One Night

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They only had one night, months of tension culminating in this one night. She stepped out of the lift and walked towards the hotel room where she knew he was waiting having gone ahead from the car.

The ride that had taken them there had already increased the tension to a heady fog, both worked up to a frenzy as the usual game of teasing and flirting, touches and the increasingly inappropriate conversation, from fantasies of other people and scenarios, to just how they would take out the tension on each other given the chance, meant that there was no question about how this was going to end.

She knocked gently on the door and it opened immediately, he pulled her in closing the door behind them. They looked at each other briefly and laughed, the reality of what they were about to do bubbling through the heavy need that had brought them there.

She looked up at his face biting her lip slightly as she waited in tense anticipation, she had waited the longest for this and her nerves bubbled in expectation. His hand reached for her breast, sliding down under her bra to find her nipple, her breathing already shallow in anticipation she gasped gently as her pinched And rolled it between his thumb and fingers. As her head fell back slightly he held the back of her neck and pushed her back against the door As he continued teasing her nipple he kissed her deeply. His hand left her breast and slipped between her legs as she parted them slightly. As he pressed the thin fabric of her trousers he could feel the warm dampness that had been teased through the car journey there. Her breathing quickened as he pressed and her back arched. He kissed her neck and slipped his hand down her trousers to relieve her aching clit. She gasped as he found it and a moan escaped her lips. This made him more urgent, he wanted to relieve some of the tension he’d created, he used two fingers up and down over her swollen clit, just how she’d described in great detail during their build up. And the reaction he got was more than he’d expected, his dick was throbbing just from watching her. Her legs trembled and he used his knee to help support her and she started breathe heavily, eyes closed with her head tilted back.

Her hand held his shoulder as the other felt for the familiar bulge in his trousers, running her finger around the tip before gripping tightly and moving her hand down his thickness and back up her thumb teasing the tip each time. She moved her hand down the front of his trousers and used his own wetness to tease the tip causing him to tremble and moan and she ran her hand up and down, squeezing and releasing just how she knew he liked.

It was something they had been talking about in abstract for so long that each move was like they had done this before, they each knew what the other liked so intimately that it didn’t matter that this was the first time. His hand and fingers worked through her slickness reacting to each moan and involuntary movement alternating between expertly stroking her on and around her aching clit and plunging in fingers erotik film izle to massage her equally aching Gspot. At the same time, she was teasing his stiffness with her hand, his trousers now disappeared and his length pressed between them. She struggled to keep her rhythm as he easily brought her to a quivering orgasm, her legs nearly giving way as held his fingers inside her as she clenched around them and she moaned into his neck.

She broke off suddenly and walked past him towards the bed, as she did she unbuttoned the front of her top and when she turned to face him her breasts were exposed with her nipples hard and ready, the lingerie she had been hiding accentuated her curvy features as she slowly stripped in front of him. The sheer top she wore wrapped around her waist and down to her thighs. She took down her trousers to reveal stockings and suspenders covering her legs up to the knees.

She didn’t break eye contact as she stripped down and stopped him when he tried to move towards her gently pushing him back each time he came forwards, a hand absentmindedly stroking his hard dick, she turned slowly, exposing her round ass in Lacy black underwear and bent over the bed, still looking over her shoulder at him. “Now” she uttered the single word and he groaned in response, moving forward, dick in hand ready. He moved the underwear to the side and placed himself at her swollen entrance and teased the tip in enjoying the feeling on him and her eagerness as he slipped just the tip in and out, before running it down across her sensitive clit. They both knew that this round was going to be fast and her hand moved to her clit in anticipation.

Without warning he drove his full length into her and she gasped, her eyes widening as he filled her, he stayed deep inside her as she began moving her fingers around her clit, she ground backwards her warmth holding tight onto him massaging his throbbing dick as, soon he could take no more and starting moving out before ramming himself into her each time he reached the edge, she squirmed under him, her legs clamped closed making every movement feel intensely better for them both. He got into a rhythm with her as she squirmed under him and after a couple of minutes gave his warning, “I’m close” he grunted “me too” she gasped and their pace quickened, she started to go first, her ass pressing back as she pulsated around his throbbing cock, he watched himself driving into her as she shook from her own orgasm before cumming with a deep groan, pressing into her.

After a couple of second she turned to look at him with a wicked smile, “all done?”

“Fuck no” he smirked pulling her round to sit on his knee while he sat on the bed, he teased and pinched her nipples enjoying the reaction he got from her. She let herself get lost in the gentle teasing before She dropped to her knees in front of him, “tell me a story” she said looking up at him again biting her lip in anticipation. He started his favourite fantasy, where they went to visit a hooker together so she could watch him film izle fuck someone else, while he spoke she took his softening dick in her mouth and began to gently lick and tease, tasting her own juices on him. They both liked this story and she knew it would get him hard fast, which he was going to need for the next round. It worked just like she wanted and soon she was bobbing her head up and down on his full length, teasing the end and underside with her tongue. She licked round the tip before sliding her mouth and pulling his dick far into her mouth, her hands massaging the bottom of his shaft and the holding his balls. Every now and then she glanced up at his face, he looked down with pure lust, a look that had made her wet alone in the past. She liked seeing what she could do to him. She was looking at him when the door knocked and panic flitted across his face.

“It’s ok, I’ve got a surprise” she said standing and pulling a robe around herself as she walked towards the door “don’t move” she ordered without looking back. Outside the door was a tall and slim brunette who stepped inside as soon as it opened. His face was one of utter confusion and she almost felt bad, for this was the other participant in his favourite fantasy, his expression soon turned to one of bemused understanding as he relaxed back onto the bed.

The tall brunette smiled and without a word stripped to her underwear, the shorter one got him to stand as they both dropped to their knees, the tall brunette behind him and her in front. They both went to work, with her resuming her work on his dick while the tall brunette parted his ass cheeks and started to use her tongue around and over his ass. He was worked up to a frenzy in no time, the feeling of both mouths servicing him just the way he liked. They broke off and the shorter brunette sat on the edge of the bed. “Let me watch” she whispered and gestured to the tall brunette still on her knees. He knew exactly what she meant and he helped the tall brunette to her feet and got her lay next to her on the bed, her legs dangling off the edge, with her knees apart. He looked down at her shaven pussy and up at his friend sitting next to them, before dipping his head down to begin licking her, his big tongue flicking up and down over her clit, one finger moved to her pussy, teasing the entrance before plunging in as he intensified the movements with his tongue. The shorter girl was breathless with excitement, it was so much better than she though it would be to watch, the tall woman writing under him, she watched his face appear and disappear between her legs. The tall brunette was already close to cumming and the shorter one reached out to pinch her nipples as she moaned slipping off the bed to next to her friend. She reached a hand between his legs and checked his stiffness. She had a hand on each of them;

She gripped him and teased his tip while pinching and teasing the tall brunette as she came hard on the bed.

She guided him up and the tall brunettes legs with him so they rested on his shoulders. The tall seks filmi izle brunette took his friends hand and placed it over her clit. She looked at him and grinned “try not to cum yet” she laughed.

He laughed in response as his dick slid in, gently at first but soon rapidly as he and his friend helped the brunette to a second orgasm. It had taken all he had not to cum but he had wanted to do more first.

He broke off and looked at his friend. “You” he said and jumped on her pulling her down onto the bed, his head moved straight down her body to her parted legs. The tall brunette was next to her, her mouth around her nipple while his tongue found her clit and pressed firmly before starting to move up and down. The speed it happened caught her off guard and she gasped as the intensity hit her, the feeling of them both on her brought her trembling to a quick short orgasm but they didn’t let up. He continued using his tongue to rub her clit while his fingers moved in and out of her. The tall brunette now slid the the floor and took him in her mouth, his moans intensifying his friends rolling orgasms. When she could take no more she pushed him off and they all broke apart panting.

as she recovered he sat up and looked down at his own erection, now throbbing visibly. She knew he needed to cum and the tall brunette would have to leave soon. The tall brunette helped his friend to her feet before they looked at each other knowingly, they both moved over to the bed and bent over giggling slightly.

“How do you want to cum? Her pussy” His friend asked smirking, “or my ass while she licks yours”

He groaned and closed his eyes, he didn’t want this to end but he know they wouldn’t have much time, “ass” was all he could manage as the tall brunette stood up smiling, she knelt behind him as she took his shaft in one hand and parted him with the other, together they guided his dick to her ass, carefully he pushed his tip in while the tall brunette cupped his balls and and her tongue ran over his ass, she used it every time he pulled back and each time he paused inside his friend.

His friend gasped in enjoyment as he started to move it further in and out, the tightness wrapped around his dick and each time her pulled out his ass was met with the tongue which gave a unique feeling of intensity. He could see his friend move her hand down to between her legs and he knew she was enjoying this. That was his last thought before the feelings of intense pleasure took over his senses. They moved together for a while before he could hold out any longer, his friend was trembling from intensive orgasms that rolled into each other and the tall brunette was riding her hand as she licked him, muffling her moans into his ass intensifying it for him even further. With a warning he had one last lunge into her ass as he came, grunting as he did and collapsing on top of his friend . The tall brunette rested her head on the side of the bed, panting slightly. For a while they all lay breathing shakily. The tall brunette was the first to move, standing and redressing in the little she had been wearing. She was gone quickly and the friends turned at looked at each other “good time?” She asked laughing as he lay back with his eyes closing and grinning like a Cheshire Cat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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