On Holiday with My Parents Pt. 04

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I’d planned, with my girlfriends, to go to Ayia Napa for a fortnight of sun, sea and gratuitous sex. We were supposed to fly out on the Saturday. On the Monday before the travel company went bust. There was no way of organising an alternative. Mum asked if I’d like to go with them.

Before the end of our first day we had embarked on the most wonderful, three way, incestuous, relationship. On our first evening Dad fucked me while I ate Mum’s pussy. Dad then fucked Mum while she knelt over me and enjoyed my cream pie. That night Dad slept in the middle of the big bed, Mum slept on his right and I on his left.

### ### ###

I was in dreamland, my bed was shaking. The whole room was shaking. The entire building was shaking! I opened one tired eye. My cell was about seven feet long by less than four feet wide. My bed a hard, stone slab with only an indifferent straw mattress and an animal skin between the cold slab and my naked body.

In the wall at the foot of my bed the curtain door flapped hard. Warm air rushed through my little cell and out of the door opposite my head. Warm wind! Warm wind? Something was wrong! It was late October, nearly November the wind shouldn’t be warm! I should be shivering in my bed. I heard cries, moans and screams. I looked up and smiled. Around the top of the wall were drawings of people having sex. Each drawing was numbered in Roman numerals. The very first Chinese menu with every item numbered. I knew where I was, the whore’s cell in Pompeii. I giggled in my sleep, ‘I’ll have 1 to start then 3 for the main with 5 for dessert, please Miss’. ‘Certainly Sir, that’s Missionary, Doggy with Anal for dessert, thank you Sir, that will be 4 sestertii’, in advance, if you please. I laughed at the thought and wondered if they had Missionaries in 79AD.

Late October 79AD? That’s when Mount Vesuvius erupted! I awoke with a start, I had to escape!

Opening my eyes I saw Mum where Dad had been when I went to sleep. Her head was on Dad’s pillow and she was rolling it frantically left and right. The moans I had heard were those of Mum caused by my Dad. I smiled but she had no eyes for me. Her big, bountiful breasts were bouncing up and down. I fully understood the pleasure that was giving her. Looking further down Mum’s naked body I saw that her legs were wrapped around Dad’s waist, her hips thrusting upwards urgently. And there was Dad’s big, fat, marvelous cock driving mercilessly into her pussy.

The bed rocked furiously banging hard against the chalet wall, she moaned and squealed with pleasure while he made hard, guttural grunts as he thrust deeper into her pussy encouraged by her cries for more and harder. All the noises and movement in my dream. It looked as if Dad was about to erupt with the same force as Vesuvius and Mum was building to her own Mt. Etna. There was no way I was going to interrupt. I laid quietly and watched as Dad pounded her cunt as eagerly as her cries for more and harder filled the little room.

I waited for their shared eruption then left it a little longer for the joint lava flows to mingle and drip onto the bed sheet.

“Morning Dad. Morning Mum.” I said cheerfully.

“No subservient Mummy and Daddy then?” queried my Father with a chuckle.

I had to laugh.

“After you pounded my poor pussy last night and enjoying watching you doing exactly the same to my Mother this morning? I suggest that playing the innocent Baby Girl, holding Mummy and Daddy’s hands while skipping along and jumping in puddles might not be suitable. If you two are going to give me the seeing to I hope and I’m to be able to reciprocate in both instances I’ll need to be fully all growed up and fucking, sucking and eating like a dirty slut, don’t you think?”

Mum and Dad grinned like Cheshire cats. Dad was about to respond but Mum got in first.

“Thing is, you need to know that your Dad’s cock is insatiable. Back in our Uni days it was utterly insatiable but it’s eased up a bit over the years. One of the reasons Dad’s so fit, when his cock demands fucks he needs to be able to keep up…”

“Huh! Hark who’s talking. Yer Mum’s cunt, no all of her, is no less insatiable than my cock,” interrupted Dad in his own defence.

Whoa! What am I hearing? My Mother has a cunt and my Dad’s cock is insatiable as is her cunt? And I’ve been pussy-footing around with pussy?

“Since you’ve left home I’ve made a point of being naked when your Dad leaves for work and when he gets home. He invariably fucks me as soon as he gets in then showers while I finish fixing dinner. After dinner his cock will be demanding more of me, somewhere and my body will be demanding more anywhere he wants. You’ll need to be willing to keep up with your Dad’s demands. I’ll not be happy if I have to take over because you’re no longer interested. That’ll double my work load, not that I’ll mind but …”

“So, you’re saying Dad’s going to fuck us both senseless, every day?”

“At least, plus anything else he fancies.”

My ataşehir escort turn to grin like a Cheshire cat.

“Any other questions?” asked Dad politely.

“Where’d you learn to eat pussy like you do, Mum?”

“Boarding school. Perfected it in the first couple of years at Uni. Then met your Dad and learned that a cock at one end and a pussy or mouth at the other was double fantastic. What about you? You’re no slouch at pussy pleasing yourself.”

“Started late, the girls at the flat. We’d practice on each other so we’d know what to tell any guy in the unlikely event he offered. When we had no fella available we’d play in a circle, eating each other out. First to make one cum was the winner. Anywhere or anything off limits?”

“Nope, nowhere, nothing, anytime. OK?”

“One more question. When do I start?” I replied eagerly.

“I think we’d best take our Daughter site seeing!”

“Not ’til you’ve fucked her brains out we don’t.”

Mum rolled back to her side of the bed and told me, in no uncertain terms, to get into the middle of the bed and spread my legs.

Dad lifted them, Mum guided his cock to my cunt and when she was satisfied everything was nicely lined up she just moved her hand clear and said;

“Fuck her George! Show our Daughter what she’s got to look forward to.”

I felt the cock push in slow and steady. Dad’s cock with instructions from Mum. I was gonna get well and truly fucked!

The cock withdrew, slow and steady! That wasn’t what I wanted. Some other time maybe but there and then I needed to be fucked. Fucking fucked hard! By my Dad. While Mum watched! As the cock probed back inside I squeezed as hard as I could.

“Greedy fucking bitch! She’s fucking squeezing my fucking cock!”

“You’re surprised? You’re supposed to be fucking her brains out not seducing her. You did that last night with a damn good fucking!”

Wow! My Dad’s fucking swearing and using dirty words. I’m a fucking bitch. A greedy fucking bitch to boot. More to the point so’s my Mum swearing AND telling him to fucking get on with it, basically! I grinned at Dad and tightened my grip around his big, beautiful cock. In retrospect maybe I shouldn’t have done that. Dad gave me the filthiest of looks and drove his cock hard home with nothing to spare.

“Dirty little slut wants a fucking good fucking does she,” he leered, “I’ll give you a fucking you’ll never forget. Mother, get a grip of our Daughter’s ankles. Let’s show her how we fuck.”

Mum stepped over me straddling my head. I looked up and directly above me was her gaping cunt, swollen, shining and bruised. As Mum took control of my ankles and pulled me parted legs towards her I had the sudden thought that, had Walt been into adult cartoons he would have made Snow White’s cunt look like that after the seven dwarves had been through her a couple of times each AND he could have caught the pulsing to perfection.

Suddenly a massive cock head rammed into my womb and all thoughts of what Walt’s adult cartoons might have looked like fled from my mind to be replaced with images of me being suspended upside down, legs wider than humanly possible while a pile-driver hammered at my cunt. As it withdrew it pushed hard against the front wall of my vagina destroying all the wonderfully sensitive places deliciously. I think I started to scream about then as the cock seemed to take on a mind of it’s own and drove home, withdrew then drove home again relentlessly. All the while my Mother was moving and twisting my legs so that the throbbing cock hit every spot known to woman.

I vaguely heard;

“Haul her to the foot of the bed!”

and felt myself sliding down the bed. Mum knelt directly over my face and lowered her dripping cunt straight onto my mouth. I opened my mouth and enjoyed their mixed juices while she face-fucked me with her cunt and he fucked my cunt with his beautiful cock. I lost count of my orgasms. Maybe it was just the one that kept on rolling backwards and forwards over my senses.

“Roll her over!”

I was unceremoniously rolled onto my stomach. I was lifted at the waist until my knees supported me. Mum’s sodden cunt was only inches from my face. For a split second. She grabbed my head and thrust her cunt onto my mouth as he rammed his cock home. The wet cunt absorbed the bulk of my cry of delight. Just when I thought things could get no better I felt Dad ejaculate, deep into my pulsing hole. I squeezed with all my might while Mum squirted all over my face. Grinding her hips enthusiastically while Dad throbbed and spurted inside me. I was a rag doll when everything finally calmed down.

“Clean his cock. Keep it hard. I need some more!”

I spun around and sucked the glorious cock as deep as I could, surprised to find that it was not only usable as a fucking tool but also still fucking hard. Mum was in position by the time I’d licked and sucked Dad’s cock clean. I moved out of the way, she adjusted her position and I guided the cock where kadıköy escort it needed to be. It drove home deep to the root and stopped. She rolled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them, behind the knees. The cock hammered home, back and forth remorselessly.

Her bum looked very enticing so I started to stroke, exploring until I found the puckered rose. I started to probe as she wriggled and squirmed. She opened easily and I soon had two fingers in her bum again. The cock felt incredible as it drove against my fingers. To start with I kept my fingers still and enjoyed the feeling of a rampant cock on the other side of the membrane. She was squealing and shouting obscenities but made no move to stop what I was doing. I started to finger-fuck her arse, in when the cock came back and back when the cock drove in. I switched to going in and out in time with the cock.

Keeping my focus on the cock and my fingers I relied on the cock shooting a load or Mum uncurling to tell me when to think about stopping. When the cock shoved in particularly violently and stopped I waited for the first pulse then pushed my fingers as deep as they would go and held them still.

Mum unrolled. The cock eased out and I worked my fingers out of her arse. Mum shuddered, convulsed and mumbled incoherently…

“FUCK!” she exclaimed at length.

Flopping down beside Mum I pulled her to me and kissed her lovingly. Mum returned my kisses eagerly.

### ### ###

“Nice cup of tea for my poor abused Girls,” I heard through the mists of sleep.

On awakening I discovered Mum and I laying on the bed with adjacent legs crossed over and our outer legs dangling off the side of the bed. Everything fully on display.

“Morning Pops,” I ventured.

“Morning Darling,” said Mum.

“It was a wonderful morning but it’s now 2:30 in the afternoon, so good afternoon my Darlings.”

He put the mugs of tea on the tiny bedside cabinets and laughed loud at our surprise. He produced the clock from the main room when we challenged his claim.

Just seeing him naked with his beautiful cock resting between nonchalant and definitely interested sent shivers down my spine and made my pussy tingle excitedly.

“Dad,” I asked with a giggle, “have we got a large mirror somewhere handy?”

He looked at my twitching pussy and smiled a very wicked smile. He left the room returning within a couple of minutes with a big wall mirror in his hands. He plonked it on the bed right between my legs.

“There y’go Kiddo, what do you think of that?”

Raising my head I could see my pussy perfectly. It was wrecked! Totally and utterly wrecked. Swollen, a pretty purple with lovely bruises and gaping like a tunnel on the main line, two way.

“It’s beautiful! All tingly and throbbing.”

He moved the mirror to between Mum’s legs.

“And what does Madam think of her well fucked cunt?” he asked solemnly.

She looked and laughed.

“Wrecked, as usual,” she laughed happily, “y’know what Sarah? If the three of us laid on the beach as we are now with your Dad in the middle nobody would have any doubt as to the culprit. The guys would be dead envious and the girls would be as jealous as hell! Two very well fucked pussies.”

### ### ###

It was way too late for breakfast and well past lunchtime but, as we’d only just crept out of the bedroom we all had a nice bowl of porridge with golden syrup to set us up until dinner time.

“Are we going to the beach now?” I asked eager to start applying sunscreen to both my parents.

Mum laughed.

“It’s Sunday, the beach will be jam packed with no possibility of any hanky panky until much later,” she warned.

“Like I suggested hours ago, we could take Sarah site seeing,”

### ### ###

I had my bottoms on and was just about to fasten my top when a thought struck me. I turned to face my parents and gawped! Dad was wearing a sarong, barely long enough to keep his wonderful cock from poking out from beneath. Mum’s was shorter, you couldn’t see her pussy from eye level but it wouldn’t be very well hidden if one was laying on the beach.She had a gauzy wisp of material draped over her shoulders. I very nearly forgot why I had turned. I gathered myself and my thoughts quickly.

“If I can be topless up here on the deck and I can be topless down there on the beach why do I have to cover up just to…” I counted out loud, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,… “walk down seven steps?”

“Good question, Mother?” replied Dad quickly.

She looked flummoxed. She thought and it was easy to see that she’d come up with nothing positive.

“Errr… Because?” she suggested.

He laughed.

“If I’d asked somebody in my department a similar question and they’d replied with ‘Errr… Because’ I’d put them over my knee and spank them,” he declared wickedly.

“Because, because, because,” we chorused quickly.

It was decided that ‘because’ wasn’t a valid answer. bostancı escort She lent me one of her sarongs and we left our tops in the chalet. Strangely we didn’t take anything for the beach, just a shoulder bag for Mum’s bits and Dad’s beach wallet hanging around his neck. At the sign we took off our sarongs and put them in the bag. We wandered down the packed beach, just in the water about knee deep to avoid legs and towels right on the water’s edge. I looked every which way. Sunscreen was being applied but very sensibly and quickly. No messing about at all.

Once we were past the lifeguards we headed inland until we came to a tarmac track and at the end of it was an entrance to another camp site. It was guarded by a security guard. He seemed totally unaware of our nakedness, just smiled politely and directed us to the main gate, non residents weren’t permitted though his gate.

The main gate was also the vehicle gate and the security guard sat in a little kiosk between the two lanes. Again he just glanced at us and gave a welcoming smile. He directed us to the main reception office.

I’ll freely admit to feeling a little uncomfortable once I’d entered the reception. My first situation where I was naked and many others were not. All six reception staff were fully dressed in smart uniform. The short queue had fully dressed, partly dressed and naked, like Daddy, waiting to be called forward. There were also people, like us, waiting for people in the queue with mixed degrees of clothing.

A dishy lad, on one of the reception places, caught my eye. Had I been on holiday with my girlfriends he’d have definitely been on the ‘target for tonight’ list. He looked up, glanced at us and smiled a very friendly welcoming smile. There was no hint of lust or leer, just a friendly smile. I think I realised then that being naked was ‘normal’ in the right places and where I was, it was certainly normal, as it was on the beach. I relaxed immediately. Surprisingly I didn’t put Paul on my target for the night list, his badge gave his name away , I just registered that he was a nice looking lad. More things were ‘altering’ in my head than I fully realised.

We looked around the information boards while we waited.

“We need to put one of these on your wrist,” Dad said handing me a plastic bracelet, “don’t remove it until we leave, it’s your pass.”

He fitted one on Mum, then me and Mum fitted his. They had to be tight enough to not fall off and loose enough not to make you sore.

### ### ###

We walked back towards the beach but inside the perimeter fence of the nudist campsite. When we reached the very last row we turned up it and went straight to the main door of the third chalet on the right.

“We purchased this just after the other one. We found the beach, explored, found this site and the rest is history,” explained my Mother, “didn’t mention it because we weren’t sure how you would react.”

“The biggest disadvantages are, no sea view ergo very little people watching. We don’t have direct, private, access to the beach. Here, after they close the back gates we have to walk up to the main gate then back down to the beach on the other side of the fence, that’s over 500 metres, each way. On the plus side we can wander where ever we like naked,” added Dad.

The chalet was almost identical to the other. Same sort of layout, same size. Parking space beside and in front. A lean to type shed for the outdoor equipment or bicycles. The neighbours were a little further away. Apart from that not much different. We needed to move our stuff from the other chalet. A five mile drive in the car. With the bracelet passes allowing us in through the beach gate, easily less than kilometre.

We walked back to the beach via the main gate just to get a feel for the hike. It was long and on dusty paths but… we were naked every step of the way. In reality we probably wouldn’t want to go to the beach after the security gate was closed, very often.

### ### ###

Once we got back to the beach we headed straight for the sea.

“Why’s that beach crowded and this beach almost deserted?” I asked reasonably.

The response was a lot longer in coming than I’d expected.

“Well,” started Daddy hesitantly, “umm, that beach,” he pointed forward, “is the err, swingers’ beach and this beach is for normal nudist types and families,” he finished slightly apologetically.

“That mean we’re swingers?” I asked cheekily.

“No, Dear, not quite,” opened Mummy, “I mean…” she then ground to a halt.

Not quite? Not quite a swinger? Oh, it’s OK. I don’t screw strangers I just get screwed by strangers? Is that not quite? Fortunately Daddy leapt to Mummy’s rescue and stopped me exploring all the possible avenues.

“What she means is that we enjoy sex. You’ve probably noticed that. We also enjoy watching other people enjoying sex. We’re probably voyeurs, technically. We don’t get overly concerned if people enjoy watching us. Maybe we’re exhibitionists? Not sure. I think we just ignore them is all. I suspect we both wonder, on occasion, what it might be like but I’m not sure either of us would go through with it. Your Mother’s very entertaining…”

“George!” she exclaimed with delight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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