One More Sexy Father in Law

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


“Mr Lipton, please, don’t, stop please, I’m begging you.”

“Now now Libby,” he smiled, “you know you don’t really mean that.”

“But I do Mr Lipton, stop please.”

“I would like to Libby believe me, but I know it’s not what you really want, is it?”

“Yes it is sir, please don’t.”

“But yesterday Libby you loved it, didn’t you?”

“Y… No Mr Lipton, I never.”

“But I made you cum like you never have before didn’t I?”

“Y… No Mr Lipton, that was a mistake.”

“Now Libby, we both know thats not true don’t we, once you had realised it was what you wanted there was no stopping you was there?”

“N… please Mr Lipton, don’t make me, not again, please.”

“Libby, you need to cum like that again, you said so yourself, didn’t you?

“Y… But I never meant it Mr Lipton, Oh Ooooh, please Mr Lipton.”

“Feel how hard your nipples are Libby, are they lying to you, hmmmm?”

“N… yes Mr Lipton, they are.”

“I don’t think they are now Libby, are they?”

“N… Yes sir, please?”

He kissed her, his tongue searching her mouth, again. Libby tried to escape but couldn’t.

“You know you want to Libby, I have seen it in you for the last three weeks, you do don’t you Libby?”

“Y… Oh please Mr Lipton.”

Libby found herself being lowered down, again, on to her bed. She felt his fingers collapsing her nipples, followed by her mind, again.

“Once you have my nice big fat cock in you once more Libby, you will call my name, you always do don’t you?”

“Y… Oh Mr Lipton, you can’t, you have to stop, let me go, Oh please Mr Lipton.”

“How can I Libby, you have seen the scratches, on my back, and the holes and gouges there caused by your nails digging into me in your passion, you can’t deny that Libby can you?”

“N… But it was you who made me like that Mr Lipton.”

“Yes Libby I did, but it was you who went out of control and went mad with lust for us, wasn’t it Libby?”

“Y… please Mr Lipton, Oh, Ooooh, no please don’t do that, not again, not there, Oh Ooooh, you know I can’t bear it.”

“You can bear it Libby because you love it don’t you baby?”

“Yes Mr Lipton, Oh no, Oh Ooooh, oh hmmmm.” He kissed her neck, he pulled down her top, he sucked her nipples, and his middle finger wormed its way into her panties and found her secret button to send her in to orbit.

Three weeks ago it was a fully different matter, he had saved them, brought them from the brink of disaster. Had Libby known what was about to confront her and her life she would have run fast in the opposite direction, but now it was too late.

“You will have to leave there, tell no one where you have gone, let the landlord try and find you for the 6 months rent that you owe,” he had said. “You can live here rent free, while you get sorted out. All I will want from you is Libby to do some housekeeping, a little cooking, that sort of thing, deal?” They had agreed without another word. Not knowing that he was tipping his wonderful bride into the lions den where she would be devoured.

Everything was fine until the Monday following them moving in. They, Libby and her husband of one month, had had a flaming row, this resulted in tantrums from both sides.

Mr Lipton, Frank, had had enough, and after her husband had gone to work the next morning, he had forcibly seduced Libby.

She had never stood a chance, Frank had simply taken her to bed before she had dressed for the day, and he had kept her there, and screwed her until she had become docile. His final cocking of her ensured that her lips would be sealed. How could she possibly tell her husband that she had willingly had the best sex she had ever had. And that his dad had made her cum more times than she ever thought was possible in one go, or as hard as she had ever known to.

And every day had been the same after that, except at the weekend, Libby had calmed down by the Friday. They had a good weekend together. Then on the Monday, much to Libby’s consternation, he had taken her again. Her husband’s father had simply ignored Libby’s protests and made her cum time after time and Libby lost on every occasion.

Libby was twenty one years old, a beauty of rare occurrence, lithe, languid, silky, smooth, graceful without thinking about it, and as sexy as hell without knowing it. Her long dark lustrous silky hair was her crowning glory surrounding her exceptionally irresistible and pretty face. Her lips were soft, plump, pouty, and expressive, and were to die for.

Mr Lipton was now about to teach his gorgeous daughter in law the best way to suck his cock, then teach her to rim him, finger his ass, and in doing so teach her to become the complete slut and whore he wanted her to be. Not a dirty slag of a slut and a whore, but his slut, his whore. Her thoughts, when she wasn’t with her husband, his son, to be only for him. That was until he was ready to pass her on to the one that would keep her happily married ataşehir escort bayan to her husband.

This was whether she liked it or not, it was going to happen. He had no misgivings in taking and using his son’s beautiful young bride, it was only sex after all. Nothing more, nothing less Libby would look back, he mused, on this episode in her life with pride, glee, and joy.

Mr Lipton was now looking down into the upturned face of his young and very beautiful sexy lover. Her eyes closed, he gazed longingly at her beautiful face, the innocence, the angelic beauty, her lips, so kissable, his heart skipped a beat.

His cock hovering over its target.

“Now Libby,” he said temptingly, “Tell me again how you don’t want to be fucked out of your mind by your loving daddy?”

“Oh Mr Lipton, please,” was all she said. She always called him Mr Lipton, she viewed calling him anything else as disrespectful.

“Does knowing having my big fat cock deep in you turn you on Libby.”

“Please Mr Lipton, don’t,” was all the defiance Libby could muster. He nudged his hard cock into her pussy lips and stopped.

Libby broke, “Yes Mr Lipton, please make love to me again, please do me again.”

“Are you begging me now Libby?” he teased nudging her with his ribald cock once more.

“Yes Mr Lipton I am, I need you in me again, please Mr Lipton.”

He never waited any longer, if Libby had known he was busting his own gut to screw her she would have, well… He pushed in, sinking his toes into the mattress of her bed, the one she shared with his son. He drove onwards and upwards, once more delighting in the shriek of sexual relief, desire, need and approval from his soon to be beautiful slut daughter in law.

He felt her hands go around him, her feet hooked over his thighs, he waited for the painful, yet wonderful feel of her nails making new lines, opening up old ones, he loved it. He knew her resistance to him had left, all she wanted now was to be fucked by her husband’s gregarious father. And he obliged and would do so for the rest of the day, no wonder he was sleeping well at night now.

Libby gave herself over to him, his dominance was about complete, Libby knew her place now, it was under her father in law for as long as he wished her to be. She fucked him back with all she had, she humped and bumped in timing with him, she called out to him, Libby bit him. Libby kissed him, her eyes only for him, her heartbeat only for him. She dug her nails malevolently into his back and grinned coetiqually; it was her way of loving him.

She was also now very pregnant, although she would never know who the father of her baby would be. It would be claimed of course by her husband, but she and her father in law knew the truth, no one would know. Frank spouted his first load of the day into Libby’s fertile and greedy pussy. He smiled down at her as she gratefully kissed her elderly, to her, owner.

Mr Lipton let her rest, albeit he too rested, he was preparing himself to fuck her luscious mouth. He took time out to wonder if she was sucking his son’s cock. He smiled, it interested him, he would ask her later. Then he was climbing up her soft yielding body, Libby looked up at him.

“Mr Lipton?” she enquired.

“Its time Libby,” he said.

“Time,” she asked, “time for what?” As she finished speaking Mr Lipton began to stroke his cock head across those lips.

“For this Libby,” he told her, “for this.” He pressed his cock head which was hardening against her soft mouth.

“But,” she half protested, “I…” he pushed his cock into her mouth.

“Now honey,” he said gently,” you just suck that and then I will tell you how to do it properly, okay?” She had a perplexing look on her juvenile face. She knew men like having their cocks sucked, but as yet she had never done it. The closest she had got so far was kissing her husband’s with the full intention of sucking him off in the near future.

Her female submission made her suck, yhen she licked, she was tasting herself too, but the paramount feel was of thick cock. Her teeth closed over the end and Libby held her husband’s father’s cock in her mouth. He dipped back and forth and his wonderful sexy daughter in law did what nature made a woman do for her man, she sucked.

“Libby,” he told her, ” you are good, oh yes honey you are good,” he was happy. “But now Libby, suck it like you need the life blood out of it to satisfy your lustful draconian needs.” Libby did so, her head bobbed up and down of the bed ferociously. He felt the power, “Yes Libby,” he called to no one but her, “yes, yes, yes.”

Mr Lipton slowly rolled over to allow his son’s wife complete access to him, his cock, and later he knew, his balls. Libby was manic, the only thing she wanted was to please him, she would spend all day doing this if that was what he wanted. Eventually she was up on her knees and he was on his back legs spread wide.

“Harder Libby Harder baby,” he told her. It was the best he thought, her youth, her eagerness to do it for him, made her turn herself escort kadıköy into a tunnel boring machine sucking and eating up everything. The inside of her mouth was like the rest of her, velvet smooth, her soft lapping tongue a small rope of silk. Libby, his daughter in law was an innocent child, willing and wanting to be moulded by her older lover.

Frank knew that after he had done she would be a fantastic partner for whomever could hold on to her, he doubted very much whether his son would be able to. ‘Hey ho,’ he thought. He felt his cock head roil and he erupted, even he hadn’t thought she would be able to make him cum without a lot more work. The future was bright, her future was brighter.

That night Libby did something neither he, nor she expected, it had been agreed, by him, that there would be no connection while her husband was in the house, but Libby had gone past that. After dinner, her husband said he had to go upstairs, Frank was still sat at the dinner table, and as soon as footsteps were heard on the stairs Libby swung her leg over his knee and sat on him.

Her father in law looked at her quizzically, Libby smiled and lifted her dress, no underwear. The only thing separating his cock from her silky pussy were his trousers. She unbuckled his belt, Frank remonstrated with her.

“Libby I told you this was not agreed, and not on the agenda.”

“But Mr Lipton, please, I need you in me, please let me, I have to cum for you, please.” It was a plea from her heart. She had him undone and her hand was dragging him out. By the time this was done his cock was fully erect and he smiled. Libby raised herself and engulfed him, this was the very first time se had taken the lead. Frank made a mental note to bring his agenda forward.

In seconds she was pumping up and down on he father in laws big fat cock. She orgasmed, she bit his neck and collapsed on him. Then they heard her husband coming down. Libby jumped off very reluctantly, her dress fell down and her look of pure innocence masked her lustful face. Frank had no option but to pull his chair in to cover up his dripping wet hard cock.

“What’s that smell?” he asked his wife.

“Burnt cabbage,” she laughed and waltzed out of the room. Frank was looking anywhere, but at his son.

“I need to shower,” his son said, “It might be me who’s smelly,” he laughed. No sooner had he gone up than Libby returned, Frank pulled his chair out and his beautiful sexy daughter in law got back on him.

This time Libby made him cum, he had nothing to do but sit there and let her take the spoils, that being another load of potent daddy cum.

“Tonight Libby, don’t let him touch you, nothing. I want you ready first thing in the morning, you are going out, no under wear but as sexy as all hell, as soon as he has gone to work, and do not, ask me any questions, nothing, okay!”

“Yes Mr Lipton,” she replied dutifully.

In the night Libby crept into his room and woke him.

“Libby,” he hissed, “Go away and go away now!” He ordered. “But Mr Lipton, I’m worried, what are you going to do to me, with me?” she asked.

He took a deep breath, “There is someone who loves you, wants you, needs you Libby, no it is not me, can’t you guess?”

“No Mr Lipton I can’t, who is it, why are you telling me this?” “Haven’t you ever noticed the way he looks at you, the erection he carries for you when you are near. The lust and desire in his eyes Libby?”

“Mr Lipton, I’m sorry but no, I have ever only known you, and him,” she said hooking her thumb over her shoulder. This was all Frank needed to know, her husband was being consigned to her past, something he had already known.

“Be ready as said first thing, now go,” he told her. He was sad about this but it needed to be done sooner rather than laster, or he would lose her himself if he wasn’t careful. He also thought laconically that he hadn’t had the chance to take her obvious cherry ass, but he would, hopefully.

The next morning as soon as the door closed did Libby enter her father in laws room, his cock twitched at the sight. Her lustrous hair was up and pinned behind her lovely head. She had on a small snug fitting blouse, obviously no bra. A mini skirt that showed off her magnificent legs and backless high heels.

Frank lifted her skirt to check for panties, there were none, he wanted to fuck her right there and then, but knew he couldn’t. He gave her a piece of paper, on which was written an address, and a key.

“Take the key, go to the address, and do what you will know you have to do when you get there Libby. This is for me Libby, don’t let me down. I won’t be happy if you do. And do not ask me why, now go immediately.”

She looked at him quizzically, dropped her gorgeous head, turned and walked away, but at the door, she said meekly, “Can I ask you something Mr Lipton?”

“What Libby.”

“What do I do when I get there?” he sighed, he was hoping he didn’t have to go throught this.

“You enter very quietly, extremely quietly Libby, then just as quietly go through the first door bostancı escort on the left, the answer you seek will be obvious, now go!”

Libby left perplexed. A few moments later he heard her car start. ‘I wonder what time she will be back?” he mused sadly. “And what will the consequences be?” he asked himself, “I don’t like doing this but it has to be done, it will prove or disprove everything for me.”

Libby arrived at the address, she took a moment to get her bearings then entered the building, she took the elevator to the 5th floor as directed. She found door 510 and stealthily entered the apartment without knocking. She wondered who lived here, why was she here? Her breath was ragged now but she controlled it. Arriving at the first door on the left she took a few deep breaths, looked at her watch, it was 9.07.

Taking one last deep breath and the desire to run, she quietly opened the door and there was her answer, now she knew who it was she had been sent to see, more to the point, why and what for! Why hadn’t I guessed she asked herself, everything fell into place, she had always known he had the hots for her, but had obviously been blind to it all.

Libby wondered where his mother was, she never knew that Thelma, Gareth’s mother, was in the next bedroom fully aware of what was going on. This had been all her idea, she had divorced Frank because of his ways. But she still loved him, she could not live with him, and his ways, his sexual preferences. But she could not live without him either, so she had mentioned Libby and he had taken it from there, she knew he had force seduced her. But what Frank never knew was that Gareth was her ultimate goal, once Libby was done she would take him for her own.

Libby’s husband was her step son, she had no affinity with him, so she didn’t care about what she did or wanted, she did though, care about Gareth, very much. Libby could have Frank, and her husband if that’s what she wanted. Thelma had settled on Gareth and he would be hers.

Libby moved silently to the side of the bed, he was half turned away from her, and he was sleeping quietly. “Lazy, devil, he ought not to be here,” she smiled silently to herself. Not knowing why he was. Now her own body registered why she was here, she felt herself tighten inside.

Inexplicably she started to get turned on, the audacity of Mr Lipton, forcing her to come here and him knowing why. She looked the side of his good looking face, the bare shoulders, the smooth lines of his easily seen lithe body under the sheet adorning him, the cat like tension in his torso was apparent.

Libby dropped her blouse to the floor, she had not even been aware that she had undone the buttons, her skirt followed seconds later, she stepped out of her shoes and she was as naked as the day she had been born.

“Mr Lipton,” she said in her head, what are you doing to me, why?” She slipped under the sheet and spooned into the back of her very young brother in law. Her hand went over the top and took possession of a flaccid cock, but it immediately throbbed, then it pulsed, then it thickened. She unbelievably felt no embarrassment. Mr Lipton her ordered here here for this purpose. She so gently squeezed it, it got thicker. Libby was turning herself on more and more.

This was a test she decided, Mr Lipton wanted to know how she really felt, and he had decided that this would be a great way of finding her. She had known about Gareth her young brother in law but had not guessed that Mr Lipton would make her do this.

What she never knew was that the impressive cock in her hand had only ever had a hand on it, his own, he was a straight out virgin. He half turned her way, Libby quickly moved back, she didn’t want him to awaken before he was all the way hard. Libby was now right into this, wild horses wouldn’t stop her now.

“What Mr Lipton wants, Mr Lipton will get,” she said happily now in her lovely head.

And never once had she thought about her new husband, This was a different woman that had promised everything in marriage a few short weeks ago. Gareth turned on to his back and Libby began jacking him off. He was hard in a moment, then opened his eyes.

“Ugh, wha… mmm… Oh yes,” he breathed, then he saw her, it took him a few seconds to get his bearings. Then blurted out, “Libby, what the… He was rock hard and very much under control.

“Want me to stop Gareth?”

“I don’t… Oh Ooooh, Oh Libby, this is…” Her hand went faster and Gareth was too late for anything. He started to speak again, but Libby let go and put her finger to his lips.

“Shhhs Gareth, keep quiet, or I will leave, do you want that hmmmm?” knowing what the answer was. She removed her finger and kissed him, then she retook his cock.

Libby had no time to waste, she was too excited by all of this, she raised her right leg and slid over the prone virgin boy. She leaned down and said.

“Gareth do you want me to kiss you hmmmm?” the look in his wild eyes was the answer. She gave him her most passionate and most tender kiss, and undid her hair at the same time. Leaning back she shook her hair free and went back down. Now he was cocooned in her soft this dark hair, her cork nipples digging into his chest she kissed him harder. And while she was doing that she had reached down between them and positioned her hot wet slit over him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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