to his come-ons. She’d be vulgar and wear an over-short skirt, pulling it up to let him lick and separate her tender wet slit. Oh yes, and then she’d go down gleefully, and turn her lap her tongue against the tip of his shaft.

One of these days…. but alas, not today.

…his daughter wasn’t the type. She was good-girl to the extreme; he cursed ataşehir escort bayan her Catholic schooling, and bemoaned the conservative college he’d sent her too. The sight of her uniformed had made it bearable for a little while. He smiled broadly, blinking his eyes and thinking of the days when she’d come home and prance around in a pleated skirt. She kept the same one till senior year, and every year the hemline rose up her leg till she threatened to spill out from it entirely. That was when the school decided to step in and change the skirts to skorts, taking away the joy of seeing the light green pleats flapping between her legs…

Breaking from his reverie, he was about to turn away when he heard a welcome sound. A moan, one that most definitely came in the exactly pitch as her voice. He popped his head back into the room, watching for a long instant. His fingers twitched against the hard wooden door frame. Was this moan some fantastical figment of his warped mind? He lingered then risked all–stepping into the room and closing the door behind him. Without the bright hallway light escort kadıköy spilling into the room, it took him a few minutes of blinking and quiet cursing to get his vision back. His hearing, though, was perfect and he heard another moan followed by the rustling of fingernails against a pillowcase. He smirked. Naaaaah….couldn’t be. Not his daughter. The denial walked hand in hand with his anticipation as he took several shaking steps towards her bed. There was *definite* movement under the covers. He closed his eyes, useless to him anyways in the dark room, and imagined what he would see if the shapeless blob of bed sheet was moved away.

In his mind’s eye, he admired the comely curve of her body. Watching finger after finger, plunge and lustfully split her swollen pink lips. Her back would arch and she would tremble with ecstasy, staring up with longing blue eyes at him. His hand moved to his crotch; rubbing it as he traced the imaginary line of her hips. He made it fuller and rounder, reflexively crafting her into a woman of his tastes. His zipper slid down noisily, clinking as each metallic bostancı escort tab separated from its twin. Reaching into his pants, he pushed aside worn cotton boxers, and gingerly uncurled his hardening shaft.

Massaging his fingers against his pulsing member, the sharp squeak of the bed was muffled by distraction. The bed squeaked again, and his eyes popped open to investigate. He watched the bed sheets slipping down; her pajama’s illuminated palely in the moonlight. Wide-eyed, he backed away, in soft hesitant steps. His hand still held tightly onto his throbbing shaft, as she yawned, her head starting to turn in his direction.

He snapped and broke into a quick retreat. The door slammed behind him and for a second all was quiet.

She grinned, tiny dimples forming in her cheek. Idly lifting her wet sticky fingers out from underneath her panties, she yelped softly as the elastic snapped down against her tummy.

“One of these days…” she murmured to herself. She sighed and flopped back on her bed, her midnight black locks fluttering like wind against her cheek. She dozed off, letting the orgasmic flood abate as she sucked gently on her dripping fingers. Her extended arm brushing against the smooth skin between her breasts as the rose and fall. She giggled, goose bumping from the seductive sensation, and finally slipping off into sweet slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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