one lucky bastard 3

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About a week went by. One day I was coming into class and Nikki grabbed me by the arm and said “We need to talk now!” I said “What’s up?” “You need to help Tamia” she said. “Help her how?” “Her stepmom is abusing her.” “So how do I help” I asked. “She wants you to do to her stepmom what you did to my mom.” “That wasn’t planned and your mom was happy participant. So now I have to go to her house and find a way to screw her mother and blackmail her to stop hitting Tamia?” “YES!! Daddy she’s best friend please help her.” She pouted. She knew she had me when she called me “Daddy” it does something to me.

I waited until lunch and then went and found Tamia. I walked up to her leaning against my locker. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans and v neck sweater. Have you ever seen a glass of chocolate milk? That’s Tamia’s skin color. She had the cutest button nose and slanted almond eyes with full, suck able, lips. Her skin was flawless, not a single mark on it with the exception of the slight swelling on her left side of her face. Body wise, she was incredible. 4’11” 36D chest 20” waist, 38” ass and wide hips on top of muscle hard bowlegged thighs and calves. Tamia ran cross country and track and she always, always wore 4” high heels because she always felt short.

I walked up to her and asked what happened to her face? “My step-monster hit because she doesn’t believe her daughter is molesting me at night.” “Hunh? What do you mean she is molesting you?” I asked. “It all started about three months ago when school let out for summer. I went home and stripped down to my undies and was preparing to get in the shower when my stepsister Crystal came in and told me how sexy I looked.

I said thank you and then it happened she just jumped on me and started groping me and rubbing my pussy through my panties. She forced me on my bed and tied me to my bed post and kissed me hard. She then grabbed my tits and started pinching my nipples and fingering my pussy with her other hand.”“I didn’t want it but it started to feel good. Then she smiled and started eating my pussy. She nibbled my clit and sucked it and then drove three fingers into my pussy and found my spot and made me cum three times. After that day she has been doing it every other day ever since and it’s gotten worse she fists me now and she beats me with her sorority paddle. I hate the she is doing it but I like what’s being done. I mean if a guy was doing it or if it was Nikki I would complain but I don’t like Crystal doing it.”

“So how does your stepmom play into this?” I asked. “I told her what was going on last night and she told me I was lying on her daughter and she beat me up. My dad is in jail for life my mom is dead and my grand mom is all the way in Canada. There is no one to help me but you. Nikki told me about you and her and her mom and I need you to do something the same thing just make it stop.”

I arranged to meet Tamia at her house about 6 p.m. a half hour before Crystal and two hours before her stepmom would be home. I had formulated a plan after talking to Tamia I just hoped it worked. I got to the house and Tamia answered the door in a pair of green short running shorts and a white mid-riff shirt. She was working out and she looked so sexy with her sweat drenching her hair. Her long natural brown hair. This chick was illegal bahis sexy for real.

“I knew you would come.” Was all she said and then she kissed me. “First things first, let’s set the trap.” “O.K.” I went upstairs and waited in Tamia’s room. The plan was to hide in the closet and wait until Chrystal started in on Tamia and then bust her. I had taken one of the video cameras from the a.v. room at school, benefit of being in the club. I was going to video tape the scene and then show it to the mom and then put Tamia in a position of power in this situation or, at the very least, stop Crystal from molesting Tamia. While in Tamia’s room, I learned a lot about her she was a girl scout and she used to be a tap dancer. That explained the legs.

I learned she was smarter than me. She had computer equipment and a chemistry set that made mine look like they belonged to a 3rd grader. She had nothing but lace and thongs for underwear and in her closet there were no pants just skirts, dresses, and heels. I was falling in love with this chick. Just as I was day dreaming about a life with her I heard Crystal come in the door. I took my place in the closet and got the camera ready.

Ten minutes later, Tamia was running into her room trying to lock the door and Crystal pushed the door open. “I thought I told you to be naked when I came home. You know mommy doesn’t like having to wait for it.” Crystal said. “Crystal stop I am begging you not to do this I don’t like it you’re my sister for God’s sake.” “Step sister bitch and that means I got free good pussy right here at home. Now get over here and give me my pussy.”

I turned the camera on and began to record this scene. Crystal forced Tamia down on the bed and tied her hands to the bed posts. “I wish you would just accept it so we could make love and I wouldn’t have to fuck you like this all the time. The way you cum you know you like it.” “No I don’t.” “Really then why are you getting wet bitch?” Tamia went silent. “I thought so.” I watched as Crystal pushed up the mid-riff and unhooked the bra setting those 36D’s free. She then proceeded to suck and pinch Tamia’s nipples until Tamia began to whimper in pleasure.

Next, Crystal took off Tamia’s shorts and lace thong Panties and then she backed up and took off her hoodie and jeans and then I saw Crystal’s perfection. She stood 5’6” she was so light skinned she could pass for white. She had the perkiest 40DD’s I had ever seen she had a four pack for a stomach and her ass was perfectly round and soft as hard as her body was her ass was soft. She had strong runner’s legs and the cutest feet I ever saw. And just above her right knee I saw it the AKA interlocking brand. This chick was an Alpha Kappa Alpha. I recorded as she laid down between Tamia’s legs and started eating her pussy and fingering her. First it was one finger. “Damn How do you stay so damn tight?” then two fingers, then three and then five. Then she balled her fist and started fisting her.

After 20 minutes and Tamia cumming twice, Crystal flipped around and put her crotch on Tamia’s face. “It’s time you learned to eat pussy bitch.” Tamia refused to open her mouth no matter how much Crystal hunched. “Am I going to have to get the paddle or the crop to get you to act right?” At that, Tamia started eating. This whole time I was so illegal bahis siteleri into filming that didn’t pay attention to my dick. The moment Tamia started eating, I noticed my dick was rock hard. Then another thought entered my mind, Give Crystal a taste of her own medicine.

I quietly turned off the camera and got naked in the closet. I watched and waited as these two teen goddesses sixty-nined each other. Then Crystal got off Tamia’s fast licked all her fluids off Tamia’s face and got back in between her legs and buried her face in Tamia’s pussy. This was my opening. I eased the closet door open and snuck around behind her and stuck all 9 ½” of steel up in her pussy. She was so wet that I went in with no effort. The moment I was in her, she turned around and tried to run from me. I grabbed her by her waist and kept my dick in her as I Quickly moved my arms up and put her in a full nelson on her stomach and kept trusting. She begged me to get off of her and stop. I asked “did you stop when Tamia asked you to?” Her face immediately went into shock I thought because I knew Tamia but it was because she was cumming.

It hit me at that moment. She wasn’t a true lesbian or a true dominant she just wanted to control Tamia. I pulled out of her, let her go and told her to untie Tamia. She tried to be tuff and asked “who the fuck are you and where did you come from? Fuck you I am not untying her and you’re going to jail for rape.” I stood there calmly. Then I lowered my tone and said “Crystal you will untie Tamia now and then you will sit down on the bed or you will make me angry and then it will not be pleasant.” She looked in my eyes and saw that I wasn’t playing. She reached up and untied Tamia. Tamia ran up next to me and asked “what took you so long? Damn is that your Dick for real? Its Huge!!!!”

“ I had to get enough footage. Do me a favor go get the paddle and the crop out of Crystal’s room and don’t come back in until I tell you I need to talk to Crystal.”
When Tamia left the room, I went and sat down next to Crystal and introduced myself. “Crystal my name is Darrell and I am a friend of Tamia and you have been a very bad sister. But I know your secret. You are in to being dominated that why you came as soon as a started fucking you roughly. You picked on Tamia because if you couldn’t be dominated you would dominate. So I have a solution to your problem. I can either turn the tape I made over to your mom and then the police your nineteen so you would go to jail for statutory rape, or I can become your new fuck buddy I can fuck you like you like it and leave Tamia alone unless I invite you in to have a threesome. So which do you want? Me as your new master or five years in jail for rape?”

She didn’t say a word. She got down between my knees and proceeded to try to swallow my dick violently gaging herself on it and when I tried to pull out of her mouth she locked on so I grabbed her by her head and pulled off and slapped her hard. “you didn’t ask for permission to suck my dick bitch!” She smiled and asked “Master would it please you if I sucked your dick like the filthy whore that I am?” We had an understanding.

For the next 20 minutes, I held Crystals arms behind her back and face fucked her until her eyes teared up running her mascara and causing snot to come out her nose. canlı bahis siteleri She was in heaven. I picked her up off the floor and threw her on the bed a started to finger her with three fingers I found her spot and rubbed until she squirted. I then tied her up to the bed stomach down and called Tamia in with the crop and the paddle. I told Crystal if she moved the count would start over. I then told Tamia to beat her only on the ass with the paddle. Crystal’s face looked Terrified. Whack!!!!! “FUCK THAT HURTS!!!!” Whack!!!!! Whack!!!!! Whack!!!!!!! Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack whack!!!!! Tamia was paddling the hell out of Crystal. “Do you like that you bitch?” Tamia asked. All Crystal could do was moan.

I jumped in between her legs and started fucking her hard. About midway through I heard someone moaning. I turned to see Tamia fingering herself. I untied Crystal and turned her on her back and pushed her legs up to her chest and forced my dick in her ass. She moaned and said “DAMN YOU IT’S TO BIG FOR MY ASS!!” I ignored her and kept fucking her after about five minutes, Crystal said “fuck that feel so fucking good I’m G-G-Gonna fucking cum can have permission to cum Master?” “Yes you can cum but don’t squirt” “Ungh”. I pulled out and grabbed Crystal by the head and made her suck my dick straight from her ass. After she cleaned me really good I told her to go stand in the corner and she was not allowed to touch herself.

I grabbed Tamia and started to kiss her like a lover. She immediately returned the kiss and began to stroke my cock as I rubbed her ass and grabbed her tit. I then laid her down and began to explore her body with my mouth from eyes all the way down to her toes and then back up her legs and I dove straight into her pussy. I liked her clit and sucked on it and began to finger her. She tensed up at first and then she relaxed and started to moan and gyrate against my hand. She came. Then I took my fingers out and told her I was going to replace them with my cock.

“If I hurt you let me know I don’t want to hurt you I want to love you.” She nodded her head and spread her legs for me to get in. I eased my dick into her pussy she gripped my sides with her legs and bit into my shoulder. For the next few minutes we forgot about Crystal, revenge, and everything else in the world and we just gyrated in rhythm together. We went on like this for about twenty-five minutes and then without warning we both came at the same time. We held each other and kissed.

Then we heard it. Someone was clapping we looked over to the corner that Crystal was in and she pointed us to the room door. There stood Tamia’s Stepmom Crystal’s mom Tracy. The prettiest red head I had ever seen Now I saw what Tamia’s dad saw in her she was gorgeous and sexy. “I Hope you have a condom because if either of my daughters is pregnant your gonna take care of the kid. No abortions but damn that was hot. Oh Who the fuck are you anyway?”

I got up pulling my semi hard dick out of Tamia and turned around to introduce myself. “Hi I’m Darrell and we need to talk about your daughters.” “Unh huh.” Was all Stacy said her eyes were glued to my dick. “we’ll talk but first all of you get dressed. You two whores got a lot of explaining to do.” “No I’ll do the explaining on this one.” I said as grabbed the camera and my clothes out the closet and went into the bathroom to get dressed. “Down stairs five minutes all of you.” Stacy said as she licked her lips subconsciously. Damn Here we go again……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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