On The Train Ch. 02

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I want to thank everyone who posted such kind and glowing comments about the first instalment of this story. It seems that Samantha and Alex have touched more than a few hearts.

I hope this chapter meets expectations. Please let me know how you feel about it, and cast those votes when you’re done.

Thank you again, and enjoy.


I woke to a most wonderful feeling. No, it wasn’t a morning blowjob. It was Samantha, sleeping in my arms. She was so warm, soft, and feminine, I just enjoyed holding her.

She was curled up, facing me, snuggled into my chest like a contented child, with my arms wrapped around her. Her blonde hair covered her face, and was fluttering in her gentle, even breathing. She was, in a word, adorable.

And married. I was now officially the other man. I know she was being cheated on, and was planning to divorce him, but this was still new for me. I didn’t feel guilty, just different, and still dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe any man could want more than Samantha had to give.

She stirred slightly, and I brushed the hair away from her eyes. They opened slowly, revealing the striking blueish green colour that I found so beautiful. A smile.

“Mmmmm, good morning,” she breathed.

“Good morning, Sam,” I replied. She pouted, closed her eyes, and nuzzled against me.

“So I’m no longer ‘exquisitely beautiful’? Which am I now…. the butcher, or the grizzled veteran?” Her pout began to crack, turning into a playful smirk.

“I did say that, didn’t I?” I laughed. “I’d have to go with ‘grizzled veteran’.”

“Oh!” she gasped, and smacked me on the chest. “I don’t need to lay here to be insulted. I could just go home!”

“Not yet, you’re not!” I smiled, rolling back and dragging her atop me. She giggled girlishly, and smiled down at me through her tousled hair.

With excruciating slowness, she lowered her lips to mine. It was a very enjoyable greeting, and we rolled about the bed, feasting on each other, for several minutes. Sam finally spoke up.

“Oh, I want you inside me again, darling…..but if I don’t go pee, I can’t be held responsible for any mess I might make,” she giggled.

“Agreed,” I laughed. “You go first. I can’t pee through this right now anyway,” I gestured to my very stiff erection.

“It seems a shame to waste such a nice hard cock,” she smiled, stroking it a few times.

“You’re not helping the situation,” I smiled. “Try not to be so damned sexy, will you?” She released her grip and wiggled her way toward the bathroom.

“I’ll try, but it’ll be difficult,” she called over her shoulder. I was so happy to see her playful nature exerting itself. With the sadness and anger you would expect her to feel from betrayal, it would be natural to be down on herself a little. If my presence had any part in her happiness, I was glad to be of help.

In her absence, I tried to get my erection to subside, and was having a small measure of success….until I looked up and saw her breasts bobbling and wobbling as she returned.

“Argh! Is that what you call trying to be less sexy? It’ll be noon before it goes down now!” I joked.

“Well, don’t expect me to wait that long,” she retorted, rolling onto her back and spreading her long legs. Two fingers started to play with her pussy, and she grinned at me. “I’ll just be here, waiting for you.” A wink.

I raced to the bathroom, and did my best to do what I needed to do, finally succeeding to get soft enough for urination. “Ahhhhhhhh!” I sighed. I heard a giggle from her.

“Good, now get back in here and fuck me!” she called out.

“Are you going to be one of those demanding girlfriends?” I laughed as I joined her on the bed again.

Oh, what I just said….

“Alex, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, shall we?” she said. It was her Mom voice, the serious one, and told me I had just inserted one of my feet into my mouth up to the hip.

Right Alex, just smell the roses, and enjoy her company, I thought. Leave the wedding plans for later, you idiot.

“Right. Sorry,” I replied, trying to look sufficiently contrite. She smiled, crooking her finger at me.

“Come here, honey,” she breathed. I rolled closer. Her smile let me know my faux pas was forgiven, but not forgotten.

“Alex, we have nine days together. Nine days to enjoy ourselves….to have fun, and be free….while my husband is fucking his secretary, on his business trip. I don’t know what I want to do, beyond that. I don’t want to think about him. I just want to feel warm, and safe, and appreciated. Can you do that for me?”

Once again, Sam cut through the crap, and found the heart of the matter, and she was right. As much as I hated to admit it, I was being selfish, trying to jump ahead in our relationship. My life was better for her involvement, most definitely, but I wasn’t the one facing a divorce, and dealing with the betrayal of someone I had known my entire life. I was literally ikitelli escort bayan her life preserver right now, saving her from drowning in sorrow, and my job was simple ; just hold her, and show her that I cared.

Now I really was sorry. She was watching me, those eyes sparkling, and a wide smile on her face.

“Absolutely,” I smiled back.

“Thank you, honey,” she sighed, laying back and closing her eyes. “Now, where were we?”

I looked at this incredibly beautiful, mature woman, stretched out sensually on my bed. She rolled on her side to face me, sliding one sexy foot up her lower leg, and then back down. My eyes followed, trailing up her long, lean legs, up over the rounded curves of her hip. A slight change in colour marked the tan line from her bikini. My eyes dipped down at her waist, caressing her flat belly and sexy navel, before moving up again. Her breasts looked absolutely perfect in this position….so round, soft and inviting, capped with puckered pink areolas, and thick nipples. Stacked atop each other, they looked even bigger, and more appetizing, with cleavage that was never ending, and led my eyes higher, up her delicate neck, to her strikingly beautiful face. She was smiling, a relaxed, peaceful smile, with soft eyes that looked happy.

“No one’s looked at me like that for a very, very long time,” she breathed, batting her eyelashes. “It feels wonderful. Thank you.”

I moved closer, and traced my fingertips along the lines my eyes had just taken, starting at her knees. My touch was feather light, and reverent, as though inspecting a masterpiece for flaws that were simply not present. Sam shivered, and her breathing quavered, as she closed her eyes, revelling in the delicious sensation. When I reached her hip, I spread my hand open, to better appreciate the smooth, rounded curves that wrapped around onto her perfect ass. A soft moan escaped her lips.

“Oh god, Alex,” she gasped quietly, “don’t stop.”

I had no intention of stopping. I was just getting to the best parts. My hand swept down, then up again, as I caressed her firm, narrow waist. She anticipated my next stop, and rolled her shoulders back, shuddering, awaiting the arrival of my hand on her breasts. I traced the full, round globes, barely touching, going up her side. She gasped again.

“Oh please….” she whispered.

“Patience, my sweet,” I whispered back, leaning closer, until my face was mere inches away from her feminine orbs. My fingers brushed slowly diminishing circles around her areola, leaving a trail of goosebumps. Her areolas puckered tighter, and as I blew gently across her nipple, I watched it spring upward, growing to full height.

“Alex, please…….” she begged, her voice trembling.

I fluttered my tongue across the tall, tasty nub, and she groaned.

“Oh god!” she hissed. Her legs squirmed, rubbing her thighs together, and I sucked the whole of her areola into my mouth gently, squeezing the rest of her breast firmly. “Fuck! Suck me, baby! Suck me so good!”

Sam was trying desperately to get some traction on her clit, squeezing her thighs together in agony, while I suckled one nipple, then the other. I spent several minutes grazing.

When I moved up, she spread her legs wide, grabbing my ass with both hands. I hovered over her, my lips an inch from hers, while she vibrated under me. Her lips quivered, reaching up for mine, eyes begging. I reached down, and positioned the head of my rock hard cock at her vestibule. She was, as you would expect, absolutely drenched.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddddddddddddd….” she groaned, as I sank into her, sliding balls deep in one smooth stroke. She was so wet, she squished. Now that I was inside her, it only took a few grinding seconds to set her off, and she came, wrapping her shuddering, quaking body around mine in ecstasy. I gave her a few short, firm strokes for good measure, and she raked my ass with her nails as she screamed.

I felt her body relax under me, and her hands flopped onto the bed at her sides. Her eyes opened slowly.

“Holy shit, Alex…..” she exhaled.

“You’re welcome,” I laughed. I wiggled my hips, stirring her pussy with my stir stick. She groaned, and wrapped her legs around me again. Her lips searched out mine, and we kissed passionately.

Sam was moaning softly while we embraced, and her volume escalated when I began to gently thrust into her with long, slow strokes. Her cunt gripped my dick firmly. I lifted away, perching on my arms over her, and looking down as her body absorbed the impact of repeated strokes. Her mouth was ajar, gasping sharply with each thrust, while her eyes locked on mine.

I watched her breasts dance, their full, round curves distorting and transforming like jello fresh from the mold. Hooking first one leg, then the other over my arms. I fucked her hard and fast, hammering her pussy into submission. Samantha screamed.

“O-oh A-l-ex kartal escort bayan ye-s!… FU-UU-UU-CK ME-EE-EE!… CUM-MM-MM-MM IN M-Y PU-SS-SS-Y!”she shrieked as I drilled her rapidly.

Those bouncing boobs, her begging eyes, and the exquisite sensation of her dripping snatch around my cock combined to bring me to the brink quickly. I felt the tide rising. There would be no stopping it.

“Oh, fuck….cumming honey!” I bellowed, and unleashed a torrent of hot spunk into her vagina. Samantha’s eyes sparkled, as she enjoyed the warm feeling of my cock erupting inside her.

“That’s it, baby….give me all of it! Fill me up!” She pulled me down, holding me close while I shot the last spurts of semen. She stroked my hair, and kissed my neck gently.

It was a wonderful way to begin a Saturday, and our nine remaining days together. We slept, we ate, we played, we fucked, we slept some more. It was very romantic, and we got to know each other better, finding out we actually liked being around each other, not just in bed, but in life.

When the work week arrived, we went to our offices as usual on Monday. Samantha got off at her usual stop, going home to pack a weeks worth of clothes. Then she drove back to my place. She even brought some lingerie for my entertainment, but didn’t get to wear it long, as every time she tried, we wound up in bed again.

Then again, that’s the point, isn’t it?


Perhaps two weeks after Samantha’s husband came back from his ‘business trip’, I was in my seat, when she walked on, a little smile on her face. She sat across from me.

“Is there any way you can get out of work tomorrow?” she asked.

My mind immediately made the assumption that she wanted a rendezvous, for sexual purposes. I was all for it. I had been in severe withdrawal, after ten days of access to her considerable charms, having to go cold turkey. Even though we had talked about our future, one which saw us together at some point…. ‘some point’ seemed awfully far away. I was hooked.

“Of course. You want me, I’m there,” I smiled.

She smiled back, and moved to the seat next to me.

“Alex, I’ve missed you, too…..and I’d love to spend the day in your bed again…but that’s not what I’m asking,” she whispered. “I need your emotional support….your strength. It’s time to confront my husband, and I’d like you to be there. I don’t think I can do it without you.”

While I was slightly disappointed that I wouldn’t be tasting her lips in a passionate embrace, I was happy for her, and glad she asked for my support. If we were just a physical thing, I doubt she would have wanted my presence.

“I’m in,” I nodded. “What time?”

“I’ll pick you up at ten,” she replied. “Try to dress like a lawyer.”

The rest of our commute was totally innocent, with no hint of how much we wanted to rip each other’s clothes off.


There was a knock on my door the next morning at nine thirty. I was confused, and had just got out of the shower. Who could that be?

Imagine my surprise when the face peering back at me through my peep hole had green eyes, and platinum blonde hair.

“You’re early,” I smiled as I opened the door.

“I’m horny,” she giggled as she came in quickly. “Good, you’re not dressed yet. That makes it easier.”

Samantha stuck her hand under my towel, and grasped my soft cock. The towel fell away, and she dropped to her knees, slurping my noodle into her mouth. She moaned quietly, swallowing it all the way down her throat. As it grew, she was forced to back off a bit, but she kept bobbing her head, even as she started to shed her jacket and blouse. Once her bra was off, she pulled back, saliva dripping from her lips and my cock. She stood, and kicked off her heels.

“Come on…..we’ll have to be quick, but I just have to have that big dick in my pussy before we go,” she breathed, heading toward the bedroom. She unzipped her skirt as she went, then dropped her panties at the bedroom door. She was carefully rolling her stockings off when I caught up to her.

“Just fuck me, honey,” she smiled, as she laid back on the comforter. “I’m about as wet as I can be, and just want to be taken, right now.”

Never argue with a lady who knows what she wants, I thought, and crawled between her legs. She reached down, and slipped the head in, then wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that’s better,” she groaned. “I have missed you so much, baby.”

She pulled my lips down to hers, and kissed me with ardour, as I started to stroke into her. Soft moans wafted through the room, growing in volume as we continued. She pulled her lips away.

“Oh my god! That cock does such wonderful things inside me!” she gasped. “Fuck me, baby…..fuck me so good, and make me cum….” Words gave way to pants and grunts that coincided with my rhythm. “Uhn…uhn…uhn….”

Samantha screamed. It kadıköy escort bayan was a bit of a surprise to me. Apparently, her orgasm surprised her, too. When the wave passed, she looked at me sheepishly.

“Sorry about that,” she giggled. “Kind of snuck up on me, there. That was a good one. Are you getting close?”

“Yeah,” I grunted through clenched teeth, pounding her furiously. “Where?”

“I’d love it in my pussy, but I think down the hatch would be faster….no shower requ….. Oh!” she gasped, as I ripped my cock out and crawled up. She barely got it safely in her mouth before I started to erupt, and she gulped down the load, humming happily.

“Sorry, honey,” I panted, looking down at her as she suckled my twitching tool. “Don’t mean to interrupt, but the point was about to become moot.” She nodded, and gave me one last lick.

“Yes, well, as I was saying…..no shower required,” she smiled, and licked her lips. “Okay, get dressed. We have an eleven o’clock at my lawyer’s, then it’s off to deal with the cheating bastard. Thank you for coming with me.” I grinned.

“Yes, go ahead and laugh, but you know what I mean,” she rolled her eyes. “Damned double entendre!”

Samantha reversed her order, heading out to the kitchen, and redressing as she came to each piece of discarded clothing. I went to my closet, and put on my power suit. I put some gel in my hair, slicking it back to look more severe, and was working on my tie as I walked out into the living room. Sam was dressed, and waiting patiently.

“Oh, that’s perfect. The hair really makes you look nasty,” she giggled, helping me with the tie. She snugged the knot up, and kissed me again. “Ready?”

“Let’s go!”


Samantha drove. Her car was pretty sweet…. an S class Mercedes sedan…. and I was able to relax and enjoy the ride.

When we arrived at her lawyer’s office, she asked me to wait for her while she met with counsel. It was a short meeting….only about ten minutes….and she soon appeared, with a smile on her face, and a folder under her arm.

“Okay. Let’s get this over with,” she exhaled, and we headed for the elevator.

Once we got to the car, she filled me in as we drove. She told me my role in today’s escapade, and what she was expecting her husband to say, do and think. She told me what she was asking for from him, and why. She was well prepared.

Sam pulled the Mercedes into a parking spot, and turned the engine off. She sat, with her hands still on the wheel for several long, silent seconds. It was obvious she was thinking. I sat quietly, not wanting to interfere. I was here to hold her hand, not twist her arm. Finally, she spoke.

“I don’t know if I can do this,” she said softly. She didn’t seem afraid to do it. There was something else holding her back. I let her continue at her own pace.

“I’m about to go upstairs and demand a divorce from my husband, on the grounds that he’s been cheating.” She gripped the steering wheel tighter, and turned to face me. “I’m cheating!”

I suddenly felt very guilty. It was true. She was cheating….with me. I was part of this mess. The crestfallen look must have shown on my face.

“I’m not blaming you, Alex,” she softened. “If you remember, I’m the one who asked you to join me in the bathroom on the train. I’m the one who got back on the train, and made you take me to your place for ten days. I’m the one who jumped you this morning. I’m the one to blame, and I’m not sure I can be angry with my husband for doing what I’m doing.”

We sat silently for a few minutes. My turn to speak.

“Samantha, I know two wrongs don’t make a right. Still, can you stay married to a man who has treated you with disrespect for years? If he had stayed faithful, would you ever have strayed?”

“I think twenty eight years of fidelity answers that question. No, I wouldn’t have,” she said, twisting her hands on the wheel. “Even two years after I knew he was cheating, I still didn’t. It wasn’t until I met you that I realized I wasn’t living at all.”

“Are you willing to sacrifice your own happiness, just to atone for being human….for needing to feel loved, respected, and wanted?” I asked. I know it sounded like I was trying to save my own relationship with her….and maybe I was, in a way…. but I just wanted to remind her of what he had really done to her with his years of contemptible behaviour.

She stared straight ahead, and her hands squeezed the wheel tighter. I could see the anger building.

“No, I’m not,” she growled. “Let’s go. He fucked over the wrong woman!”

Within minutes, we were stepping out of the elevator, into the lobby of her husband’s company.

“Mrs. Fordham, so nice to see you,” the cute blonde receptionist said cheerily. “Shall I let your husband know you’re here?”

“Yes, please, Sharon,” Sam replied, with a smile. “I’ll just head back there.”

“Her?” I asked, as we turned down the hall.

“Possibly. There’s been at least four, so she might be one of them,” Samantha said softly. “This one, for sure,” she nodded, as we entered her husband’s office area. A tall brunette stood by the desk, talking on the phone, and she put it down as we approached.

“Mrs. Fordham,” the brunette nodded. She was pretty enough, but her body, while quite nice, slim and firm, didn’t appear to be exceptional in any obvious way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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