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Never in my thirty-four years had I seen anything as sexy as this. Nor had I felt so aroused in my while life. Up to this point my life consisted of ten years of marriage to a tall sexy blonde that loved nothing better than to get laid as often as she could. Of course I did not know this till six weeks ago when I walked out of my own house after I walked in on my tall blonde wife and two guys. One was the guy I had hired to trim the trees along the drive. He was a tall slim black guy with lots of muscles. One of those muscles was about a foot long and it was up my wife’s virgin asshole. This again was only virgin to me not the many guys that came visiting. The other guy in my bedroom was a homeless guy that sometimes helps the black guy trim trees. He was about fifty, fat and I think he was white, but that could not be determined till after his next shower whenever that might be.

This is not what I found sexy. No that episode just seem to bring the light in to my dreary life. The light I saw was that I worked too hard to buy the stuff my wife was fucking away free. See she fed these guys and gave them money. But not after the day I walked in on her, that day was the end. I cut off the money, credit cards and empty all the accounts. God did I have fun. She was furious and so stupid. She sent me pictures of the guys she had been with to cause me heartache. All it got was a judgment saying all she could get was the house since I did not want it. No money, no alimony not even one of my three cars, only the house. So ended my marriage and that part of my life. I did realize one thing though I needed to get around more. I needed to fine some of that excitement I knew was out there waiting for me.

So After I walked out of my home, or was it ever a home. I will have to think about that some day. I called my fifty-one years old mother that lived in a small town not too far away. I moved my thing into ankara escort her guesthouse and found it to be fairly comfortable. Mom lived alone since Dad died. That was only a year ago. Each morning I would go up to the main house and have breakfast with mother. After an early morning swim we would plan the day, I would mow grass, trim tree, (Now that is a laugh) and help keep the estate looking respectable.

Mother and I worked side-by-side one morning digging and planting flowers. We were dirty, mud from head to foot. She said, for me to come in and shower and we would then have lunch. I had never lived in this house as my parents had moved in to it after I had gone out into the world. Mom laid out a pair of slacks that had been my fathers and a shirt in the extra bedroom up stairs. There was a bath in that room that joined my Mother’s room. Some how it never occurred to me that I was not going to shower first. Therefore I stripped naked and walked into he bathroom only to find my mother naked in the shower. She had her back to me.

God what a figure she had for a lady of her age. Slim, trim and so well defined. Broad in the shoulders, narrow in the waist with hips that rounded nicely to long, very shapely legs. Her butt was so firm looking and it protruded just enough to give it a distinctive shape. I had never seen my mother naked before and I was so surprised to see just how sexy she was. The shower door was clear glass and I could see every curve and crevice of her beautiful body. I never noticed my erection till it started to throb and bounce all by it’s self. I looked down at it and grasp it like a stranger I had never seen before. My eyes were fixed on my mother beautiful ass, I was playing with my hard-on when she turned around. My eyes did not look up at hers right away. I kept my eyes on the lower part of her body. The hair between her legs was thin and light brown, lighter than escort ankara the hair on her head. I was thinking how beautiful she was when I heard her voice.

“Darling would hand your mother a towel.” I heard the voice again and still it did not register what she was saying. “Well OK, Dear if all you want to do is stand there and play with yourself. I’ll get my own towel.” My eyes came up and met my mother’s. I was dumbfounded stupefied, locked in a strange trance. However, I was still pulling on my cock. The head was enlarged, my balls were full and all I wanted to do was cum I wanted to shoot cum all over the place.

I came out of my trance as Mother stood in front of me wrapped in a towel. She put her hand over mine and stopped me from masturbating any more. I was so shocked I stood there like well, like a little boy caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “ Greg. Take a shower and don’t play with yourself any more. I thought you stopped that year ago. I will say this for you; your hung just like your father and that is not bad” It was crazy; I was not myself it was like this woman that gave me life was something new and special. I was so aroused I could not help myself. I took mother into my arms and kissed her. The kiss was not the kind one would normally give a mother. I held her tight and kissed her hard on the mouth. My hands were all over her one to her small firm breast, the other to cup a cheek of her tough little ass.

Somehow the towel came loose and fell between us. It did not reach the floor. It kind of got caught on my prick. I was feeling something that I had never felt in my life. I was so alive; so excited so aroused my blood was ready to boil. My breathing was deep and erratic I was sure I was going to have a heart attack. My hand moved to the soft fine hair between her legs. The middle finger found her clitoris hard and protruding. When my lips left her mouth my ankara escort bayan head dropped to her chest where my mouth captured a nipple. I knew just what I was doing but I was not doing these things to my mother I was doing them to a very lovely and sexy lady.

What finally brought me out of my intense sexual drive was when I felt my mother grasp my erection. I almost lost it completely at that point. I felt my mother react to my sexual impulsiveness. Her hand around my erection felt like fire. It burned so I was sure she had some kind of heat rub on her hand. But the heat I felt was not from her it was from within, caused by her touch. I lifted my head from her breast and looked into her eyes. She smiled and I smiled back.

She said, “Son, you’re just as impulsive as your father was.”

I stood back and said, “ Oh, my god, mother I am so sorry.”

“Greg,” she said, “There is nothing to be ashamed of, you are just frustrated by that bitch you were married to and I can see why. You’re simply a healthy man with a good sexual appetite and you saw me naked and that set you off. Now why don’t you let me go and take a shower?”

“Mom, it is not that at all, I saw you naked and I think you are one of the sexiest women I have ever seen. You aroused me and I was turned on my your beauty and just how great your body is. I should say your fucking body, because that is what I want to do. Mom, I want to fuck you. I want to lick your cunt and finger you and make you climax then I want to watch you suck my cock till it is quivering hard, then I want to feel my cock slide up into your body and I want to make love to you till we both climax together. Can I do that mom?“ I was crying and talking crazy but I needed to say what I was feeling.

Mom hugged me and we moved as if we were one entity slowly out of the bathroom till we were standing next to her bed. I was not sure I heard what I heard or was it something I just thought I heard. It was so soft; I listened to see if I could hear it again. I did.

“God, Greg, I want you too so much, I love you and I need you the same as you need me. Love me, Please, love me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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