Nynke Ch. 02

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This second chapter is in fact the beginning of the series. The first chapter stands more or less by itself and forms an introduction to the series. The series (chapter 2 and further) is written from a different point of view.

— — —

One month after my welcome-party at the club I spent the entire Saturday afternoon at my best friend Mary. She was not aware of the club, let alone the fact that I had made acquaintance with more than fifty members at once. And that I had screwed her own father, our form teacher, and that he had taken my backdoor cherry as well… with well over a hundred witnesses… of those facts she knew nothing of course! You do, if you have read the first chapter.

Chapter 2

The initiation of my friend Mary into the family.

It was a lazy hot summer’s day on which you preferably wouldn’t do a thing. We sunbathed the whole afternoon in the garden and read cosmopolitans. We both wore a too tight fitting bikini that crawled slowly into the cracks of our asses. Mary’s was yellow with big bright dots, and mine was bright red. John, Mary’s father, defied the heat and had cut back the high hedge that surrounded the entire garden. I noticed that he peeked in our direction now and then. He was obvious very keen on our two young taut teenage bodies, of one of which he had taken advantage of nearly a month ago. Little me. Because of the burning heat he was sweating on all sides, and in the end he only wore his swimming briefs.

“Nicole will be home soon. I will take a quick shower now to cool off, and then bring us all some drinks,” he said as he disappeared into the house.

Nicole, Mary’s mother, had been in town the whole day with a friend, and arrived home at that moment.

“Hello there, are the butterflies enjoying themselves a little bit?” she asked us as she stepped into the garden. “It is much too hot here, I better loose some cloths,” she said and did just that. In no-time she got rid of her beach pants and her top. Only clad in a black skimpy mini slip she sat down in a lounge chair.

Mary chuckled to me that her mother did this more often, and sometimes her father as well. They had a pretty secluded garden.

“Underneath her knickers she is as bald as a billiard ball, and so is my father!”

My heart was throbbing in my throat, and I felt very hot. With a red buoy I stood up and stammered that I had to go to the bathroom. Between my legs I could feel that the crotch of my bikini briefs was becoming wet. As I reached the lavatory, I bumped into John. He took me into his arms and caressed my behind with his right hand.

“And did you like it when I took you from behind?” he asked me with a grin. I had to admit that it hadn’t left me untouched, and that I was willing to repeat the exercise sometime.

“I need to pee,” I said, and opened the door to the bathroom.

“Leaf the door open, than I can help you,” said John.

As I sat on the toilet and my hot piss splashed into the pot with a mighty spurt I asked “Does your wife know, about last month… that you, uh… fucked me?”

“Of course honey, Nicole was present at the time and she appraised you from the front row. Your parents and us we know each other from way back and enjoy each other regularly. Actually it was Nicole who decided with your mum that the two of you should be introduced to the club. It has been rather a stunt to hide our little games from the two of you. And to be completely honest, your father and I are really hot for each other’s daughters for a very long time…”

This revelation gave me a colour sure enough.

“Your mother suggested that we should initiate you first, and she wanted me to disclose your backdoor. Than you could help in the thawing of Mary. Well, as for us, you can start right now!”

After drying my cunny John pulled up my panties. He lifted me in the air with his big arms en walked me into the garden.

“Look where I bumped into,” he said as he put me down in a chair. “Now I will fix us some refreshments first.”

Nicole suggested that we should take off our tops as well. That way we would be much more comfy in this scrunching heat. I looked towards Nicole. She licked with her tong alongside her upper lip and winked at me. Now that I knew what she was aiming at I took off my flaming red top. Mary didn’t notice. Well, of course that now I was topless as well, but she was still in the blind as of other things. She hesitated a little bit.

“He, we’re just among ourselves, pull it off Mar,” I said. Slowly she loosened the knot of her top and finally her top fell into her lap. Her remarkable tits sprang free. Nicole smiled at her daughter reassuringly.

“Well, you have to admit this is much better, don’t you think,” she said.

Five minutes later John joined us with a tray filled with ice cold drinks.

“So, the ladies have made themselves more comfortably, I see!”

We chatted jovially for some time around the table.

“I’m starting to develop an interesting appetite,” said türbanlı escort Nicole. “Who will join me to look what we can do about that?”

Mary and I both sprang up and followed her into the kitchen. I noticed I had become a little light-headed. Mary giggled behind me. John must have mixed some strong liquor into our refreshments. In the kitchen we bumped into each other at the table.

“Well ladies, are we a little exuberant now? The sun hasn’t got into your little heads, has she?” Nicole said laughing. Then she noticed that my panties showed a wet spot on the front.

“Apparently the heat spreads out in another place as well,” she said significantly. “Come and sit on the table, Nyn.” Carefully she stroked the gusset of my panty that became wetter and wetter now. Mary’s mouth fell open in astonishment. “Come Mary, feel here how hot Nyn is.”

Reluctantly she touched at my crotch.

“Go on,” I whispered softly, “I do like that, you know.”

Nicole smiled at her daughter, after which Mary became a little bit more daring. At first still hesitantly but slowly she began to grope my crotch more vigorously. My moaning changed into panting rapidly, which encouraged Mary even more. In the meantime Nicole took a pity on my titties. She held them with both hands and started to massage them. My nipples proudly presented themselves upright.

“We shall cool you off a little bit,” said Nicole as she took some ice cubes from the fridge. She gave her daughter one and said to hold it inside my pussy. Herself she assaulted my nipples with the cold cubes. They obviously became more excited. When the cubes were melted away completely we began to fix something to eat. As we were nearly finished John came into the kitchen.

“I thought, I better come and see where you all are.”

“Please John, don’t be so impatient,” Nicole said, “you will reach your satisfaction this evening surely…”

In the house it was much cooler, hence we moved to the living room. Mary and I thudded down on a sofa, and John and Nicole set down on the sofa opposite ours. Nicole nested herself against John who began to smooth her cautiously, seemingly unnoticed. Slowly his hand crawled towards her left breast. The nipple stood upright already in anticipation. A small scream escaped Nicole as John put his hand around her breast, and touched her nipple. Mary looked up, but the only thing she saw was her father who drew his wife against him affectionately, and that she lay down happily against him with closed eyes.

“Isn’t it a little bit impudent that we all sit here with uncovered torsos?” Mary asked.

“Well, Nyn probably won’t mind I think, and she will be used to something like this at home,” said Nicole.

“Hell,” I said, “if I have to put on anything now it will only stick to my body. I think this is much better.”

We refilled our drinks and ate the refreshments. Mary and I made ourselves comfortable on our sofa, and laid down lazily half against each other.

Suddenly my sight fell on Johns swimming short. His cock was slowly beginning to grow. The head even peeked from underneath the elastic band at the topside! John noticed that I saw this. He shifted his position carefully, in which he manoeuvred the right hand of Nicole nicely upon his stiff member. Nicole caressed slowly up and down over the bulge in John’s briefs and pinched his dick through the fabric. Mary didn’t notice anything at all. She sagged half asleep against me, and her hand slipped into my lap. Apparently she felt my wet panties. Her eyes opened and looked into mine inquisitive. I put a hand upon her leg and began to smooth her lightly. She closed her eyes again and gave in to my touching. Slowly I moved further upwards and towards the inner side of her thighs. I felt that she was becoming hornier all the time.

“Pretend to be asleep,” I whispered in her ear.

through her panties. Now I felt how wet Mary had become. The crotch of her knickers was completely drenched. I put a finger under the side of her slip, and felt her cunny. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her lips. I moved a finger up and down through her soaking wet pussy.

Her parents watched the proceedings with delight. Meanwhile Nicole had taken the cock of her husband out of his briefs into the open, seized it and shamelessly pulled on it. With slow and forceful strokes she brought him to full attention. John had already two fingers of his left hand inside Nicole’s cunt. He took his hand from her slip and carefully shoved the panties down from her hips. Skilful he detached her from her shorts altogether. John got his behind up from the cough for a second so Nicole could undo his trunk. Now I could see what Mary had told me. Both her parents were completely bald around their private parts. Johns even shined. He must have oiled his parts after he had his refreshing shower. Nicole continued the pampering of Johns cock, and John stuffed a few fingers into his wife’s quim again. With his thumb he made a rotating motion ümraniye escort around Nicole’s clit. She now came repeating up from the sofa with her butt until a shiver pulled through her body and I witnessed the first orgasm of the evening. She sank back onto the couch and John continued stroking her pussy lightly.

I drew Mary’s panties aside very cautiously, so her parents had a better view of my actions. Her sopping wet cunt was standing open completely as it was being treated by my fingers. Her small cries extended into a panting sound. With deep sighs she lay twisting on the sofa next to me. She had given in to my fingers and wasn’t aware anymore of her surroundings. She took her panties down herself and spread her legs even further, giving her parents an unobstructed view. I could carry on unhindered. I lowered myself to the floor and sat down between her legs. Slowly I began to lick her snatch, with long strokes from her dark hole to the tip of her clit. Mary looked up in shock. But as she saw how her parents looked in our direction with a big smile she closed her eyes again.

Her mother said: “Do it girl, let go off yourself, enjoy your friend, she knows what she has to do.”

As a horny dog in heat I lapped at my friends cunny. Again and again I let my tongue go through her wet folds. Mary lay down panting with her eyes tightly shut, enjoying the proceedings.

Suddenly I felt my panties being stripped from my butt. Two hands took hold of my hips and I felt how John pushed his cock slowly inside my wet pussy. My breath faltered, but I knew to restore myself quickly and continued to give pleasure to Mary’s mound. With the utmost prudence John began to pump my cunt slowly. I tried to intercept his movements as best I could trying to avoid that Mary would notice our fucking. But in the end this was hopeless. At one time John had increased his pumping action so much that Mary had to notice because of my movements that something was the matter. She opened her eyes and looked at her father in shock.

Nicole sat down next to her daughter and took hold of her. I fastened my mouth firmly onto her clitoris, as a result of which the shivers rippled through her body. She was thrown up and down between a thundering orgasm that was definitely going to hit her, and her feeling of dismay and disbelief that her father was fucking her best friend. Nicole positioned herself behind Mary and hugged her tightly. She said that she loved to watch her husband fucking me. And that it was exactly what I wanted.

“Nothing can be better than to witness people you love very dearly enjoying each other, and fulfilling each other’s needs,” she said, as she took hold of Mary’s breasts strongly and began to massage them.

With a big grin John seized my hips more strongly now and let his boner go up and down as possessed inside my sopping wet love box.

“Yes Mary, you shall have to share Nyn with us from now on, but you won’t regret that, I promise!” said John.

Now I felt my own orgasm building as well and it approached indisputably. But this situation persisted for quite some time. Every time my orgasm was about to hit me, John hold back and continued at a more moderate pace. In the meantime the shivers I managed to provoke from Mary’s clit flooded through her body in an unceasing and increasing tempo. In the end this was not to be stopped, and the climaxes thundered through her body one after the other.

She got hold of my head and pushed me tightly against her charm. I let myself go as well, and the moment John shot his sperm into my gash my resilience broke. A stunning orgasm hauled through my spasming passage. Lamenting of lust I collapsed next to Mary on the couch, pulling her father with me. His cock was still buried deeply inside my belly. Nicole kissed me on my mouth, and took hold of the three of us in one big embrace. Still trembling we stayed lying down on the sofa for a while.

In the end Nicole crawled from behind her daughter. “Come on John, we should show Mary how a man is given a perfect blow-job. She still has a lot to learn. Nyn might want to help us, as she is already educated by Sas and Micha.”

John settled down on the sofa, and Mary and I sat down on both sides of him. Nicole knelt on the floor between his legs, and pushed them wide.

“First we will put on a cock ring. That will get his rod to attention and will keep his manhood upright for a very long time.”

Nicole took a black rubber ring with a diameter of about 2 inch. First the balls went through, after which she pulled his member through. The whole thing was being held set because of the ring and John’s prick was now standing up firmly indeed. The veins on the shaft showed nicely. Then Nicole took a smaller ring, a little more than one inch, and withdrew the foreskin from the head.

“This is a small trick I discovered myself. Look, I position this small ring around the cock, precisely behind the crown. Now it looks as if he is circumcised. The foreskin acıbadem escort is being held nicely in place, and the ring itself doesn’t show anymore. John will go nuts! His cock and crown will stay beautifully swollen and in full view, if needed all night long.”

Nicole put some baby oil on her hands and massaged the prick and nut sack. Everything stood up, swollen to full size and proudly in the air. When she was satisfied with the result Nicole put her mouth around the crown and began to suck on it. With her hands she kept stroking the balls and the lower part of the shaft. John tried to sit still for as long as possible, but this became more and more difficult for him. At last he took his joystick from Nicole’s mouth.

“Now we take a rest for a while, otherwise there will be nothing more for the girls to enjoy,” he said.

John stood up and poured us all another drink. His cock pointed straight up and dangled to all sides. Mary and I had to giggle because of it, and Nicole thought it amusing as well. John sat down again next to Mary and told her to explore his things. Lingering she toughed his cock and then placed a hand around the thick root of it. Her other hand surrounded his nuts cautiously. With big eyes she sat as in trance for some time.

“It is so nicely warm,” she stammered, “and sooo big.”

“Move your hands up and down,” said Nicole. “But take it easy!”

The warning was not in vain, because as soon as Mary started to stimulate her father with her hands, his prick stiffened even further and increased some more. She almost let go from fear, but her mother put her hands on Mary’s.

“Look, I’ll show you the rhythm and movements, let your hands be guided by mine,” she said.

In a slow but steady rhythm she let the hands of her daughter slide over the cock and balls of her husband. As Mary got the hang of it Nicole allowed her hands to move faster and faster. The first hesitant movements made room for some firm pull, pinch and scrape action. Curious as I am I kept my nose close on top of it. I noticed that Nicole worked practically in the same way as my mother had taught me to do. I assumed they perfected their expertise together, practicing between the four of them. And I wouldn’t be amazed if Micha used the same trick with the head-ring as well.

“Well, I assume Nyn is ready to take her turn now,” said Nicole. “Show us how you spoil John’s cock with your mouth. Meanwhile Mary can go on practicing with her hands.”

I didn’t falter for a second en grabbed the hard rod in front of me. After a few licks I took the mushroom shaped head in my mouth and began to suck on it. Mary laid a hand around the muscled prick at its root and enclosed the heavy swollen ball sack with her other hand. She began to pinch the nuts and moved her hand up and down around her father’s cock. Suddenly I received a little bit liquid on my tongue, it was a small amount of pre-cum. I looked at Nicole who understood what I tried to tell her. She motioned Mary to take my place.

“Mary, it’s time you should taste your first seed. You don’t need to swallow it, but do hold it in your mouth for a moment. That way you can get used to the taste.”

Nicole took over the handiwork from Mary. With one hand she pulled forcefully at the dick of John, and with the other she held the head of Mary fixed where it was: locked on the spear of her father. I grabbed John’s balls and kneaded them vigorously. The discharge wasn’t far off now. The hot seed rose up from the balls and with forceful gushes the sperm flowed into Mary’s mouth. With a few pushes her mouth was soon filled up. Although she tried not to spill any of the shit, small amounts of sperm oozed from the corners of her mouth. With a deep howl John gave a last push, at which his cock sprang free from Mary’s mouth. The last blob landed on my cheek.

I placed my mouth on Mary’s and tried to push my tongue inside. She didn’t let me, but she allowed me part of her father’s seed. Now I had his sperm both in my cunny and in my mouth. I gave Nicole a kiss on her mouth so she could taste her hubby as well.

“If you want more, you can clean out the cave between my legs,” I said to her. Immediately she dived down there and began to lick me clean.

Proud Mary lay on the couch panting with a horny look in her eyes. Apparently she liked her first taste of the forbidden fruit.

Her father said: “So, I see that wasn’t so bad after all, was it? I say it’s mighty fine that we can share together…”

“Daddy, would you like to fill me up the way you did with Nynke?”

“Off course honey, nothing more, but it’s still too early for that. Besides, Nyn’s father wants to become more familiar with you as well. So if you feel like that, I’d say you start swallowing the pill!”

“John, I arranged for that three month ago, at the time Sacha did the same for Nyn!” smiled Nicole. “Knowing you I couldn’t take any more risk! But shall we permit ourselves some rest first? If the girls go upstairs to take a bath and refresh themselves, I will call Sas to tell Nyn won’t be coming home tonight. She will stay the night here with us.”


We filled up the big bathtub next to the bedroom of Mary’s parents. Mary poured a generous amount of bath oil into it. We let ourselves slide into the warm water quickly.

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