One Hot Saturday Night

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I started with black garter style stockings, then picked out the 3 piece combo with open nipple bra, crotchless panties, and sleeveless black sheer robe, all pieces had some gold silk patches in an interesting design. I put everything on, and slipped on the black heals. This blue eyed blonde looked pretty damned hot with her full 42D – 38 – 40 sexy body!

He had already setup the bedroom. The bed was covered with an extra sheet and our extra pillows were on the bed. One extra thick one placed so that my bottom would be raised about 6 inches from the bed. He had the lights dimmed, and was playing a very hot adult video. I lay down next to him, and we watched the movie a little while.

It wasn’t but a few minutes before I began lightly caressing my soft skin. I circled my nipples through the open area in the bra, making the nipples immediately harden. My Lover moved down between my legs. He had grabbed some blueberry-flavored lube, and began applying some to my pussy. It felt so good! Then he put some on my tight asshole, rubbing it around and around, just barely dipping his finger in. God! I was in heaven! I was already starting to squirm with anticipation.

The video had a really hot 3-way going on, and the chick was presently getting a really nice rim job. This only spurred me on. My Lover finally dove in, flicking the tip of his tongue around my pierced clit. That weighted curved barbell makes my clit so sensitive! I came immediately! He quickly moved down to drink my sweet juices. Then he moved backup to my clit and started working it again, then moved back down to tongue inside of me, then backup up again. I had another orgasm. I had just caught my breath when I felt his tongue start licking my asshole. Oh wow! Talk about sending a person to another world. What a great illegal bahis orgasm!

My pussy always floods when he’s doing my hot ass. He loves moving back and forth, sucking up the juice, tongue fucking my pussy, then my ass again. Then he slowly slid a finger in my tight hole, while tonguing my clit! There I go again! I came so hard…Pretty soon, he’s got a finger in my pussy, one in my asshole, and tonguing my clit at the same time. That sends my right back over the edge. I just keep cumming and cumming. Just when I think he’s giving me a break, I feel something at my asshole again.

It’s my little butt buddy. I call it this because I just love having it in my ass while I’m sucking his cock and balls! It’s a long thin smooth rubber with a knob at the end that keeps it in place, even with my earth-shattering orgasms. Anything else, and I end up shooting it out of myself when I orgasm. My Lover slides it in, and dives back into my pussy, sending me over again! He keeps stroking it in and out while moving back and forth over my hot pussy. I just keep cumming…He decides it’s time to let me recover a bit, but he left my butt buddy in place.

I took a few drinks of water. He had removed his black silk boxers, and laid back on the pillows. I grabbed my favorite bubblegum flavored lube, and moved down between his legs. When I move, I can feel the dildo swing around, held in place by the little knob on the end. It keeps me hot, needless to say!

I bring my mouth up in front of his cock and balls, and breath hot steamy breaths against his balls, and up around his cock; every now an then flicking out my tongue. Then I dribble some lube down his shaft, and on his balls. I slowing swirl it around with my finger, then start sucking it off my finger while looking up at him with my illegal bahis siteleri lustful eyes. Mmmmm, I moan. Then I start licking his balls and then up around his growing shaft. I begin slowly stroking him while licking his balls. It’s getting harder, and my pussy starts getting wetter. Just knowing I’m exciting him makes me cream. I move up around is cock, and suck his hard shaft into my mouth, stroking up and down. I just love making love to his cock! I keep alternating sucking his cock for a few strokes, then tonguing and sucking his smooth balls.

He sees my ass squirming around, and says, “I bet your little pussy is dripping by now!” “Let me check”, I say, as I reach down, and stick a couple of fingers inside, it was so wet, they just slid right in! I brought them back up, and he sat up to suck my cum-soaked fingers into his mouth. “Mmmm, so sweet!” I dipped them back in, and brought them to my mouth next. He puts a couple of fingers in me, and starts frigging me gently, I start having a hard orgasm immediately, and grab his hand to let him know I want them hard and grinding in my puss! I’m still stroking up his hard cock ask he lies back again, while licking my cum off his fingers.

I drizzle some more bubblegum lube on him and dive back in, all the while my pussy and asshole are still squirming around. This continues a little while, and then he tells me to pus on a show for him. The Jeff Stryker vibrating dildo is on one corner of the bed. He asks if I want some lube, and I tell him it’s not necessary, I’ve already got plenty! My pussy is so wet! As I’m moving around into position, the butt buddy is still letting me know it’s there…. I get on my knees, and place the huge dildo between my legs, and start working it into my hot pussy by slowly lowering and raising my upper canlı bahis siteleri body. It’s so wide and huge; it takes a little work to get it in. I feel the head pass the knob of the butt buddy, as I sink down until there’s maybe an inch above the balls still showing. I start cumming, as I begin moving up and down, so the dildo is stroking in and out. I keep cumming…

I see that hard dick, and with the big fat dong in my, I lean forward and take him into my mouth. I just had to suck on it. I keep bobbing up and down on the dildo, while his hard shaft is stroking in and out of my mouth. I came so hard that my pussy muscles pushed the dong out! I just kept sucking him and then licking his balls, taking one in my mouth now and then. He couldn’t take much more. He said, “I want to fuck that hot ass of yours, while you’re fucking that huge dildo”. Mmmmm.

I get back up, and squat over the dong. I sink down onto it. My Lover pulls the butt buddy out (making me cum!), and lubes up his cock. He pushes more lube into my ass with his finger, then I feel his big, thick, rock solid cock start pushing it’s way in. My pussy is clamping down on the dong in my pussy, while My Lover’s filling my hot ass with his huge cock! I feel so full! Once he’s in, he starts sliding in and out, while I rise up and down on the dildo. Oh, wow! Talk about the mind-blowing orgasms! He keeps plowing in and out, and I keep cumming, and cumming. Once again, my pussy managed to squeeze the big huge dildo right out of my pussy!

My Lover began ramming his hard cock in and out of my ass, while I was building up to another orgasm. I was gripping the sheet with my hands, and pushing my ass back against his fuck muscle! I started going over the edge again, when I felt him getting ready to shoot. We came together, his hot cum shooting up my sweet asshole, while pussy juice was running down my thighs! I just kept cumming, I thought I’d never stop. He pulled his softening cock out of me, and I came again!

Wow! That was one hot Saturday night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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